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Training Carrie, chapter 102

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 102

 I woke up to find that we were all still on the living room floor.  The
other three were still asleep.  I shook Helen gently, and when she opened
her eyes I said, "Let's go to bed." As Helen struggled to her feet, I
touched Carrie's shoulder and she woke up.  "Don't you guys want to go to
bed?" I asked.

   Carrie groggily rolled over on top of William and began kissing him.  As
soon as he woke up, he reached down and guided his already-hard cock into
Carrie's pussy.  She smiled up at me and said, "I guess not.  We'll be
fine, go with Helen." Grinning, I turned and followed Helen into her
bedroom.  Make that our bedroom.

   Helen and I were too tired for more sex, we crawled into bed and
immediately fell asleep in each other's arms.  The next thing I knew,
Helen's alarm went off, and she rolled out of bed with a groan.  I followed
her into the bathroom and helped her on the toilet.  When we got into the
shower, I insisted on washing her, then I dried her, combed out her hair
and blow-dried it.  "Starting next week, I'm going to take care of you like
this every day," I told her.  After she picked out the clothes she wanted
to wear to work, I dressed her and applied her make-up.  She said the make-up
was going too far, she would do her own make-up in the future.  "Whatever
you say, Honey," I said with a smile.  She looked around at me, then
laughed when she realized I was trying to be funny.

   We went to the kitchen, where I helped Helen make breakfast for all four
of us.  When everything was under control, I went to the other bedroom to
rouse William and Carrie, happy to see they had finally made it into bed.

   We were all sleepy, but we made an effort at conversation over
breakfast, knowing this was the last we would see of Helen until Friday
afternoon.  Carrie told Helen that we expected to get a few pictures from
her every day over the cell phone, anything she thought we would like to
see.  I said that what I wanted to see was lots of pictures of Helen.
Helen laughed, and promised to send us pictures of herself, as well as
other interesting things.

   Helen got up from the table and said it was time for her to go to work,
but we could hang around the apartment as long as we wanted to.  She and I
had another sad goodbye at the door to her apartment, except this time
neither of us cried.  Before she left, William unfastened her choker
necklace and removed it.  "You were a perfect slave, I hope you'll consider
doing it again some time," he said.

   "Please put it back on me, Master," Helen said, "and give me permission
to take it off when I come home tonight.  I want to keep this feeling a
little longer." William smiled, kissed her, and put the choker back on her
neck.  They kissed again, then Helen said, "You're a great Master, I would
like to do it again."

   William said, "I apologize for saying you were normal, Helen.  You're
not normal at all, you're very, very special." She gave him another quick
kiss, then said she had to go before she started crying.

   After Helen left, William looked at us and said, "Back to bed?" Carrie
and I nodded, and we all went to the second bedroom and crawled into bed
together for a few more hours' sleep.  By the time we woke up, fucked for
awhile, showered and dressed, and then cleaned up Helen's apartment, it was
eleven o'clock.  We hung out in the apartment for another half hour, then
went to lunch at one of the restaurants Carrie had wanted to try on our
first trip, then we shopped awhile down town.  Of course, I wanted to drop
in on Helen at work, but William and Carrie convinced me we shouldn't do
that, because the store management might not like it.  The last thing we
wanted to do was get her in trouble at her job, so we stayed away from her

   Finally we decided to head for home.  When we were about half way there,
Carrie's new cell phone chimed.  It was a picture and a text message from
Helen.  The picture was a really cute dress, and the message was, "WOULD
SHOW OFF CARRIE'S BIG JUGS." When Carrie showed it to me, I grinned at her.
"Too bad we can't bother Helen at her store, that dress would look really
good on you."

   "Well, it'd be different if we went there to buy something," Carrie
said, then grinned back at me.  "Timing is everything, eh Sis?" she said. I
laughed and nodded in agreement.

   As we were walking into the house, we got another picture and message
from Helen.  She was in one of the changing rooms at her store.  Her blouse
was unbuttoned, and she was holding it open and exposing a breast, like she
was flashing us.  There was a big grin on her face.  The message was,
"MISSING YOUR KISSING." That cracked us up, even William laughed his ass
off when he saw it.  "You're a lucky woman, Charlie," he told me.  I told
him he was right.

