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Training Carrie, chapter 101

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 101

  William broke the silence. "I'll sleep alone in the second bedroom
tonight." Looking at Carrie and I, he said, "Char and Carrie will take
control of Helen until morning." Then he stood, stepped over Helen, and
walked toward his bedroom.

    Carrie looked over at Helen. "You're overdressed, strip and come over
here," she said. Helen stood up, pulled her nightgown off over her head,
and walked over to us.

    After a few moments of silence, standing at our feet, Helen said to
Carrie, "Watching you with Char made me feel envious, I'm afraid I'll never
be able to love her like that."

    Carrie just smiled. Then she moved over a little. "Lie down between us,
on your back," she told Helen. Helen lowered herself onto the floor between
us, then rolled over onto her back and folded her hands over her stomach.
Carrie said, "Clasp your hands behind your head, and leave them there until
we tell you otherwise. Your body is ours, to use however we please."

    Helen did as Carrie said, then she asked, "Why are you treating me like

    Carrie put her finger on Helen's breast and traced around the edge of
her areola. Suddenly she pinched Helen's nipple, very hard, extracting a
short cry of pain. "Do you always know why you do things?" Carrie asked
her. "Does it matter to you, if something you did caused another person
pain?" When she said the last part, she gave Helen's nipple another pinch.
"It's good that you're envious, and it's good that you're feeling pain.
Maybe that will help you understand, your actions have consequences for
those around you, especially for those who love you."

    Helen looked over at me. "I didn't mean to hurt you," she said. "I
asked you if it was Ok, did I misunderstand your answer?"

    "No, you didn't misunderstand," I said. "Carrie is my big sister, my
protector. She thinks she can shield me from the world, and I love her for
trying." I leaned over and tenderly kissed Helen's breast. "I'm feeling
jealousy toward William, it's something I have to work through and get
over," I told her. "I want the four of us to be totally free and open with
one another, but I have this voice in my head that keeps saying, 'Keep her
away from him, he'll steal her from you.' I know it's bullshit, I just have
to find a way to turn it off."

    Carrie leaned over and kissed Helen's breast, on the nipple she had
pinched before. "I went through the same thing when Char first came to live
with us," she said. "I wanted the three of us to be sexually involved, but
the jealousy demon kept whispering to me, saying that sharing William would
somehow leave me with less than I had before. That was wrong, of course,
our lives are much richer now than they were before Char joined us. All I
ask is that you try to be sensitive to Char's problem while she works it
out. Ok?"

    "Yes, I understand, Carrie," Helen said. "Thank you, both of you, for
explaining it to me. I promise I'll think before I act in the future. The
last thing I want to do is hurt any of you, or cause you any problems.
Especially you, my love." She looked over at me, and I kissed her. When our
lips parted, Helen whispered, "No one will ever take me away from you."

    Carrie got to her feet, then smiled down at Helen and offered her hand.
"On your feet, Slave," she said. "After you attend us on the toilet and in
the shower, we have use for you in bed."

    Helen grinned and took Carrie's hand. "Yes Mistress Carrie, whatever
you wish," she said.

    I thought Carrie was through punishing Helen, but she still had a few
more hoops for Helen to jump through before letting her off the hook. As
each of us took out turns on the toilet, Carrie gave Helen the toilet paper
duties for all three of us. Then, in the shower, Carrie made Helen follow
her precise commands while washing first me, then Carrie, then herself. I
was sure Helen would revolt at some point, but she never did. After every
detailed command, she would say "Yes, Mistress Carrie," unless she had been
previously commanded to place her mouth on some part of my or Carrie's
anatomy. It wasn't until we were in bed that I finally got tired of it. I
told Carrie to knock it off, I just wanted to have a long, slow fuck with
the two women I loved.

    I woke to a kiss. I knew it was William, even before I opened my eyes.
He was kneeling beside the bed. After kissing me again, he whispered, "Are
we Ok, you and I?"

    "We're fine, I love you," I whispered back.

    William said, "I wouldn't have asked her to do that, but she wanted to,
and you didn't object. It wasn't until I saw Carrie's reaction that I knew
I'd screwed up. I'm gonna catch hell."

