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Training Carrie, chapter 98

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 98

 I put my arm around my naked sister's waist and walked with her to the
dance floor, an area of the living room that was uncarpeted hardwood floor.
William noticed us approaching and smiled at us. We stopped near he and
Helen, Carrie turned to me and put both her arms around my neck, and we
began dancing. While Carrie wad helping me improve my dancing techniques,
we hadn't put much emphasis on me leading, but that's what she wanted me to
do. With her as my partner, I didn't have to be very good at it, so after a
few steps we were dancing smoothly.

    We danced slowly for a few minutes, Carrie's body pressed against mine
and my arms around her waist. After we had shared a long, passionate kiss,
she whispered, "You know how I like to be held." I slid my hands down to
her hips, then moved them toward her pussy and took hold of her labia. She
breathed a sigh in my ear and whispered that she loved me.

    We were barely moving, swaying back and forth and kissing softly.
Carrie pulled away from my lips and whispered, "I want you to come to me in
the guest bedroom tonight, after Helen and William are asleep. If you're
too tired, we don't have to do anything. I just want you in bed with me." I
told her I would be there.

    I found it awkward, holding Carrie's labia with both hands while trying
to dance with her. I shifted my grip so I was holding both her lips between
the fingers of one hand, then moved my other hand around her waist. She
looked into my eyes. "Better?" she asked.

    "Yeah, how does it feel for you?"

    "Wonderful. I'll bet you could get a finger or two inside me, if you
let go of one of my lips," she whispered.

    I smiled at her as I shifted my grip again. "Are we trying to make them
jealous, or are we having sex?" I whispered.

    Carrie shuddered as my fingers slid into her moist pussy. "Can't we do
both?" she asked.

    Carrie and I swayed to the music for awhile, then I felt a tap on my
shoulder. I saw Carrie smile, then I looked around to see Helen standing
behind me. "May I cut in?" she asked. I thought she wanted to dance with
me, but as soon as I released Carrie, Helen stepped by me, giving me a peck
on the cheek in passing, and went to Carrie. They started dancing, Carrie
now leading. I looked around at William, and he smiled and opened his arms
to me.

    As I walked over to him, William asked, "Can I talk you out of that
gown?" I reached behind my neck to release the halter top, let the gown
slide to the floor, and kicked it away. He appraised my body for a moment,
then said,  "You're looking really good, your weight will be where it
should be in another month or so." I thanked him, and we began dancing.

    After we had danced a few minutes, William asked, "Is everything OK?"

    I raised my head from his shoulder and looked at him, saying, "That's a
pretty vague question."

    "Good point," he said. "What I meant was, do you mind me flirting with

    I thought about it for a little while. It would never have occurred to
me to lie to him, I just wanted to say what I was really feeling. "My head
doesn't mind, but my heart and my gut do, I'm feeling jealous... And

    He said, "You have absolutely nothing to feel insecure about, she
adores you. I was going to take you and Helen to bed tonight, but if you
say the word, I won't touch her again. The last thing in the world I want
to do is hurt you in any way."

    I knew that, just as I knew he really would leave Helen alone if I
asked him to. That's exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew Helen wanted
to fuck him. "No, she's here to see how we live," I told him. "Do whatever
you want, as long as it's not against her will."

    William grinned and nodded his head toward Helen and Carrie. Helen had
just removed her gown and laid it across the back of the couch. She pressed
her body to Carrie's, put her arms around Carrie's neck, and they began
swaying to the music. "Carrie did what I couldn't do, she got Helen out of
her gown," William said.

    I said, "She loves me, but she lusts after Carrie." I looked up at him.
"She lusts after you, too."

    William said, "Don't worry, she's got plenty of lust for you. As for
me, she sees a guy who seems to keep two hot, sexy women satisfied, and
she's curious if I'm really that good. If only she knew how I'm holding on
for dear life to that tiger's tail."

    "That's one well-fucked tiger, and you are that good," I said. He
kissed me.

    We didn't talk much after that. About five minutes later, Carrie tapped
me on the shoulder. "Go dance with your woman, I'll look after this horny
old man," she said with a big grin.

    As I walked up to Helen, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me
a hard, passionate kiss. When she finally pulled her lips away, she said,
"I can't believe I've been here less than a day, is every day here like

    Smiling, I said, "Pretty much, yeah. If the weather's good tomorrow,
you'll see something that will blow your mind... Are you looking forward to
our three-way with William tonight?"

    Helen took a deep breath, then said, "Yes, I am. I hope that's Ok with
you." I nodded, telling myself it wasn't a lie if I didn't say the words.
"We were talking about living as lesbians before," she said. I nodded
again. "I'm not really a lesbian, Char, I've always liked men. I told the
truth when I said Carrie was the first woman I'd ever had sex with. Will
that really make us lesbians, if we're together?"

