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Training Carrie, chapter 100

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 100



 "I'm honoured that you would even ask me that, William," Helen said. "I
promise you I'll think about it long and hard, it's a very appealing idea."

    William said, "When Carrie picked you to wait on us in your store, none
of us could have known the kind of person you are." Grinning, he added,
"Although I'm sure Carrie will tell us later that she knew exactly what she
was doing." Serious again, he continued, "I don't believe in destiny or
fate, but I think it must mean something that we found you. I have a
feeling that you belong with us, and if that's something you also feel,
we'll find a way to make it happen. Let's not talk about it any more now.
Think about what you want, and in a few weeks we'll discuss it again."
Helen nodded, then turned to me and gave me a big hug.

    We talked about other things for awhile, then William said it was too
cold to fuck, we should start for home. On an impulse, I asked, "May Helen
and I stay for a little longer? We'll bring the blankets back with us."

    William gave me a stern look. "Do not, under any circumstances, stay
out after dark. Understand?"

    "Yes, Sir. We'll be back at the house before dark," I said. He pulled
his pistol out of his pocket and handed it to me. I smiled, took the gun,
and slid it into my coat pocket. William helped Carrie pull her jeans on
over her leotard. Then while Carrie helped William into the backpack, Helen
and I each took a big drink from the canteen. Carrie took the canteen from
me, then she and William gave us a smile and started down the hill, hand in hand.

    Helen and I were sitting on the blanket. I put an arm around her and
pulled her to me. She looked into my eyes and said, "I don't think it's too
cold to fuck."

    I laughed. "You're crazy, it's way too cold, let's wait until we're
back home. I just wanted to be alone with you, to see what it's like."
Helen pointed out that we had been alone in bed together several times.
"That's another reason not to fuck, you might find out that you don't want
to be alone with me unless we're having sex." Helen laughed and pushed me
down onto my back.

    We shared a long, passionate kiss, then Helen said, "I want to be with
you from now on, and I don't care if we're alone or in a crowd, as long as
we're together."

    "Would you really consider moving here?" I asked. "There's no way you
could live here and keep your job."

    "I would love to live here with all of you, but I don't think I could
do it as a slave," she said. "Would William really consider any other

    I said, "I wouldn't have thought so, until I heard what he just said.
"Now, I think he would definitely consider it. Maybe we could live together
as two couples, I could stop being his slave and become your partner." I
paused, then added, "But you have to understand that I'll always be their
sexual partner, and their mate, for the rest of my life. In my mind, that
doesn't prevent you and I from being partners, too. Neither does it prevent
you from being sexually active with them. In fact, it would probably work
better if we were all fucking one another."

    "I'm still working on that one," Helen said. "It's hard to imagine that
kind of arrangement without jealousy or competition. But it seems like the
three of you have found a way, maybe it would work as well for four."

    I said, "When William's ready to talk, we'll lay out all of the
options, and try to find one that works for everybody. Carrie and William
are smart about things like that, they'll help us find the best solution. I
trust them."

    "That's good enough for me," Helen said, then gave me another kiss.
When our lips separated, she started unfastening my jeans. "What do you
think you're doing?" I asked her.

    "Lie back, I'm going to prove it's not too cold," she told me. I did as
she said, and she unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. Then
she stretched out between my legs, I pulled the second blanket over the two
of us, and she went to work on me with her lips and tongue. She soon had me
moaning, and then she reached up under my coat and sweater and began
rolling and squeezing my nipples.

    Within only a few minutes, I had a great orgasm. When I recovered
enough to speak, I said, "You win, it's not too cold. Let's trade places."

    "Not until I give you one more," Helen said. I relaxed completely and
let her do whatever she wanted, and about five minutes later I came again.
She looked up at me and smiled. "Now it's my turn," she said, "I wish we'd
brought the strap-on."

    While I was pulling my jeans up so we could change places, I told her
that our first purchase together would be a strap-on harness and several
dildoes. Helen smiled. "I can't believe I never tried ass fucking before, I
like it a lot," she said.

    "Then you'll get it, every day," I said.

    She gave me a sexy smile. "Only once a day?" she asked, then she
blushed and cracked up laughing.

    We didn't talk much after that, except for Helen telling me how much
she loved me every ten seconds. I made a mental note that she probably
wanted me to tell her the same thing, more often than I did. I tended to
keep quiet during sex, but Helen tended to talk about what was happening
and how it made her feel. She talked a little too much, I thought, but I
was getting used to it, and I guessed she would like me to talk more.

