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Training Carrie, chapter 94

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 94

 We didn't talk much for the rest of the climb. After we got the
backpack and reins off of Pony Carrie, we all had some water from the
canteen, then got between the blankets together. It was a beautiful, sunny
day, but cold. We had decided to just enjoy being together outside, and
postpone the usual orgy until we were back home. But before long, the
kissing and caressing got out of control, and we were fucking in spite of
the cold. None of us undressed, we weren't that stupid. William and I had
to drop our pants to our knees, but Carrie had it the easiest, all she had
to do was unzip her crotch. I don't think she ever really got cold, but I
sure did.

    After we had each cum a few times, we huddled together under the
blanket again and talked. William told Carrie what he and I had talked
about on the way up the hill. She agreed that we needed to loosen Helen
up, while being very careful not to scare her away. Since Carrie was "the
brains of the outfit," as William put it, she said she would come up with
some ideas for us to kick around later.

    Carrie also told us her idea for a Christmas present I could give
Helen. At the mega store, she had bought two matching picture frames. She
wanted to take two pictures of the three of us in front of our tree, put
them in the frames, and give them to Helen. Why two pictures? "One with
clothes, and one without, of course," Carrie answered. I protested, but
Carrie insisted that Helen would like it. "And if she doesn't, she can
throw away the one she doesn't like," Carrie said. "I'm betting she throws
away the one with clothes." When I stopped laughing, I told her it was a
great idea and we should do it.

    "How will we get the pictures developed by Friday?" William asked as
we were making our way down the hill. Carrie took a few minutes to explain
how her digital camera, along with the PC and printer in Uncle Phil's
office, made it child's play to print your own pictures. That was news to
William and I, we were both ignorant about computers back then.

    As the house came into view, we saw Bev walking around the house, like
she was going from the front door to the back door. She was bundled
against the cold, with her head down, and she hadn't seen us. Carrie
yelled at her and waved, and Bev waved back once she figured out where the
yell had come from.

    Bev said Hello to each of us when we walked up to her, but it was
obvious she still had a problem with William. She asked Carrie if she
could speak to her alone for a moment. Carrie looked to William, and he
nodded. "Come on, Char, let's get inside and unpack," he said as he walked
to the back door.

    A few minutes later, Carrie caught up to us in the bedroom, where
William was stripping the backpack frame. We both looked at Carrie to hear
what Bev had said. Carrie looked angry. "In the spirit of the season," she
said, trying to imitate Bev's voice, "Beverly wants Char and I to join
them for Christmas dinner tomorrow." Looking at William, she added, "But
she wouldn't feel comfortable with you there."

    Without hesitation, William said, "You should accept."

    "Well, I already told her it was out of the question, and insulting to
all three of us," Carrie said. "Do you want me to go down there and tell
her we've changed our minds?"

    "You'll have to decide this one for yourselves," William said, looking
at both of us. "But remember, those two good people gave up their lives
and moved here to protect you, Carrie. And without Philip, you'd still be
your brother's slave, Char. It's not Beverly's fault she can't accept our
lifestyle, many people would react the same way. She still loves you,

    So Carrie changed into jeans and a sweater, then she and I put on our
coats and walked hand-in-hand down to Bev's and Uncle Phil's house. After
knocking on the door, Carrie gave me a quick kiss, and then we waited. Bev
opened the door, and it looked like she had been crying. Uncle Phil also
came to the door, with his coat on. "I was just coming up to talk to you,"
he said.

    As soon as we were inside, Carrie did something that surprised me
completely. She took both of Bev's hands in hers and dropped to her knees.
Looking up into Bev's eyes, Carrie said, "Bill and Char and I are a
family. I love them every bit as much as I love you and Philip. Please
don't make me choose between you and them."

    Bev looked down at Carrie, then looked at me. I saw tears forming in
her eyes. She pulled Carrie to her feet and hugged her. "I'm sorry, Dear,
I'm just a silly old woman. Please forgive me, of course you're all
welcome in our house." I looked over at Uncle Phil. He was grinning, and
he winked at me.

    Bev made us take off our coats and stay for awhile. She fed us tea and
cookies, and we talked about safe subjects. It seemed like forever before
Carrie finally stood up and said we had to get home. When Carrie told
William what happened, he grinned. "Damn, I thought I was off the hook,"
he said.

