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Training Carrie, chapter 93

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 93

 We spent that Sunday night before Christmas in Helen's apartment. When
William said it was time for us to return to the hotel, Helen said we
should stay with her. William hesitated, but then agreed. He and Carrie
showered while Helen and I made out on her couch. After they retired to
the second bedroom, we took a long shower together and then went to bed
and had our second night of wonderful sex, before drifting off to sleep in
each other's arms, in Helen's bed.

    The next morning, Helen was up early. She fixed breakfast for us, then
got herself ready to go to work. Helen and I both cried when she dropped
us off at our hotel, and Carrie came close to crying, too. Even though we
would see each other again at the end of the week, that seemed like a long
time to us. We hugged for a long time, until William finally told me we
had to go. I watched Helen's car as she drove out of the hotel parking
lot, then followed William and Carrie into the hotel.

    As we went up to our rooms, Carrie was trying to be upbeat and
cheerful for my benefit. I hugged her, thanked her, and said I would be
Ok. After we packed and checked out, we hung around the hotel lobby for
perhaps a half hour, until Uncle Phil showed up. He helped us carry our
bags out to the SUV, then I got in the front seat next to him, while
William and Carrie took the back.

    As we were pulling out from the hotel, Carrie said, "There's Helen,"
and pointed to her car, parked across the street. Helen was sitting behind
the wheel, looking at us. She wasn't crying any more, but she looked
pretty unhappy. Carrie and I waved to her, and she waved back.

    "Make sure she doesn't follow us," William said.

    "She won't follow us, she just wanted to see Char one last time,"
Carrie said. Sure enough, after we were half a block down the street,
Helen made a U-turn and headed the other way, toward the dress store where
she worked.

    "Is there something I should be aware of?" Uncle Phil asked, watching
in his rearview mirror.

    Carrie laughed softly. "Just another member of William's cult for you
to worry about, Philip," she said. I smiled at her gentle teasing of Uncle
Phil. Carrie explained, "She's Char's new friend, and she's spending next
weekend with us at the house, so we'll have to come back to town and pick
her up Friday." Of course, Uncle Phil began objecting. He and Carrie
argued back and forth for a few minutes, until finally William said it was
important to me, and it had been decided. Uncle Phil glanced back at me,
and I told him I was in love with Helen. At that point, nothing we did
could surprise Uncle Phil any more, he just smiled at me and nodded his
head, saying he understood.

    On the way out of town, we drove by a big shopping center, one of
those mega stores that sells anything you could want at very low prices,
by screwing their employees on wages and health care. A part of the
parking lot had been roped off and was dedicated to selling Christmas
trees. Carrie told William we had to have a Christmas tree, and he
immediately agreed, much to everyone's surprise. Carrie said she also
needed to shop for decorations for the tree, so Carrie and William went
into the store. It was left to Uncle Phil and I to select the tree and get
it tied to the roof of the truck, which we accomplished in about half an
hour. While we were waiting for William and Carrie to return, I got sleepy
and curled up in the back seat of the truck.

    I woke up when Uncle Phil popped open the rear hatch of the SUV.
Sitting up, I looked out the back of the truck and saw that Carrie had
bought two big shopping carts full of ... stuff. I had no idea what it
was, but if it had all been tree decorations we could have decorated a
dozen trees. While William, Carrie, and Uncle Phil were piling all of the
packages in the back of the truck, I looked at the clock on the dashboard.
I was surprised to see that Carrie had spent over two hours shopping.
"What is all that?" I asked.

    William grinned at me. "Whatever she saw, she bought, I think it's
called power shopping," he said. "I'm just happy she stayed out of the
major appliances section."

    "It's all junk, that's all they sell in there," Carrie said. "But I
want us to have a Christmas present exchange, so I bought a lot of
trinkets. We can each pick out gifts to give one another, and it will be
sort of a surprise. I got wrapping paper and ribbons, too. I want a real
Christmas with my family." Looking at me, she said, "I have an idea for a
present you can give Helen. We can talk about it later."

