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Training Carrie, chapter 104

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 104

 I kept Helen naked during lunch, and for about an hour afterwards.
Having agreed to do what I asked, even though she probably thought it was
silly, she made a real effort to do it right. After lunch, we had moved to
her couch to talk for awhile. She kept catching herself folding her arms or
closing her legs together, and each time she would tell me she was sorry,
then put her hands on the couch beside her thighs or open her legs wider.

    Actually, that's how Helen approached everything she did. She tried to
pay attention to what was going on, and she threw herself fully into
whatever she was doing. How else could she have gone from total ignorance
of our lifestyle, to William's perfect slave, in one evening? He hadn't
just been blowing smoke when he complemented her performance, she had
actually performed perfectly during her two weekends as his slave, even
though she wasn't submissive and she had no desire to be a slave. It was
amazing, really.

    I got pretty turned on from looking at Helen while we talked, so I
asked her if she'd like to fool around a little while. "I thought you'd
never ask," she said with a smile. We went to the bedroom, then Helen
undressed me and we crawled into bed. Lying face to face on the bed, we
kissed and nuzzled for awhile, then I moved down to Helen's pussy and began
slowly licking and tonguing her. We had slow, gentle sex for an hour or so,
then we held each other and kissed for awhile.

    Helen said we needed to go shopping; she wanted to make a special
dinner to celebrate my arrival, and she needed groceries. So, after getting
out of bed and helping one another on the toilet, we dressed and set out
for the market. I asked Helen if we should drive, but she said she wasn't
going to buy much, we could walk.

    We had fun browsing the grocery aisles, and we wound up buying a lot
more than Helen intended, but it wasn't too much for both of us to carry
home. One funny thing happened in the grocery. We were in the wine aisle,
looking for the right bottle of wine. Helen picked up two small jugs of
wine and told me to hold them up in front of my boobs. She pulled out the
cell phone to take my picture, then said, "Look sexy, Char. Remember how
you felt last night, when I was fucking you." Unfortunately, an elderly
woman had walked up behind Helen just as she said that. The woman gasped,
and Helen turned around. She blushed, apologized, and told the woman she
was just making a bad joke. It didn't help, the woman walked off in a snit.
When Helen turned back to me, I was grinning at her like a Cheshire cat.
She quickly took the picture, then we sent it to Carrie with the text
message, "WHOSE JUGS R BIGGER NOW?" I asked Helen about the "R," and she
said it was called texting, a shortcut spelling method which eased the task
of creating text messages on cell phones.

    At the checkout, I told Helen I wanted to pay, so I could begin
figuring out how to do those kinds of things. She showed me how to use my
debit card to pay, then we walked back home with our groceries, talking and
laughing about the woman Helen had grossed out. I was wondering if the
woman even knew what we were talking about, then Helen surprised me by
saying that we should invite her over and give her a demonstration.

    While we were putting the groceries away, the cell phone chimed. It was
a picture of Carrie's naked boobs, and it was obvious that William had
re-dyed her areolae and nipples, they were very dark. The message said, "U
WIN, BUT MINE R DARKER. LUV U BOTH." Carrie had caught on to texting with
one example.

    Looking at Carrie's picture, Helen asked me why Carrie wanted her
areolas so dark. I said that what Carrie really wanted was something
permanent on her body to show William owned her, something like a tattoo or
a brand, but all William would let her have was the dyed boobs and labia
rings. "Would she really let him brand her?" Helen asked. I told her Carrie
would gladly let William brand her, if that's what he wanted to do. Helen
said that their relationship was very complex, sometimes she thought
William was in charge, then at other times it seemed like Carrie was in
charge. I told her it seemed that way to me, too.

    Helen and I took a quick shower together, only one orgasm apiece. We
decided to stay naked for the rest of the evening, so that's how we went to
the kitchen to start dinner. I expected to be Helen's assistant vegetable
peeler, but it quickly became obvious that she was going to do what she
promised William - turn me into a good cook. She made me do almost
everything, only offering advice when I asked or when I screwed something
up. While I was working, Helen opened a bottle of wine and poured one glass
for the two of us. Then, whenever I made a correct choice without having to
ask her, she rewarded me with a sip of wine and a kiss. After a couple of
rewards, we found a better way to share the wine. One of us would take a
big sip, then we would kiss and pass some of the wine from one mouth to
another. A pleasant side effect was that some wine occasionally wound up
running down our chins and dripping onto our breasts, and of course spills
like that had to be thoroughly cleaned up right away.