    I actually gave Helen three orgasms, until she finally asked me to
stop. After I helped her pull her jeans up, we lay together and cuddled
under the blanket for maybe fifteen minutes, until finally I told her we
should head back home. As we were folding the blankets, Helen said, "You
know what? When you said we should head home, I thought I would like it a
lot if this was my  home, here with you and Carrie and William. I'm going
to spend a lot of time thinking about it, and try to decide what I really
want, like William said to do. I think it could work." I gave her a big
kiss, then we started down the hill. She was right, it could work.

    Once we got below the steepest terrain, Helen and I walked hand in hand
back to the house. It was just starting to get dark when I knocked on the
back door. William soon appeared to open the door for us. I fished his gun
out of my pocket and handed it back to him, happy to be rid of it. He was
grinning ear to ear, so I knew that something was up. As soon as we got our
coats off, William said, "Come to the living room, we've got news."

    In the living room, Carrie was sitting on the couch, barefooted and
wearing her sheer black gown. When we came in, she jumped to her feet and
hugged me, then Helen. She looked at William, and said, "May I please tell
them?" Still grinning, William nodded to her. Carrie then turned to me,
took both of my hands in hers and said, "Philip called about twenty minutes
ago. Your brother is in jail in Denver, being held without bail. He'll be
arraigned Monday, for kidnapping, among other things."

    That made me very happy, although I would rather have heard Arthur was
dead. I threw my arms around Carrie's waist, squeezed her tight, and lifted
her up until her feet came off the floor. Then I did the same to Helen, and
then to William, much to his surprise. What the news meant to me, in the
short term, was that it was safe for me to leave the house and stay with
Helen. Safe for me, but more importantly, it was safe for Helen, because it
had crossed my mind many times that I would be putting her at risk by
moving in with her. It was a big relief.

    "How should we celebrate?" William asked.

    Helen said, "Let's go to my apartment right now. We'll rent a movie,
order pizza, and you can spend the night. Tomorrow, we can do some more
tourist stuff."

    That sounded like a great idea to me. Carrie and William liked it, too.
He looked at the clock on the mantle, which read a few minutes past five.
Turning to Carrie, he said, "Call Philip and tell him we'll be leaving in
about half an hour for Helen's. We'll be back..." Looking at Helen, he
asked, "Monday morning?" She enthusiastically nodded her head, and William
looked back at Carrie. With a big grin, she went to the office.

    Putting an arm around each of us, William said, "Let's go pack." As we
were walking to the bedroom, he said, "Helen, do you mind if your weekend
as a slave is cut short by a day?"

    Helen turned and smiled at William. "Why does it have to be cut short,
Master?" she asked. "I can obey you in town, as well as I can obey you
here." William grinned, then gave both of us a kiss on the cheek.

    In the master bedroom, William consulted with Helen about what clothes
he might need the next day, then he sat in his favourite chair and watched
while Helen and I packed his suitcase. When we finished, he sent us away to
pack for ourselves. The only thing he specifically told me to pack was my
long, sheer gown. On our way to the guest bedroom, we passed Carrie going
the other way. Obviously excited about taking another trip, she hugged and
kissed both of us in the hallway, and thanked Helen for her idea. "I can't
remember the last time I had pizza, or watched a movie," she said. I
couldn't either.

    By the time Helen and I returned to the master bedroom, Carrie was
packed and dressed, in jeans and a sweater like Helen and I. We all agreed
we were ready to go, so we put our coats on and headed to the back door of
the house. On the way out to the SUV, Helen offered to drive, and I was
mildly surprised that William agreed. As he tossed her the keys, he grinned
and asked, "Are you sure you know the way?"

    Helen acted like she was going to throw the keys at William, but then
she took hold of his arm and kissed him on the cheek. "Yes, Master, I know
the way," she said in mock submission, her eyes lowered. William laughed
and returned her kiss.

    Uncle Phil was waiting for us in front of his house, bundled up against
the cold. Helen slowed to a stop beside him and lowered her window. He
looked surprised to see her in the driver's seat, but before he could
speak, Helen asked, "Are you the one who rescued Char from her brother?"
When Uncle Phil said he was one of my rescuers, Helen quickly put her arm
around his neck, pulled his head into the truck, and gave him a long kiss
on his lips. When she finally released him, Helen said, "Thank you."
    It was one of the few times I ever saw Uncle Phil looking flustered,
but he quickly recovered. "You must be Helen, I'm Philip," he said. After a
pause, he smiled and asked, "Is there anyone else you'd like me rescue,

    "Watch it, Philip," Carrie said, "your sense of humour is showing."

