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Training Carrie, chapter 95

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 95

 Home again, I carefully led Helen into the back door of our house,
then gently removed her ear plugs and took off her blindfold. "Welcome to
our home," I said. Throwing my arms around her neck, I kissed her

    We all hung up our coats on the rack by the back door. Helen looked
startled when Carrie took the pistol out of her purse, took William's
pistol from him, and went to the bedroom to put them in their usual
places. She returned in a minute, then William lined us up and looked at
us for a few moments. Carrie and I had on our usual cold weather wear,
jeans and sweaters, and I already said how Helen was dressed.

    Finally, William grinned. "Ok, it was a tough choice," he said, "but
I've made my decision. When the three of you meet me in the living room,
in ten minutes, I want to see three slaves dressed like that," he pointed
at Helen, "and not like that," he pointed to Carrie and me. "Then we'll
help Helen unpack and give her a quick tour before lunch." We took Helen's
hands and led her to our bedroom.

    In the bedroom, Carrie asked Helen if she needed to use the toilet.
Helen nodded that she did. "Cat got your tongue?" Carrie asked with a

    Helen shook her head, "I'm sorry, Carrie, I'm in shock. I just can't
believe I'm really doing this. I'm a slave."

    "You're doing it, Sweetie," Carrie said, as she and I peeled off our
jeans. "Go ahead and strip, then we'll help you on the toilet. We've only
got ten minutes for all three of us."

    We went naked into the bathroom. I took one of Helen's hands, and
Carrie took the other. As Helen sat down, we both knelt in front of her.
"May I caress your beautiful breasts?" Carrie asked.

    "This is too much, my brain hurts," Helen said. She looked at Carrie,
who was trying not to laugh. "Of course," Helen said, "I would love it if
both of you caressed my breasts while I pee." Carrie did laugh at that,
and so did I. We assured Helen that she would get used to our ways, if she
gave us a chance.

    Helen took her turn on her knees, while Carrie and I peed. I almost
came when she started nibbling on my nipple. When we had all used the
toilet and the bidet, which was another new experience for Helen, we
returned to the bedroom to dress. I dressed Helen while Carrie picked
outfits for herself and me, then Helen and I dressed Carrie, and finally
Helen and Carrie dressed me. "In a very strange way, this all makes sense
to me," Helen said. Carrie took Helen in her arms and gave her a big wet
kiss. When she let go, Helen took a step back. She looked at Carrie from
head to toe, then said, "Can't you change back into a sweater and jeans? I
can't compete with that body." Carrie was wearing one of her sheer black
blouses, William's favorite, and a very short skirt.

    Carrie grinned at her. "Oh, you can compete, take my word for it. But
Char and I don't compete, we cooperate, and you'll learn how to do that
too. Anyway, we don't need to compete for William's attention, there's
enough of him for all of us, with a lot left over."

    "And he never plays favorites," I added.

    We checked ourselves in the mirror, standing side by side. "Three
heart stoppers," Carrie said, getting a big grin from Helen. Then we
walked hand-in-hand to the living room. As we walked along, I whispered to
Helen that I was glad she came. She squeezed my hand and whispered back
that she was glad, too.

    William had turned the tree lights on, and he was sitting on the couch
looking at the tree. He looked at us as we walked in, then did a double
take. "Wow, I sure called that one right," he said with a grin. Helen's
Christmas presents were on the coffee table. "Helen, would you do us the
honor of putting your presents under our tree?" he asked.

    "It would be my honor, William, thank you," Helen said. She picked up
her presents and took them to the tree. "It's a beautiful tree," she said,
dropping to her knees and positioning the presents under the tree. Seeing
her present, she looked around with a grin. "Who is this one for?"

    William shrugged. "Some friend of Char's, we'll find out tonight," he
said. "Why don't we show you the guest bedroom, you can unpack there."
When we got to the guest bedroom, he said, "Char and Carrie keep some of
their clothes in here, there's not enough storage space in our master
bedroom." I helped Helen hang up what needed hanging, and showed her a
drawer she could use for everything else.

    When all of Helen's clothes were put away, William said, "Well, we
could give you a quick tour now. But to be honest, you've seen nearly
every room upstairs. Why don't you and Char stay in here and get
reacquainted? Carrie will come and get you when lunch is ready. It'll be
about an hour."

