Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wedding night?

Is it a wedding dress? Maybe. Could be.
Let us imagine it is. Married one day. Evening. Hands on her back. Of her own free will. Nothing binds them together except her will to please her new husband. On her knees, legs as far apart as she can. Her pearls coming free from her chest as she bends over, showing some of her hidden pearls as well. As she bends over for what? His caress? What is waiting for her on her wedding night? She is in the blind...

But the look on her face is no fear for what he will do. It is pure, unadulterated, unblemished love.


  1. What a pic!!
    Sooo beautiful.
    Sooo promissing..
    Sooo exaiting ..

    Thank you Han, for this beauty..

    Mona Lisa

    1. She is beautiful, isn't she? That hungry look on her face. Absolutely amazing!

      Glad you like it,



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