Sunday, 31 July 2016


I love this poem. I love the passion. I love the rawness. I am not a fence not a wall. I am not your fate. I am not your government. I am not your FBI. I am not even your mother, not your father or your nightmare or your health, she says. Think about those words for a moment. How many time do we have to play a role in life, we don't want or even like?

I know I'm a romantic fool but have you ever read anything more beautiful than:
I suggest you walk into my pain as into the breaking waves of an ocean of blood, and either we will both drown or we will climb out together and walk away.' ?
Either we both drown or we will climb out together. And walk away. It takes your breath away doesn't it?

Why does my life so often
feel like a slither of entrails
pouring from a wound in my belly?
With both my hands I grasp
my wet guts, trying to force
them back in.

                    Why does my life
so often feel like a wild
black lake under the midnight
thunder where I am drowning,
waves crashing over my face
as I try to breathe.

does my life feel like a war
I am fighting alone? Why are
you fighting me? Why aren’t
you with me? If I die this instant
will you be more content
with the morning news?
Will your coffee taste better?
I am not your fate. I am not your government.
I am not your FBI. I am not
even your mother, not your father
or your nightmare or your health.
I am not a fence, not a wall.
I am not the law or the actuarial tables
of your insurance broker. I am
a woman with my guts loose
in my hands, howling and it is not
because I committed hara-kiri.
I suggest either you cook me
or sew me back up. I suggest you walk
into my pain as into the breaking
waves of an ocean of blood, and either
we will both drown or we will
climb out together and walk away.'

From: Marge Piercy;  'Moon Is Always Female.'

War of religions?

The Dutch eight o'clock news is of poor journalist value. Millions op people watch the news, it is supposed to be the most important news broadcast of the day. Problem with the news is that it adapts to what is supposed to be modern journalism: fast, a decor that seems to be more important than content. Not depth. No insights of the real problems in the world.
I understand it's difficult to make a news program that can be understood by all people in the country. I understand. Really. But we seem to adjust to the people who need a real simple picture of the situation. In the eight o'clock news there is always a good side and a wrong side. To make it simple. Trump is bad and therefore Clinton is good. Poetin is bad, and therefore the rebels in the Ukraine are good. IS is bad and therefore the PKK is good.

And sometimes the eight o'clock news is difficult to understand. What did we see on the news about the visit of the Pope in Poland? He fell on the stairs and was helped to stand again. End of story.

What did he say that day?
At the start of his first ever trip to Eastern Europe, where anti-migrant sentiments have been rising, he also encouraged Europe to welcome refugees from war, hunger and religious persecution and called for "courage" and "compassion."

Francis is celebrating World Youth Day in Poland, where the conservative government has shut the doors to migrants and many fear that accepting Muslim refugees would threaten the nation's security and its Catholic identity.

As he started the five-day trip, he told an audience of Poland's president, diplomats and other dignitaries that what is needed is "a spirit of readiness to welcome those fleeing from wars and hunger, and solidarity with those deprived of their fundamental rights, including the right to profess one's faith in freedom and safety."
When reporters asked about the slaying of an elderly priest during Mass in a church in the French countryside, the Pope answered:
"It's war, we don't have to be afraid to say this." He then sought to avoid any misunderstanding of his definition of war.  "I only want to clarify that, when I speak of war, I am really speaking of war," he said. "A war of interests, for money, resources, dominion of peoples." "I am not speaking of a war of religions. Religions don't want war. The others want war," he added.
I think he is right about his statement that war is not about religions. Religions are supposed to preach Love and tolerance and giving instead of taking. All books of religion tell us that same message. But the real underlying issues: Unequal distribution of financial resources, overpopulation of the earth and poor stewardship over our heritage: the earth, to name a few, those issues are not on the eight o'clock news.

Because it's easier to show how someone falls from the stairs.


Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Chairs That No One Sits In

You see them on porches and on lawns
down by the lakeside,
usually arranged in pairs implying a couple

who might sit there and look out
at the water or the big shade trees.
The trouble is you never see anyone

sitting in these forlorn chairs
though at one time it must have seemed
a good place to stop and do nothing for a while.

