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Training Carrie, chapter 99

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 99

  "You can still change your mind, Helen," I said. "Just tell William you
don't want a spanking, and I'll take your place. I'm used to it, and you're
not, let me do it."

    "Please, Char," she said. "I need to know what it's like, I want to do

    William said, "She's made her decision, Char." Then he asked, "Helen,
do you remember the safe word you chose?"

    "Yes, Sir. It's 'orange'," she said softly.

    William said, "I don't expect you to use your safe word, Helen. It's
only a spanking, Carrie won't use anything except the palms of her hands.
It will hurt, and you'll want me to stop it long before I do, but you can
stand it to the end. If you really want the experience, don't use your safe
word, do you understand?"

    "Yes, William, I understand, I'll do my very best," Helen said. William
nodded at Carrie to begin.

    We were all impressed with the way Helen took her spanking. When Carrie
first started spanking her, Helen's body jerked with each slap. But after a
few slaps on each cheek, she began anticipating the contact and remained
perfectly still. For the next few minutes, her face showed no reaction,
other than a slight frown and a set to her jaw.

    After about five minutes, tears were pooled in Helen's eyes, and her
breathing was coming in short gasps. Soon her tears began running down her
cheeks. About ten minutes into the spanking she sobbed for the first time,
but after a few sobs she seemed to pull herself together. She didn't make
another sound until the spanking ended, other than the ragged gasps of her

    When it became apparent that Helen wasn't going to give William any
dramatic reactions to the spanking, I worried that he would continue the
spanking longer than he should. He didn't do that though, he told Carrie to
stop at about the fifteen minute mark, a little less than the time he
usually gave Carrie and I when we spanked one another. When William
announced that the spanking was finished, Helen finally broke down and
began crying and sobbing and calling my name.

    William quickly released Helen's wrists, ankles, and waist from the
bars. As soon as she could, Helen ran to me, wrapped her arms around me,
and told me she loved me. We stood hugging and kissing one another for a
long time, until William said, "Char, I give control of Helen to you and
Carrie until lunch. Take good care of her."

    I looked over Helen's shoulder at Carrie. She smiled at me and said,
"That's quite a woman you've got there, little Sister. Let's get her
upstairs and on the bed." Carrie was impressed. I smiled at her and nodded
my head.

    We all went upstairs to the mural room, where William removed Helen's
belt and manacles. Then he left us, saying he would call us when lunch was
ready, in about two hours. I led Helen to the bed and had her lay on her
stomach. She had stopped crying, but she still moaned occasionally. In a
moment, Carrie came from the bathroom with a damp washcloth and spread it
over Helen's bright red cheeks. When the cool cloth contacted her skin,
Helen sighed and thanked Carrie.

    While I climbed onto the bed beside Helen and began kissing her neck
and shoulders, Carrie knelt on the floor and took Helen's hand. "I hope you
don't hate me for what I did," Carrie said.

    Helen turned her head and looked into Carrie's eyes for a moment. "Of
course I don't hate you," she said. "Actually, I feel ... I don't know,
maybe 'submissive' is the word. I feel like I should be under your control
now, and not just because William gave me to you. I want you to control me.
Is that normal?"

    Carrie smiled. "Char and I feel like that all the time, so we don't
notice it, but I guess it's a normal reaction. Don't worry, I'll only
control you in ways you'll enjoy."

    Helen laughed. "I know I can trust all of you, so have at it, control
me any way you please ... Mistress Carrie." She turned her head and looked
at me. "You, too, Mistress Char, my love."

    Carrie and I lay on either side of Helen, kissing and caressing her
face, shoulders, and back, for several minutes, and gradually her moans of
pain had turned to moans of pleasure. Finally she said, "Are we just going
to lay here until lunch?" We laughed. I asked her if she was ready to try
the strap-on, and she eagerly agreed.

    I put the strap-on harness around Helen's waist, being careful of her
red butt cheeks. After slipping a large dildo into the harness, I took her
to the mirror so she could see how she looked with a dick. Looking at the
red dildo, she said, "Well, it's not my favorite skin color, although it
probably matches my ass right now." I couldn't help giggling. Helen was
becoming less self-conscious, and she was trying very hard to be as casual
about everything as Carrie and I.

