Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Nobel Prize

Who could have guessed? Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Either the jury consists of Baby Boomers that are stuck in sixties and relive their youth, or the jury got drunk and just closed their eyes and picked a candidate. His spoilt generation wrote protest songs. Protest against what? Protest just because everyone knows his (at best mediocre) songs now. Well maybe four or five. Bob Dylan's greatest hits. Why are there only three songs on this CD? Because these is Bob Dylan's greatest hits, dummy! 

"No one is a bigger fan of Bob Dylan than I am. To give him the Nobel Prize for Literature, however, is absurd.
— Daniel Green

The jury thinks Dylan's songs "Bob Dylan writes poetry for the ear. But it’s perfectly fine to read his works as poetry." If that earns a Nobel prize for literature I suggest we give Johan Cruyff  posthumously a Nobel prize for the way he could write poetry with the ball. Or maybe Donald Trump that speaks poetry for the scared white people of America. How about Eminem for his raps are poetry to the ear of more people than Bob Dylan.

 How about the Nobel Peace Prize that was was awarded to the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos "for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end, a war that has cost the lives of at least 220,000 Colombians and displaced close to six million people. Pity his own countryman have decided by referendum that they rather have war with the FARC than peace... Maybe another 220.000 Colombians should die before the country is ready for peace.

A prize for peace where there is no peace, a prize for literature where there is no literature, the Nobel Prize Committee should be awarded for their courage, their fearlessness, their insight.



  1. Don't be shy, Han...tell us what you really think. LOL Seriously...I do agree, even though I enjoy some of Bob Dylan's songs, giving him the Nobel for literature is just wacko. If you look at the recipients for the different Nobel prizes the last 20 years, you really have to wonder if the selection committee gets drunk prior to selection or if they're being bought. SMH

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Make your heart no foolishness, Cat.
      Seriously I truly hate Bob Dylan's song. Just for the record I wholeheartedly agree on your estimation how the Nobel prizes were selected...


  2. I have a feeling that the committee was experimenting with various substances and the members were high just before coming to these decisions. They make great conversations with folks, though.

    Looking on the bright side, at least the Nobel Prize didn't go to Donald Trump. Then again, never say never.

    1. Interesting conversations indeed, Cat. I love your sense of humour.


  3. Well, well, well....
    All those words from people , who are " used think outside the Box.
    Ofcourse Nobel committe was both " drunk and experimenting with various substancens".
    It is how they allways do, those talented, well-educated, renowned poets, writers. It is absolutely true. as true is that there are polar bears on the streets in every town in Sweden.
    Ofcourse it is true!!

    I will loan words from someone who can write and explain things better then I.
    Please, read it. http://www.nybooks.com/daily/2016/10/16/bob-dylan-nobel-poetry-that-stays-home/

    And please, folks, don't use word Trump and Swedish Nobel Akademy in same sentence.

    1. Interesting article. I have an article for you:

      It says: Swedes love Bob Dylan.

      There's no denying that Bob Dylan is big, but Swedes have a particular faiblesse for him. Bob Dylan has already received one of Sweden's most prestigious prizes - the Polar Music Award in the year 2000.

      Bob Dylan has had a concert in Sweden pretty much every year recently and they're always well visited, despite being only sporadically well-received by critics.'

      So nothing wrong with a country with bad taste in music, but a Nobel prize...


    2. Maybe bad taste in music.
      Forget it.
      Listen to poetry in his music.
      Did you know, he wrote 11 books?
      Most of them poetry .

  4. If they are not careful, Donald Trump might take them on.

    1. That's what I meant Leigh, keep an eye out for the Nobel Prize of Peace the next few years.



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