Sometimes there is a little table
between the chairs where no one
is resting a glass or placing a book facedown.

It may not be any of my business,
but let us suppose one day
that everyone who placed those vacant chairs

on a veranda or a dock sat down in them
if only for the sake of remembering
what it was they thought deserved

to be viewed from two chairs,
side by side with a table in between.
The clouds are high and massive on that day.

The woman looks up from her book.
The man takes a sip of his drink.
Then there is only the sound of their looking,

the lapping of lake water, and a call of one bird
then another, cries of joy or warning—
it passes the time to wonder which.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

To the distant princess

One of my favourite Dutch poets is Jan Jacob Slauerhoff. Slauerhoff lived from 1898 to 1936. He was a  Poet, novelist, general practitioner and a ship's doctor. He spent most of his life at sea. Slauerhoff is known to be not a kind man, and had a "difficult character". 
He did write beautiful poetry, like:

J.J. Slauerhoff
JOUW oogen zijn diep en blauw
Als golven in de' oceaan,
Soms loom, vol vrede, soms wild en troebel
Van hartstocht, als zij door de' orkaan.

YOUR eyes are deep blue
As ocean waves
Sometimes languid, full of peace, sometimes wild and cloudy
Of passion, as by hurricane.

I fell in love with this poem: "Voor de verre princes" (To the distant princess). I had to learn it to recite it by heart in high school.  And although not many people will understand any of it (it's about the love of a man to a woman far, far away) it's so much part of my history, I want to keep it close to my heart so I may never forget. And if I forget a few words in the times to come, may I come back and read it with the same wonderment as I read it long, long ago.

Voor de verre prinses

Wij komen nooit meer saam:
De wereld drong zich tussenbeide.
Soms staan wij beiden ’s nachts aan ’t raam,
Maar andre sterren zien we in andre tijden.

Uw land is zo ver van mijn land verwijderd:
Van licht tot verste duisternis—dat ik
Op vleuglen van verlangen rustloos reizend,
U zou begroeten met mijn stervenssnik.

Maar als het waar is dat door grote dromen
Het zwaarst verlangen over wordt gebracht
Tot op de verste ster: dan zal ik komen,
Dan zal ik komen, iedre nacht.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The only answer to violence is tranquillity

In honour of all innocent people killed in senseless violence (priests and sinners alike) here is Randall Thompson's  (1899-1984)"Alleluia.". The only answer to violence is tranquillity. Like this music of unearthly beauty.
First performed on July 8, 1940 at the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood under the direction of G. Wallace Woodworth.

Performed by Octarium.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


This one is soo many levels interesting. The hands in a straight time to the back, the head on the knee. And you can easily replace her knee with her masters knee, can't you? The breasts hanging down free, making a triangle in the center of the picture. The hair, that got loose. It's a pity the corset doesn't fit well. But the look on her face compensates, I think.

Monday, 25 July 2016

To the movies

We, my wife and I, went like good little pre-empty-nest-syndromers to the movies. We go to movies sometimes, but last week we saw two movies in one week and that is rather unusual.


With Maureen O Hara as Jane.
The first movie we saw was The Legend of Tarzan. Of course. Childhood memories and all that. And that was nice. No Johnny Weißmüller  as Tarzan, but then again, who remembers Johnny Weißmüller?

Eyes, ah. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase
"Drowning in those eyes"

My eyes were more drawn to Jane anyway. If they gave Oscars for looking beautiful on screen ms. Margot Robbie should be her beautiful self when they say "and the winner is..."


Independence Day

The second movie I wanted to see was Independence Day II. Is there something more entertaining than seeing a whole city crushed into little pieces, see skyscrapers fall like there is no 9th September. People  would die, but nobody would care because in the end "the good guys always win". You can look at the near extinction of the human race and still be reassured that the good guys will be alive and well at the end of the almost four hour (?) movie.