    Carrie was lying on her back on the bed. "Did you ever wonder what it
was like to fuck someone in the missionary position?" she asked Helen.
Smiling, Helen climbed onto the bed and knelt between Carrie's legs. I
thought she was going to push the dildo into Carrie right away, but I
should have known better. She began lightly stroking Carrie's inner thighs
with her fingers, smiling down at her and telling Carrie how beautiful she
was. After a minute, she leaned down and began kissing Carrie's thighs,
slowly approaching her pussy with her lips. I could tell that Carrie was
loving it. Carrie, William and I usually saved our tenderness for after
sex, preferring at the beginning to get right into the fucking, so tender
foreplay was a special treat.

    I crawled onto the bed and began kissing Carrie's face and caressing
her breasts. Carrie reached out her left arm and began playing with my
pussy lips with her fingers. After a few minutes, Carrie started asking
Helen to fuck her. She was hamming it up, saying things she never said to
William or I, "Put your big cock deep in my pussy, I need you to fill me
up," stuff like that. Helen was having a hard time keeping a straight face.
Finally I told her to start fucking Carrie so she would shut up. We all
laughed at that.

    Helen took her cock in her hand and positioned its head at Carrie's
pussy. She looked at me and asked, "Shouldn't we use some kind of

    "That's Ok," Carrie said. "I'm starting to lubricate, and I like a
little dry fucking at the beginning. It'll be fine, just push it in." Helen
moved her hips forward slowly, pushing the dildo into Carrie's pussy.
Carrie sighed and smiled up at Helen. "Lie down on top of me," she said.
"Make me feel your weight while you fuck me hard." That wasn't acting, that
was Carrie saying what she wanted.

    Helen wasn't used to the hip thrusts required to operate a dick, but
she soon caught on and established a rhythm. Carrie held Helen's head in
her hands and smothered her in kisses, pausing occasionally to tell her
what a great fucker she was, or to ask her to go faster and harder. I knelt
beside them, kissing Helen and running my hands lightly over her back, and
even more lightly over her ass, which had cooled from bright red to pink.

    Carrie knew that Helen was starting to tire, and she wanted me to have
my chance, so she came, arching her back so suddenly that it startled
Helen. After Carrie's orgasm peaked, she put her arms around Helen, hugged
and kissed her, and thanked her for a wonderful fuck. While Helen rested on
top of Carrie for a few minutes, I continued kissing her and running my
hands over her body, then I told her it was my turn, and I wanted her to
fuck me in my ass.

    Helen and I went to the bathroom. After turning on the shower, I
liberally coated Helen's dildo with lubricating gel, then took her into the
shower. After we kissed and groped for awhile under the shower, I turned
and pressed my breasts and stomach to the wall of the shower, then tilted
my hips to give her a straight shot up my ass. As Helen pressed the tip of
the dildo against my asshole, I said, "Remember how good this felt when I
did it to you. Now you're giving me the same pleasure, my love." Helen
kissed the back of my neck, then told me she loved me as she slid the dildo
into my ass.

    Helen fucked my ass slowly for about ten minutes. It seemed like she
could guess what I wanted before I asked for it. She had one hand on my
breast, rolling my nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her other hand
was on my pussy, rubbing my labia and occasionally brushing my clit. I had
cum twice, and I was about to ask her to pull out of my ass so I could turn
around. I heard her start to moan and gasp, and I looked over my shoulder
to see Carrie behind her. I couldn't see what Carrie was doing, but it was
definitely having an effect, and soon Helen came with a shriek that was so
loud it hurt my ears.

    When William found us some time later, we had abandoned the strap-on,
and the three of us were lying in a writhing mass under the shower. This
time William didn't resist. "I never tire of watching these lesbian
orgies," he said, "but lunch is on the table. You have fifteen minutes to
dry off and present yourselves in the dining room." As he was walking out
of the bathroom, he added a word, "Naked."

    We barely met the deadline. With two full heads of hair to dry, and
only one hair dryer, it was a challenge. While Helen used the hair dryer on
Carrie, I did my best to towel dry her hair, then the two of them traded
places and I began brushing Carrie's hair. When we presented in the dining
room, Carrie's hair was still damp, but it looked Ok, at least good enough
to pass William's inspection.