    I couldn't help grinning. "Who's the Master here, anyway?"

    "Good question," he said with a smile. "Mind if I take her? Maybe a
long morning fuck will get me off the hook."

    I nodded. He told me he loved me, then stood and walked over to the
other side of the bed, where he scooped Carrie up in his arms and headed
out of the room. As they disappeared through the door, I heard Carrie's
sleepy voice saying, "We need to talk."

    "What was that all about?" Helen asked groggily. Obviously she hadn't
heard the whole thing.

    "Smoothing out rough spots," I said. "You're still under my control, so
roll over on your back and spread your legs."

    "Yes, Mistress," Helen purred.

    We had traded positions several times, and I was currently receiving
Helen's attention again, when William and Carrie came back into the
bedroom. They were holding hands, a good sign, but I asked anyway.
"Everything OK?"

    "If you're Ok, we're Ok," William said. I grinned at them and asked
them to join us. "Actually, we're starving," he said. "I was going to start
breakfast, we just wanted to look in on you kids first." Carrie was the
oldest, and she was only thirty. William was only a few years older than I
was, and I was only a few years older than Helen. I wondered if they really
thought of us as kids. As their kids?

    Helen pulled her tongue out of my pussy. She looked around at William
and Carrie, and said, "I know a great place for Sunday brunch, but they
don't open until ten. Can you guys wait?" It was a little past nine.
William looked at Carrie, and she nodded. He said he would make a pot of
coffee, and told us to wrap it up, get out of bed, and get dressed.

    When William left for the kitchen, Carrie walked over to the bed and
climbed in between us. After kissing both of us, she said, "Helen, we've
got to find a way to bring you into the family." Obviously, she had worked
through her displeasure over Helen's blow-job.

    "We will find a way, Carrie," Helen said. "I promise you, I want to be
with you guys, and I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen."

    "No you won't," I said. "We all want the same thing, but we have to get
there with an agreement that gives everyone what they need. I won't let you
cave in and agree to whatever William wants. He has to be willing to
compromise, and give you an environment you're comfortable with."

    "Char's right," Carrie said. "Decide what you need, and then, when
you're negotiating with William, don't agree to anything less. If he won't
give you what you need, you and Char will still be together, and the four
of us will still see each other regularly. Don't accept anything you can't
live with, because in the long run that would be bad for all of us."

    Helen gave Carrie a long kiss. "With you in my corner, I have a feeling
I could get whatever I wanted," she said with a big grin.

    Carrie said, "I'm not going to take your side against either William or
Char, Helen. You and William are the ones who have to come to an
understanding." Helen smiled and said she was only kidding, she didn't
expect any special favors.

    Helen said the restaurant was casual dress, so we all dressed in our
jeans, sweaters, and sneakers. We found William sitting at the table,
sipping coffee. He poured three more cups when we came into the kitchen. It
seemed strange to me, because he was still naked, while all three of us
were dressed. The opposite was more often the case. We chatted over a cup
of coffee, then William took Carrie to the bedroom to help him dress.

    Helen and I were alone at the kitchen table. I took her hand in mine.
"I can't wait for next weekend," I said. "It's going to be wonderful living
here with you, being with you all the time."

    "Remember, I have to work five days a week, sometimes six," she said.
"But we'll spend every minute together that we can. I'm looking forward to
it, too." I wanted to tell her that she didn't have to work any more.
Carrie would give me anything I asked for, we could live any way we wanted
to with neither of us working. But I told myself we needed to take small
steps, and that I shouldn't be telling Helen how to live her life, so I
kept quiet about the job.

    The restaurant had a great brunch buffet. I ate a lot more than I
should have, so I felt bloated the whole afternoon. After we ate, Helen
said she wanted to take us to an Indian cultural centre, but Carrie asked
if we could go to a phone store first.