Me before you

But since I had seen Jane that week, I figured it was time to compromise and I suggested to her the second trailer we saw before Tarzan, and that was a movie called "Me before you". My daughter advised against it: It is a stereotype that a man in a wheelchair should need a pretty girl to make him feel better. I sensed it was a sensitive subject, so I did not argue about the stigmatization of disabled people. It's difficult to prove someone who knows all, wrong you know. Life can be more peaceful sometimes if you agree about the injustice of it all.

So, against all odds, we decided to go to "Me before you" after all. Being the romantic fool I am I enjoyed the movie even more than my wife. OK, a cinema with 80 women and 4 men (including me) but that doesn't mean I didn't have to cry at the end. Maybe the movie is "nice" to a lot of people but if you have a daughter in a wheelchair, you cannot judge a movie objectively. Well maybe you can, but I can't. I didn't care much for the John Green's version of "Fault in our stars" (the book/movie my daughter fell in love with, so  much in fact that when Mr. Green visited Amsterdam we had to bring her to Amsterdam so she could see the presentation of this book. We spent hours waiting for her to come back in some obscure neighbourhood in Amsterdam). But this movie reached out and touched me.

Forgotten were Jane's eyes and I had only eyes for miss Emilia Clarke, that played Lou Clark in this 110 minutes movie.

Only after seeing the movie I found out that everybody I know, and I mean everybody, had read this book by Jojo Moyes or had seen the film already. And some have read the sequel as well. Mmmm.

OK, I did just finish the book and it shows that the film script is written by Miss Moyes as well, because the film is almost a duplicate of the book. So, because I didn't see a lot of buildings collapse, I'm reading now miss Moyes "The last letter from your lover".

Sorry Jane, but I like the expressions of Lou's face much more after all.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Worried about Trump

Before Boris Johnson and the Republican National Convention we thought in the Netherlands that every country needs his own clowns, and we were a bit amazed how well he was doing. But now that he is really one of two candidates for the presidency of the United States I for one, am a bit worried.

One of the candidates of the worlds biggest, powerful and leading nations of the world has chosen a man that the Washington Post describes as "a unique threat to American democracy". How it is possible that so many Americans chose this man to be the leader of the world is a mystery to me. The Washington Post states he has no experience at all, after taking over his fathers successful business had some successes in business, some failures and repeated episodes of saving his own hide while harming people who trusted him.

Mr.Trump has his own interpretation of facts and anyone that does not agree with him is simply "stupid".
"Allies are taking advantage of the United States. Immigrants are committing crimes and stealing jobs. Muslims hate America.
In fact, Japan and South Korea are major contributors to an alliance  that has preserved the peace of enormous benefit to Americans. Immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans and take jobs that no one else will. Muslims are the primary victims of Islamist terrorism and Muslim Americans, including thousands who served in the military, are as patriotic as anyone else."
Trump speaks of leaving NATO, encouraging nations to obtain nuclear weapons. It scares me to death that so many people can believe what this man says and that he has become so powerful already. The next step is leading the US into .... what? Why did the Brexit campaign succeed: because the British  wanted the foreigners to leave their country. So don't say Trump cannot win this race for the White House. 

We need in times like these smart, sensible leaders that can unite instead of segregate people. 
As we say in the Netherlands: Ik houd mijn hart vast. I firmly hold my heart. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wet fingers

I am a sucker for having my fingers sucked. It is a huge turn on for me.
A wonderful display of submission in general. Just not to pay attention and my little one is sucking my fingers...
It is erotic.

I love it. You can do wonderful things with wet fingers.

Did you notice small posture collar?

Friday, 22 July 2016

Give me a kiss

I love this kiss. I love the posture collar. I love the ropework. I love how he is controlling the kiss.
Give me a kiss.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Another shave, please

As intimate as the last one, but role reversal this time:
(I hope he is careful...)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Some people collect stamps

and I collect Hallelujahs.

This one is from Thomas Moreley. He has written it before 1597. That is all we know.
Can you imagine? It's a madrigal for 6 voices.

What can be more beautiful, than this wonderful piece of music?
You tell me...