    "It's just a word," I said. "I always knew I was bisexual, I've always
enjoyed sex with men and women. Carrie's bisexual too, although she didn't
know it until I came here. William's hopelessly hetero." I stopped moving
and looked into her eyes, then said, "I hope you understand that I'll
always love William and Carrie, and I'll want to have sex with them
whenever we're together, and it's Ok if you want that, too. But other than
them, I intend to be faithful to you, you're everything I want. So, when
you and I are together, you can think of us as lesbians, or bisexuals with
no men in our lives, or just two people in love. I like the last one best.
But you need to be prepared, some people who see us expressing our love in
public will label us as lesbians. It's a simple explanation that appeals to
simple minds."

    Helen hugged me tight. "You make it seem so ... uncomplicated," she

    I said, "It's not complicated at all, until you start thinking other
people are supposed to behave the way you want them to."

    We danced for another ten minutes, then William and Carrie walked over
to us, hand in hand. "Let's have a last glass of wine on the couch, then
it's bedtime," William said. I felt Helen tense up a little. Letting her
out of my arms, I took her hand and led her to the couch. William filled
each of our glasses, then we sat and talked until the wine was gone.
Finally, William gave Carrie a long, sensual kiss, then he stood and held
out his hands to Helen and me. "Time for bed," he said.

    In the bedroom, William turned to Helen. "Please undress me," he said.
She glanced at me, I nodded to her, and she stepped in front of William. As
she began unbuttoning his shirt with trembling hands, William said, "Helen,
Dear, would you rather be alone with Char tonight?" She looked up into his
eyes, then slowly shook her head. He smiled at her, saying, "You don't need
to look to Char every time I ask you to do something. If Char objects to
what I'm doing with you, she's free to say so. OK?"

    "I'm sorry, William," Helen said in a soft voice, "I'm very nervous. I
was looking at Char for support, not permission."

    He kissed her. "Char does support you, even though this is hard for
her," he said. "You're both very lucky, to have found one another and to be
so much in love."

    Helen finished unbuttoning William's shirt, then removed it. After she
unfastened his pants, he sat in a chair so she could remove his shoes and
pants. When he was naked, she moved to take his cock into her mouth, but he
stopped her. "It's too soon for that," he said. He had her change places
with him, so that she was sitting in the chair and he was kneeling in front
of her. Starting at her knees, he slowly kissed his way up first one leg,
then the other. Then he moved his attention to her pussy.

    Helen was sitting back in the chair, with her legs spread open, running
her fingers through William's hair. I walked around behind her, tilted her
head back, and began kissing her. After a minute of that, I put my hands on
her shoulders, slowly moved them down onto her chest, and began caressing
her breasts. When I took her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of
each hand and squeezed, she wrapped both arms around my head and pulled me
to her very hard. A moment later, she had her first orgasm.

    We gave her two more orgasms in the chair, then William got to his
feet, effortlessly scooped Helen up in his arms, and carried her to the
bed. He laid her on her back, and was going to continue eating her pussy,
but she said she wanted him to fuck her. He eased himself down between her
legs, slowly guided his cock into her pussy, then lay still on top of her,
supporting most of his weight on his elbows. "How does that feel, are you
ready to start?" he asked.

    In a dreamy voice, Helen said, "It feels wonderful, you can do anything
to me, I'm ready for whatever you want." He slowly began stroking his cock
in her pussy, and a few seconds later she came again.

    I crawled onto the bed beside them and began kissing both of them.
William said, "Helen, Char's not getting much out of this, do you think you
could eat her pussy while we're fucking?" Helen said she would like to try
that, so I repositioned myself behind her head, facing William. After
helping her tilt her head back, I edged forward until my crotch was within
reach of Helen's mouth. I carefully lowered myself onto her, not wanting to
smother her by resting my full weight over her face.

    After a few minor adjustments in our positions, Helen was doing a
pretty good job. It's a lot harder to do upside down and on your back, and
she hadn't had much practice, but she was doing Ok. Then William moved his
head up to my belly and began licking my clit, adding a lot to the process.
I was beginning to feel like a participant, not just an assistant to the
chief fucker. I reached down and took Helen's hands in mine, and she pulled
her lips away from my pussy long enough to say that she loved me. When she
resumed her attack, sticking her tongue deep into me, I came for the first
time. A few seconds later, Helen came for her fifth, then her sixth time.

