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Training Carrie, looking back

Warning: This post contains spoilers of the book "Training Carrie"

I don't know if you are familiar with the Usenet Newsgroups in the beginning of this century. We had "newsgroups" then as we have blogs now. 11 years after posting the story the newsgroups still exist, but that is all. They do not play a significant role any more in, for example publishing free erotic stories.

As we don't know much about Mr. West let's analyse his posting behaviour and see if we can find some clues as to the remaining questions after reading the story.

Why is posting schedule important?

Well, the main reason at the time was, it determined the pace you would read the story.  As you can see in the diagram below there are 6 weeks in the schedule there was no weekly story.

This is an example how inaccurate memories are, I thought there were many times we had to wait weeks and weeks before we could continue the story but that's not correct.

The story began at Christmas Day 2003 (an odd day to begin posting) and ended October 16th. The beginning of the posting schedule is, to say the least, strange. At January 2nd Mr. West posted 11 chapters in one day. The reason could be  to stand out in the crowd with 11 stories in a row your post couldn't be overseen (There were in January 2004 351 stories all mixed together). Just guessing.
Any way, at the end of January we had reached chapter 30. After that we had 2 stories a week.

Story changes and posting schedule

There are some points in the story you wonder what Mr. West is doing in changing the story. At certain points his inspiration has stopped, or he gets bored with the story, or he simply repeats himself. His plot changes are abrupt and not very well thought out. The introduction of Charlene for example could have been fluent if he just put a time lapse in the story. I always had the feeling Mr. West had written the story halfway before posting it and then put himself into trouble keeping his posting schedule of two posts a week. But there is no evidence for my assumption if you look at his schedule: with 2 posts a week in the weekend, there is no gap in his posting. The gaps in his postings he caches up the next week or so...


The most logic place to end the story was at chapter 100 if you intend not to write much more. Why it ended rather abrupt and (I think) sloppy is beyond me. One of my guesses is he started a new story and did want to finish this one. No evidence for that thought either. His second story: Becky's Story, was published at February 27th 2005 and only reached 4 chapters, the last fourth and last one March 11th 2007. Becky's story is not a very good story and it was inevitable it would end unfinished.

Reading it again through your eyes

This was the first story my wife and I read kind of together in 2003/2004. My wife caught up at chapter 8 or 9 when I first started to share the story and stopped at 89 when the story got too weird for her taste. In sharing it with you from Monday July 27th until November 9th, one chapter a day, it was really interesting to see it trough your eyes. His 6 orgasms a day, day in day out, annoyed me as a man very much, the drastic: hey a new woman, I love you as well attitude seemed to annoy you as women very much. I truly did enjoy all your comment throughout the story, and I answered all of them as best as I could.

By blog is just a tiny little blog with a few viewers, but I secretly hoped Mr. West would react at some point to the story, if only to object me posting it here without his permission. I did so because I tried to find him, even wrote him years and years after he had stopped writing a Christmas Card, but after the first one I lost all contact with this writer. Pity.
So I decided to take this story from oblivion and repost it on my blog. Totally unsuitable because of it's length, but what do I care? It's my blog.

I hope you liked the story at least a little bit like my beloved and I did once.
Thank you for reading it!

chapter weekday date story
1 Thursday 25/12/03
2 Sunday 28/12/03
3 Sunday 28/12/03
4 Sunday 28/12/03
5 Sunday 28/12/03
6 Sunday 28/12/03
7 Friday 02/01/04 In Carries house
8 Friday 02/01/04
9 Friday 02/01/04
10 Friday 02/01/04
11 Friday 02/01/04
12 Thursday 02/01/14
13 Saturday 10/01/04
14 Saturday 10/01/04
15 Saturday 10/01/04
16 Saturday 10/01/04
17 Saturday 10/01/04
18 Saturday 10/01/04
19 Saturday 10/01/04
20 Saturday 10/01/04
21 Saturday 17/01/04
22 Saturday 17/01/04
23 Saturday 17/01/04
24 Saturday 17/01/04
25 Saturday 17/01/04
26 Saturday 24/01/04
27 Saturday 24/01/04
28 Saturday 24/01/04
29 Saturday 24/01/04
30 Saturday 24/01/04
31 Sunday 01/02/04
32 Sunday 01/02/04
33 Sunday 01/02/04
34 Sunday 01/02/04
35 Sunday 01/02/04
36 Saturday 07/02/04
37 Saturday 07/02/04
38 Saturday 14/02/04
39 Saturday 14/02/04
40 Saturday 21/02/04
41 Saturday 21/02/04
42 Saturday 28/02/04
43 Saturday 28/02/04
44 Sunday 14/03/04
45 Sunday 14/03/04
46 Tuesday 16/03/04
47 Tuesday 16/03/04
48 Saturday 20/03/04
49 Saturday 20/03/04
50 Wednesday 07/04/04
51 Thursday 08/04/04
52 Saturday 10/04/04
53 Saturday 10/04/04
54 Saturday 17/04/04
55 Saturday 17/04/04
56 Saturday 24/04/04
57 Saturday 24/04/04
58 Saturday 01/05/04 Introduction Charlene
59 Saturday 01/05/04
60 Saturday 08/05/04
61 Saturday 08/05/04
62 Saturday 15/05/04
63 Saturday 15/05/04
64 Saturday 22/05/04
65 Saturday 22/05/04
66 Saturday 29/05/04
67 Saturday 29/05/04
68 Saturday 05/06/04
69 Saturday 05/06/04
70 Saturday 12/06/04
71 Saturday 12/06/04
72 Monday 19/07/04
73 Monday 19/07/04
74 Saturday 26/06/04
75 Saturday 26/06/04
76 Saturday 03/07/04
77 Saturday 03/07/04
78 Saturday 10/07/04
79 Saturday 10/07/04
80 Saturday 17/07/04
81 Saturday 17/07/04
82 Saturday 24/07/04
83 Saturday 24/07/04
84 Saturday 31/07/04
85 Saturday 31/07/04 Death Carrie, Charlene POV
86 Saturday 07/08/04
87 Saturday 07/08/04
88 Saturday 14/08/04
89 Saturday 14/08/04 Introduction Helen
90 Saturday 21/08/04
91 Saturday 21/08/04
92 Saturday 28/08/04
93 Saturday 28/08/04
94 Sunday 05/09/04
95 Sunday 05/09/04
96 Saturday 11/09/04
97 Saturday 11/09/04
98 Saturday 18/09/04
99 Sunday 19/09/04
100 Saturday 25/09/04 Natural stopping point
101 Saturday 25/09/04
102 Monday 04/10/04
103 Monday 04/10/04
104 Sunday 10/10/04
105 Sunday 10/10/04
106 Saturday 16/10/04
107 Saturday 16/10/04 End of story


  1. I did enjoy it, more than a little bit......and i loved reading the comments and your answers....
    hugs abby

  2. Overall I did enjoy the story and the comments/answers enhanced that.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Reading together does have something extra...


  3. I like this post, Han. I like, you give us backround and how it was 11 years
    ago . Well done at putting all these chapters on your blog, it is a lot if work.
    Thank you for it.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Well, it's a kind of a tribute to the anonymous author...



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