Friday, 20 May 2016


There was a young lady of Gloucester
Whose friend they thought they had lost her,
   Till they found on the grass
   The marks of her arse,
And the knees of the man who had crossed her.
 The bride went up the aisle
In traditional virginal style,
   But they say she was nary
   An innocent cherry,
But a whore from the banks of the Nile.
There was a young girl from Madrid
Who thought she'd be having a kid.
   So by holding the water
   Three months and a quarter
She drowned the poor bastard, she did.
There was a young lady named Hall
Wore a newspaper dress to a ball
   The dress caught on fire
   And burnt her entire
Front page, sporting section, and all.
 There was a young girl from Peru
Who had nothing whatever to do,
   So she sat on the stairs
   And counted cunt hairs -
Four thousand, three hundred, and two.


  1. Are you sure you're Dutch - I'm thinking you might come from limerick. lol

    1. Smile, The poem's connection with the city is obscure, but the name is generally taken to be a reference to Limerick city or County Limerick, and may derive from an earlier form of nonsense verse parlour game that traditionally included a refrain that included "Will [or won't] you come (up) to Limerick?" The earliest known use of the name "Limerick" for this type poem is an 1880 reference, in a Saint John, New Brunswick newspaper, to an apparently well-known tune.

  2. Yes, I enjoyed every one of the, even if I must read them several times to understand them.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Don't worry about that, the double meanings are not obvious for a foreigner...

      Glad it brought a smile on your face,

  3. LOL Naughty Han. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Who, moi?
      I didn't write them Cat, I just enjoy reading them...



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