    After dinner, we all dressed up in the same clothes we had worn the
previous Saturday night, when we went out on the town with Helen. Carrie
and I wore our matching dresses, and William put on a suit. Carrie wore
her slave collar, and I wore the almost-matching choker necklace she had
bought for me in town. I even put on my wig. After William expertly
applied our lipstick, we went into the living room and posed in front of
the lighted tree. Carrie had dug her digital still camera out of a drawer.
She didn't have a tripod, so William put a stool from the kitchen on top
of the coffee table, to make a stable place for the camera to sit at
almost eye level.

    The tree was in the same corner of the living room where Carrie had
been chained and whipped during our final "The Story of O" drama. Carrie
had pleaded with William to leave the eye-bolts in the wall, so she would
always remember that experience. For the picture, I asked if we should
cover up the eye-bolts. Carrie wanted them visible, so that's how they

    Using the delayed exposure feature of her camera, Carrie triggered the
exposure, and then ran over to pose with William and I. She took the
picture six or seven times, until she got one that looked perfect on the
preview screen. Then we all trooped into the office and watched while
Carrie copied the picture from the camera to the PC. She previewed the way
the picture would look when printed, put the right size paper in the
printer, and printed it. I was amazed, in just a few minutes we had a
perfect, photograph-quality picture. Carrie put the picture in one of the
frames and set it on the table for us to see. It was wonderful, I knew
Helen would love it. I hugged Carrie, thanked her for having the idea, and
told her she was a genius.

    We were going to take the second picture next, the one where we were
naked. But William said it was Christmas eve, we were dressed up, and we
should drink some wine and dance awhile first. Carrie and I got the wine
and glasses from the kitchen. When we returned to the living room, William
had tuned the radio to his favorite dance music. After a few sips of wine,
William asked me to dance.

    I hadn't danced with William for quite a while, although Carrie had
been giving me lessons a few times a week. I actually blushed when William
told me I danced as well as Carrie. I knew her lessons had helped me a
lot, but I couldn't believe I was that good. Whenever I watched Carrie
dance, she seemed to glide around the floor, perfectly synchronized with
William. Then Carrie started clapping, and told me I was the best dancer
she had ever seen. All I could do was grin and thank them both.

    We danced, talked, and drank wine until almost midnight. When William
said it was nearly bedtime, we all stripped for the second picture, except
Carrie and I left our collars on. I wasn't sure whether to take my wig
off, or leave it on. "How naked do you want to be for Helen?" Carrie
asked, then she laughed as I reached up and pulled the wig off of my head.
She then smoothed my short hair with her hands, until it looked like it
had been combed.

    When Carrie had the second picture in its frame, she and William
watched while I wrapped both pictures in Christmas gift paper, attached a
bow, and wrote a card. I put the package under our tree, and then we all
gathered up our clothes and went to the bedroom.

    "Wake up, Sweetie, it's Christmas morning." I opened my eyes to see
Carrie's smiling face. She reached over and gave me a kiss, stirring warm
memories of the tender love we had shared only a few hours ago.

    "Where's William?" I asked, trying to shake the cobwebs from my head.
I realized that I had drank much too much wine the night before. It didn't
seem like it at the time, but my head and stomach were telling me I
overdid it big time.

    "He must be making breakfast," Carrie said, kissing me again. "Come
on, let's help each other on the toilet, then go see if we can do

    "Ow, my head," I whimpered as I stood up beside the bed. Carrie
laughed, making me angry for an instant; but then I took her in my arms
and kissed her, telling myself that the way I felt was my fault, and I
would not inflict it on the people I loved. Not on Christmas day, at

    When we finished on the toilet, we went looking for William. He wasn't
in the kitchen. We found him sprawled out on the couch, still naked,
looking at the tree. He had turned on the tree lights. Enough lights to
light up three trees, in my opinion, Carrie didn't do anything in half
measures. William smiled at us when we came into the living room. "When I
was a kid, I loved Christmas trees," he said. "I would lie in front of our
tree and just look at it. For hours, sometimes. My dad used to tease me
about it. 'What do you think it's going to do while you're not watching?'
he'd ask me."

