Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Quattuordecim challenge: small egg

Small egg "eitje" we call in Holland an easy to do task. And this challenge is for my Wanita a small egg. She chose envelope number 13. Not going down the envelope in the order of numbers-road...

In this challenge luck is crucial. The spanking you will get will be destined by the roll of the dice.
1 = fly swatter
2 = bath brush
3 = my hand
4 = flogger
5 = ruler
6 = cane
The second throw with two dice will decide how much spanks will be administered to complete the challenge. The challenge is won after the last spank.

So this was the result of the first throw:

3, My poor hand.... It will hurt, LOL

The second throw. Do you want to know? Maximum 66, minimum 11.

32. Only 32. But I promised her 32 hard ones. No warm up, the real thing. 
Well, I'm not a soft boiled egg, you know?


  1. Ooh Han...32 hard ones with no warm up? Can we say owie!?! Good luck Wanita!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. don't you worry Cat, a few with the hand doesn't make much impression, me thinks.It would not surprise me if she negociated herself into a few more in a few days...

      we'll see,

  2. No warm upp. No arousal. Just plane pain.
    32 HARD slap.
    Is it punishment, Han?

    With a grin on My face, I hope your hand will hurts, Han. Shall we say... for days?.. Lol

    Mona Lisa

    1. No punishment Mona Lisa. It is a challenge. It is to prove to herself and to me that she can take what I give her. And I said I did not warm her up with light spanks, but that doesn't mean I cannot make her warm using other things, does it?

      My hand will hurt, just like her butt. But my hand will not hurt for days, and neither will her glorious ass.


  3. OUCH Han!! :) For both your hand and Wanita! That's quite a fun challenge! Hmmm... sounds kind of fun! LOL! You two enjoy! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. Yes, we will have fun. She would not respect me if I gave her feathery slaps, she wants to be challenged now and then. So we will have fun. The both of us.



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