Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nobody whispers like Leonard Cohen

At my birthday Leonard Cohen will be 80 years old. And his new album came out this week. This number is free on Youtube. And the old man can't sing very well anymore. But nobody, nobody can whisper like mr. Cohen. 

I saw some people starving
There was murder, there was rape
Their villages were burning
They were trying to escape

I couldn’t meet their glances
I was staring at my shoes
It was acid, it was tragic
It was almost like the blues
It was almost like the blues

I have to die a little
between each murderous plot
and when I’m finished thinking
I have to die a lot

There’s torture, and there’s killing
and there’s all my bad reviews
The war, the children missing, lord
It’s almost like the blues
It’s almost like the blues

Though I let my heart get frozen
to keep away the rot
my father says I’m chosen
my mother says I’m not

I listened to their story
of the gypsies and the Jews
It was good, it wasn’t boring
It was almost like the blues
It was almost like the blues

There is no G-d in heaven
There is no hell below
So says the great professor
of all there is to know

But I’ve had the invitation
that a sinner can’t refuse
It’s almost like salvation
It’s almost like the blues
It’s almost like the blues


  1. I love Leonard Cohen! Thank you so much for sharing Han.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. What a songwriter he is, isn't he? I love the song. Very pleased you like it too Cat.

  2. My father is a huge fan of Leonard Cohen, so I grew up listening to his music and my dad strumming away on his guitar.
    Thanks for the memories.
    He does sound a little hoarse!

    1. Nothing beats childhood memories. Yes singing is not what it was once, but he whispers nice :-)
      Glad you liked it.

  3. I've been dancing to Cohen's music,, I have cried to it, I have loved many times to his words and melodies.
    And I will regret all my life that I did not went to his last concert in London.

    But this makes me sad.
    he is worse than the last. The last album was pretty ok.
    Enough, Cohen..jag do not want to remember you like this ...

    No, I refuse to be sad today. Refuses. For me it's now just a sand in my head:
    "Zwei mocca, Herr Ober, für Baby und für mich ..."

    Take care, Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Yes, perhaps you're right. But he is almost 80 years old, Mona Lisa. I wish I have his energy at 80. And the text of the songs are still good.

      Ober, zahlen.


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