    William made us kneel in our chairs for lunch, another new experience
for Helen. We made small talk while we ate. Finally, William asked Helen
how she felt about her spanking. "I didn't hate it," she said. "I thought I
would, but I didn't. I was never scared, because you've all made me feel
that I can trust you not to harm me. It hurt, of course, but there was also
a feeling that I was learning something." She smiled, then added, "I'm not
sure what it was I learned, though."

    William was silent for a few moments, then he said, "Maybe you learned
a little about the one you love, and the others she loves." Helen smiled
and lowered her eyes, then she nodded her agreement.

    A moment later, Helen looked up and met William's gaze. "I also learned
that I enjoy being under someone else's control," she said. "I like being
under your control, William, and I also liked being dominated by Carrie
while she spanked me, and then later when she and Char had control of me.
I'm not saying I want to be a slave, but I did enjoy the feeling of

    William smiled. "I don't think you want to be a slave, either," he
said. "But we're very pleased that you're making this weekend a positive
experience. You could just as easily have made it an unpleasant time for
all of us. For myself, and my slaves, I thank you for your trust in us, and
your willingness to accept our lifestyle."

    Helen blushed. She said, "And I thank you and your slaves... your other
two slaves, for giving me this wonderful opportunity, for making me feel
safe while scaring me a little, and for accepting me into your lives. I'll
always cherish the memory of this weekend." It was almost a group hug
moment, but we settled for joining hands around the table.

    We talked awhile about trivial matters, then William announced that
Carrie would make an ascent of the picnic hill after lunch. I was hoping
for that, I really wanted Helen to see it.

    After cleaning up the lunch mess and starting the dishwasher, we all
adjourned to the bedroom to begin preparations for the climb. Helen wanted
to know what we were doing, but William said it would better if she
experienced it first, then we would answer her questions later. He sent us
all to gather the stuff that would be attached to Carrie's backpack. Helen
went with me, and we soon returned with a full canteen of water and two
blankets. Carrie had the backpack frame and her manacles.

    While Helen and I dressed one another in jeans, sweater, and walking
shoes, William helped Carrie into her rubber leotard and shoes. Then we all
went into the bathroom, so Helen could watch William tie the dental floss
loops around Carrie's nipples. Back in the bedroom, Helen helped me attach
the blankets, canteen, and Carrie's survival kit to the backpack frame with
bungee cords, while Carrie dressed William for the trail.

    When it all came together, and Carrie stood in the middle of the
bedroom wearing the backpack, her manacled wrists attached to the rear of
the backpack frame, reins attached to her nipples, blindfolded and wearing
earplugs, Helen was speechless. I couldn't help laughing at the expression
on her face. "Put your coat on, it's time to go outside," I told her with a
big grin.

    When we were ready, William handed me the reins. "You take the first
half," he said, giving me a chance to show off for Helen. As I drove Carrie
through the house to the back door, Helen kept saying how amazing and
strange it was. William told her to wait until we were at the top of the
hill, then she would have a better appreciation for what a challenge it was
for Carrie, and how well she was able to perform.

    "But why?" Helen asked. William just smiled at her.

    When we got outside, I could feel the cold right away. I knew it was
going to be a challenging climb for Carrie. William and I had both learned
that Carrie would go as fast as she could in really cold weather, but she
never went faster than her abilities would allow, so we never tried to slow
her down. She was moving very fast, and that told me she was very cold, in
spite of her rubber suit.

    Before we were out of sight of the house, William turned back. "Keep
going, I'll catch up," he said, as he ran back to the house. About five
minutes later he rejoined us, carrying Carrie's heaviest coat and a pair of
her jeans. When I pointed out that she already carried a pair of jeans in
her survival kit, William held up the pair he had fetched. "These are a
loose fit, she can get them on over the leotard." I told him I hadn't
realized he had such a sense for clothes, but he just grinned, then told me
to shut up and concentrate on my job.

    At the halfway point, William handed Carrie's coat and jeans to Helen,
then took the reins from me. Carrie knew right away that her Master was now
driving, she gave him a whinny of greeting. I smiled, knowing that she
couldn't be hurting too much from the cold if her sense of humor was still
working. By that time, Helen had gotten over the strangeness of the
situation, she was concentrating on watching Carrie and trying to
understand how she could walk as fast as she did, having no sense of what
her next step would land on.

