Monday, 24 April 2017

Delft T - Tours of inner city

Well, of course there are many ways you can explore delft. You can walk on your own, be amazed by the many canals and beautiful bridges, make wonderful photo's and let you lead to the most interesting tourist attractions.

The second way is to hire a guide for a city walk. There are many walks with or without a guide. A guide is really cheap it's about 5 euro for a walk in the city and they show you places where you would not come if you are just wandering around.
There are also William of Orange walks, Vermeer walks with or without a headphone that tell you all interesting things about what you see,

And last but not least there are these boat canal trips that are - quite right - very popular. You go by boat under all these low bridges and see the houses near the canals from the water,

Sailing ouround one of the old bastions


  1. IF..
    I Will take them all.
    Han, is it you who is showing all interesting about Vermeer?
    I think so.

    Mona Lisa

    1. All, huh? I think when I am retired I may apply to be a city guide...

      Or just do nothing.
      Both appeal to me,


  2. Oooooh, boat trip along the canal, please! :-)

    1. One boat trip, yes madam. Mind your step in the boat because the entrance is a bit low...



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