Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Delft U - Ultra small theatre

The smallest theatre is Delft is called Microtheater. And it does it's name justice.

It is an a very small alley near the New church and it's so small that if you wouldn't know you would pass it without a second glance.
The Microtheater was built in 1962 as a new accommodation for the Delft theatre company De Flits Due to the construction of the Saint Sebastian bridge, the part of the Ashvest, where the old Microtheater was located, the old building was demolished.

In the Church Street two old little houses were demolished to make way for the Microtheater. Contrary to what the design of the building suggests, the property has never been a warehouse. The large open-air doors on the first floor are designed to easily accommodate large decorative pieces.

In the Microtheater there is a foyer on the ground floor and on the upper floor there is a theatre with seating for 66 visitors. At the back of the building there is a wooden extension to the building in which the workspace of the lighting and sound technicians of the theater is located.

back of the building


  1. Smile..
    How interesting , Han.. who woukd know ?
    I lovebit to know all those small , But interesting things about Delft
    You know , I do not want to get lost in Delft..
    Thank you.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Yes, this street is very easy to miss, because it's a very narrow street with high old buildings.


  2. Wow Han...can only imagine how much more intense a play would be in a small theater like that. You could almost be immersed in the production. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Smile, I remember well I was there during some scool play (Who is afraid of.. I think they played) and someone came on stage and said Han van Meegeren, I told you to shut up! And it was kind of funny. Of course not when you are 14, but then again, what is funny at that insecure age?

      After that I have seen many plays there. Very nice atmosphere.



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