    Carrie walked around behind the couch, then leaned over and kissed
William. "Merry Christmas, my love," she said. I knelt in front of the
couch, then kissed him and wished him a Merry Christmas when it was my

    "Funny thing, there are more presents under the tree now than there
were last night," William said. "I wonder how that could have happened."

    Carrie smiled at us and shrugged her shoulders. "Santa Claus, I
guess," she said.

    We didn't have to be at Uncle Phil's until eleven, so we had plenty of
time. William made us waffles for breakfast, and as usual he and Carrie
tried to get me to eat way more than I wanted. After lingering over a
third cup of coffee, we cleaned up after ourselves, then wandered back
into the living room. We sat on the floor in front of the tree, and one by
one Carrie picked up a present, read the name on the card, and handed them
to the recipient. We all opened our trinket presents first, oohing and
aahing over what we had chosen to give each one other. I don't even
remember what the actual presents were, it was the giving and sharing that
I loved.

    Finally, we were left with the three presents from Santa. Carrie said
William should open his first, and he was genuinely surprised and happy
when he pulled a pair of fur-lined bedroom slippers out of the box. He
kissed Carrie and thanked her. "I'll take the kiss, but you need to thank
Santa, not me," she said, grinning ear to ear.

    Carrie said she wanted to open her present next, and she tore into the
wrapping like a madwoman. After she had quickly destroyed the wrapping
paper and the box too, she showed us a picture frame containing the same
picture we were giving Helen, the one where we were dressed. "This was
exactly what I wanted, how did Santa know?" she said, carefully setting
the picture on the floor under the tree.

    Finally it was my turn. My present was the largest of the three boxes.
After getting the box open, there didn't seem to be anything inside but
wadded-up paper. "Is there anything in here?" I asked. Carrie said there
must be, Santa wouldn't play a dirty trick like that. I kept digging, and
finally found it. It was a gold wedding band. I didn't know what to say, I
just held it up for them to see. "Why?" was all I could ask.

    Carrie held up her left hand, showing me her ring. "Santa probably
thought you're as entitled to wear one of these as I am." She looked at
William, and he smiled.

    William held up his left hand, showing me his ring. "Carrie's right,"
he said. "You're a full partner, you're every bit as entitled to a wedding
band as we are ... if you want to wear it. May I put it on your finger?"

    I couldn't believe it, I just sat staring down at the ring in my hand.
Finally William's words got through to me. I held out the ring to him, he
took it from me, and then slipped it onto the ring finger of my left hand.
It fit a little loosely, but my hands were still thin, I knew without a
doubt that it would fit perfectly when my weight was back to normal. I
looked up at Carrie and William, and started crying. They let me cry for a
minute, then they helped me to my feet and led me to the couch. I couldn't
take my eyes off of the ring.

    I sat between William and Carrie and cried for a long time. When my
tears were almost gone, Carrie said, "If you don't want to wear it while
you're with Helen, it's Ok. Santa will understand."

    "Are you kidding?" I said, "I'm never taking this ring off." I looked
into Carrie's eyes. "Thank you so much, this means more to me than I can
ever tell you." Looking over at William, I smiled. "I'll make you a good
wife, I swear I will," I said.

    He said, "You're already a good wife, and we're honored to be your
partners," then he kissed me on the cheek.

    It might seem odd that they would give me that ring just when I was
beginning to show some independence from them. I think it was a
coincidence, I think Carrie got the ring for me the first chance she had,
and it happened to be at the same time that we met Helen. I don't know that
for sure, because Carrie always held to the story that Santa Claus brought
the ring. I also think that it wouldn't have mattered to them if I had
left them for Helen. They had made me a member of their partnership, and
there were no conditions on it. They intended our partnership, and our
love, to last as long as we lived, even if we weren't always together.

    It was time to get dressed. We wore the same clothes to Uncle Phil's
that we wore for Helen's picture. It was Carrie's idea, she said it was to
compensate William and I for agreeing to go, since she knew it was the
last thing in the world we wanted to do. William asked what she meant by
compensation. With a devilish grin, she said Bev would know what the
matching dresses meant, even though she might not be able to put it into
words, and it would make her very uncomfortable. Carrie added that it
would be hard for Bev to look down her nose at a man who was as
distinguished as William looked in a suit and tie. Those were good enough
reasons for William and I.