    "Yes, Sir," we both said. William kissed both of us, then Carrie
kissed us. Grinning, she followed William out the door. "Open or closed?"
she asked, looking back at us with her hand on the doorknob.

    "Open, please," Helen said before I had a chance. Carrie let go of the
handle and waved back at us as she left.

    Turning to Helen, I said, "While you're undressing me, tell me how you
like slave-hood so far."

    She kissed me tenderly while unbuttoning my blouse. "I absolutely love
it," she said, opening the blouse and baring my breasts.

    We started out on our sides, kissing and caressing. After a few
minutes, I flipped around so we could reach each other's pussies with our
mouths. I loved the sweet, salty taste of Helen's pussy, I concentrated on
nibbling her labia and pushing my tongue as far into her as it would go.
She liked a lot of stimulation before her clit was approached, so I took
my time. I, on the other hand, liked to be overwhelmed with everything at
once. The first contact Helen made was a gentle bite on my clit, causing
me to have a mini-orgasm.

    The hour flew by. I think I had four or five orgasms, and Helen
probably had about the same. But it still seemed like we were just getting
started, when Carrie came in. "Lunch will be on the table in about ten
minutes," she said. I rolled off of Helen and lay beside her, panting.
Carrie didn't leave, she stood at the foot of the bed looking at us. "You
have the cutest pussy, do you mind if I kiss it?" she asked Helen.

    Helen looked at me, but I just looked back at her. She had to learn to
decide things like that for herself. "I wish you would," she finally said.
As Carrie crawled onto the bed, Helen opened her legs and said, "I owe you
my thanks, and a good fuck. When you and I went to bed last weekend, I
didn't know anything, it was probably awful for you. But you showed me
enough so that I could please Char the first time we were together. So,
thank you, Carrie."

    Carrie was kneeling upright between Helen's legs. She crossed her
wrists behind her back and smoothly bent down to Helen's pussy. Her auburn
hair cascaded over her shoulders and flowed onto and over Helen's belly
and hips. She put her mouth over Helen's slit, and in only a few seconds
she had Helen whimpering and clawing at the sheets with her fingers. She
had done that to me so many times, I could have cum just from watching her
do it to Helen, if I hadn't been so tired. After a few more seconds, Helen
came hard. Carrie raised her head, then leaned back down and tenderly
kissed Helen's pussy. After raising herself back up to a vertical
position, she smiled at seeing the dazed expression on Helen's face. "You
don't owe me anything," she said, "and the way I remember it, you weren't
that bad. Maybe we need to try again, and see which of us has the better

    "I'm still trying to figure out the etiquette here," Helen said, still
gasping for breath, "but I would like to go to bed with you again." She
looked at me. "If Char doesn't mind," she added.

    "Carrie told you, we don't compete," I said.

    "I'm pretty sure William is going to have Char spank me after lunch,"
Carrie said. "We could ask him to have the two of you take me to bed after
that. Would you like to try a three-way?"

    "Say Yes, Helen," I said, grinning at her.

    "Yes, Helen," she said, getting a laugh from Carrie and me. Carrie
left, telling us to come to lunch.

    While we were dressing, I explained, "If William tells us to take
Carrie to bed, that has a special meaning. It means we control her, until
he takes control back from us. She has to do whatever we say. She's
offered to do that for us, and you've accepted. Not that it's much of a
sacrifice for her, she loves being controlled."

    "Do we owe her anything for doing that for us?" Helen asked.

    That was the first stupid thing I had ever heard her say, so I let it
pass. I said, "Carrie and I each work very hard at being a really good sex
partner, for each other and for William. That's what we owe her, our best
in bed."

    Helen was quiet for a minute. We were dressed and heading out of the
guest bedroom, when she took my arm and pulled me to a stop. "What Carrie
did to me was a little bit frightening. It was almost clinical, the way
she got me to orgasm within a few seconds. I didn't even know that was
possible. Is she always like that?"

    I kissed her, then said, "Carrie can't help showing off sometimes.
She'll be back to normal this afternoon. She's a wonderful lover, you'll
see." I kissed her again, then told her, "Try not to think about it so
much, just relax and let it happen," then I took her hand and led her to
the dining room.