    At the phone store, Carrie picked out two top-of-the-line cell phones,
capable of sending and receiving messages as well as photos. The sales guy
was trying to explain the various billing plans to us, but Carrie pointed
to the one with the most free local and long distance minutes and said that
was what we wanted. When the guy told her that was the most expensive plan,
she smiled and said "Ok." She had him activate both phones, and then
program each phone so it would call the other one with the touch of a
button. Handing one of the phones to Helen, Carrie said it was for her and
I, and the other one was for Carrie and William. Carrie said she expected
us to stay in contact, including photos and email, several times a day.
Helen and I promised we would, and thanked Carrie for the phone.

    When we left the phone store, Helen took us to the Indian cultural
center. It was pretty cool, even though I'm not much of a history buff.
After that, we went to an art gallery, and by the time we got out of there
it was a little past five.

    William said he would cook dinner for us, so we went to the grocery
near Helen's apartment to buy supplies. As we were shopping, William turned
to Helen with a gleam in his eye and asked her what kind of ice cream she
liked best. Carrie smiled, and it was all I could do to keep from laughing
out loud. Helen said her favourite was chocolate, so William added a half
gallon of chocolate ice cream to the cart.

    As soon as we got back to Helen's apartment, William asked Helen to
strip. She immediately began undressing, then looked at Carrie and I. "What
about them?" she asked.

    "They're fine as they are, but I want you naked," William said. Helen
looked a little concerned, but she finished undressing without saying
anything more. William opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass for each
of us. He told us to relax in the living room while he made dinner. Looking
at Helen, he told her she was forbidden to sit down because she was naked,
so she would have to remain standing or kneel on the floor. She was
beginning to look worried, so William walked up to her and gave her a kiss.
He said, "These might be your last few hours as my slave, and there are a
few more things I want to show you. If you don't trust me by now, trust
Char and Carrie. They'll be here the whole time."

    Helen lowered her eyes. "I trust you, William," she said. William
rubbed each of Helen's nipples for a few seconds with his knuckle, smiled
at her, and then went to the kitchen. Carrie and I sat on the couch, Helen
knelt on the floor across the coffee table from us, and we began chatting
about our day.

    I'll confess that I was a lot more interested in looking at Helen's
beautiful body than in talking with her and Carrie, and Carrie was
obviously having similar feelings. After awhile, Helen became aware of how
much we were enjoying her nakedness, and she became very embarrassed.
Carrie smiled when she saw Helen's discomfort. "You don't mind us seeing
you naked when we're fucking, why does it bother you now?" she asked.

    Helen looked at Carrie for a moment, then said, "I feel like I'm on

    Carrie said, "Instead of feeling like you're on display, why don't you
display yourself? Take control of the situation. You don't really mind Char
and I looking at you, what bothers you is not having any control over it."
Helen just looked at Carrie for a long time. Then a smile slowly appeared,
followed by a grin. Carrie and I moved the coffee table out of the way,
then resumed our seats on the couch and looked at Helen. She walked a few
feet closer to us on her knees, then spread her legs wide apart and sat
back on her heels. "Cup your breasts, like you're offering them to us,"
Carrie said, and Helen did it.

    We sat silently, watching Helen. She was smiling at us. After a few
minutes, she raised her butt up off of her heels and began swaying back and
forth, while moving her hips in slow circles. "Dance for us, show off that
gorgeous body," Carrie said. Helen stood up and went to her stereo. She
turned on the radio and tuned it to a music station, then returned and
stood in front of us. After a few moments, she began swaying to the music,
and then started dancing. I don't know how to describe what she did. She
told me later she had never done anything like that before, and had no idea
what she was doing. I've since learned that it was known as interpretive
dance. Whatever it was, it was very interesting to watch her, and very
sexy, too. I glanced at Carrie several times, and I know she was enjoying
it as much as I was.

    Entranced, we watched Helen for several minutes. Finally, Carrie nudged
me. "Go dance with her," she whispered.

    I said, "Not like that, I don't even know what she's doing, I can't
dance like that."

    "Idiot," Carrie said, "change the station to some good dance music,
then take your woman in your arms." Smiling, I punched her lightly on her
arm, then did what she said.