    A few minutes before eleven, we put our coats on and went out the
front door. Uncle Phil and Bev greeted us at the front door of their
house. They both kissed Carrie and I warmly on the cheek. Uncle Phil shook
Bill's hand, and Bev took his hand and gave him a quick peck on the cheek,
thanking him for coming. I was surprised, she was really on her best
behavior. I won't bore you with any more details, except to say that
Carrie had been right about Bev's reaction to our dresses, it drove her up
the wall.

    Ok, one detail. About an hour after we had eaten, Carrie announced
that she wanted to do some target practice downstairs. Bev immediately
objected, which of course was the reason Carrie brought it up. After Bev
and Carrie argued back an forth for awhile, Uncle Phil spoke up and said
that Carrie needed regular target practice. Scowling, Bev bundled up and
went for a walk outside, while the rest of us went to the basement.
Apparently, Bev hated guns and the sounds they made, and so do I. I shot a
gun for the first time in my life that Christmas day in Uncle Phil's
basement. I didn't really want to, but they all talked me into it. That
turned out to be a good thing, because that day I learned enough to be
able to fire a pistol when I had to.

    I had tried very hard not to make my new ring conspicuous while we
were at Uncle Phil's, even though it was practically all I could think
about, besides Helen. Since Bev and Uncle Phil didn't say anything about
the ring, I guess I did Ok.

    Christmas night, and the following day, are a blur in my mind.  When I
woke up the next morning, I realized I was only one day away from being
with Helen again. I had two things to obsess over, Helen and my ring. It
gave me sense of joy and elation that just wouldn't go away, not that I
wanted it to.

    Thursday, after dinner, we called Helen. Uncle Phil's office had a
speaker phone, and all three of us were in on the call at first. My heart
jumped into my throat when I heard Helen answer the phone, it was all I
could do to keep quiet and let William start the conversation.

    After William had told Helen we were all on the phone, and she had
said Hello to all of us and wished us Happy Holidays, William asked her if
she still wanted to spend the weekend with us.

    "More than ever," she said, then added, "I've missed you, Char, I
can't wait to see you again."

    William and Carrie looked at me, and I said, "I love you, Helen."

    "What time tomorrow evening should we pick you up?" Carrie asked.

    Helen was quiet for a few moments. Finally she said, "Carrie, I'm too
excited about the visit, I'm not going to work tomorrow. You can pick me
up any time. How about right now?"

    William grinned. "How about nine tomorrow morning?" he asked.

    "I'll be ready, eager, and waiting," Helen said. After a pause, she
asked, "Should I be waiting on my knees?"

    "That's not required, although you'll spend some time on your knees
after you get here," William said. She didn't respond to that, but I could
picture her in my mind, wide-eyed and imagining what she might be doing
on her knees. William then proceeded to give Helen a list of the kinds of
clothing he expected her to bring. He also told her not to do any packing,
but to have what she wanted to bring laid out on her bed for his
inspection. Finally, he told her what he expected her to be wearing when
we arrived, namely a short skirt, blouse, medium heels, and nothing more.
He said the blouse had to button up the front, and be thin enough so he
could tell if her nipples were stiff. Finally, William reviewed the rules
he had laid down for her earlier. She quickly agreed to everything he
wanted, and then William said, "Carrie and I are leaving the room now, you
and Char talk as long as you want. We'll see you tomorrow at nine."

    I picked up the phone's handset and told Helen we were alone. Her
first words were that she loved me. Then she said, "Char, he's scaring me,
I know I promised you I would do this his way, but I don't know if I can
be his slave the way he expects. What's he going to do to me? Will I have
to have sex with him and Carrie?"

    "His name is William," I said. "He's pushing you, Helen, he wants you
to take small steps outside of your comfort zone. But most of all, William
wants me to be happy, and he knows you make me happy. You have to believe
me, he would never do anything to harm you." I paused, then asked, "Do you
want to have sex with him, Helen?"

    Helen was silent for a long time, then she said, "I honestly don't
know. All I'm sure of is that I want to be with you. I need to see you and
hold you again, and feel your body pressed against mine." After a moment,
she asked, "What do you want me to do, Char?"