    When we got to the dining room, William and Carrie were already
sitting at the table. William looked at Helen and said, "You look more
relaxed now, Helen. That's good, all that tension is bad for you." She
grinned at him, and said she was indeed more relaxed now. William said,
"We'll explain the full rules about sitting later, Helen. For now, just
watch how Char sits down, and then do what she does, Ok?"

    Helen nodded, and then watched me as I got into position in front of
my chair, flipped up the back of my skirt, and sat down. After she had
done the same, she smiled at William and said, "So, you didn't just make
that up on the spot, when you made me bare my ass in the restaurant?" He
shook his head.

    We made small talk during lunch. At one point, William said, "After
lunch, we'll take a quick tour of the basement." Turning to Helen, he
added, "All three of you slaves will be naked, your hands will be bound
behind your backs, and you'll be forbidden to speak without permission."
Helen lowered her eyes, and I saw her hand start to shake. I reached over
and put my hand on her arm, and told her she had nothing to worry about.
She looked up at me, gave me a slight smile, and nodded. But she didn't
say anything for the rest of the meal. Carrie and I carried on a cheerful
conversation, trying to reassure Helen, but I don't think we had much
effect on her.

    When lunch was finished, each of us carried our dirty dishes to the
kitchen, washed off the leftovers in the sink, and loaded them into the
dishwasher. William started the dishwasher, then turned to us and said,
"Let's show Helen the basement."

    Before we entered the mural room, William explained to Helen about the
formal speech rules, and about the mural room being the transition point.
He also told her that the formal speech rules would probably be relaxed
once we were in the basement. At one point, Carrie interrupted his
explanations, to point out that we didn't have any bondage gear for Helen.
William thought about it for a moment, then told Carrie, "You don't need
hardware, you'll hold any Pose I put you in, for as long as I wish. Helen
can use your hardware." Carrie smiled, and said she would be pleased if
Helen used her manacles, but asked if she could keep her slave collar on.
William agreed, saying the collars wouldn't be needed, since we were just
taking a tour.

    In the mural room, William watched as we undressed, removing
everything but our chokers and Carrie's collar. I could see that Helen was
shaking, but I couldn't speak to reassure her. She would soon discover
that she had nothing to fear, but that didn't help her for the moment.
When we were all naked, William took hold of Carrie's wrists, and crossed
them behind her back. "You're wrists are firmly locked together, and only
I have the key to free them," he said. She smiled and nodded. Next,
William put on my leather wrist and ankle manacles and my belt. While he
was outfitting me, he explained to Helen that my crude gear would be
replaced with steel bonds like Carrie's, as soon as my weight stabilized.
He clipped my wrists together behind my back, and then turned to Helen.

    Seeing Carrie and I smiling at her, our wrists secured behind our
backs, seemed to help Helen a little. As William approached her, she held
her arms out for him to put on the manacles. Seeing the surprise on her
face when he let go of her arm after attaching the first manacle, he said,
"Yes, they are heavy, but you'll get used to it after a few minutes." He
proceeded to attach the second wrist manacle, the ankle manacles, and the
belt. Then he gently took her wrists and pulled them behind her back. She
resisted at first, but he told her in a gentle voice that she had nothing
to fear. She relaxed enough to let him clip her wrists together. Back in
front of her, he took her by her shoulders, kissed her on the forehead,
and said, "Believe it or not, the worst is over. Please try to relax." She
smiled and nodded her head.

    William lined us up in a row, gave each of us a tender kiss on the
lips and on each breast, and then began taking us to the basement. He took
me down first, so I would already be there when he brought Helen next.
Finally he went back upstairs and returned with Carrie.