   If I had given it any thought, I would have assumed that William would
ease up on the Master/slave stuff during my last week at the house.  That
wasn't the case.  As soon as we unpacked, he stripped us both and took us
to the basement.  After securing us to the rails, he fetched a flogger from
the far end of the room and proceeded to give both of us a thorough
flogging on our asses and thighs.

   That was the only time William ever flogged me without me asking for it.
It was also the first and only time he flogged both of us at the same time.
He stood between and behind us, and alternated his shots between the two of
us.  Since he was right handed, and I was on his right, I got his
forehands, while Carrie got the backhands.

   The way William had secured our hands to the back bar, my left hand and
Carrie's right hand were almost touching.  Part way through the flogging,
after we had both started crying, Carrie twisted her wrist around and tried
to take my hand.  With a lot of effort and a little pain, I was able to
twist my wrist enough so that we could hold hands.  I was sure William
would tell us to cut it out, but then I saw him smile in the mirror when we
finally were able to grasp one another's hand.

   I was guessing that William would butt fuck both of us after the
flogging, but I was wrong again.  He marched us to the toilet area, where
he had Carrie give me an enema, then had me return the favor.  When we had
both expelled our fluids and used the bidet, he took us back upstairs.  We
were both still crying softly.  After removing our bonds in the mural room,
he told us to go into the bedroom and get on the bed.  A minute later, he
came into the bedroom carrying the strap-on harness, a tube of lubricant,
several dildo's, nipple clips, a damp wash cloth, and two towels.  He put
the wash cloth on the side table, then dropped everything else onto the bed
between us.  After kissing each of us, he said, "Do whatever you want, just
don't get off the bed until dinner's ready." I looked at the clock, it was
only half past three.

   William closed the bedroom door as he left.  "What's he doing?" I asked

   She just shrugged.  "One thing I've learned is that he usually has a
good reason for how he treats us.  In this case, I have no idea what it is.
But he obviously wants us to fuck, and I can't think of anything I'd rather
do.  How about you?"

   I said, "It's starting to sink in on me that I'm leaving the two of you
soon, at least for awhile.  I want every minute we're together to count,
can we talk while we fuck?"

   Carrie grinned at me.  "The problem has always been trying to get you to
shut up, of course we can talk." She was ribbing me, because I almost never
talked during sex.  It was Carrie that sometimes liked to chatter about
other things while fucking.

   I held up the nipple clips.  "Obviously, these are for you," I said with
a smile.  Carrie nodded her head, turned toward me, and pushed her breasts

   We fucked each other fore and aft with the strap-on dildo's until we
were exhausted.  Then Carrie decided to show me how to deep throat and
enjoy it, using a dildo.  I had been forced to learn that during my
training, but I never got good at the swallowing part, simply because my
throat was too small and it was painful for me.  Fortunately, Arthur had
never been interested in being deep-throated, he preferred feeling my
tongue on the head of his cock.

   Carrie was trying to demonstrate to me how, if you did it right, it not
only didn't hurt, it could feel good.  When I started laughing, she pulled
the dildo out of her mouth and asked me what was so funny.  I said, "I'm
moving in with a woman in less than a week, and you're trying to make me a
better cock sucker." Carrie grinned, then she started giggling.  A few
seconds later, she was rolling around on the bed, holding her sides and
laughing her ass off.  She pulled me down onto her, and we began kissing
tenderly, and saying how much we loved each other.

   "I know you love William and I, and I know you love Helen," Carrie said.
"Why do you want to leave us?  Why can't you wait, wait to see if we can
get Helen to come here and live?"

   I had tried to sort that out in my own mind, and I still wasn't sure.  I
said, "I have to find out what it's like.  I know you guys love me, but you
and William will always be first in each other's eyes.  I want to know what
it's like to be with someone who thinks I'm first.  I also want to remember
what it's like to not be somebody's slave."