    When we got home, Carrie and I began carrying the packages into the
house. Meanwhile, William and Uncle Phil got the tree off the roof of the
truck, put it in the stand Carrie had bought, and set it up in the living

    For the rest of the day, until well after dinner, I was too busy to
think about how much I missed Helen. Looking back, I'm certain that was
Carrie's plan all along. It took us until nearly dinnertime to decorate
the tree, and Carrie was like a little kid the whole time, bubbling over
with enthusiasm and happiness. Neither William nor I could resist her
infectious joy.

    After dinner, Carrie got out all of the junk, trinkets, and even some
interesting things, she thought we could use for presents. Everything was
laid out on the desk in Uncle Phil's office, along with the wrapping paper
and ribbon. Carrie's idea was that, one at a time, each of us would go to
the office, select items we wanted to give as presents, wrap them, and put
them under the tree. I went first, so I had the best selection. It took me
forever, because I had a hard time deciding what gifts to choose. But once
I was finally able to decide, it was fun wrapping the presents and filling
out the cards to put on them.

    After everyone had wrapped their presents, we sat on the couch
together, drinking wine and looking at the lighted Christmas tree. I
thanked Carrie for what she had done, taking my mind off of Helen. She
smiled, and said, "I was alone, without the love of my life, for a year
and a half, and I wish someone had put up a Christmas tree for me. It's
the least I could do for my wonderful sister." Then she got serious. "I
know you miss Helen," she said, "but you'll see her again in just a few
days. Meanwhile, we're a family, we're together, and it's Christmas. Let's
be happy, Ok?" I hugged and kissed her and William. I really was happy,
and very thankful to be with my family.

    Per our bed schedule, Monday was Carrie's and William's solo night.
They both wanted me to join them, because they didn't want me to have to
spend the night by myself, but I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom
anyway. I jilled off until I had cum a couple of times, then drifted off
to sleep thinking about Helen. That was the first time I had masturbated
alone since Carrie and William accepted me into their partnership, but in
my mind I wasn't alone, I was with Helen.

    In the middle of the night, I woke up feeling alone and lonely, so I
woke William up to ask if I could get into bed with he and Carrie. They
pulled me into the bed between them, and smothered me with kisses and
caresses and made me feel loved, until finally we all drifted off to
sleep again. When we woke up in the morning, I was going to leave so they
could have morning sex alone, but they wouldn't let me. We all fucked in
our usual, favorite positions, until each of us had cum several times.

    It was Christmas Eve, and Carrie had insisted that Uncle Phil take the
rest of the week off and spend it with Bev, so we were on our own in the
house. After we finished up in the bathroom, William told Carrie and I
that we would remain naked for the day. They were still trying to keep me
too busy to mope around missing Helen, so Carrie and William watched and
talked to me while I made breakfast. Under Carrie's training, I had
actually become a good enough cook that they could trust me to prepare
simple meals without making anyone sick.

    William let Carrie and I sit for breakfast in spite of our nakedness.
After we finished eating, we lingered over coffee and reminisced about our
weekend experiences in the city. We also talked a little about what we
would do when Helen came for the weekend. I really wanted William to let
Helen and I go our own way, separate from he and Carrie, but I doubted he
would agree, so I didn't ask. The only thing we resolved was that William
wouldn't make me flog Carrie while Helen was watching, but he refused to
make the same promise about spankings. Finally, William sent Carrie and I
to do our workouts on the elliptical trainer, while he cleaned up the mess
I had made in the kitchen.

    After our exercise, we found William in the living room. He was lying
on the couch and admiring our tree. He asked which of us worked out first,
and the answer was Carrie. "That means Carrie is the most rested," he
said. "Char will bend over the back of the couch, and Carrie will
administer her spanking." I couldn't help groaning as I moved into
position and bent over the couch. Neither of us had been spanked since the
previous Thursday, and I was really hoping that trend would continue. But
I knew it was too good to last, since Carrie wanted and needed her
spankings. For reasons he never fully explained, William had decided that
I should be spanked too, although he had made it plain that he would stop
my spankings if I asked him to.

