Sunday, 26 June 2016

The sound of Silver

 I love Chello music. The Chello resonates in the soul. The deep sound really gets to me, you know from deep within.
But the instrument I love most is the viola da gamba. Johann Sebastian Bach wrote 3 viola da gamba sonata's. And in the project All of Bach Mieneke van der Velden (viola da gamba) and Benjamin Alard (harpsichord) play the  Sonata for viola da gamba in D major in or about 1737 (some people would like to travel to the future if time-travel would be possible, but I would like to go back to 1737, Leipzig, Germany, pretty please). One of the advantages of living in this time and age you can see all these wonderful recorderings, each a masterpiece, every Friday a new one at All of Bach.

The viola da gamba is the cry from the soul. If the soul could cry it would sound like the viola da gamba in the St. Matthew Passion, also from the project all of Bach (nr. 57 from the Saint Matthew Passion). No other instrument comes closer than the viola da gamba here in this wonderful, complex, beautiful music.


  1. Ok, viola da gamba , is name.
    Beautiful i instrument and very nice sound.
    I understand what you mean , Han.

    Thank you for these 6 minutes af beauty ..

    Mona Lisa


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