    He stood looking at the three of us, a puzzled look on his face.
"Three slaves, but only two hands, how can I lead you on a tour?" he asked
himself. After a moment he lined us up in a column. Since Carrie wasn't
wearing a belt, she had to be in front. He put Helen right behind Carrie,
then took Carrie's hands and pulled them back until he could hook her
index finger into a D-ring in Helen's belt. "Don't let go," he said. Then
he put me behind Helen, and hooked her finger into the D-ring at the front
of my belt. "Don't let go," he said again, patting Helen on her shoulder.
She nodded her head. I leaned forward and kissed Helen on her back, and
she turned her head around far enough that I could see her silently mouth
the words, "I love you." She didn't seem so afraid, like she had been

    I assumed that William led Carrie by her labia, although I obviously
couldn't see that. As soon as we started walking, it became a comedy of
errors, with me kicking Helen and Helen kicking Carrie. William saw what
was happening and stopped Carrie. He stood beside us and explained that,
because we were so close together, we had to walk in lock step. He told us
that he would say "walk" to start us moving, and we would each lead with
our left foot. "After that, it's simple," he said. "If you're kicking the
person in front of you, just take shorter steps. We'll take our time and
walk slowly."

    Things worked much smoother after that. William took us on a clockwise
tour of the room, starting with the slave bed. Whenever we stopped, I
either rested my forehead on Helen's back, or else occasionally kissed
her. I could tell she was relaxing more and more.

    At the bed, William took his time, explaining to Helen how the slave
was restrained, and how the bed could be adjusted to just about any
position. Our next stop was the Master's area, and then we moved on to the
ritual sex area. There, William asked Carrie to demonstrate to Helen how
the bars were used. She took her position bent over the bars, and William
walked up behind her. Running his hands lightly over her ass and thighs,
William said, "At the organization's training room, this is where Carrie
and I first had sex, and where we began a love affair that will never
end." Carrie came so hard that she cried out, and I heard Helen gasp in

    William stood Carrie up and took her in his arms. He held her quietly
for a minute, and at the same time I was kissing Helen all over her back,
everywhere I could reach. Helen sighed several times, and I could feel her
body trembling. Finally, William pretended to restrain Carrie's wrists
again, then put her back into position at the head of our column. He
quickly finished the tour, going first to the toilet area, then the
punishment stage, then to the learning machine, which he didn't explain at
all. I was glad of that, I never wanted to see Helen in that horrible
thing. I never wanted to be put in it again either. I had never been in
Carrie's version, but I had spent countless hours in the organization's
machine, and I hated it. I still couldn't understand why Carrie had gone
to a lot of trouble to duplicate such an evil device.

    William announced that the tour was over, and that we were under
informal speech rules. He also unfastened our wrists, but left the
manacles on. He then asked Helen if she had any questions. With her eyes
downcast, she said softly, "I would like to know what it feels like to be
restrained in the bed, if that's Ok."

    William smiled. "I thought you might. Of course it's Ok." He held out
a hand, Helen put her hand in his, and he took her to the bed. Along the
way, William said, "To make your experience more realistic, you're back
under formal speech rules, Helen." She looked at William and nodded her

    After reattaching Helen's wrists behind her back, William carefully
backed her up to the bed. He attached her ankles to the bed, then lifted
her arms over the waist pad and fastened her belt to it. Finally, he
pressed her into the wraparound backrest and loosely fastened the straps
above and below her breasts. After adjusting the headrest, he asked her if
she was ready to be rotated. Helen looked concerned, but she nodded that
she was ready.

    William slowly rotated the bed until it was almost horizontal. As the
bed rotated, it forced Helen's legs to bend as if she were sitting, and to
spread apart. William fastened the straps just below her knees, so that
her lower legs were completely immobilized, then he tightened the breast
straps and gently tugged at her breasts until they were as high and
pointed as they would get. After fastening a strap across her forehead, he
attached the ropes to her wrists, pulled her arms down toward the floor,
and tied the ropes to the frame of the bed.

    William walked up to the head of the bed and looked down at Helen. she
gave him a faint smile. "Informal speech, Slave, tell your Master how you

    Helen said, "I feel like I'm completely under your control and at your
mercy, Master... It's not an unpleasant feeling. But honestly, if I didn't
trust you, I would be terrified right now."

    William said, "You can trust me, Helen. This is your last chance to
say No, otherwise you're about to receive your your first orgasm from me."

    She was quiet for a long time, then Helen said, "William... Master, I
remember what Carrie told me last weekend. Every orgasm I've had since I
first met the three of you, and I've had many, I was given by you. I'm
eager to have my next one, whenever you choose to give it to me." When
Helen said that, Carrie took my hand in hers and squeezed it. I was very
proud of Helen, we all were.