    At one point, while I was busy at the counter, Helen stepped up behind
me. She pressed her naked body against mine, kissed my shoulders, and
reached around to fondle my breasts. "Do my scars bother you?" I asked her.

    She said, "They bother me because they make me hate the animal that
caused you so much pain. They don't bother me to look at, they're a part of
the woman I love." I dropped what I was doing and turned around, rubbing my
body against hers. I wrapped my arms around Helen and we shared a long,
sensuous kiss, then she grinned and told me to get back to work.

    Under Helen's supervision, I made a really good dinner. By only helping
me when I really needed it, she made me feel like I had prepared the meal
by myself, and I was happy and proud that I could do that for her.

    We sat side by side at the table while we ate. Occasionally we fed one
another, and we nearly always shared a kiss after each bite of food. I know
that sounds silly and juvenile, but Helen made me feel like I was in high
school again, except I had never loved anyone in high school like I loved
Helen. I don't care if it was silly, I'd do it all again, if only I could.

    After dinner, while we were cleaning up, Helen said she was going to
get dressed, but she wanted me to remain naked for the rest of the evening.
I told her that was fine with me, as long as she wore something sexy. She
went into the bedroom, then returned a little later wearing matching black,
lacy bra and bikini panties. I took her in my arms, kissed her, and asked
her to dance with me. We danced, talked, drank wine, made out on the couch,
then repeated the whole sequence again, until finally Helen took my hand
and pulled me toward the bathroom. We took a long shower together, then
crawled into bed and made love until we were both too tired and sleepy to
continue. My first full day with Helen had been all I could have asked for,
it was heaven.

    The next morning, after sex and breakfast, Helen suggested we take a
drive. To start with, we drove around our neighbourhood, to see points of
interest that were far enough from home to justify driving rather than
walking. There was a lot to see, including all kinds of shopping,
restaurants, movie theatres, and an outdoor farmer's market that Helen said
was open for most of the year. Then we took a tour of down town, driving by
the hotel where Carrie, William, and I stayed the first time we came to the
city, the dress shop where Helen worked, more movies and restaurants, and
more stores.

    We drove around down town for a while longer, then Helen drove to a
park. She said it was her favourite place when she wanted to be outdoors. We
walked through the park, holding hands when no one was around. We found a
secluded spot behind some thick shrubs, so we hid and made out for a few
minutes. It was too chilly and too risky to open our clothes, so we just
hugged and kissed. More childish fun.

    After lunch at a cosy restaurant, Helen asked me what I'd like to do
next. When she saw the twinkle in my eye, she said we should do other
things together besides fucking. She asked me if I'd like to go to a movie,
but I said I'd rather go back to the apartment and talk, or fuck, or
whatever she wanted, so that's where we went.

    When we got back to the apartment, Helen took me by my shoulders and
kissed me tenderly, then she asked me if I wanted her to take me home, back
to William and Carrie. I told her that our apartment was my home, and that
I'd stay with her until she and William had their talk, and then we would
figure out what to do next. That got me another kiss, and a long hug, then
Helen began undressing. I asked her if she wanted me to undress too, and
she answered, "I'll be naked for you if you like, or we can both be naked.
You decide." She smiled when I began undressing.

    So we spent the rest of the afternoon, and all evening, naked. We
talked, watched a little TV, called Carrie and William and chatted with
them for awhile and sent them a picture Helen lying on top of me, did some
laundry, cooked and ate dinner, and fucked a lot. It was perfect. That
whole first weekend with Helen was perfect, I still remember it like it
happened yesterday.

    When the alarm went off Monday morning, I was out of bed before Helen.
After we helped each other on the toilet, I turned on the shower. I was
going to bathe Helen, but she hugged and kissed me, and said it would be
more efficient if I started breakfast, while she showered by herself. We
kissed again, then I headed for the kitchen. When breakfast was under
control, I returned to the bathroom in time to help dry her hair. After we
ate and she put on her makeup, Helen let me dress her for work. We hugged
and kissed again at the door. After I assured her that I would be Ok by
myself, and she told me several times to call her work number immediately
if I had any problems, Helen left for work and I was alone in the

    When the door closed, I stood still and waited. After a minute, the
panic attack had not come, so I went to the kitchen and cleaned up the mess
I had made preparing breakfast. Then I showered, got dressed, made the bed,
and sat down on the couch, wondering how I would fill the hours until
Helen's return.