    Twenty minutes later, my eyes still red and puffy, my nose still
runny, and my ass still burning, I gave Carrie as hard a spanking as I was
able. I could tell that I was pushing her limits, which she always wanted
me to do, when she asked William to stop the spanking. That particular
time she was cursing, and calling us both assholes, before he finally told
me to stop.

    Most days, we were each spanked at different times during the day. One
advantage of being spanked one after the other, was that William would
usually send us to bed to make up afterwards, and this time was no
exception. When I finished Carrie's spanking, he told me to take her to
bed and fuck her, then bring her to the dining room for lunch in an hour
and a half. That meant she was my responsibility, and she had to obey me,
a situation we both enjoyed. I took Carrie by her upper arm and led her,
still crying, toward the bedroom.

    A few minutes before noon, I led Carrie into the dining room for
lunch. Following William's instructions, we had gone to bed and fucked.
After we had each cum several times, Carrie had asked me if we could take
a shower. We had each cum again during our combined grope session and
shower, and then I had taken Carrie back to the bedroom and fixed her hair
the way William liked it.

    From the dining room, we could hear William, still working on lunch in
the kitchen. Carrie was still under my control until I delivered her back
to William. I had her stand with her hands at her sides, while I pinched
and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Her face was so
expressive when she was experiencing sexual pleasure or pain, and I loved
watching her when she was feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time.
Don't think I was abusing her, she loved it, and she loved me watching her
like that, too. I would have stopped any time she asked me to.

    After watching Carrie for a few minutes, I was getting really turned
on, so I finally gave her a tender kiss and then let go of her nipples.
She looked into my eyes for a long moment, then said, "If you run off with
Helen, who'll torture me?" She said it jokingly, but there was an element
of truth behind her question. We had all come to an understanding,
reluctantly on my part, that I was to be Carrie's primary pain giver. It
was what she and William both wanted. I still didn't like it, but I was
learning to accept it. Also, I was getting over my fear that it would
change our relationship for the worse. If anything, Carrie had become even
more loving and tender after we began spanking one another. The shared
painful experience seemed to have added a new dimension to our love for
one another. That was the real reason I never asked William to stop my
spankings, even though I didn't get any pleasure from them.

    I kissed each of her nipples, then smiled at her. "I'll teach Helen
how, and we'll both come over on weekends and torture you."

    When William came into the dining room to set the table, Carrie and I
were locked in a passionate embrace. "Lesbian passions running amok," he

    Carrie pulled her lips away from mine and smiled at me. "If we kill
him and bury him behind the house, there won't be any pigs left to
interfere with our lesbian passions," she said.

    "I'm game, let's do it right after lunch," I said.

    William said it was a cold, sunny day, and instead of killing him, we
would be hiking up the picnic hill after lunch. Of course, Carrie
immediately asked if she could go as a pony. William said that was what he
had in mind, causing Carrie to shriek with happiness.

    After lunch, it took us about forty-five minutes to get ready for the
hike. Carrie wore her latex leotard. Only her breasts were exposed, with
her reins attached to her nipples by dental floss. William said I could
drive her for the first half of the climb, and he would take the second
half. Once William had blindfolded Carrie and put in her earplugs, I drove
her through the house to the back door, and then outside.

    William talked as we walked along, mostly about Helen and my feelings
for her. He still didn't question that I was rushing into it too soon or
too fast, for which I was grateful. Nevertheless, he was looking for
evidence that I knew what I was doing, and I think I convinced him that I

    At one point, William asked, "What would Helen think about what we're
doing right now?"

    I laughed. "Well, she already thinks we're pretty weird. But this
would probably make her think we're even stranger than she imagined."

    "What do you think about it?" he asked.

