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Training Carrie, chapter 92

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 92

  I woke up when I heard a knock on the door to William and Carrie's
suite. The knock was followed by Carrie's muffled voice, saying, "Wake up
lovebirds, breakfast is here." I lay still and quiet until I heard William
say, "It's nearly nine o'clock, rise and shine."

    I opened my eyes to see Helen's smiling face inches away. "Good
morning, Sexy," she said.

    Turning my head so I wouldn't shout in her face, I yelled, "We'll be
right out." Then I turned back to Helen. "I love you," I whispered. We
shared a long, tender kiss, then I crawled out of bed, pulling Helen after

    I was walking toward the door, still holding Helen's hand. She started
pulling back, saying, "No, wait. My hair, my dress, I'm not ready. I have
to pee."

    "Have you forgotten? You're still William's slave," I said, pulling
her toward the door. "When he calls, you answer. If he wants you dressed,
or wants your hair brushed, he'll let you know." I pulled her to me, put
my arm around her waist, and kissed her again. "I really do love you," I
said, then I unlocked the door and opened it.

    William wore a pair of slacks but no shirt. He was setting out four
servings of breakfast from a room service cart. Carrie was naked. She
stood looking at us, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. "Sleep
well?" she asked.

    I kissed Helen on her cheek. "I'm happy to say we didn't get much
sleep at all," I said.

    Her face bright red, Helen said, "What Char means is, we fucked each
other half to death. What a glorious night we had!"

    William told us to sit for breakfast, but I told him we needed to use
the toilet first. He said Ok, then looked at me and told me to help Helen
on the toilet. I smiled and nodded, then led Helen to the bathroom.

    Taking both of Helen's hands in mine, I positioned her in front of the
toilet and had her sit. Then I knelt in front of her, with my hands on her
thighs, and began kissing her. After a minute she pulled away, and said
she had to pee. "Go ahead," I told her, "and please hurry, I need to go
too." then I resumed kissing her.

    She pulled away again. She was grinning. "You're not going to leave,
are you?"

    I shook my head. "You heard our Master tell me to help you on the
toilet. Slaves have no privacy from their Master or from one another. Go
ahead and pee, then I'll wipe you. We'll trade places, then we can wash
our hands and go to breakfast. And by the way, you're very beautiful."

    Helen shook her head, still grinning. She leaned forward and pressed
her lips to mine, then in a few seconds she began peeing.

    When we came out of the bathroom, William and Carrie were seated at
the table, watching us. That made Helen blush again, then she laughed and
said she had a lot of loosening up to do if she was going to hang around
us for long.

    There was only one table in the suite large enough to seat four
people, and it was low to the floor. When we sat down to eat, the
breakfast plates were a little below knee height. Seeing this, Helen
pulled her chair back and knelt on the floor. Looking at William, she
said, "May your slave kneel for breakfast, Master?"

    William looked at her for a few seconds, then laughed. He stood up,
pushed his chair back, and knelt on the floor himself. "I like your style,
Helen, and it's 'William,' not 'Master'," he said. Naturally, Carrie and I
followed suit and knelt in front of our plates.

    We made small talk while we ate. Carrie, being who she is, eventually
got around to teasing the newcomer. She kept talking about how tired we
both looked, and worrying that Helen had worn me out. I knew she was just
having fun, but I already felt protective toward Helen, I didn't want
Carrie teasing her. Finally I said, "Yeah, Helen is great in bed. Of
course, she had to unlearn all of the things you taught her, but after
that she did just fine."

    Helen gasped when I said that, but Carrie shrieked with laughter.
"TouchŽ, Little Sister, you got me good, message received," she said.
Carrie and I continued to exchange friendly barbs for awhile, but the
subject wasn't Helen any more. At one point I glanced over at Helen, and
she smiled at me. I think she was grateful that I had taken the heat off
of her.

    Carrie told Helen that we had originally planned a sightseeing
adventure for our second day. But now we didn't have any transportation,
since Uncle Phil had taken the SUV. She asked if there were any
interesting sights within walking distance of the hotel. "I have a car,
I'll take you sightseeing, anywhere you want to go," Helen said. With a
little more discussion, we agreed on a plan. After breakfast, Helen would
drive us to her apartment, where she would change clothes. Then we'd play
tourists, and Helen would show us her favorite sights around the city.

    I kept silent during the tourist talk, all I could think about was
taking Helen back to bed. It was possible that today would be our last day
together, and I felt a sense of urgency about our young relationship. I
finally decided that I had to trust in William, that he would find a way
to let the thing play out, for better or worse. He and Carrie had pushed
us into each other's arms, surely he wouldn't keep us apart against our

    William sent Helen next door to fetch her shoes, coat, purse, and
dress. When she returned, William was pulling up Carrie's panties, prior
to putting on her jeans. "Hey, that's not fair, I thought there was a no
panties rule," Helen said with a grin. Carrie told Helen she was welcome
to wear a pair of her panties.