    When William came into the living room, Helen and I were slow dancing,
our bodies pressed tightly together. Helen had her arms around my neck, and
I was cupping her ass cheeks in my hands. When I noticed William, he was
smiling at Helen and I. He said, "Dinner will be ready soon, you and Carrie
please tie Helen to her chair and blindfold her."

    Helen raised her head from my shoulder. "What, tie me to a chair? Why?"
she asked with noticeable alarm.

    I said, "Shhh, don't worry, everything will be all right. Trust us, and
do what we tell you. I promise, nothing bad is going to happen to you."

    Helen kissed me. "I'd trust you with my life, Char. Just tell me what
to do." Carrie asked Helen if she had any rope, and Helen laughed
nervously. "So I'm supposed to help you, knowing you'll use the rope to tie
me up?" Carrie just grinned and nodded her head, and after a moment Helen
said there was some clothesline in a drawer in the kitchen. When Carrie
left the room, Helen gave me a serious look. "What's going to happen to
me?" she asked.

    I could tell she was really worried. I kissed her, then said, "We're
going to eat dinner, and then we'll have dessert. I'm certain you'll enjoy
it, and that's all you'll get from me, so just relax." She gave me a
combination of a smile and a pout, then rested her head on my shoulder

    Carrie soon returned to the living room, carrying the clothesline cord,
a pair of scissors, and a dishcloth. "Come over to the table, Helen," she
said, "we have to tie you in your chair now." Helen groaned. I slowly
pushed her away from me, then took her hand and led her to the dining
table. Carrie spread the dishcloth on Helen's chair, saying "In case of
spills," when Helen looked puzzled.

    Helen sat down, then Carrie told her to open her legs and position her
feet just outside the front legs of the chair. Carrie cut two lengths of
cord, gave one to me, and we proceeded to tie Helen's ankles snugly to the
chair legs. Then we carefully pulled her arms behind the chair back, tied
her wrists together, and then tied the cord from her wrists to the rear
legs of the chair. When she was secured to the chair, we made sure she was
comfortable. Carrie went to the bedroom and retuned with a scarf, which she
fashioned into a blindfold and secured it around Helen's eyes.

    Helen was obviously nervous, so I fetched her nearly-untouched wine
glass from the coffee table and offered her a sip. She took a big swallow,
then told me she didn't like being tied up. I told her again that nothing
bad would happen, then said she should stop complaining and start listening
to what was happening around her. "Why?" she asked.

    "Because it's interesting, trying to figure out what everybody's doing
when you can't see them. Besides, it'll take your mind off of being tied
up." I touched the tip of one of her nipples with my finger, and she
gasped. I said, "See, that wouldn't have been interesting at all if you'd
seen my finger moving to your nipple." She grinned and asked me for a kiss,
but I motioned for Carrie to kiss her instead.

    When their lips separated, Helen said, "Very nice and sexy, Carrie,
thank you. May I have a kiss from Char now?"

    As I was kissing Helen, William came in from the kitchen. He examined
Helen's bonds, then complimented us on a good job with the cord. He pushed
Helen and her chair up to the table and kissed her on her cheek, then told
Carrie and I to help him serve the meal.

    As we shuffled back and forth from the kitchen with the food and place
settings, I could see Helen trying to follow the sounds and figure out what
we were doing. When everything was on the table, one at a time we each
kissed Helen's nipples, then her lips. After we were all seated, William
asked Helen what order we kissed her in. She correctly answered, "Carrie,
William, then Char."

    "Right answer, you've earned your dinner," William said. He was seated
at the head of the table, Helen and I were to his right, and Carrie was at
his left across from Helen. I held her wine glass and told Helen to take a
sip. After that, William held out a fork loaded with salad, and told her to
open up. We alternated like that, William and I taking turns, so we could
feed Helen and ourselves at the same time.

    About half way through dinner, we started teasing Helen. It started
with William. He held a piece of steak under Helen's nose. Smelling the
aroma, she opened her mouth to receive the morsel. Instead of feeding it to
her, William rubbed it all over her left breast, then said, "Oh, how clumsy
of me, I missed your mouth completely. Here, let's try again." She was
grinning, but she opened her mouth without saying anything, then took the
steak from his fork when it touched her tongue. While she was chewing her
steak, William leaned over and licked the steak juices from her breast.
When he was finished and her breast was clean, William said, "That's the
best tasting steak I ever had. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it tasted
just like a beautiful woman's breast."