    Freed of my responsibility for Carrie, I walked up to Helen, took her
in my arms, and gave her a long, passionate kiss. "I love you more than I
can ever say," I said, when I finally pulled away from her lips. She looked
into my eyes and told me she felt the same way. I kissed her again, then
put my arm around her shoulders and we started walking up the hill behind

    After we had walked a little farther, Helen asked me again why we did
this. "They were doing it when I got here, so I'm not exactly sure how it
started," I told her. "But the point of it is to test Carrie. It tests her
physical abilities, and her ability to withstand the pain in her nipples
and treat it as commands, telling her when and how much to turn. In this
kind of weather, it also tests her ability to withstand the cold and still
keep going. It's also another way she can demonstrate her submissive
nature, she loves being under William's or my control... William's
especially. And finally, in warmer weather, it's an interesting way to get
up the hill, so we can have a big fuckfest at the top.

    We were near the top of the hill, on the very steepest part of the
terrain. Helen was having trouble with her footing, so I held her hand to
help her up the rough spots. She was in total awe of how Carrie could be
moving steadily upward, over loose rocks, with no vision and no hands. "I
could never do that, not in a million years of training," she said.

    "It's not as hard as it looks, it only took me five tries before I made
it to the top," I told her.

    Helen looked at me like she didn't believe it. "Are you serious, you
can do that, too?" she asked, nodding her head up the hill at Carrie. I
smiled and nodded. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, and a
second later her feet flew out from under her and we both fell and slid a
few feet down the hill. Helen was embarrassed, but I was laughing as I
helped her to her feet. William looked back at us, then smiled when he saw
we were Ok. After we brushed the dirt off of each other, we started
climbing again.

    Finally we reached the top, and William and I both went to work on
Carrie. After I released her wrists from the backpack, I began removing the
dental floss and reins from her nipples, while William took off the pack.
By the time I removed her blindfold and earplugs, William was getting her
arms into the coat sleeves. I quickly closed the zippers over her breasts,
then buttoned up her coat. Helen and I spread out one of the blankets, then
we all sprawled out and pulled the other blanket over us.

    William and I were on the outsides, with Helen and Carrie between us.
We squeezed together at first, trying to get Carrie warmed up. Soon we
could tell it was working, because she and Helen, who were lying on their
sides face to face, began kissing and reaching into each other's coats.
"Yep, she'll be fine," William said with a chuckle.

    "I can't feel anything but a big bulge under all that rubber," Helen
complained, trying to get to Carrie's breast.

    "Well unzip it, Dummy," Carrie laughed, "why do you think they put the
zipper there in the first place?" A few seconds later, she sighed. "Oh my
God, my nipple is so sensitive, the pain is exquisite," she said. I guess
the word "pain" sent Helen the wrong signal, because a second later Carrie
said, "No, don't stop, please keep doing exactly what you're doing, I love
it." A few moments later, she beamed her sexiest smile at Helen, then said,
"Say the word, you can be my new pain giver, you have a talent for it."

    Helen didn't like that, she pulled her hand away from Carrie. "I don't
enjoy causing pain, it's not something I want to do," she said.

    "None of us here enjoys causing pain, Helen," William said. "It's
something we do for Carrie, because we love her and she needs it."

    Helen looked at Carrie. "Did you really enjoy what I was doing?"

    Carrie nodded her head and smiled. "More, please," she said softly,
then kissed Helen on her lips. After a pause, Helen moved her hand back to
Carrie's breast, and soon Carrie's smile widened and she sighed. After
awhile, Helen unzipped Carrie's other breast, then began doing whatever she
was doing to both nipples. A few minutes later, with no warning, Carrie had
one of her mega orgasms, which scared the crap out of Helen, until I put my
hand on her shoulder and told her it was Ok.

    We all lay quietly for a few minutes. I was nuzzling the back of
Helen's neck, my arm around her and my hand resting on her breast. She
looked over Carrie and caught William's eye. "I know where we are," she
told him. "As soon as we got up here, and I looked around, I knew exactly
where this place is."

