Saturday, 15 April 2017

Delft L - Lambert van Meerten

 Museum Lambert van Meerten was a Dutch museum housed in the former residence of the art and antiques collector Lambert van Meerten in Delft. The house in Neo-Renaissance style on the Oude Delft 199. Van Meerten built his house named 'Old Holland' in 1897 after a design of his friends Adolf le Comte and Jan Schouten. Many components of the house came from the collection of Lambert.

Huis Lambert van Meerten

Van Meerten wanted to donate the house after his death to the city of Delft on the condition that it became a museum. But three years before his death he went bankrupt. After his bankruptcy Association House Lambert van Meerten was founded by Adolf le Comte and Jan Schouten. The association aimed to realize the museum planned by Van Meerten after all. During the public auction, the foundation bought the house and much of the furniture. In 1907, the Foundation contributed to the house and the contents of the city of Delft.
On October 16, 1909 the museum opened it's doors for the first time to the public. At that time Adolf le Comte was the director. The collection consisted of a historical collection Delftware, Dutch tiles, china and so-called "building fragments".

Museum Lambert van Meerten attracted about 18,500 visitors annually. In 2013, the museum was closed. Just not enough visitors and high costs made it close down after all. 
 The collection went on in museum Prinsenhof.


  1. Oh No!
    How sad to close all those nice old houses!
    How is this house used in these days, Han?

    Mona Lisa

    1. The Hendrick de Keyser association, a nationally restoring institution, has bought the former museum house Lambert van Meerten of the municipality of Delft with the support of the BankGiro Lottery and an anonymous private donor.

      The Museum Lambert van Meerten was already closed for public in 2013, the collection was housed at the Museum Prinsenhof. The building with its many special pieces of construction had since been an unimaginable future, is now given new life by Hendrick de Keyser. A restoration is being prepared.

      The house at the Oude Delft is included in the collection of 403 historical houses and monuments owned and maintained by Hendrick de Keyser Association. As an example of the architecture around 1900, it have it's place in the ever-expanding collection of the The Association. 'Hendrick de Keyser' will restore and reorganize the house with a new function: partially opened and rented for receptions, receptions and meetings, partly office function - so that maintenance costs can be paid.

  2. What a beautiful building, so sad the museum was closed. I had the same question as is this house being used now?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, it is beautiful isn't it? People really could build in those days. All by hand labour.
      As for the future: see my reply to ML.

      Thank you,


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