    Uncle Phil peered into the back seat at Carrie. "Raising you strained
my sense of humour to its limits, Carrie, I'm just starting to recover," he
said with a straight face. We all laughed, even Uncle Phil.

    Uncle Phil made a half-hearted attempt to talk us out of leaving after
dark, and when that didn't work he offered to come with us, but he was just
going through the motions. The truth was that all of us, Uncle Phil
included, had thought that my brother was our last serious threat. With
Arthur in jail, it was time we stopped acting like scared rabbits. He
walked over to the gate, unlocked it and swung it open, and we were on our

    While Helen drove, Carrie chatted with her about what sights we should
visit the next day. I was content to sit beside her in the front seat and
hold her hand, and before I knew it we were in the city. Then Helen pulled
into a strip mall which had a video store and a convenience mart. We went
to the video store first, where we quickly realized that neither William,
Carrie, nor I knew anything about the current popular movies. We let Helen
choose for us, and she chose a romantic comedy and an action adventure. She
said we could try one, and if it sucked we had a backup.

    Next we went to the convenience store. Helen grabbed two six-packs of
beer, several big bottles of soda, and a jug of wine. When Carrie suggested
we should get a more expensive wine, Helen said, "This is cheap stuff, but
trust me, it's great with pizza."

    On the way to Helen's we decided what kind of pizza to get. As soon as
we got into her apartment, Helen placed the pizza order, while Carrie and I
put the beer and soda in the refrigerator. I was seeing Helen's apartment
in a whole new way, knowing it would be my home in another week. When she
hung up the phone, Helen turned to William and said, "It'll be here in half
an hour."

    William sat in Helen's easy chair. "Strip for me, Helen," he said.

    Helen said, "Do you want me to strip, William, or just undress?"

    William smiled. "That's an idea, we'll find some music and have a
strip contest, but some other time. For now, I just want to watch you

    "Yes, Sir," Helen said, and began taking her clothes off. After she had
pulled her sweater off, she said, "One moment, please William," and ran to
the bedroom. Carrie and I looked at William to see his reaction, but all he
did was shrug his shoulders. In a moment, Helen returned and handed William
some money. "For the pizza," she said. Carrie said we would pay, she had
her credit card, but Helen said if you wanted to pay with plastic, you had
to tell them when you placed the order. She then looked at William. "May I
finish undressing now, please William?" she asked.

    William smiled, thanked Helen for remembering the money, and told her
to continue. When Helen was completely naked, William pointed to a spot on
the floor near him. "Please kneel, facing the door," he said. He meant the
outside door to her apartment, where the pizza would be delivered in a few
minutes. Helen looked a little uneasy, but she obeyed without saying
anything. William then looked at me and said, "Char, please undress."

    When I was kneeling beside Helen, William had Carrie undress and kneel
beside me. He sat and looked at the three of us without saying anything,
until the doorbell rang. Then he smiled at us and said, "Everyone to the
bedroom and put your gowns on, please." Helen sighed, Carrie giggled, and
we all got to our feet and ran to the bedroom.

    As I was closing the bedroom door, I heard William open the outer door
and speak to the pizza person. When I turned back to Helen and Carrie,
Helen put her arms around both of our waists and pulled us to her. "I had a
wonderful time at your house," she said, "and I'm so glad you agreed to
spend tonight and tomorrow with me." Carrie put her arms around our
shoulders and kissed both of us on the lips, then she said we'd better get
into our gowns before William got impatient.

    We sat around Helen's coffee table having our pizza. William was on the
couch, and the three of us were on the floor. He had made us bare our butts
to sit, and the carpet was tickling my pussy. I guessed from the look on
her face, and her occasional squirms, that Carrie had the same problem.

    The pizza was mouth-watering good, I'd forgotten how much I liked it.
William and I had beers, while Helen and Carrie were drinking Helen's pizza
wine. Carrie agreed with Helen that, while it wasn't an especially good
wine, it did go very well with the pizza. I took a sip from Carrie's glass,
made a face, and said it tasted terrible. William said it probably tasted
bad to me because the wine taste conflicted with the beer taste. Whatever
the reason, I thought it was awful.

    Before we sat down, Helen started the movie playing. She chose the
romantic comedy to start with, because none of the rest of us knew enough
about either movie to have a preference. But no one was really watching the
movie, we were enjoying each other's company and the conversation.

