Wednesday, 29 June 2016

See all, hear all, say nowt

Horen, zien en zwijgen is a very, very old Dutch proverb. In English, Hear no evil, See no evil and Speak no Evil in German Nichts (Böses) hören, sehen und sagen and in French Rien dire, rien voir, rien entendre (le mal). 
Hundreds years ago these three monkeys were introduced that are intertwined with this proverb. The monkeys are display is however very wrong: 

This is: Don't Hear, Don't See, Don't talk. Or this one:

In the Netherlands there are always monkeys that display the proverb, I don't know how that is in your country? I do know I like this one best with four rascals:


  1. Well, Han, in Seeden we don't have this proverb.
    I looked at Wikipedia and found what it is about.
    Japan, 700 talet.

    Thank you, Han.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Well if and when you are in Holland have a look in those shops of ours and you will see monkeys everywhere! Not seeing, not hearing and not talking.

      We speek Inglisch a littel bit.



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