    I said, "You'll be naked a lot of the time, we all will. William will
tease you some, he'll caress your beautiful breasts and your cute little
ass, probably your pussy too. But he won't fuck you, unless he knows you
want him to." I paused, then I said, "Helen, I think you should offer
yourself to him. Ask him to fuck you, when you feel the time is right.
Tell him you want to participate in our lovemaking. If you want to
understand me, and see what William, Carrie, and I are about, you should
open yourself to all of us. You've already fucked Carrie, you know she's a
much better sex partner than I am. Trust me, William is a sexy,
considerate, powerful lover."

    Silence from Helen. Finally she said, "Ok, Char, I'll do it, for you."
Then she added, "I don't think Carrie's better than you. You're wonderful,
in bed and every other way."

    We talked for a long time, about two hours, I think. It was mostly
about our feelings for one another, but we also shared our Christmas
experiences. Helen seemed uncomfortable when I told her about my ring, but
I explained that it was only a symbol of the existing relationship I had
with William and Carrie, and I did my best to reassure her that there was
plenty of room for her in my life. We didn't want to stop talking, but it
was getting late, so finally we said our goodbyes and hung up.

    I found William and Carrie in bed, fucking. "Is there room for me in
there?" I asked.

    "There will always be room for you, wherever we are," Carrie said. I
quickly stripped, then jumped onto the bed and into the action.

    Later, we cuddled, cooling down from the great sex we always had.
"How's Helen?" William asked.

    "Afraid," I said. "But she's going to ask you to fuck her. I told her
I wanted her to ask you, and she said she would."

    "And how do you feel about that?" Carrie asked me.

    "I love her, and I love both of you," I said. "When we're all
together, I think there shouldn't be any barriers between us." Looking at
Carrie, I said, "So, I feel pretty good about it, but I'm not sure how
Helen feels about it. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess." Turning
to William, I said, "I know I don't need to ask you this, but I have to
anyway... Please be careful. Don't hurt her, and don't scare her away.
She's important to me."

    He kissed me. "I know she's important to you. And you're important to
me, to both of us. Trust me, it's going to be Ok."

    Long after William and Carrie were both asleep, I lay still and wide
awake, thinking of Helen. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, and the next
thing I knew Carrie was kissing me awake. "Rise and shine, Sweetie," she
said, "it's time to go get your woman."

    "I'm looking at a lot of woman right now, can I stick my tongue in
your pussy?" I asked sleepily.

    "No time," Carrie said. "Get your cute little ass out of bed,
William's already showered, and he's fixing breakfast. We can exchange
quick licks in the shower, but you need to save your power licks for
Helen." I couldn't help laughing as I followed Carrie into the bathroom.

    We were about ten minutes late getting to Helen's apartment. William
drove the SUV, since he was the only one of us with a valid driver's
license. He was very careful not to break any traffic rules. We didn't
want any police attention, because both William and Carrie were carrying a
concealed weapon. Carrie's pistol was in her handbag. It looked really
strange to see her carrying a purse, the only other time I had seen it was
when she was playing O in our little drama.

    I knocked on Helen's door, and she opened it immediately. God, she was
beautiful. Her long, straight, black hair was pulled back in a ponytail.
She wore just the right amount of makeup. She had on a filmy white blouse,
unbuttoned almost to the middle of her breasts. The blouse was just a
little too tight on her, and her rock-hard nipples pressed into the
material. When I could tear my eyes away from her breasts, I saw a really
cute gray skirt that ended just a little above mid-thigh, a gorgeous pair
of tanned legs, and a cute pair of three-inch heels.

    Helen gave me a quick peck on my lips, then took a step back and swept
her arm open in a welcome gesture. "Welcome all, please come in," she said
with a smile. Once we were inside and the door was closed, Helen kissed us
each in turn, first me, then William, then Carrie. Then she asked us if we
wanted anything to eat or drink.

    Helen had a pot of coffee ready, so we sat in her living room and
sipped coffee for a few minutes. It got quiet, so William asked Helen if
she was ready to start her weekend. "I'm really, really scared, William,
but I'm determined to go through with it. So Yes, I'm ready."

    "There's nothing wrong with being afraid, Helen," William said. "It's
only a problem if it prevents you from doing what you want to do or need
to do." He took a sip of coffee, then said, "Shall we go to the bedroom,
and inspect the clothes you want to bring with you?"

