Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Favourite two: Underbust corset

This is one of my favourite under bust corsets. It's made in China by a woman called Jacky.

She used to be an accountant, but now she's a shopkeeper on ETSY, JackyStyle is a hand-crafted collection of corset for women. Jacky is working with her brother Jianhui, he is a designer and paper pattern maker, And we are sure the style of the CORSET in my shop. Sexy, punk, retro style is her leading direction.

Underbust corset Brown and Ivory beautiful wedding Goth Corset with buckle top quality floral pattern Brocade Steampunk Vintage Corset.

Underbust Corset Brown and Lvory Beautiful Wedding Corset With Vintage Goth Buckles Highest Quality Flowers Pattern Brocade Steampunk- that could be worn as alternative edgy day-wear or something different for an alternative bride!

Real character and individuality, this stunning cream and bronze piece is part of our exclusive Vintage Goth range.

Bronze buckle design on side
Beautiful corset with swashbuckling metal clasps
Beautiful floral printing and brown trim
Bronze swing clasp fastenings front
100% fine cotton twill lining
Features modesty panel
Strong corset cord lacing back
Matching thong.

Matching thong...
I love the fullness of the red colour, I love the pattern on it. I love the hooks that make it closed up front, I love the delicate cream coloured sides with the red adjustment straps. I love the naked breasts above. It seems I truly like the steampunk style (not sure I want to like it, but I do).

If you want to buy this beautiful corset, you can contact her on Etsy: Jacky Style. This corset cost 19,43 euro without the shipping costs.... A very nice price


  1. I do love the swing clasps on this corset...so unusual but not really crazy about the bronze...think it would be more striking in a deep royal blue or candy apple red. Of course that's me...redesigning everything I see from recipes to clothing. LOL Thanks for sharing, Han!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It must be the artist in you wanting to change it until you really like it, I think.


  2. Yes, beautiful thing.
    I wonder , how it feels on body..

    Mona Lisa

    1. It's not a thing, it's an object of love, Mona Lisa. And I'm sure it feels wonderful on your body.



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