Thursday, 13 October 2016

Favourite four: Is it a dress or a corset? Or both?

This corset and this dress. I simply fell in love with it. It's made by AliceAndWillow in the UK and for sale at Etsy for € 32,89.

Midi length "Tabitha tie on bustle skirt", made from a sage green fabric.

Made from masses of full bustles, the skirt is a midi length tie on piece, which simply ties over the top of another skirt to create masses of full bustles. The skirt can be tied on at the back for huge bum ruffles, or at the front. They can also be worn in pairs, or with a shorter version at the front to create a custom-styled bustled skirt piece. The skirt maintains its own shape well and does not require a hoop or petticoat underneath to create the fullness shown.

Looks awesome with any of our corsets and looks fantastic dressed down with a t-shirt and pumps, or totally glamorous with a corset and killer heels.

Fastens to the side with a drawstring waist. Fits a 20-50 inch waist while keeping all those huge bustles still full and intact.

Please be aware, that as this skirt fits a huge range of sizes, the smaller sized ladies will have more gathering at the waist, and the larger ladies will have less and more spaced out bustles. If you would like a skirt specifically made for your size then please contact us!

This skirt can be worn as a simple long, full skirt, or with the use of the ribbons, can be bustled up.
This skirt looks amazing when bustle and gives a real psycho circus/old western feel when bustled up, and it's as easy as pulling the ribbons around and tying in a bow-no faffing with pins, needles or thread to bustle this up.
It can be worn at any bustle height you fancy, and the higher the front is bustled up, the more the back pulls in to give fantastic gathering and shape.
It also looks equally awesome worn cheekily on its own (perhaps with stockings and lace up boots showing underneath), or with another skirt layered underneath.

Can you imagine, a woman dressed like that? I have to think of the story of O dresses. Do you see the link with D/s? The master decides how many ties are bound up, front and back?

The Moll corset is for sale separately in this webshop.


  1. It is beautiful, Han but...good gravy! Can sure understand why women used to need maids to help them dress! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Don't think you will need much help for this dress, Cat. I can imagine how beautiful you would look in such a dress, though.


  2. Wow !!
    I like this. And I like this corset very much.
    Skirts.. Well.. Corset will be wnough.

    Mona Lisa

    1. I think it will look very pretty on you, Mona Lisa. How wonderful that you'll like it. Comes with the dress though, Smile...



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