Monday, 25 July 2016

To the movies

We, my wife and I, went like good little pre-empty-nest-syndromers to the movies. We go to movies sometimes, but last week we saw two movies in one week and that is rather unusual.


With Maureen O Hara as Jane.
The first movie we saw was The Legend of Tarzan. Of course. Childhood memories and all that. And that was nice. No Johnny Weißmüller  as Tarzan, but then again, who remembers Johnny Weißmüller?

Eyes, ah. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase
"Drowning in those eyes"

My eyes were more drawn to Jane anyway. If they gave Oscars for looking beautiful on screen ms. Margot Robbie should be her beautiful self when they say "and the winner is..."


Independence Day

The second movie I wanted to see was Independence Day II. Is there something more entertaining than seeing a whole city crushed into little pieces, see skyscrapers fall like there is no 9th September. People  would die, but nobody would care because in the end "the good guys always win". You can look at the near extinction of the human race and still be reassured that the good guys will be alive and well at the end of the almost four hour (?) movie.

Me before you

But since I had seen Jane that week, I figured it was time to compromise and I suggested to her the second trailer we saw before Tarzan, and that was a movie called "Me before you". My daughter advised against it: It is a stereotype that a man in a wheelchair should need a pretty girl to make him feel better. I sensed it was a sensitive subject, so I did not argue about the stigmatization of disabled people. It's difficult to prove someone who knows all, wrong you know. Life can be more peaceful sometimes if you agree about the injustice of it all.

So, against all odds, we decided to go to "Me before you" after all. Being the romantic fool I am I enjoyed the movie even more than my wife. OK, a cinema with 80 women and 4 men (including me) but that doesn't mean I didn't have to cry at the end. Maybe the movie is "nice" to a lot of people but if you have a daughter in a wheelchair, you cannot judge a movie objectively. Well maybe you can, but I can't. I didn't care much for the John Green's version of "Fault in our stars" (the book/movie my daughter fell in love with, so  much in fact that when Mr. Green visited Amsterdam we had to bring her to Amsterdam so she could see the presentation of this book. We spent hours waiting for her to come back in some obscure neighbourhood in Amsterdam). But this movie reached out and touched me.

Forgotten were Jane's eyes and I had only eyes for miss Emilia Clarke, that played Lou Clark in this 110 minutes movie.

Only after seeing the movie I found out that everybody I know, and I mean everybody, had read this book by Jojo Moyes or had seen the film already. And some have read the sequel as well. Mmmm.

OK, I did just finish the book and it shows that the film script is written by Miss Moyes as well, because the film is almost a duplicate of the book. So, because I didn't see a lot of buildings collapse, I'm reading now miss Moyes "The last letter from your lover".

Sorry Jane, but I like the expressions of Lou's face much more after all.


  1. I am glad, you liked your cinema choised.
    I did read Me before you, I don't think I will see film. I have My pics in My head and i am happy with that.
    And Tarzan?
    Smile. I remember , when I read books, I was 9 tear old.
    Nja.. Smile.
    Not with this Tarzan.
    Next time ..

    Mona Lisa

    1. Pity, the movie is quite good. But pictures from the book will be nice as well.
      And Tarzan well, Tarzan is Tarzan, Lord Greystoke, raised by Kala his ape-mother. Tarzan is Tarzan.

      King of the Jungle,


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