   Carrie hugged me tightly.  "Oh, Char," she said, "I'm so sorry it seems
like that to you.  William and I love you very much, and we try very hard
to make you feel like an equal part of the family.  I'm sorry we've failed

   I kissed her.  "You haven't failed me, you're both wonderful, and I'll
always love you.  Please, just let me do what I need to do.  I swear, I'm
not leaving you and William, I'm just going away for awhile.  I still want
to be your partner and your lover, and that will never change."

   Hugging me again, Carrie said, "Ok.  Just please come back to us, we
need you.  Before you came here, William and I were each other's obsession.
You helped us turn that into real love, for each other and for you, we want
you in our lives."

   When William came to get us for dinner, we were lying in each other's
arms, kissing softly.  I expected a lesbian joke, but he was full of
surprises that day, he just told us it was time for dinner.  Since we had
been restricted to the bed all afternoon, he let us make a quick trip to
the bathroom first.

   When Carrie and I got to the dining room, William was already seated.
He told us we would be naked all week, so the sitting rules were suspended.
I knew that somehow all the things he was doing were related to my leaving,
but I didn't understand how.  Looking back at it now, it's obvious that he
was trying to cement the bond between Carrie and I, to make sure we were
linked as strongly as possible, so I would always be drawn back to them.

   The only time Carrie and I were out of each other's sight that whole
week was during my evening phone calls to Helen.  The daily spankings
continued right up until the day before I left, but one spanking was always
followed immediately by the other one, and then William sent us to bed for
one or two hours.  In case it wasn't obvious enough, he made us spend New
Year's Eve shackled.  He put one of Carrie's wrist manacles on her right
wrist, and the other one on my left wrist, then connected them together.
We wore them from the time we got up in the morning until after dinner,
when it was time for my call to Helen.  He also suspended the solo night
sleeping arrangements, so we all slept together every night until I left.

   On Wednesday, New Year's day, early in the afternoon, the famous pussy
flogging incident took place.  I've already described it, as well as my
temper tantrum which led up to it, so there's no need to go over it again.
That incident probably did as much to bind Carrie and I together as
anything William did.  But without that or any of William's efforts, I was
already bound to Carrie.  Being with 'Marnie' had been a childhood dream, a
promise from my father, long before I met her and discovered what a
wonderful person she was.  It was one of the fantasies that helped me
survive my captivity.  I knew that Carrie and I would never be apart for
very long, and toward the end of the week, I had finally convinced Carrie
of that.  She was relaxed and upbeat about me going to stay with Helen.

   Finally the big day came.  Carrie kissed me awake and asked me how I
felt.  "Terrified," seemed to be the best answer.  After breakfast, she
helped me pack my clothes, then around nine we set off for town.  Uncle
Phil was standing beside the driveway at his house, waiting for us.  I got
out of the truck and gave him a big hug and kiss.  He wished me well and
told me to be careful.  He knew I was taking a gun, and I think his warning
to be careful was as much about not shooting myself as it was about
avoiding danger.

   Our first stop in town was a government office that our lawyer Mr.
Bishop had referred us to, where I filled out all the paperwork and had my
picture taken for a photo ID.  I listed Helen's apartment as my address,
and they told me the ID would be mailed to me by the end of the next week.

   Our next stop was the dress shop where Helen worked.  I had butterflies
in my stomach as we walked into the store.  Helen knew we were coming, but
she didn't know exactly when.  We didn't see her when we entered the store,
but the same salesperson Carrie had snubbed the first time we were there
recognized us.  She was very friendly, she asked if we wanted to see Helen.
Carrie gave her a big smile and said we did.  The woman said that Helen was
a different woman now than she had been before Christmas, and that she was
sure we had something to do with it.  Not waiting for an answer, she went
to get Helen in the alteration department.  A moment later, Helen burst
through the curtain at the back of the store and almost ran to us.  She
gave me a big kiss, then did the same for Carrie and William.  Everyone in
the store was looking at us, but Helen didn't care, she took my hand and
told me she was scared to death.  I told her I was too, and she kissed me

   "We don't want to get you fired, maybe we should do some business,"
Carrie said softly.  Then in a more normal voice she said, "I understand
you might have some dresses that would show off my breasts."