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Belly piercing

I have a soft spot for the navel. It's a often ignored but very sensuous place. So I don't care for tongue piercings, clit piercings, labia piercings or decorated nipples, but I love to see a belly piercing.

I may have strange tastes, but I don't care...

Monday, 18 July 2016


Nope, no piercings for me or my Wanita. Earlobes excluded.. In work it was forbidden for men and women to wear earrings because in a fight they could rip it from your ear and your ear had to be stitched... After it happened twice it was forbidden.

I never knew there could be piercings in places I shiver about, especially the male ones, smile.
This is an example of different places you van put a needle in...

Have fun!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Poll question

What do you think appealed to me most?
The naked breasts?
The collar connected to the wrist cuffs?

I think you are right. I don't think I'm mature enough to skip the breasts. The pose however is what drew my attention to this wonderful example of submission.

Friday, 15 July 2016


Your throat open and vulnerable to someone with a knife? It's considered a bad idea for centuries and for good reason. But looking at this picture makes me think it's not such a bad idea after all. Too few women share the intimacy of shaving with their partner.

Yes. There as well.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The art of being yourself

Ever heard of Caroline McHugh? No? Pity.
This Scottish well spoken woman (in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen by the way) speaks about the art of being yourself. Now there are many people that tells us their views about what it is to "be yourself". But no one tells it like ms. McHugh...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Paradise hymn

Herbert Howell wrote this work from 1936 to 1938, after his son died of polio in 1935. After he had finished the work he retained the music privately, without public performance.  The title 'Hymnus Paradisi' was suggested by Herbert Sumsion, organist of Gloucester Cathedral. The work was performed for the first time at the Three Choirs Festival in 1950.

Howells had begun composition with his setting of the poem "Hymnus circa exsequies defuncti" of Prudentius. The piece consists of six movements:
  1. Preludio (for orchestra)
  2. Requiem aeternam (the first 30 bars are identical to the 3rd movement of the Requiem of 1936)
  3. The Lord is my shepherd (a setting of Psalm 23)
  4. Sanctus. I will lift up mine eyes (which juxtaposes the Sanctus from the Ordinary of the Mass with Psalm 121)
  5. I heard a voice from heaven (from the Burial Service)
  6. Holy is the true light (from the Salisbury Diurnal, translation by G.H. Palmer)

(source: Wikipedia)

This wonderful piece of music is particularly special for me because my daughter sings in the chorus....

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


 Last week I saw people waving the Friesland flag. The Friezen are proud that they have their own language. Still 33% of the parents talk Frisian with their children.

If the Frisians are proud of something, in addition to their province, it is their language. The official status of it, the sound, their identity associated with it. The language distinguishes Friesland traditionally from the other provinces.

Hence, the research of Geert Driessen, at Radboud University in Nijmegen, has been received with mixed or even outright hostility in this quirky province.
Driessen concludes in his study that time is running out for Frisian. The language is not being transferred automatically from father / mother to son / daughter for a long time. As such Frisian will die according to Driessen a slow death.

Especially in urban areas Dutch is spoken in their homes, partly or mainly due to the simple fact that many Frisians there enter into relationships with partners ' from outside', whose knowledge of these Bjusterbaarlik (beautiful) complex language is at best rudimentary.
Red= Friesland

Driessen compared the results of a large-scale study in the Netherlands to use Frisian dialect or regional language in 1994 with a study from 2014. In those twenty years, took the Frisian speaking children outside the family, from 44 to 22 percent. Within the family, the percentage dropped from 48 to 32 percent during that period.
And also parents themselves seem to speak less Fries. This share fell from 58 to 35 percent. The researcher also looked at parental education and notes that higher education (college or university) speak less often Frisian with their children then the less educated parents.
12% is able to write well in Frisian.

The Government have invested millions of Euros in the promotion of the Frisian language. But it seems to be a futile exercise. Being a Fries is more than waving a flag. It is the duty of fathers and mothers to speak their language at home. If they don't feel like doing that, keep the flag in the attic.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Consequences of Brexit explained

I like these cartoon video's that tell you within a few minutes how complicated the problem is, if you take it apart and explain it in a way that anyone can understand. Here is one about the British problem.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Friendship and Character

720 thousand people watched this girl read a couple of pages out of "Friendship and Character" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Find out why:

Director Clayton Cubitt made quite a series of it called Hysterical Literature, and you can find it at

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hidden treasures

I love everything that is not what it seems to be. This 200 year old cabinet is a good example of secrecy and hidden treasures...

