Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Delft O - Oude Jan

Another church in the old inner city of Delft. Close to the New Church is the Old Curch or "de oude Jan" as it is called in Delft. This picture shows well there are only a couple of streets between the two giant churches. It's the oldest church in Delft and was built in 1246.

Oude Jan, not straight as you can see

The church tower is a leaning tower. Because of lack of space the water of the "oude Delft" was rerouted to create some space for the church. Because the church was partly built on solid ground and partly on a filled up formal canal the ground gave way to the weight and the tower was built lop-sided.

In the church are two special old bells, de Trinitasklok, from 1570, often called the Bourdon and the  Laudateklok (bell), from 1719.
The Trinitas bell is the most important of them both. This bell, casted by Hendrick van Trier, weighs nearly 9000 kilo en has a diameter van circa 2,3 meter. De Trinitasklok is the most historic bells of the Nederlands en is only being used on special occasions.  The reason for that is that the sound of the bells causes severe vibrations that could cause damage to the tower.


  1. Beautiful sound , Han.
    I so Love your walk through the Delft.
    After A-Z is over , I Will be a expert, Smile.

    Thank you.

    Mona Lisa

    1. That's the idea Mona Lisa. Must be boring for people that live far far away, but as my blog is my scrapbook it's nice to have so many facets of my home town here.



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