Saturday, 2 July 2016

Euro 2016: Belgians are home

The Belgians are already home. Without one supporter to greet them at the airport of Zaventhem. The "red devils" are back at home. And home would be hell, I presume. The Belgians that were so glad that they were at the Euro Soccer Championships 2016. They were there and the stupid Dutch not: they lost twice against Iceland. I tell you Iceland..

And after they lost "the Golden Generation", that were (according to it's fans) in the finals already because they were in the poule with the "weak countries", Peter vandenBemt, radio reporter said yesterday:
"This is a blow, a crushing blow for our team, you are not thrown out of the tournament, not by Germany, not by Spain, not by Italy, not by France but the god damn Welshmen and this is an embarrassment we  have never seen before."

The Dutch know what it's like to loose in the semi-final rounds.. We did it over and over and over again. So let us be glad for tiny little Wales: It will be Wales’ first-ever appearance in major tournament semi-final. Next are the Portuguese with the vain Christiano Ronaldo.

Good luck to you, Welshmen...


  1. I am fan of Wales and Iceland. I am sorry for them, because the team I support usually are losing. Mayby not this time.


  2. Yes, go Wels and Go Iceland!!
    Small countries, underdogs.
    Japp, i hope obe if these two wins in finale.
    You know, Han, as a women says:
    it does not depend on size, but on skills.

    Mona Lisa


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