    Helen stood up so fast the her coffee cup rattled on the saucer.
"Relax, Helen," William said. She looked at him and asked if she was his
slave now, or if she would become his slave when we got back to our house.
He smiled. "We have a few more things to settle here, but you're my slave
now. Is that a problem?"

    "No, Sir, I just wanted to make sure I understood my position," she
said. "May I take you to the bedroom?" She put out her hand, William took
her hand in his, and she led him to her bedroom, Carrie and I following
behind. Carrie took my hand in hers and squeezed. "She's adorable, she's
going to be just fine," she whispered. I nodded my agreement.

    Helen had laid everything out on her bed in a neat row. At one end,
she had two pairs of regular cotton panties, and two pairs of thong
panties. Helen said, "William, I know you specified two pairs of panties,
but I wasn't sure which style you would prefer."

    "One of each, I think," William said. Then he looked at Helen. "Are
you wearing panties now?" he asked her.

    "Oh, no, Sir, you told me not to," she said. "Would you like to see?"

    William smiled. "That's not necessary, I believe you. But thank you
for offering," he said. He continued down the row of Helen's clothes. Next
was a pair of jeans, a sweater, two pairs of cotton socks, and a pair of
walking shoes. We had decided to take Helen up the picnic hill, with
Carrie in her pony gear, if the weather permitted.

    The next item was Helen's black dress, the one that matched Carrie's
and mine, and a pair of heels to match the dress. There was also a silver
choker necklace on the bed next to the dress. William picked it up and
looked at Helen. "I know you specified no jewelry, William, but it nearly
matches Carrie's steel collar and Char's gold choker, and I thought it
wouldn't hurt to ask."

    William looked at the choker for a moment, then opened the clasp.
"Come here," he said, and Helen took a step closer to him. He slipped the
choker around her neck and clicked it closed. "You're collared for the
weekend," he said. Helen's face turned bright red, and she asked if she
could kiss him. "Of course," he said with a big smile. She reached up and
put her arms around his neck, then gave him a long, hard kiss. When she
finally pulled away, she was embarrassed at what she had done, she stood
with her head down and her face still red.

    "Look, Helen," Carrie said. She had pulled down the collar of her
sweater, exposing her steel slave collar. I did the same, showing her my
gold choker. "Welcome, Sister," Carrie said. Helen smiled, and said she
was happy to be with us.

    The only remaining clothing was several pieces of lingerie. "You
didn't say anything about this, William, I wasn't sure if Char and Carrie
ever wore lingerie."

    "Not as often as we'd like," Carrie said. "Hold it up, let's see what
it looks like." Helen had several items she said were her favorites. She
draped a baby doll top over her clothes, then showed us a chemise and a
sheer floor-length nightgown. "It's all adorable," Carrie said. "Please
William, let her bring it all. We'll put on a bedroom fashion show for you
tonight." Being outnumbered, William shrugged and said Ok.

    The final items on the bed were two packages in Christmas wrapping.
"They're for you, you can open them now if you want," Helen said.

    William grinned. "I think we have an unopened present for someone
under our tree at home," he said. "Let's take them with us, and put them
under the tree until tonight."

    While Helen was packing her bag, William asked her what she wanted as
her safe word. She asked him to explain what a safe word was, and he did.
"Why can't I just say 'Stop!' or 'Ow, that hurts,' why do I need a safe
word?" she asked.

    He grinned at her, and said, "Because, without a safe word, you'll
never experience how it feels to say 'Stop' or 'Ow, that hurts,' knowing
that it won't make the slightest difference to me. But if you use your
safe word, I'll stop immediately, whatever I'm doing." After a pause, he
looked at Helen with a stern expression and continued, "Of course, if you
use the safe word when you don't really need to, it'll turn the whole
thing into a joke, and then why bother at all?"

    "Char and I have never had a safe word, and have never needed one with
William," Carrie said. "Because you're new at this, you need a way to
escape if you should ever panic. We trust William with our lives and
well-being, and you can trust him too. Keep your head, and you won't need
to use your safe word."

    Helen nodded her head and said that she understood. "Can I use
'orange' for my safe word?" she asked. William said that was a good one,
and he wouldn't forget it.

