Sunday, 12 October 2014

Born Old

Todays post reminded also a lot of this wonderful song. The way the girl want to crawl in the white girl. The look on the black girls face.

The song is really special to me. I want it played when I am gone at my funeral.
I tried to translate it so you can all enjoy the beauty of the song.

Born old

Why aren't you born old
so that the best is yet to come
Everything went over backwards
and too early was too late

You had never lost your innocence
Given it back right at the end
Your wisdom was already born
and the future already behind you

You would become more naïve every day
and everything is nice because you aren't used to anything
In the end gullible and small
so I do not have to be scared to death of death

Then you saw your body are getting stronger
you had your youth still ahead
Everything came well what ever derailed
was too late and too early

When I've become 16
I would enter my last fight
I lose again my wild hair
but now in my adolescence

Better yet, I want to go back and forth
almost die and then again
How it goes, I want a quiet death
so I can sleep in
can sleep in
can sleep in my mother's womb.

Lyrics of Veldhuis and Kemper: Born Old


  1. Indeed a remarkable song, Han. But I am glad my life is from young to old. I now am much happier than in my youth. And I didn't have a bad youth.
    Thanks for your as always interesting blog.


    1. We agree to disagree I guess Appy about young and old. It's good to be content though. So many people are not nowadays.

      The songtext however is of a beauty you only see when a naked black girl cuddles up to a naked white girl.
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated,


  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song and for translating the lyrics Han! I often wish I had the energy I had in my youth now to go along with the wisdom I have now. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Yes, the energy slowly but surely fading away. But you can compensate by saying something to a youngster, and he thinks, hey, I never thought about it that way! That what is so beautiful about being older, Cat. Treasure your beauty.


  3. I like it. What a interesting thought ,
    Nice song, really.
    I like your taste of musik.


    1. It is an interesting thought and I don't like the song, I love the song. Every line is so beautiful it almost make you weep.

      This is the ultimate song about ending life and to start over again. I love it.



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