Monday, 11 July 2016

Consequences of Brexit explained

I like these cartoon video's that tell you within a few minutes how complicated the problem is, if you take it apart and explain it in a way that anyone can understand. Here is one about the British problem.


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    1. Smile, I don't think they want to ride the back trail again? Agree with your choice :-)


  2. No one knows, but I think, it will be maybe like Norway model.
    I remember , when Seeden said NO to Euro.
    It would mean just bad things for Sweden. Sweden will be outside EU, Jobs problem, exactly like they day now. And you know what? Yesterday I talked with some friends in Holland about finance crise for 5-6 year ago. How deep it was and hard for Holland. And we just listened, yes, we knew it was crise, but we didn't feel of it so much on Sweden. And it was thanks to No to Euro.
    So wait and see, but it will be not so bad as one beliueves now.

    Mona Lisa

    1. You are probably right, let's hope so for the British people. And yes, the EU is not perfect either..



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