    We continued like that until Helen and I had cum one more time apiece,
then William said he wanted the two of us to trade places. While we were
trying to reposition ourselves, it was obvious that Helen was already as
limp as a wet noodle, she wouldn't be able to kneel for very long over my
mouth. So we put her on her back near the head of the bed, with me on my
knees and my face in her pussy, and William fucking me doggy style. After a
few minutes like that, Helen began having a series of small orgasms. I
could tell she was reaching her limits, so I told William we should finish
up, and then rest for awhile. A minute later, he and I came together, and
it felt like he pumped a gallon of cum into me. When our orgasms had run
their course, we all collapsed on the bed, Helen between William and I.

    We lay together for a long time. William and I were gently caressing
Helen all over, and she was thanking us and telling us how wonderful she
felt. She said she had cum more times, since she met the three of us, than
she had in her entire life. After a while, Helen drifted off to sleep, and
soon William was also sleeping. I eased off the bed and left to see about

    As I walked down the hallway toward the guest bedroom, I could feel
William's cum on my thigh. I started to go back and use the bidet to clean
myself out, but then I decided Carrie would like that job, so I continued
on my way. Carrie was asleep, but she woke up at my first touch and pulled
me into bed next to her. She began covering my face in kisses, telling me
how much she loved me and how much she would miss me.

    We snuggled for awhile, kissing and briefly crying together. Then
Carrie looked into my eyes and asked if I was too tired. I shook my head,
looked down toward my pussy, and said. "I brought you a message from

    Carrie grinned, then started kissing her way down my body. "So, you're
still passing messages between us," she said. "What will we do without

    I said, "He fucked Helen until her eyes crossed, but he wouldn't cum
until he was inside me."

    "Don't you know how much he loves you?" Carrie said. "In a way, I think
your leaving will be harder on him than on me. He relies on you, to keep me
on course and under control. So do I."

    After Carrie and I gave each other two orgasms apiece, I was starting
to feel really tired. I told her I wanted to snuggle with her for a few
minutes, then go back to Helen and William, but instead we both fell

    I woke up with Carrie kissing me and the morning sunlight in my eyes.
We decided to use the toilet in the master bedroom, because it had the only
bidet. When we entered the bedroom, we saw that William had Helen lying on
her back on top of him, and he was slowly fucking her ass while playing
with her breasts. She was having the time of her life, making noise every
time he stroked her, moaning or saying things like, "Oh my," or "Yes!" or
"Ahhh." It occurred to me that the first time we went shopping together,
Helen and I would have to buy a strap-on harness and a selection of
dildoes. She was definitely going to need frequent ass fucking.

    When William saw us enter the room, he said, "I wondered where you
went, Char, I should have known." Carrie and I made a quick trip to the
toilet, then Carrie climbed onto the bed and began eating Helen's pussy. At
William's invitation, I positioned my pussy over his face and settled down
onto him.

    Lying on top of William and getting her ass fucked, her breasts and
nipples stimulated, and her pussy eaten, and looking up into my upside down
face, Helen was in full-blown sensory overload. She wasn't making any more
sounds, she just looked up at me with a silly grin on her face. Soon she
started coming continuously. Her whole body was shuddering and twitching,
and the muscles of her stomach and belly were rippling. Breathing in sharp
gasps, she closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth, and stayed like
that for a long time. Finally she opened her eyes, looked up at me again,
and whispered, "Please stop."

    William heard what Helen said, so he immediately stopped everything he
was doing. "She's had enough, Carrie," I said softly. Carrie moved her
mouth away from Helen's pussy, then started softly kissing her thighs and
the mound above her pussy, bringing her down slowly.

    I raised myself off of William's face, then reached down for Helen's
hands and held them. After a few moments she squeezed my hands. "You people
are trying to fuck me to death," she said weakly. Then she added, "This is
more amazing than I could ever imagine. If someone had told me they had
done what I've done in the last twenty-four hours, I would have laughed and
called them a liar. It just doesn't seem possible. But this is how you guys
live, isn't it?"

    Carrie laughed softly. "Well, having a fourth person does add more
possibilities," she said, "and we wanted to make the weekend memorable for
you. If it's too much, we can slow down the pace, or stop and give you a

    Helen raised her head and looked at Carrie. "I trust you, show me
everything, do anything you want with me," she said. "If I die here with
you guys, I'll die happy."

    Carrie and I helped Helen ease off of William and lie down on the bed.
The three of us sat around her, touching her occasionally to let her know
we were with her. After she had recovered somewhat, she looked up at all of
us. "I'm surrounded," she said with a smile.

    "You're surrounded by people who care for you, and are happy to be with
you," William said.

    "And one who loves you very much," I added.

    Carrie asked William what was on the agenda. He said he would think
about it while we all showered together and ate breakfast. As soon as Helen
was able, we went to the bathroom and got in the shower. It was pretty
crowded with four people in there at once. We didn't do much other that
bathe, mostly because Helen had all she could take for awhile. William did
give Carrie a quick fuck, while Helen and I kissed tenderly, but other than
that we just bathed one another.

