Saturday, 23 April 2016

T = Timelessness

Vermeer is often praised for the timelessness of his paintings.
Why are some works of art are so filled with genius that they rise above time and place and gives us all the feeling that we are looking at a masterpiece?

The concept of timelessness is frequently evoked in conjunction with Vermeer's art. By avoiding the purely incidental and anecdotal detail of daily life, where gestures become tied to specific events, Vermeer was able to convey the universal, rather than the temporal realm of the everyday life. "The emotions of longing and expectations which he so often incorporated in his work provide a thematic means for suggesting the extension of time, a quality he enhanced with purity of compositions, purposefulness of human gaze and gesture, and evocative treatment if light. Through these means Vermeer not only succeeded in transforming a momentary activity into a timelessness vision, but also created images whose moods and concerns continue to speak directly to viewers far removed from the world in which he lived."



  1. Interesting opinion...will have to give this some thought as to if I agree. ;) Thanks for sharing, Han!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I would like to hear your opinion, Cat!


  2. Yes, I think it us truth.

    Mona Lisa


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