Saturday, 6 August 2016

Svenska Gummistövlar

I haven't read a book by Henning Mankell before. And on an impulse I picked up a copy from Svenska Gummistövlar, Swedish boots up at Amazon. The book cover started with a promise and old doctor on a deserted Swedish island house is set on fire. And now he is accused to put his own house on fire. And a female reporter is the only one that can help him.

I read the book but did not enjoy any of it. The main character, Frederik Welin, is not a very likeable person. The slow pace of the book, the unrealistic love, or lust for the female reporter, the strange relations with his daughter. You want to put away the book and never pick it up again. In some strange way you want to know in the second half of the book when Frederik and his daughter are in Paris, how this strange book ends.

But it ends like the rest of the book was: in disappointment. Later I understood the many, many, many quotes about death: the book was the last book Mr. Mankell wrote before he died. His book Kvicksand, that was supposed to be a biographical last book, is supposed to be better. If you knew this was Mr. Mankell's last book you understand the many death references. If you don't it's just a grim book about a man who just left his daughter in Paris, so poor she has to steal for money, and buys an expensive suit for a funeral.

What lesson is there to be learned? Never buy a book on impulse?  Nah, I will keep doing that. I want to be surprised. At times I don't expect to be surprised. I want to be disappointed.


  1. So many good books out there...our book club has a rule. Read as many pages as your age (for most of us that is a good indication of the book)....if you are still not enjoying...go find a book you can enjoy. But I congratulate you on sticking to it and finishing.
    hugs abby

    1. I love your book club rule. Makes sense to me. Sometimes you don't enjoy a book and still are curious enough to want to know how it ends...

      I will make your book club rule my own!
      What book are you reading now?


    2. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr...Over 500 pages and am almost I would recommend.
      hugs abby

    3. I was so impressed by The Light we cannot see, I gave a copy of the book to a friend of mine for Christmas! (I always give books away I like myself, hoping that the friend will like it as much as I do, LOL)

      Wonderful book!

  2. I am sorry, Han, you didnt like Mankel.
    But i can uderstand it too. I am choosing not to read hím.. smile. I realy am.
    You want me recomend some good one ? Look after Nesser.
    Hour of the Wolf: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery (Inspector Van Veeteren Mysteries).
    I didn´t read it, but maybe I will. Now.

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa


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