Tuesday, 12 July 2016


 Last week I saw people waving the Friesland flag. The Friezen are proud that they have their own language. Still 33% of the parents talk Frisian with their children.

If the Frisians are proud of something, in addition to their province, it is their language. The official status of it, the sound, their identity associated with it. The language distinguishes Friesland traditionally from the other provinces.

Hence, the research of Geert Driessen, at Radboud University in Nijmegen, has been received with mixed or even outright hostility in this quirky province.
Driessen concludes in his study that time is running out for Frisian. The language is not being transferred automatically from father / mother to son / daughter for a long time. As such Frisian will die according to Driessen a slow death.

Especially in urban areas Dutch is spoken in their homes, partly or mainly due to the simple fact that many Frisians there enter into relationships with partners ' from outside', whose knowledge of these Bjusterbaarlik (beautiful) complex language is at best rudimentary.
Red= Friesland

Driessen compared the results of a large-scale study in the Netherlands to use Frisian dialect or regional language in 1994 with a study from 2014. In those twenty years, took the Frisian speaking children outside the family, from 44 to 22 percent. Within the family, the percentage dropped from 48 to 32 percent during that period.
And also parents themselves seem to speak less Fries. This share fell from 58 to 35 percent. The researcher also looked at parental education and notes that higher education (college or university) speak less often Frisian with their children then the less educated parents.
12% is able to write well in Frisian.

The Government have invested millions of Euros in the promotion of the Frisian language. But it seems to be a futile exercise. Being a Fries is more than waving a flag. It is the duty of fathers and mothers to speak their language at home. If they don't feel like doing that, keep the flag in the attic.


  1. It's true, Han. My Wife has relatives in Friesland and they don't speak official Frisian. But it isn't ABN too. When they speak to us, they do it in ABN, but you can hear the Frisian influence. I like it.

    1. I like it as well. All things that are different are interesting... Well, most of them anyway.
      Languages will die if they are not spoken in the homes of people.

      Sad news for Freezeland.


  2. My friends in Frisland, they all speak Frisian at home , with children, with grandchildren.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Yes, the older generation speaks the language still. But do the children speak Fries with their children in their home?

      Perhaps they do. And you can use Google Translate language Fries to translate this:

      Nou ja it is natuurlijk ook niet zo belangrijk, je kinne altijd nog Google Translate gebruiken.



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