Friday, 8 July 2016

The worst kind of criminals

I read two headlines today concerning the mental health care in the Netherlands.

In mental health the sickest and most vulnerable psychiatric patients are denied the care they need and even end up on the street. It is the people who really need care, that are denied sufficient care. That says Damien Denys, chairman of the Dutch Association for Psychiatry (NVvP), in an interview in the Volkskrant.
The free market, according to Denys, is one of the main causes. "The system has reached its expiry date with complex patients. You cannot score what you need someone with borderline personality disorder who try to commit all the eighth suicide. And an institution will say:... I don't want that one...

The other one:

A director of a care facility is suspected of fraud, forgery, preparing false accounting and money laundering. He would receive a salary the same as the prime-minister of the Netherlands, but actual earnings are probably a multiple thereof. The money was meant for the provision of care.
The managers girlfriend was also arrested, she is suspected of money laundering. Both are in custody now. The house of the man and the office of the institution have been searched. The manager and his girlfriend owned two Porsches, an Audi and a BMW. There are also included jewellery, fourteen expensive watches, records and computers. In addition, the bank accounts of the care manager and his partner were frozen.

The health care organization is a foundation in South Holland who care and housing supplies slightly mentally handicapped.

I hope they will be sentenced to a serious amount of time in jail. This is just the same as robbing a bank. It makes me furious how people profit from people that are the weakest in society.
And it happens far too often. I don't understand why people take just shrug and go on with their lives. 


  1. Money and power corrupt, Han.
    Some people have very strong: HAVE instinkt.
    Well, I agree with you. Sick people, who most need help, can't get it. I see ot heee too. And yes, I can't understand it.
    It is soooo sad!
    Thank you for this post.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Well, it makes me furious that people who use their power to get rich over the backs of people that have no voice or cannot defend themselves.


  2. You are so right, Han. They steal money from the institution to buy stuff they don't need like 14 watches. And they could expect to be discovered and punished. But there are other who do it in a more clever way and get away with it.
    I too hate those people.


    1. Who needs more than one watch, who needs three expensive cars? It is beyond me to comprehend what goes on in those peoples minds, Appy.


  3. Well, that makes you want to go kick somebody on the shins, doesn't it?


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