    William spent a few minutes kissing Helen while he played with her
breasts. Then he asked me to take over those duties, while he went to the
other end of the bed. I didn't need to watch William, I knew what he was
going to do, so I concentrated on Helen. What William did was spend a few
more minutes kissing and caressing Helen's inner thighs, then he began
kissing her pussy and nibbling at her labia with his lips and teeth. When
she was very wet, he moved his mouth to her clit, while continuing to
stimulate her pussy with his fingers. At one point he probably pushed a
wet finger into her ass, and that was probably the point where she
squealed and bit my lip.

    Helen was frustrated by being totally restrained. she kept trying to
move her head to participate in the kissing, but she couldn't do it, so
eventually she just relaxed her body completely. In no time she was
moaning and whimpering, and in another few minutes she had a strong
orgasm. William didn't stop, or even slow down, and neither did I. We
took her to three more orgasms, one right after the other. Finally she
started trying to speak, so I took my mouth off of hers. "Please," she
said, "it's wonderful, but I can't take any more right now. May I please
have a few minutes to rest?"

    William stopped what he was doing and walked back up to Helen's head.
Leaning down, he gave me a deep kiss, letting me share the taste of Helen
on his lips and tongue. Then he put his hand to the side of Helen's face
and looked down at her, smiling. "Let's stop for now, but I'm far from
finished with you," he said.

    Helen looked at me, and then back at William. Softly, she asked,
"Don't you want to fuck me?"

    "Of course I do," William said. "I've wanted to fuck you since you
walked into our hotel suite and dropped your dress to the floor. But
there's no rush, we'll get around to everything on the agenda before you

    William released one of Helen's wrists, then he put my hand in hers.
"Stay here with your lover, and bring her back down gently," he said. He
then took Carrie by her hand and walked over to the bars. I watched as she
leaned over the bars and he began caressing her ass and thighs. I knew he
was going to fuck her ass.

    I turned my attention back to Helen. Still holding her hand, I
released the strap that had immobilized her head. "How are you,
Beautiful?" I asked.

    Helen said, "I'm in love with you, Beautiful. But I'm feeling guilty
that I can get so excited by Carrie and William, I feel like I'm betraying

    "You're not betraying me," I said. "I love watching you when you're
turned on, it makes you even more beautiful and sexy. I'd like to tie you
up, and keep you just short of an orgasm for a couple of days. I bet you'd
be too beautiful for mortals like me to look at, it would probably blind
me or something."

    Helen's eyes got big. "You want to tie me up?" she asked.

    I smiled down at her. "I was just speculating out loud, developing a
theory. Would you like me to tie you up?"

    Helen had a devilish grin on her face. "What would you do to me after
I was tied up."

    This was fun. I said, "Well that should be obvious, I'd do anything I
wanted to. I could make you eat my pussy until I passed out from orgasm
overdose. Or I could make you cum from just being tickled. Or I could make
you confess all the wicked things you've ever done, and then give you a
spanking for each one of them. Or I could bring in a tattoo artist, and
have my name tattooed on your breasts, your ass, and right above your

    She said, "You can do anything you want to me, Char, anything at all.
I want to be yours, your lover, your ... your wife, I don't know what to
call it. I want to be with you from now on."

    I'd just been proposed to.


  1. Oh goodness...another wedding? I swear...these people fall in love at the drop of a hat! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Ah yes, love with the speed of a TGV-train. Of course she is lovely and nice and sexy and desirable, and submissive, and obedient, and nice looking, and warm personality, and no jealousy whatsoever.

      Of course Cat, you understand don't you?


  2. LOL...that is exactly what i was thinking Cat.....they are in lust, not in love tho...
    hugs abby

    1. Nah, Abby, we are talking about true love. Love with the capital L. Lust, sure but all these people are truly in love.

      I think.

  3. OK, I just have to ask: Do these people know about venereal diseases ?
    I mean, hallo. Anybody with anybody..
    Mona Lisa

    1. Nah, Mona Lisa, of course they don't have sex with anybody other than the three, oh sorry, four of them. If three is a crowd, what would four be?

      I love it that you raised the issue. Be careful out there!!



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