    After some thought, I answered, "I know why Carrie wants to do this.
She loves being under control, she craves it. She also gets off on the
pain in her nipples. Also, it's physically challenging for her. It seems
like a fun way for her to get what she wants."

    William said, "If we explained it to Helen like that, do you think she
would understand?"

    I looked at him and slowly smiled, as I understood where he was going.
"Yes, I think she would," I said. "I'm sure Carrie could explain it to her
in a way that would make sense. Even though Helen doesn't crave control or
pain, I think she could understand how this gives Carrie what she needs."

    "If you want Helen to accept us as we are," he said, "you have to
explain what we do in a way that makes sense to her. It would be even
better if she would agree to try some things, to experience it like you
and Carrie do."

    In the back of my mind was the question of whether or not he was going
to fuck Helen. It would be one thing if Helen wanted to fuck him, but I
didn't want him to force himself on her. Fearing his answer, I asked
anyway, "What kinds of things do you want her to experience?"

    William shook his head. "You've got it wrong, Char. She's yours, I
won't take anything from her that's not freely given." There must have
been a look of relief on my face, because I saw disappointment on his, and
then I felt guilty and stupid for thinking he would do anything like that.
But he didn't comment on it, he continued talking about Helen. "I want her
to be comfortable moving back and forth between her world and ours. And as
soon as it's safe, I want you to begin moving back and forth between our
world and hers. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those
goals, even if we have to gently push Helen out of her comfort zone. I
don't want you to have to choose between Helen and us. Unless that's what
you want to do, of course."

    I said, "No, I don't want to choose. Thank you for thinking about
these things, William. I love that you're trying to help me like this."

    "What's a Master for?" he said with a grin. Then he changed the
subject, and started talking about how well Carrie was doing on the trail.
I wanted to drop the reins and hug him.

    A few minutes later, William said he was ready to take the reins.
After gently pulling Carrie to a halt, I did hug him. I held him tightly
for a long time, then looked up into his eyes. "I love you, Master," I
said. He smiled, and told me he and Carrie would always love me, no matter

    Before taking the reins from me, William walked up behind Carrie and
patted her gently on her ass. She whinnied and pawed the ground with one
foot, making William laugh. As he took the reins, he said, "Our pony's
anxious to hit the trail, let's move out, Pardner." With a flick of the
reins, Carrie started moving, and we were on our way again.


  1. I have to say...or write...i do love the way William is handling Helen, and the attraction that Char has for her. I reminds me...of the initial chapters.
    hugs abby

    1. I understand what you mean, Abby.
      William shook his head. "You've got it wrong, Char. She's yours, I
      won't take anything from her that's not freely given." There must have been a look of relief on my face, because I saw disappointment on his, and then I felt guilty and stupid for thinking he would do anything like that.
      But he didn't comment on it, he continued talking about Helen. "I want her to be comfortable moving back and forth between her world and ours. And as soon as it's safe, I want you to begin moving back and forth between our world and hers. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those goals, even if we have to gently push Helen out of her comfort zone. I don't want you to have to choose between Helen and us. Unless that's what
      you want to do, of course." End of quote.

      I think William is considerate about his girls from the very first chapter. That is what I like about him.


  2. I agree with Abby in that I like the way William is handling Helen but really...both Helen and Char are totally in love after one day? Seriously? And of course, Helen wants Char to be exclusively hers. Something must have happened to break them up since Char is writing this, the marriage ceremony didn't include Helen and if I remember, William came in and having sex with Char while she was writing. Definitely going to have to go back and read all of this again. *sigh*

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. A long story Cat. A long story and not easy to look back like in a book.

      People falling in love after one day? It happens...


  3. Ok, he will be pushing Helena.
    We will see how.
    Maybe she will hate all that. But because of love for Char she have not choise .
    Either she hold on and accept and get Char or not.
    Yes, free will.

    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    1. Helen also a victim, Mona Lisa? I think she is a grown up woman. It will be interesting how she looks upon the multi D/s relationships in this household and her role in that...



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