Friday, 8 July 2016

The worst kind of criminals

I read two headlines today concerning the mental health care in the Netherlands.

In mental health the sickest and most vulnerable psychiatric patients are denied the care they need and even end up on the street. It is the people who really need care, that are denied sufficient care. That says Damien Denys, chairman of the Dutch Association for Psychiatry (NVvP), in an interview in the Volkskrant.
The free market, according to Denys, is one of the main causes. "The system has reached its expiry date with complex patients. You cannot score what you need someone with borderline personality disorder who try to commit all the eighth suicide. And an institution will say:... I don't want that one...

The other one:

A director of a care facility is suspected of fraud, forgery, preparing false accounting and money laundering. He would receive a salary the same as the prime-minister of the Netherlands, but actual earnings are probably a multiple thereof. The money was meant for the provision of care.
The managers girlfriend was also arrested, she is suspected of money laundering. Both are in custody now. The house of the man and the office of the institution have been searched. The manager and his girlfriend owned two Porsches, an Audi and a BMW. There are also included jewellery, fourteen expensive watches, records and computers. In addition, the bank accounts of the care manager and his partner were frozen.

The health care organization is a foundation in South Holland who care and housing supplies slightly mentally handicapped.

I hope they will be sentenced to a serious amount of time in jail. This is just the same as robbing a bank. It makes me furious how people profit from people that are the weakest in society.
And it happens far too often. I don't understand why people take just shrug and go on with their lives. 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Modified Pearls

This video shows a simple but effective chest rope bondage, made by "the Knotty Boys". It shows step by step how to tie this rope. Her pearls modified. I love it.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hallelujah Messiaen

In my collection of Hallelujah's a modern piece by Olivier Messiaen sung by Dawn Upshaw.
I collect Hallelujah songs like other people collect stamps... Smile.

"Résurrection" from the song cycle "Chants de terre et de ciel" by Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992).

Lyrics: ...

Alleluia, alleluia.
Il est premier, le Seigneur Jésus.
Des morts il est le premier-né.
Sept étoiles d'amour au transpercé,
Revêtez votre habit de clarté
"Je suis ressuscité, je suis ressuscité,
Je chante: pour Toi, mon Père, pour Toi, Mon Dieu, alleluia.
De mort à vie je passe."
Un ange
Sur la pierre il s'est posé.
Parfum, porte, perle, azymes de la Vériteé.

Alleluia, alleluia.
Nous l'avons touché, nous l'avons vu.
De nos mains nous l'avons touché.
Un seul fleuve de vie dans son côté,
Revêtez votre habit de clarté.
"Je suis ressuscité, je suis ressuscité,
Je monte: vers Toi, mon Père, vers Toi, mon Dieu, alleluia.
De terre à ciel je passe."
Du pain.
Il le rompt et leurs yeux sont dessillés.
Parfum, porte, perle, lavez-nous dans la Vériteé.

Alleluia, alleluia.
The Lord Jesus is the first.
He is the first-born of the dead.
You seven stars of love for the crucified one,
Put on your clothing of brightness!
"I have risen, I have risen.
I sing for You, My Father, for You, My God, alleluia.
I pass from death to life."
An angel
Has alighted on the stone.
Perfume, door, pearl, unleavened loaves of the Truth.

Alleluia, alleluia.
We have touched Him, we have seen Him.
We have touched Him with our hands.
A single stream of life in His side.
Put on your clothing of brightness.
"I have risen, I have risen.
I rise up towards You, My Father, alleluia.
I pass from Earth to Heaven."
He breaks it and the scales fall from their eyes.
Perfume, door, pearl, wash yourselves in the Truth!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Another story

Sometimes commercials surprise or make an impression. Sometimes they make a impression that will last for a while. This one is a Dutch commercial by a rapper called Sticks, and this he is the way he looks at how and what an insurance company should be..

