Thursday, 11 May 2017


Tonight is the second semi final of the European Song Contest. If you have never ever seen it, it's a kind of Idols, Xfactor kind of thing but it's old. Ancient. And "millions of viewers all over the world" are watching it. Let me lend a bit from the official website to tell you how it works:

Song contest explained

This year in May, 42 countries will each send one musical act to Kyiv, Ukraine, where the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will take place. Each participating broadcaster that represents their country has chosen their performer (maximum six people) and song (maximum three minutes, not released before 1 September, 2016) through a national televised selection, or through an internal selection. Each country is free to decide if they send their number-one star or the best new talent they could find. They have to do so before mid-March, the official deadline to send in entries.
The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen through two Semi-Finals (9 and 11 May) and a Grand Final (13 May).

Traditionally, six countries are automatically pre-qualified for the Grand Final. The so-called 'Big Five' — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — and the host country.
The remaining countries will take part in one of the two Semi-Finals. From each Semi-Final, the best ten will proceed to the Grand Final. This brings the total number of Grand Final participants to 26.
Curious about last year's Grand Final? Enjoy the show!
Each act must sing live, while no live instruments are allowed.
After all songs have been performed, each country will give two sets of 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points; one set given by a jury of five music industry professionals, and one set given by viewers at home. Viewers can vote by telephone, SMS and through the official app.
To keep things fair, you cannot vote for your own country. 

Only those countries who take part in the respective Semi-Final vote, along with three of the six pre-qualified countries. Which countries take part and vote in which Semi-Final is determined by the so-called Semi-Final Allocation Draw in late January.
In the Grand Final, juries and viewers from all 42 participating countries can vote again, after the 26 finalists have performed. Once the voting window has closed, the presenters will call upon spokespersons in all 42 countries and ask them to reveal their jury points live on air.
Next, viewers' points from all 42 countries will be added up, and revealed from the lowest to the highest, culminating into a climax that will eventually reveal the winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. 

The winner will perform once again, and take home the iconic glass microphone trophy. The winning country will traditionally be given the honour of hosting next year's Eurovision Song Contest. 


So the rating is with points. And it's tradition so watch each and every song contest and have your family members rate them. 1 = waste of time  10 = the best song I have ever heard. And yes, we always give 10 points to our own small country. We are not allowed according to European Rules, but we have our own rules. We did rate them when I was a kid and my father would make all countries in a long row and our names and scores next to it. Now I do it at home. Did I said sometime before I love traditions? In 1975 we won the contest for the last time. With Teach Inn Dingedong.

This Year

Every year we are convinced we will win this year. Not only our little family but all families in Holland know that. And each year we are very, very disappointed we end at somewhere around 30th place. This year we have three sisters and they sing very nice. And the are rising in the bookmakers polls! This year we have a fair shot at winning, I know we will. But first the semi-finals tonight. You know who will be watching...


  1. Smile.
    And Then we Will have finale at Saturday.
    And Sweden Will wins.
    As so many times.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Nope, Portugal won, we were in 11th place. Sweden was 5th!

  2. Very nice, Han...11th place is much better than 30th.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat


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