Thursday, 29 September 2016

My best quality

Again a chance for false modesty...
My best quality. I think my best quality is that I look upon people as equals to me. I treat the cleaning lady at my work the same as my boss (the boss is a she by the way). People on traineeship I treat the same as people that work there for 30 years. So they are all the same to me. People are people and I don't like the ones that kick the people downwards and be nice to the boss only. I really dislike that.

At our job I greet everybody, even though it's not customary at our place. It's common decency to say hello, or good morning, or... Some people defrost after a while and start saying hallo back to me.

Some don't.


  1. That is an awesome quality to have, Han! I totally agree with you!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Maybe it is, Cat. I love it that you agree with me on this.


  2. Why I am not suprised, Han?
    I can see it in your posts, how you think abd how you talk about life and people.
    Very nice quality , Han.

    Mona Lisa

  3. Like Mona, I am so not surprised by this....It is how I have you
    pictured in my mind.
    hugs abby


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