    After a few minutes, I got up and began cleaning the apartment,
starting in the bathroom. The apartment was already clean, Helen kept it
spotless, but it was the first thing that occurred to me, so that's what I
did. When the bathroom was finished, I vacuumed and dusted the living room
and both bedrooms, took down the "Welcome Home Char" banner, then went to
the kitchen. While I was cleaning the kitchen sink and counters, I ran out
of spray cleaner and paper towels, so I decided to walk to the market.

    I hadn't unpacked the pistol, but now I was going out on my own for the
first time, and I almost decided to take it with me. But my brother had
been held over without bail at his arraignment, so I decided to leave the
gun behind. Taking my debit card, some cash, and the cell phone, I set out
for the grocery, a ten minute walk.

    The spray cleaner was easy, I just grabbed a bottle of the same brand
that Helen had. My problem started in the paper towel aisle. There were so
many different brands, and I had no idea which brand Helen used. I read all
of the price tags, noting the range of prices and the unit prices for each
brand, but I still didn't know what brand to pick. I remember thinking that
cheaper isn't always better, and neither is most expensive. Finally, I
actually read the advertising material printed on the plastic wrapping for
each brand, but that didn't help either, because I knew I couldn't
necessarily believe any of it. By that time, alarms were going off in my
head, but I refused to think about what my problem might be. I just kept
telling myself that all I had to do was find a way to pick a roll of paper
towels and get out of the store, then after that I would try to figure out
what was wrong. It seemed so simple, and yet it was impossible for me to
make a decision. I was standing in the aisle, looking at the paper towels
and trying not to cry, when a store employee walked down the aisle. I was
in such a sorry state that I didn't even notice him, until he spoke to me.

    "Can I help you find something?" he asked.

    I looked up. Seeing his name tag, I grabbed his upper arm with both
hands, startling him. "Please, tell me what kind of paper towels to buy," I
said. He started telling me the most expensive, the least expensive, and
other stuff that I knew wouldn't help me. I interrupted him. "Please, could
you just point to one and tell me to buy it."

    He looked at me like I was an alien. I knew he wanted to get away from
me, so I tightened my grip on his arm. Finally, he pointed to one brand.
"That's the kind my wife uses, buy that one," he said. I let go of him,
thanked him, and grabbed two rolls of the towels he had told me to buy. He
walked away from me very fast.

    I paid cash for the cleaner and towels, because I was afraid to use my
debit card. I didn't want to encounter another decision I couldn't make,
like how much Cash Back I wanted.

    By the time I got back home, I was really scared. It didn't help when I
looked at the time. I had been gone and hour and a half, which meant I had
spent over an hour standing in the paper towel aisle. Something was
seriously wrong with me.

    I was sitting on the couch, trying to figure out what had happened,
when the cell phone rang. It was Carrie. "Whatcha doin'?" was the first
thing she said. She laughed when I told her I was cleaning the apartment.
"That's the cleanest apartment I've ever seen," she said. I told her I was
going to keep it that way.

    Carrie said she and William were outside, at the top of the picnic
hill. They sent me a beautiful picture looking out toward the city. We
chatted for a long time, then Carrie gave William the phone and I talked to
him for awhile. All they really wanted was to make sure I was Ok, so I lied
and told them everything was fine. I wanted to tell them what had happened
to me at the grocery, but I was afraid it would freak them out and they
would want me to come home. I decided to keep it to myself until I had time
to think about it some more.

    When I finally got off the phone with Carrie and William, I resumed
cleaning the kitchen. I actually found something to clean, the broiler pan
had last been used to broil something with cheese, and Helen hadn't cleaned
it afterwards. It took me a long time to get the burned cheese off, and by
the time I finished it was nearly time for Helen to come home. I'd made it
through my first day alone, but not without problems.

    I showered, then put on my wig and the baby doll outfit that Helen
liked. I opened a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and set them on the
coffee table, then waited on the couch for my lover.


  1. I think Char did great...i often find myself in an aisle of the grocery store trying to decide which of the way too many options is the best one. I am not there for an hour, but i can understand Char's confusion...
    hugs abby

    1. All the cleaning in the world cannot remove the stain from Chars past. And all the signs of a meltdown are there. Just a matter of time. But we don't have that much time any more.

      Three chapters left.



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