Sunday, 2 October 2016

A collar, just a piece of jewelry?

I came across this interesting article and  would like to share it with you. It's about collars. My Wanita wears a collar that is just a piece of jewellery. But for her it has predominantly the same meaning as a protection collar.

Wearing a collar is not just rockin’ a cool piece of BDSM jewellery.
Collaring is the term used by people in the D/s lifestyle to describe the beginning of a relationship between a Dom and a sub. A collaring ceremony is a display of the depth of commitment between the two people involved.
Wearing a collar is a privilege and honour. There are several different types of collars - each of them equally important, as a transitioning phases of the relationships.

Protection Collar:

This collar is used when a submissive is in a period of healing. A trusted Dom, who chooses to “protect” her may give her a collar, which she accepts to wear while she is in her/his healing process. There is no time frame on wearing a protection collar. It is there for as long as it is needed, to allow them the space to grow independently in a healthy and sane way.

Consideration Collar:

A consideration collar is often the first step in a new relationship between a Dom and sub. This collar is given, with a certain time frame that has been agreed upon, at the end of that time it can be renegotiated.
Both sides of the D/s can decide to move forward to the next step, or simply go their separate ways.
A consideration collar is not given or accepted capriciously, it represents more than just a casual interest. The Dom and sub should understand the meaning behind this commitment.

Training collar:

A training collar is used as a phase in the stage of a relationship where the Dom and sub discover things about their personalities and characteristics, needs and desires as they grow into each other.
This is a time to make compromise, and to accept the commitment behind being collared.
A training collar can also be used in another way. A Dom can give a training collar to a sub, in order to train and mentor her in correct behaviour and protocols while she is searching for her ideal Dom with whom she will then pursue a serious lifelong D/s relationship.
This sub is treated as if owned by the Mentoring Dominant, this is a huge responsibility and should never be taken lightly.

Formal collar:

A formal collar is the symbol of the bond and attachment between the Dom and sub and holds the same level of commitment and emotion as a wedding ring. It shows loyalty, mutual respect, and expresses the fact that the Dom and sub have the same ideals and desires to share their lives.
A formal collar is often given at a ceremony in front of friends and other D/s community members. It is a deeply emotional and heartfelt time, and it is an honor to be invited to collaring ceremony.
A collar is not just a fashion statement.
This piece of etiquette bears weight in our BDSM culture and should be treated with the utmost respect. However you personally choose to use your D/s, do it with pride and hold what is special to standards that allow it to be.
All of this information can be found here, as she says it much better than I ever could.
Other helpful links are
Submissive Guide: what it means to be collared
Dominant Guide: The meaning of the collar

Play Collar:
These are used to be a functional item during a scene. They are typically removed after the scene is finished.
Collars used by other dynamics other than a D/s or M/s dynamic:
These collars are part of how this person may or may not identify in their particular role. This person may also be collared.
For people who want to wear them as a fashion statement: Do you. Do it up. This was only meant to reference what “collaring” is as in the act of being “collared” in the sense of a verb, the state of “being collared”, not in the noun sense of “the collar”.

There is a space where the purposeful collar and the fashion collar are in question with this. While, I don’t know everything, I am just a girl after all… this is my opinion on the matter.
I think there is an important space for everything, but that is the thing isn’t… Everything has it’s space. Collaring and wearing a fashion collar, or wearing a collar as a kitten or puppy aren’t the same thing. Each are valuable in their own space, each NEEDED and REQUIRED in their own space. This piece is about Collaring. The act of collaring someone/ being collared.
I love kittens and puppies and fashion. They deserve their own unique place to exist. :) one all their own to shine. And if that puppy or kitten is collared, instead of wearing a collar… it will take on a whole new meaning.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Han...didn't know there was so many different types of collars!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Different kinds for different use.
      Each phase in life demands a different approach. The collar only is a visible testimony of that approach.


  2. Thank you, Han, I learned something new again.
    What a nice pist abd wonderful pic..
    You can feel her feelings from it.
    She is " home."
    Where she belongs.

    Mona Lisa.

    1. Yes, the picture is truly wonderful. You can see the calmness the serenity in her face the collar brings her.
      I wish all collared women feel that way,

  3. Thanks for another educational post.

    1. I'm pleased you found it entertaining, Leigh.



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