Friday, 18 March 2016

The Heart Is a Foreign Country

Rangi McNeil wrote this poem and is about his Danish lover. His lover speaks almost perfect English and still, the differences in where and how you are raised means more than speaking another language. You need the language of love to overcome obstacles.

The heart is a foreign country

Ours is a partial language part pantomime,
part grimy guesswork: adulterated speculation
as to meaning & motivation.

Translated, heart suggests a familiar, universal
device but internal chemistries vary—
though components be the same & not uncommon.

The world owes us nothing. It promises less.
Call it: freedom. Free will. Or Wednesday.

Rangi McNeil


  1. Especially love that last line, Han "Call it: freedom. Free will. Or Wednesday." Thanks for sharing.

    BTW...the white background does not allow the text to show up very well...have to highlight the text to read it. You can always edit the post, select all the text and click on the Tx button in the upper right corner...that will remove the white background.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Call it what you will.....just be thankful it is this. (was here yesterday could not read it..thanks for the fix...)
    hugs abby


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