Saturday, 12 November 2016

Not my president

In the Netherlands we have a king not a president. That king, one Willem Alexander, doesn't rule the country like a president does, the prime minister of the Netherlands, a jerk named Rutten, is responsible for all his actions. But in the United States of America they elect a president every four years. Like the Olympics. And that it's hard work you can see on mr. Obama's face before and after he served two periods of four years.

And the people has chosen as their president-elect is Mr. Trump. Mr. Donald Trump is a businessman and that is what he promised to do. Run the united states of America as a business. Creating jobs, find work, restore buildings and airports and roads. The complete infrastructure. That sounds good to me. If Mr. Trump wants to finance his plans by cutting back his defence budget, well that sounds good to me as well. It will force European leaders to take care of their own defence and not to rely on the united states of America.

The hashtag "Not my president" on Twitter is a trending topic, and people go into the streets with that slogan. People deeply feel not to be represented by this president-elect. That is the result of Mr. Trumps campaign where he has deeply insulted people by race, gender and faith. And now the States of America are no longer United. Collateral damage to a presidential campaign is apparently a deeply divided country.

But shouting "Not my president" doesn't help either. Looting and fighting policemen is just plain stupid. The only thing that we all can do is hope that this man finds a way to unite all of his countrymen, in spite of religion, race or gender. Because he needs every single one of them. So many people of this huge country has chosen him over Mrs. Clinton and let's hope that these elections were not rigged like mr. Trump said before the elections many, many, many times. Never heard him after the elections about rigged elections.

To my simple brain the credo "One man, one vote" is more fair than this system Mr. Trump delivered the Presidency. One man one vote, is called in America "a popular vote", and counts for nothing. The system needs to be changed, the political system where the common people do not recognize themselves in the leadership of the country needs to be changed.

And Mr..Trump is supposed to change it.
He made the worst start a man could ever make.


  1. Han - I so agree with you. This PE has created a great divide in this country and now he has to fix it. He must live with his creation and I fear it will be worse before its better.
    You're right, we need to get rid of the electoral college. It served its purpose but now it's time to move on. If, as they keep telling us, every vote counts, then let it count. SoS Clinton is now about 600,000 votes ahead but we have Trump the Tweeter.

    1. I feel for those who are genuinely scared of this President-Elect and have every reason to be scared. I hope common sense will prevail in the end.

      We shall wait and see,

  2. I used to be anti monarchy, but watching the US elections, I'm glad our head of state is seperate to the government and promises to serve us. As for the electral college system, it doesn't give Americans a fair system any longer.

    1. And fairness and integrity is the thing people trust their representatives to be above all else.

      Nothing will come of nothing (Shakespeare, King Lear)


  3. You summed it up very nicely. The electoral college is a dinosaur still being kept alive in modern does have to go. As for our president elect, I hope he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people and that he takes at least some of their advice...otherwise, I fear also.
    hugs abby

    1. We agree once more, Abby. People will step up to advice the man better, I'm sure.

      "Kindness, nobler than revenge" (Shakespeare, As you like it)

  4. America and Americans must wake up.
    Maybe this Will shake them !
    How is this possible?
    Unfortunately, he must now pay back and surround himself with people who have helped him. weball know, who it was and will be.
    Amerika is taking 3 steps back.
    I am sooo hapoy I am living in My beautiful country, where premier minister is s man of many. welder by profession.

    Good luck, Americans. You Will need it.
    Btw, we are taking argsints so many refugers , and we have place for more.
    You are welcpme!

    Mona Lisa

    1. Smile, Canada is closer... Seriously I saw a black man cry on television out of fear what will happen to his children and I saw a white man cry on television, that said I do not agree with mr. Trump, but he said he would do something about our unemployment, so I would give him a chance.

      "It is not nor it cannot come to good,
      But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue." (Shakespeare, Hamlet)

  5. IF you do not protest, it means, you accept.
    Never protest with violence!
    There are many ways to protest!!
    Things must change!!!

    Since Bush candidste first time, They saw How horrible They vore system is.
    How many years agonit is?
    Nothing changed.
    How is THAT possible?

    Omg , Trump!
    And I thought Bush jr was the worst could hapoen for world!


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