    Helen chuckled. "I should have known you were the kind of man who's
take advantage of a helpless woman," she said, smiling in William's general

    "He's not the only one," I said, rubbing a buttered dinner roll all
over Helen's right breast. After I tore off a piece of the roll and fed it
to Helen, I leaned over and licked the butter from her breast.

    "It's my turn, Char, what did you do with that carrot?" Carrie said.

    "No!" Helen shrieked, then she cracked up laughing.

    "Ok, we don't need the carrot," Carrie said. She pushed her chair back,
then went under the table. I saw her head appear between Helen's legs, and
she proceeded to tongue Helen's pussy for about ten seconds before
returning to her seat. Helen was moaning softly by that time, so William
said we would save the rest of the entertainment for dessert. Helen didn't
know what that meant, but the rest of us did. When Helen asked what was for
dessert, Carrie laughed. "You, among other things," she said.

    "We have an interesting way of serving dessert, Helen," William said.
"But you have to clean your plate, or you get no dessert. Now open up for
your last piece of steak."

    When we had all finished with dinner, William pulled Helen's chair away
from the table, then Char and I took the dinner dishes to the kitchen and
started the dishwasher, while William came with us and scooped out a big
bowl of chocolate ice cream. We all returned and surrounded Helen, and
William explained the rules. He said, "Helen, the rules for dessert are
very simple. We're going to put ice cream on various parts of your body,
then one of us will lick it off of you. If you can tell us whose tongue is
licking you, you'll get a big spoon of ice cream, otherwise you get no ice
cream. Couldn't be simpler, right?"

    "Sounds like torture to me," Helen said with a smile, "I can hardly

    I won't waste time describing how the ice cream torture works, I think
several previous instances have been described already in this story. Just
let me say that Helen absolutely loved the experience. At first, each time
a new dab of ice cream was placed on her, she would squeal or shriek. Later
in the game, she would laugh. She usually kept up a running commentary,
telling us how it felt as the ice cream ran down her body, and how excited
it made her feel when we licked up the ice cream trails. She was able to
correctly identify the owner of the licking tongue on all but a few trials.
She could always tell if it was William, but she had a harder time telling
Carrie and I apart.

    By the time William declared that Helen's torture was finished, she was
so excited that she was having small orgasms while we were freeing her
wrists and ankles. When she was free from her chair, she tore off her
blindfold, pushed me to the floor, and began eating my pussy in the middle
of her living room. Carrie turned it into a three-way, rolling Helen onto
her back and attacking her pussy, while I got to my knees and lowered my
crotch onto Helen's face. To make it a four-way, William stood astride
Helen while I sucked his cock. After Helen and I had cum twice and William
once, Carrie and I changed places. We finally wound up on the floor in a
heap, pleasuring one another until we were all too exhausted to continue.
Somewhere in the middle of the orgy, Helen sucked William's cock again. It
didn't bother me at all, I had told her to do it.


  1. I love, love the ice cream for dessert tradition they have....
    hugs abby

    1. Ice cream fan? Again repeating what has happened before? Is that the reason why he stopped writing even after chapter 100?


  2. Once the last chapter is published, I'm going to find some time to go back and read the entire story...still haven't figured out why Carrie was angry and William had to apologize to Char. I do enjoy their ice cream tradition. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. THAT is a challenge, Cat! Phew, The whole story...
      Another ice cream fan?


  3. I had so many errors in My comment , so I try one more time.
    I think I have missed something .
    Why is Carrie punishing Helene?
    What she sid to her?

    Mona Lisa

    1. Well we have seen that dominant streak of Carrie with William, Char and now Helen. I don't think it's punishment like someone being wrong and punished, Mona Lisa.
      I think it's meant to be fun, like the chapter ended. Tied, yes, but playful ice cream mess as well.



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