    William smiled. "Thank you for being honest with us," he said. "I
thought that was a possibility, but I believe we can trust you to keep our
secret." Helen nodded her agreement. I was sure we could trust her.

    "How do you know?" Carrie asked her.

    Helen sat up, and so did I. "I've lived around here all of my life,"
she said. She started pointing out and naming landmarks, including Sandia
Peak, the mountain where we had all taken the tram ride, far in the
distance. "See that road down there?" she said, pointing to a little-used
road at the bottom of the hill, just beyond the limit of Carrie's land.
"People I went to high school with live down that road. I've been all
around your property, I know exactly where to turn off of the main road to
get here."

    We chatted awhile longer about this and that, and then William said
something that really surprised me. He said, "Helen, I want you to think
about something. I don't want you to answer me yet, in fact we won't even
discuss it now. We're taking you home tomorrow night, and we're bringing
Char to stay with you next weekend, just as we've all agreed. But I want
you to think about moving here and living with us, and I want you to think
about what conditions you would need, before you could agree to do that."

    I could tell from the look on Carrie's face that he had surprised her
as much as me. Helen was speechless, she just stared at him. Finally she
said, "Yes, William, I'll think about it. May I ask a question?" William
nodded. Helen swallowed hard, then said, "Would I be your slave if I
decided to do that?"

    "That's what I meant by 'conditions'," William said. "When we discuss
this again, I need to know what you want, how you would prefer things to be
if you lived here. If you decide you don't want to do it under any
conditions, that's Ok. In that case you and Char will still be together,
wherever you two choose to live. But if you're interested in talking about
it, we'll need a starting point for negotiations. Understand?" Helen smiled
and nodded her head. "Good, we'll talk about it again when the time is
right," William said. Then he added, "In the meantime, you and Char are
free to discuss it as much as you want."


  1. Can't put my finger on but something about this situation is making me very uneasy. Guess we'll find out soon.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Just a feeling? She moving in with the three of them? Two couples? One M/F other F/F?

      Let's find out,

  2. Oh no, William, please let them go!!!
    Ir you find how Helena can be idérik for Carrie?
    Everything is about Carrie, right?

    Mona Lisa

    1. Why do you think this is all about Carrie, Mona Lisa. Char is Helens lover isn't she? Is it possible William is doing this for Char?


  3. The title of this book might be: "Everything about Carrie."
    Why would William bother about Char now,, when he did not care when he orderade her flogging Carrie, and spank her, even though she hated it.
    But Carrie needed it. It was the most important thing in this book. So both char and William gou outside theirs Comfort zone to please Carrie.
    What Carrie needs.
    Who carres that William is feeling bad about it, that Char is feeling bad about it.. Carrie is happy.
    What did Carrie for William and Char, shen she needed go outside her Comfort zone ?

    William wants have Char there and Helena with . because Carrei wil miss Char. Or maybe he will need flogg her again.. or he just want Carrie have them ..

    Am I right, Han ?

    Yes, Everything is about Carrie..

    Mona Lisa

    What is Carrie made for Char that she does not like to do but want to do it anyway for Char?

    1. Up to a point you do have a point, Mona Lisa. But the guy is madly in love with Carrie and people in love are said to do strange things. Yes, he does go an extra mile for her, but so has she done for him.

      We already heard the apology William made to Char after Carrie passed away. She accepted his apology and stayed with him after her half sister died. So I don't think Char pulled the shortest straw in the relationship.

      Yes he did love Carrie more, and so do I. But that doesn't mean Char is in any way a victim of either of them.

      And to answer your last question: What did Carrie ever do for the benefit of Char? Do read chapter 107.

      Thank you for your well thought comment,

  4. I think the best grade a writer can get , is that his books concern that people will discuss his books., both the negative and the positive.
    I am glad we can have this disscusion, even when we see thing from different points.
    Not first and not last time.

    Thank you,
    Mona Lisa

  5. Amen to that, Mona Lisa.
    Thank YOU,


  6. I guess the question this leaves me with is....why is William making this offer now?
    There are a couple possibilities in my mind, but so far i have not been good at predicting what is next...
    hugs abby

    1. I think he choose the moment because he saw how Char reacted on Helen and it would make even numbers again. Two couples and not a threesome.

      I think...



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