    Breakfast was finished, and we were lingering over second cups of
coffee. Suddenly William announced that I would be spanked in half an hour.
I had hoped he wouldn't make me take a spanking while Helen was here, I
didn't want her to see me like that. I thought of asking him to let me off
the hook, but I didn't. A moment later, Helen said, "William, may I take
the spanking in Char's place this morning?"

    "No!" I screamed, louder than I had intended. They all looked at me
with surprise on their faces. "No," I said again, softer this time, "that's
out of the question." Looking at Helen, I said, "Helen, you don't know what
you're getting into, please don't do this."

    "Why not?" Carrie asked softly. "We want to show Helen how we live, and
one spanking won't do her any harm." She looked at Helen and smiled. "Daily
spankings don't do Char and I any harm, it just stings and burns for
awhile, then it fades away."

    I said, "Carrie, it's not going to happen, please don't encourage her.
I don't want her to be spanked."

    William looked at me and said, "Char, she has a right to make the
decision herself." Turning to Helen, he asked, "Helen, is this really what
you want, or are you just trying to spare Char the pain of the spanking?"

    Helen said, "Both. I want the experience, and I want to spare Char the
pain. You made me a guarantee, that I would ask you at least once to cause
me pain. I thought you were crazy at the time, but now I'm asking you for a
spanking. Please, Master."

    She had found the magic words, that decided it. I could have probably
raised enough hell to stop it, but I couldn't disagree that it was Helen's
right to try a spanking if she wanted to, plus I knew it wouldn't do her
any real harm. After we cleaned up from breakfast, we all walked back to
the bedroom. I was holding Helen's trembling hand. I looked back at Carrie.
"Please, Carrie, take it easy on her, don't hurt her more than you have
to," I whispered.

    Carrie moved up behind us and put a hand on each of our shoulders. She
said, "Sweetie, I have to give Helen the same spanking I would give you. I
owe it to her, to show her what it's like. Can't you understand that?"

    "Carrie's right, Char," Helen said, almost whispering. "That's what I

    In the bedroom, William said, "Helen, Carrie and Char have learned the
discipline that allows them to hold their position without restraints
during a spanking. Do you think you can do that?"

    "I...I'm not sure, William," Helen said. "What happens if I can't?"

    "In that case, we would have to start over," William said. I wouldn't
have let that happen, even if it had meant carrying Helen out to the truck
and trying to drive through the gate.

    "Maybe you should tie me to the chair," Helen said softly.

    "We'll do it downstairs, at the bars," William said. He took us all to
the mural room, telling us the normal transition rules would be waived for
this visit. He fitted Helen with my leather wrist and ankle manacles and my
bondage belt, then we all went downstairs to the basement.

    Holding her by her upper arm, William took Helen to the bars. After
positioning her, he clipped her belt to the bar and then dropped to one
knee while he secured her ankles to the attach points in the floor. He
walked around the bar, told Helen to bend at the waist, then stretched her
arms out and attached her wrists to the second bar. "Try to keep looking at
your own face during the spanking," he told her. "Feel the pain in your
ass, but understand its effect on you by watching your face." In all of the
countless times I had been told to watch my own face during punishment,
that was the first time I ever heard a reason for it.


  1. Wonder how Char will react if Helen finds out she enjoys/needs spanking the way Carrie does. That could get very interesting. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, or the other way around, would be interesting as well. We will find out soon...


  2. Or more, Cat.
    She is maybe worst than Carrie and would need: spanking, fliogging, corp and training maschine to experiences a Little bit of .

    We will see. I would like if she use safe word and said; never ever. Lol
    But utbud me.
    BTW , why she must experiences a pain?
    What is a meaning with spanking?
    Chat said: it is training.
    But for what?
    What do yiu think , Han?
    Training for : What?

    Mona Lisa

    1. Quote:
      Helen said, "Both. I want the experience, and I want to spare Char the pain. You made me a guarantee, that I would ask you at least once to cause me pain. I thought you were crazy at the time, but now I'm asking you for a spanking. Please, Master."

      I never believed in the idea that all women are victims of men. I think in this story they are strong women, perhaps even stronger than the male character, and so everything that happens is because they want to experience it.

      No victims to be found here,

  3. How will Helen react to the pain...will her pain level be more like Char's or Carrie's...or higher or many questions. I agree these women are willing participants....not victims..... they are ready and willing....they seem to get there quickly...but i must admit...Master spanked me....for the first anyone...the first time i met Him.
    hugs abby

    1. Smile, life is not a book, but sometimes life is even more... direct, strange, weird, all-of-the-sudden-never-expected.

      Life is wonderful.
      And so are you.



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