    After the pizza was gone, we rearranged ourselves so we could watch the
last half of the movie. I was on my back on the floor, with a pillow under
my head, and Helen was on her side with her head resting on my belly.
William was back in the easy chair, and Carrie was stretched out on the
couch. After awhile, Helen moved up until her head was beside mine. A
minute later, she said, "You know I love you, don't you?"

    "Of course I know that, I love you, too," I told her.

    She was quiet for awhile, then she whispered, "I want to go down on
William. It's the only thing I haven't done with him, and I want to see
what it's like. But I won't do it if you don't want me to."

    I didn't want her to, I was still feeling jealous and insecure about
William and Helen. But then it occurred to me that, if it was Carrie
wanting to blow William, I wouldn't have given it a seconds thought. And I
loved Carrie every bit as much as I loved Helen. "I don't mind," I told

    Helen kissed me, a long tender kiss. Then, a few moments later, she got
up, walked over to William's chair, and knelt between his feet. I don't
think she said anything to him, but he knew what she wanted. She had
offered to suck him once at our house, but he had told her she wasn't
ready. This time, he looked at me to see if I would object. I just smiled
at him, so he nodded his permission to Helen.

    Helen loosened William's belt, unfastened and unzipped his pants, and
then pulled out his semi-hard cock. After spending a few minutes kissing
and licking it up and down it's length, she took it into her mouth and began.
    I was alternating my attention between the movie and Helen, having
decided that what she was doing with William really didn't bother me that
much. The next thing I knew, Carrie was lying beside me on the floor.
"Let's go into the bedroom and have some fun," she whispered to me.

    I knew she wanted to get me out of the living room, so I wouldn't have
to watch Helen. "I'm fine, I'm Ok with it," I said. "If you want to play,
let's do it right here." I felt Carrie's hand at the back of my neck. She
released the halter clasp of my gown, then gently uncovered my breasts.

    "I never get tired of looking at them, they're so beautiful," she said.
Then she lowered her lips to my left breast and gently bit my nipple while
she flicked her tongue over it. She knew what that did to me. She nibbled
on me for a few minutes, alternating between nipples, until she had me
moaning. Then she straddled me at my waist. Towering over me, she reached
behind her neck, released her halter top, then leaned down until our
breasts were pressed together. Lowering herself a little farther, she
pressed her lips to mine and we shared a passionate kiss.

    William once said that watching Carrie and I fuck was like watching a
ballet. I'm not sure he had actually seen a ballet when he said that. I
know he's watched a few since then, and he hates ballet. What he meant to
say was, we looked like we were performing physical exercises that had been
practised to perfection. But as I remember it, Carrie and I always tried
our best to mix things up, and not do the same things in the same way each
time; and besides that, we were always experimenting, trying new
techniques. So, if it looked like a rehearsed thing, I'd have to say it was
because we were just good together. That night, on the rug in Helen's
living room, we were very good together. Within a few minutes, I had tuned
out everything but Carrie. Helen was gone, William was gone, the movie was
gone, my whole world was Carrie's body and mine, and what we were doing to
each other. Maybe Carrie was just trying to distract me, I don't know, but
it was magic. She wasn't even trying to make me cum, or to physically
exhaust me. She just led us to a very high plateau of pleasure and held us
there. I think she could have held us there indefinitely, if she'd wanted

    When I became aware again, William and Helen were watching us. William
was still sitting in the chair, his pants back on. Helen sat on the floor
between his feet. She looked like she was afraid to blink, for fear she
would miss something. Carrie looked back at me, and I saw the gleam in her
eye, and I knew what she knew. We had done enough, we both began a slow
climb to orgasm. About a minute later, we both came at the same time, and
it was a monster. There was a scream, and I honestly don't know if it came
from me, from Carrie, or from both of us. When it was over, we looked at
one another and began giggling, then laughing, and then we shared a final
kiss and lay quietly in each other's arms.

    Nobody said anything. The room was quiet, leading me to guess that the
movie was over. I had no idea what it had been about.


  1. Such a wonderful, fun chapter.....makes me think that the next one will not be ......
    hugs abby

    1. It reminds me of the first chapters with Carrie...


  2. I agree with Abby! This chapter was just fun depicting everyday life. Getting a bit nervous as to what's coming.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Is it intentional to return at the end of the story to the feelings William and Carrie shared before Char or Helen came into the picture?

      Don't know.


  3. Yes, nice chapter.
    All together..
    Is it last time?
    Is it lady time they have fun together?
    We will see.

    Mona Lisa

    1. LOL, somehow I don't think you like our characters very much Mona Lisa... Let's see how this ends shall we?

      Thank you for keeping on reading,



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