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Postures: Nadu revisited

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about Nadu. Nadu is a fantasy word used in the books of John Norman. He wrote a fantasy series about a planet called “Gor”. The book was published in the sixties and in time proved to be a real cult series of books. Norman introduced several “slave positions”. He wrote in almost every book in detail the difference between “free man and women” and “slaves”. In the post I have written before are several lines from different books Norman writes about Nadu

"Kneel, back on your heels," said the trainer to the dark-haired woman. "Straighten your back, suck in your gut, put your shoulders back, thrust out your breasts, spread your knees, widely, lift your chin, put your hands on your thighs. You are not going to be sold as a Tower Slave, Lady Tina. You are going to be sold as a Pleasure Slave."
"Kajira of Gor" (page 141)

Wanita and I often begin a play with kneeling. I think kneeling is important. Nadu is the first kneeling position. You know: waiting. Waiting what is going to happen. Unsure, but full of expectations. A bit trembling with anticipation maybe. It is a silent way of asking attention, and to me paying tribute to submissiveness itself.

Asking for attention

If my Wanita kneels before me as I sit on the couch, just like that, out of the blue, it is a clear sign that she wants to talk about something that is bothering her. She assumes the Nadu position, but doesn't speak yet. She waits until I address her with her name: Wanita. It is the start of a D/s conversation and we both know it as such. She is not allowed to sit cross-legged. She kneels with grace and pride. It shows. 
Kneeling though is a position that can be assumed easily and beautifully. Kneeling is a sign of respect, expressing her submission to me. In kneeling, her back should be straight, their chin high, and she should be properly poised. Wanita does not slouch in such a position.

When a girl kneels, it is customary for her to remain a few feet away from her dominant. This distance symbolizes, along with the difference in height between a standing Dom and kneeling sub, the status of the submissive. It also puts her in a position where she can be readily viewed. In addition, it puts enough space between the slave and master so that if the master desires to ravish the girl, such desire will require an active decision to bridge that distance toward the girl. Thus, his desire will not be reflexively triggered. If Wanita was to purposefully kneel very close to me, this would be an indication of her desire to be ravished, hoping her master will act on his urges without consideration.

How to perform Nadu?

The position of a woman's knees when kneeling is very important. Free women will always keep their knees tightly closed, thus being modest. Pleasure slaves, and all submissives that give the master pleasure I regard as such, generally always keep their knees wide open while kneeling. They are bereft of modesty and open for all to see. In general though, even if a girl is kneeling with her knees open, you are most likely only to see some pubic hair. Such a position is not as revealing as many would think.

The position of one's hands while kneeling is also important. Pleasure slaves rest their hands on their thighs, either palm up or down, though in some cities they will keep their hands crossed behind them. The palms of the hands, when facing upwards, is a way of signalling a girls' need, helplessness, and desire to please. It is a silent signal of a girl's desire for her master.

Nadu may also be commanded as part of Wanita's discipline. If this is so, my girl must remain very rigid in her position. If it was not ordered for discipline, she has much more leeway. Her body is permitted to move some, such as allowing her to rise a bit on her heels, turn her head or such. The key remains that the girl should be appealing in her movements.

The posture in the picture above with her head down is not good. She should keep her head raised. The exact posture will depend greatly on the specific discipline the girl is undergoing and the preferences of her master. By keeping her head up, this will eliminate the need to command her to raise it. It also shows her facial beauty. If you like to play with other people - and we do not -  the slave can see who is in the room and is able to better judge the moods, needs and desires of her master or any other free person in the room. She can be more pleasing if she is fully aware of her surroundings. Wanita may not break any of these positions until she receives explicit permission to do so.

Do whatever you both like best

As you can see in the pictures Nadu is performed differently. Yes, they are all kneeling, but in details they are all different. The books don't  give specific details and so there is room for free interpretation. Nadu is waiting, but not falling asleep waiting. Nadu is looking down submissively but being aware of the Dom's needs. Being ready to act accordingly. Clothes or naked does not really matter. A big shirt like in the picture below is just as good. It is just as open and accessible as being nude.

And it really doesn't matter if you need a comfortable spot where you decide to kneel. Kneeling can be a strain on the knees or the legs. So if you are more comfortable with kneeling on a cushion or a pillow, why not? Why would you spread your knees so wide as the woman in the second picture with the red gown? Unless you are very flexible you will not be able to hold that position for a long time. And the aim of Nadu is: waiting. So waiting can take long. So be sensible. Open the knees as far as you can without hurting.

Nadu is the beginning of all positions and postures. Nadu is the start of a D/s play. Nadu is waiting.
Let the games begin!


  1. Educational post, thanks for the info.

    1. You think it is the teacher in me that comes to the surface, don't you Leigh?

      It is so nice of you to comment,

  2. I like your post very much, Han..
    The woman on last pic looks very calm, happy and comfortable at that pose.
    Hmmm.. waiting position ..
    You know you can never wait too long for something good.. Lol

    Like it, thanks.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Glad you liked it Mona Lisa. The last picture is my favourite as well. She looks content.

      Who knows.. girls that have learned to wait shall be rewarded,
      Your comment was my reward,

  3. This is very interesting for an unexperienced person like me, Han.
    Thank you,


    1. You are very welcome Appy, glad that you found it educational...

      So nice of you to comment,

  4. In a way this position is used in both Yoga and Pilates when relaxing and focussing. It is a good position for the back - straight and slightly arched, but we have Pilates classes on a hard wooden dance floor and I get terrible cramps in my feet and toes, which rather spoils things as I often go leaping about madly trying to alleviate the discomfort. I would also have trouble keeping my knees really wide apart, but feel that is not entirely necessary unless you are a gymnast.

    I think I like the top picture the best. To cover up in a revealing way is rather more sexy than full nudity.

    I think I have read all these books, Han. But there are several authors who have written similar fantasies. I will have to look in my Kindle Archive and see, but it sounds familiar.

    I think I would prefer to wait in this position than standing in a corner. LOL!


    1. I understand completely about the cramps on a hard floor. That is why there is no good reason why a cushion or a pillow would not help you in Nadu. The same applies to the knees, why should you stretch your knees so far you would not be able to hold the position?

      I can understand about the Yoga and Pilates postures. I think John Norman stole that position from Yoga, LOL.
      I do not completely agree with you on the nude issue. I agree on looking at the girls at my blog, the nude woman makes you uneasy. Still, if you do the Nadu position clothes and nude you will find that the nude position makes you more vulnerable, more accessible, more open. Try it on a good day if you feel the difference.

      LOL on the Gor books. Read one, you have read them all. But I have read them all. Smile at myself.

      Standing in a corner with the skirt up has it's own charm Ami, but we like Nadu a lot.

      I loved reading your comment,

  5. Thank you Han for another interesting opportunity to learn something new. You always manage to find the most tasteful but still erotic pictures.

    Hugs and Blessings...


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