    William said it was time to go, and told Helen to get her coat.
Nervously, Helen said, "May I please say something first, William?" He
nodded, and she walked up to him and looked into his eyes. "I'm doing this
mostly because I want to be with Char, but I also want to find out how the
three of you live. While I'm with you, I want to participate as fully as I
can in your lives. So, what I'm saying, ... I want to have sex with all of
you. If that's Ok, I mean."

    Taking Helen's hands in his, William said, "Helen, you and Char and
Carrie will be sisters for the weekend. It is up to each of you, whether
and when you are sexually active with your sisters. But it's not the same
with me. If you tell me you are willing to have sex with me, you're
opening a door that you can't close again. You're giving me the right to
fuck you any way, anywhere, and any time I wish, and you lose the right of
refusal. Do you understand that, and is that what you want to do?"

    Helen looked down at the floor. Looking back at William, all she could
say was "Oh, my." Finally, panic on her face, she looked over at me. "Help
me, Char, what should I do?" she asked.

    I swallowed hard. "Say yes," I told her.

    She continued looking at me. I nodded and smiled at her. She looked
back into William's eyes, and a moment later said, "Yes, Sir, that's what
I want."

    "Very good, get your coat," William said, picking up Helen's bag. I
grabbed the two Christmas presents off the bed, and we went out to the
truck. While he was putting the bag and presents in the rear, William
said, "Char and Helen will ride in the back seat." We all got in, and
William began the long drive home.

    After we had driven several blocks, in the wrong direction, Carrie
turned around in her seat and handed Helen a blindfold and a pair of ear
plugs. "Helen, Dear," she said, "we've told you why we're very concerned
about our security. We need you to put these on until we get to the
house." Helen looked at me, and I asked her to do it. While she was
putting on the blindfold, she grinned weakly and asked if this was a
kidnapping. "Umm, there's a thought," Carrie said, trying to be funny.

    "Knock it off, Carrie, can't you see we're scaring her," I said.
Carrie apologized, and assured Helen that we would return her to her
apartment Sunday night, just as we had promised. After Helen put in the
earplugs, I had her lie down on the back seat with her head in my lap,
then spread a blanket over her to keep her legs warm. She lay quietly on
her side for about twenty minutes, then she rolled onto her back. Pushing
the blanket down to her waist, she unbuttoned her coat and blouse. "Aren't
you going to take advantage of me?" she asked. I pulled the blanket back
up to her chin, then slipped my hand under it and found her breasts. She
sighed and smiled up at me, and I gently caressed her under her blouse for
the rest of the trip home.

    When we were about half the way home, Carrie swiveled around again in
the front seat. Smiling, she watched me caressing Helen's breasts under
the blanket. "I'm so glad you found her, she's a wonderful woman," Carrie
said softly.

    "You, found her, not me," I whispered. "Why did you let her go?"

    She grinned. "I didn't let her go, it was you she wanted all along. It
just took her awhile to figure it out. I'm all flash, but you're the real
thing. She's looking for the real thing."

    I looked into her eyes, and said, "Carrie, you're flash and the real
thing in one wonderful package. Every morning when I wake up, and see your
face and hear your voice, I'm enchanted all over again. Don't ever let me
hear you say that you're only flash." I caught William looking at me in
the rearview mirror. I could tell from the crinkly skin around his eyes
that he was smiling in agreement.

    Carrie looked at me with as serious a look as I had ever seen on her
face. She said, "That's exactly how I feel about you, Charlene Collins, so
don't let me hear you saying any different." I didn't know what to say, I
told her I loved her.


  1. It really annoys me when people pull what Bev did in blaming William for choices made by Carrie and Char...she is doing them a huge disservice...basically implying that they aren't competent. Not sure why but Helen's visit is making me very uncomfortable...as if something is about to happen.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Well, the lifestyle is hard to explain, Cat. It goes against everything - well almost - we are taught as morally right. It's something you either have or have not, and it is so hard to understand.

      So be gentle to Bev. She loves Carrie and only wants what she thinks is best for her.
      Is Helen making uncomfortable?? How very interesting.


  2. In defense of Bev, i think it is difficult for those not in a power exchange to imagine that the submissive is not somehow being coerced. I am beginning to like what Helen is bringing to the story.
    hugs abby

    1. Like I said to Cat, it is hard to understand if you do not feel it the way we might feel. And even in D/s there are thousands of flavours and too often I see people within the community do not understand the taste of others.

      I am glad we are all different. Unique.


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