Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Favourite three: Venus

RETROHISTORY CORSET by Retrofolie makes corsets with a print on it. They have several beautiful ones, but this one, the Venus from a famous 1485 painting by Sandro Botticelli name "The birth of Venus". They make custom fit corsets in different shapes.

• Unique pattern matched print
• Available in 3 different shapes
• Build in multiple layers including herringbone coutil and a floating lining
• Double boned: Mix of hand-cut spiral steel and spring steel bones
• Design with a high back construction for more support
• Busk front closure with modesty placket to prevent the skin from showing
• Grommets/washers are hand press by machine
• Including a waist tape
• Laced with nylon cord or satin ribbon

A floating and stiffen modesty panel can be added to the corset. This will hide the gap in the back and help support your back. The modesty panel will match the fabric of the corset. I like this under bust corset really a lot. It's not underwear anymore :-) This corset is to show off.

Show me what you've got. 289,66 euro plus shipping costs at Retrofolie.


  1. Beautiful print but this particular corset does not look that comfortable. Thanks for sharing, Han.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Not comfortable? The oyster shell perhaps? I think it looks lovely. And comfort is a bonus with corsets.

      Selfish man,

  2. Yes, it is beautiful corset.
    But..i like lady one better.
    Just taste ting, smile.

    Mona Lisa

  3. Letting you know, I stopped by. I'm not a big corset girl - they're too restrictive and I suffer from gird. A little too much info - sorry.


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