   "Big, beautiful breasts, I still remember how they felt in my hands,"
Helen whispered, looking at Carrie's breasts.  Then she said, "I believe we
have just what you want, please take a seat while I get some items to show
you." She indicated a lounge area with chairs and a couch, gave me a quick
kiss on my cheek, then went off toward the dress racks.  I was thinking how
she would have reacted if we had tried to talk to her about breasts the
first time we came into the store.  Lots of blushing and saying "Oh, my," I
guessed.  We had loosened her up considerably.

   We all sat down, then William noticed a coffee pot nearby.  He asked if
we wanted some, but Carrie and I said no.  William got up and went to get
himself a coffee, and right after that Helen reappeared with three or four
dresses.  While she held them up one at a time for Carrie to see, Carrie
asked if she could get away and have lunch with us.  Helen said, "I'd have
to stay late if I took a long lunch, I'd rather get home on time tonight.
Will you all be there?"

   Carrie said, "William and I were going to return home, and let you love
birds have a few days alone.  Would you like us to stay?" She was smiling
slightly.  She wanted to see if Helen would stand up to her.

   "Honestly, No," Helen said.  "I think you're right, it would be better
if we spent our first few days alone.  But after Char has settled in, you
and William are welcome to stay with us any time, for as long as you want."
She paused, then added, "And under any conditions William wants."

   "In your home, William should meet your conditions," Carrie said.  Helen
looked surprised, like that possibility hadn't occurred to her, then she
smiled and nodded her head.

   William came back with his coffee.  Pointing across the store, to the
woman who met us when we first came in, William asked Helen who she was.
Helen said, "That's Anne, she's a good friend.  She fancies herself as my
matchmaker, she's tried several times to fix me up with guys she thinks I'd
like.  Did she say something to you?"

   "Only that you've changed, and it's our doing," William said.  "What
have you told her?"

   "Absolutely nothing, I swear, William," Helen said.  "I would never tell
anyone about you guys, honestly I wouldn't."

   William smiled.  "I believe you, she's probably guessing," he said.

   "Let's forget it, we all trust Helen or we wouldn't be here," Carrie
said.  Changing the subject, she indicated one of the dresses, the one
Helen had sent us the picture of, and said she wanted to try it on.  "In
fact, you come with me," she said with a grin, "I might need your help
changing.  And I have a couple of things to show you." She got up and
walked to the changing area with Helen.  William looked at me with a big
grin and asked me if I wanted to go along and chaperone.  I shook my head
and said we should let them have their fun.  Carrie returned after about
five minutes, wearing the dress.  Helen walked behind her, blushing like
crazy.  I couldn't help laughing, which embarrassed Helen even more.  She
shook a finger at me, then gave us a big grin.

   The dress looked great on Carrie.  Helen was right, it really emphasized
her large breasts.  She stood in front of the floor-length mirror, then
laughed.  "I guess I should have worn something other than sneakers to try
on dresses," she said.  Helen kicked off her shoes and told Carrie to try
them on.  They fit Carrie perfectly, she gave Helen a quick kiss and
thanked her.

   "Do you approve?" Carrie asked, turning slowly in front of William.  He
smiled and nodded.  Helen gathered the material at Carrie's waist and said
that it could stand to be taken in a little.  "Whatever you think," Carrie
told her, and Helen marked the dress for alteration.  Carrie took Helen's
hand and led her back to the changing area.  The same process was repeated
for the other three dresses.  Each time, it took Carrie a little longer to
change, and Helen came back looking a little more stimulated.  William and
I were enjoying the show, and the dresses all looked spectacular on Carrie.

