Saturday, 31 December 2016

Han van Meegeren

Did you know what artwork that detail is from? You can see the answer here below:  Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, Drawing at a Window, 1648 (The Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam).

In this last etched self-portrait Rembrandt made we see the artist sitting at the window in his working clothes. From the slope of the working surface and the way in which he grasps the tool it would seem that he is in the process of etching. Rembrandt observed himself in a mirror as he drew this etching. He then retouched the plate several times, always making small changes, and pulled various impressions on western and oriental paper.


  1. An artist is never satisfied with his work - there are always things to be changed.

  2. And what a masterpiece it was in the end... His last etching, and look at the detail. A masterpiece in light and portrait art.



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