Als je het mij vraagt verwacht ik van een verzekeringsmaatschappij
If you ask me
I expect from an insurance company
En een duurzaam en humaan beleid
And a sustainable and humane policy
Geef me één goede adviseur die mij wegwijs maakt
Give me one good adviser who will guide me
Omdat ik in die wirwar van polissen de weg kwijt raak
Because I’m lost in the maze of policies
Ik verwacht het persoonlijk contact
I expect the personal touch
En het grootste gemak
And the greatest of ease
Het is toch zo gek nog niet
Surely it’s understandable
Als ik bijvoorbeeld wil weten of mijn polis ook dekking biedt
For example, if I want to know if my policy provides coverage
Wanneer ik mijn woning aanbied
When I offer my house
Bij RB&B wat zijn mijn mogelijkheden
At B & B, what are my options
Zie ik ze niet
And if I don’t see them
Geef me dan op maat advies
Give me tailored advice
Graag op maat – alles aanbieden kan iedereen.
Customized – everyone can offer all
Ik wil niet driedubbel verzekerd zijn
I will not be triple insured
Dus ik vind dat een verzekeringsmaatschappij
So I think an insurance company
Mensen in dienst moet hebben die weten waar ze mee bezig zijn
Should employ people
who know what they are doing
En liefst ook maatschappelijk betrokken
And preferably also socially involved
Ze mogen laten zien dat ze hart voor ons land hebben
They should show they have heart for our country
Meedenken en er voor knokken
Thinking wit hit,
fighting for it
Als je het mij vraagt geef ik de voorkeur
If you ask me I prefer
Aan een maatschappij met verstand
A sensible company
En altijd genoeg geld in kas
And always enough cash in hand
Zodat als er iets gebeurt
So if something happens
Ik niet hoef te horen dat alles verdampt is op de beurs
I do not need to hear that all has evaporated on the stock market
Ik voel nog genoeg woede over de onnoemelijk hoge bonussen
I still feel enough anger about the horrible high bonuses
Laat ze dat geld besparen of gebruiken daar waar het echt nodig is.
Let them save that money or
use it where it is really needed.
Een verzekeringsmaatschappij mag niets te maken hebben
An insurance company should not be in any way involved
Met mijn geld beleggen
To invest my money
In de wapenhandel
In the arms industry
Ik zeg je
I’m  telling you
Ik zoek dekking!
I'm taking cover!
Wie maakt het verschil voor mijn onderneming vandaag
Who makes the difference for my company today
En morgen als ik er wederom moet staan
And tomorrow when I have to be there again
Maar ook wanneer onverhoopt het noodlot toeslaat
But when disaster strikes unexpectedly
Klop het af, maar als ik arbeidsongeschikt raak
Knock on wood, but if I get incapacitated to work
Zoek ik hart voor mijn zaak
I'm looking for someone who will  take my case to heart
Ik wil in beeld blijven
I want to stay in the picture
Nadat ik stop met werken en van mijn pensioen geniet
After I stop working and enjoy my retirement
Zien ze me dan nog zitten
Will they see me than?
Of word ik weggezet als een klein kind
Or will I be dismissed as a small child
Onbelangrijk en boei ik niet.
Unimportant and Uninteresting.
Ik heb weinig vertrouwen in al die mooie praatjes
I have little faith in all that sweet talk
En tv-reclames die polissen die proberen te pushen alsof het gratis is
of TV commercials that try to push their policies as if it's free
En allemaal even betrouwbaar…
And all equally reliable ...
Ja, ja, ik ben kierewiet
Sure, I'm gaga
mmm. de meesten overleven de eerste de beste crisis niet.
mmm. Most survive won’t survive the very first crisis.
Ik vind dat ze niet van gisteren moeten zijn
I think they should not be from yesterday
Maar vandaag, morgen en een deel van mijn history moeten zijn
But from today, tomorrow and be a part of my history
Dat vind ik.
That’s what I think.

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