   Perhaps we were having too much fun, because after awhile a woman came
over and asked Helen if everything was Ok.  She said there were other
customers waiting for help.  Carrie rose to the challenge immediately.
"Are you the owner?" she asked.  The woman said she was the store manager.
Carrie asked her for her card, and the woman gave her a business card.
Carrie then said, "I've finally found a store and a salesperson who knows
how to pick dresses for me.  I want to deal with Helen exclusively from now
on.  Is that a problem?" The woman looked at the dress Carrie was wearing,
and the alteration marks Helen had made on it and the other three dresses.
She said that wouldn't be a problem at all, and thanked Carrie for her
business.  She told Helen to take as much time as Carrie needed, then she

   Helen took Carrie's hand and thanked her.  "We'll take all four
dresses," Carrie said.  "Now let's see what you have for Char." Grinning
ear to ear, Helen went off to select some dresses for me.  Carrie looked at
me.  "Stand up for what you want, they'll back down every time," she said.
Then she grinned and added, "Money talks."

   After I had picked four dresses for myself, and had my own time in the
changing booth with Helen, Carrie said she wanted to look at underwear.
"You don't wear underwear, you've done enough for me," Helen said.  We knew
that she worked mostly on commission, which is why Carrie had bought so
many dresses.

   "Pick out a few hundred dollars worth of under-things in your size, and
put it on the bill," Carrie said.  Then she had another idea.  "Let's get
some dresses for you while we're at it.  See anything you like?" Helen said
that would be going too far, maybe we could do that another time.
"Whatever you think, but we do need about three hundred dollars worth of
assorted underclothing and lingerie in your size.  You know, anything you
think you'd like to wear, sexy things you'd like to be seen in by someone
very close to you, I trust your judgment.  We'll wait here while you make
your selections." Helen grinned, then went off shaking her head.  Carrie
called out, "Helen," and Helen turned back to face us.  "Make it five
hundred." Helen laughed out loud, then headed for the underwear section of
the store.  Carrie looked at me and grinned, then went to get a coffee for
herself and me.

   Finally we were ready to pay.  I gasped when I glimpsed the bill, it was
nearly nine thousand dollars.  "I really appreciate this," Helen said.

   "You're practically part of our family," Carrie said.  "Besides that,
you're good at your job, it's a pleasure to have you help us.  Please have
everything delivered to my sister's address, I think you know it." Helen
grinned, and said she did indeed know it.  Then she handed me a key and
told me it was my key to our home.  She also said I had been receiving mail
from credit card companies and lawyers, and it was all on the dining room

   When we were ready to leave, Helen kissed all of us, and told me she
would see me in a few hours.  As she kissed William, he said the store
needed a men's clothing section, so he could have some time in the changing
booth with her.  She laughed and blushed at the same time, then kissed him
again and said she wished the same thing.

   We had a late lunch, then went to Helen's apartment, where I unlocked
the door with the key Helen had given me.  As soon as we got inside, we saw
the big "Welcome Home Char" banner in the living room.  I saw the sad look
on Carrie's face.  "Now I have two homes," I said, looking at her.  She
smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

   We went into the bedroom, and William immediately pointed out the nude
picture of us on Helen's night-stand.  They asked me if I needed help
unpacking, but I said I would do it later.  We hugged and kissed, and I
almost asked them for a last fuck, but then I decided not to.  Carrie said
she would call me Monday, but Helen or I could call them any time we wanted
to.  "Pictures, send us lots of pictures," she said, as William closed the
door.  I was alone.


  1. Hmmm alone......interesting word to end the chapter on. It is, i think, the first time in a long time that she has been alone by choice....not forced.....could be scary..wonder what she will do...and wonder also if the author deliberately chose that word to end this chapter on....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, I think your gut-feeling is right, Abby... I think there is a reason for that last sentence...


  2. At least , Char will try a normal life.
    I mean, hallo, spend all days with sleeping, eating, fu.. g, .. day after day.. No, thank you.
    I hope Char will be happy. Exactly as Cat said, her first free choice. At least once she could do a free choice .
    Go Char..

    Mona Lisa

    1. Yes, the authors focus is on the fucking, I agree to that. We know by now she ends up with William... Will she be happy? Let's find out, shall we?



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