    William finished dressing Carrie, then turned to Helen. "Helen, would
you please dress Char for me?" he asked. Helen blushed, but said she would
be very happy to dress me. I'd never before been dressed so tenderly and
lovingly, and I was thoroughly turned on by the time she had put on my
panties, jeans, and sweater.

    I was hoping William would ask me to return the favor and dress Helen,
and sure enough he did. After putting on her dress and zipping it up, I
asked her if she wanted a pair of Carrie's panties. She shook her head and
kissed me. "No, I want to be available for you as long as I can," she
said. "You can put panties on me when you dress me in a pair of jeans, at

    When we were ready to leave, I took William aside. "I want to tell
Helen everything about us. I'm in love with her," I said in a low voice.

    He raised his eyebrows, and looked at me in silence for a long time. I
thought he would ask me if I was sure, or tell me it was too soon for me
to be making that kind of decision, but I underestimated William. He said,
"We'll have a long talk after dinner tonight, and lay it all out in the
open." Taking my hands in his, he added, "Until then, we're just country
folks, sightseeing in the big city. Have fun and don't worry about
anything, just enjoy being with your new love."

    William walked over to Carrie and kissed her. "Do you know what we
are?" he asked her. Looking puzzled, she shook her head. "We're tourists,
and that's all we are, until this evening. And Char's beautiful friend has
kindly agreed to show us the sights. All we're going to do is have fun and
enjoy ourselves, got it?"

    Carrie smiled at me, then at William. "I got it, Bill," she said.

    I knew what it meant that she called William "Bill," but Helen didn't.
I walked over to her, took her in my arms, and gave her a long kiss. When
we finally pulled apart, I said, "No more slave rules until tonight, and
we're going to have that talk you wanted." She gave me a big smile, then
looked at William and thanked him.

    Helen had parked her car a block from the hotel. Carrie and William
got in the back, and I got in front with Helen. She had barely driven a
block, when she took my hand and pulled it to her thigh. She looked over
at me and smiled. "Don't get me so excited that I have an accident," she
said. She opened her legs, as I slid my hand up her creamy thigh and began
playing with the lips of her already damp pussy. "I love your touch," she
told me, then she looked over at me and added, "I love everything about
you." I felt a chill up my spine when she said that.

    As soon as we were all in Helen's apartment with our coats off, she
unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, then took off her shoes. I was a
little surprised, but William and Carrie didn't bat an eye. Holding the
dress in one hand, and my hand in her other hand, Helen said, "Let me give
you the five cent tour, there's not much to see." It was a two bedroom,
one bath apartment, with rental furniture. She said her roommate had taken
a job in another city a month earlier, and she hadn't decided yet whether
to look for another roommate, or move to a smaller apartment. The place
was neat and clean, I thought that she was either very fastidious, or else
she didn't spend much time here.

    After the tour, still naked, Helen asked us if we wanted something to
drink. Carrie and William asked for coffee, so Helen and I went to the
small kitchen to brew a pot. Helen was filling a carafe with water, and I
was standing beside her, devouring her with my eyes. "I'm naked for you,
why aren't your hands on me?" she asked. I stepped behind her, pressed
myself against her back, and reached under her arms to caress her breasts.
She sighed. "Your touch is magic," she whispered, "I'm addicted to you
already, don't leave me. Stay here with me."

    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I said. "We'll tell you everything
tonight, after dinner. Until then, I want you to relax and have fun, and I
want all of us to get to know one another."

    Helen put the carafe down and turned around, rubbing her naked body
against me as she turned. When she was facing me, she put her arms around
my neck and kissed me softly. Touching her forehead to mine, she
whispered, "Yes, Char. Whatever you want, I'll do."

    We brought William and Carrie their coffee, then I said, "I'm going to
take Helen to the bedroom and dress her, we'll be back shortly." Carrie
gave us a big grin and asked if we needed any help. I said, "No, I can
manage just fine, thanks anyway."

    Helen walked over to William and Carrie and knelt in front of them.
She took Carrie's hand in hers, and said, "You're very attractive, Carrie,
in every way I can think of. But I've been struck by Cupid's arrow, I'm in
love with Char." Carrie smiled at her and nodded, for once she didn't have
anything to say. Then Helen looked at William, and said, "I'm pledged to
be your slave until tomorrow morning, William, and I'll do anything you
say. But what I want is to be Char's lover, and I think she wants that
too. I hope you will take that into consideration."

    "Of course I will," William said. "You've impressed us greatly in the
short time we've known you. If you and Char have chosen one another, I
think you've both chosen well." He took her hand and kissed it. Looking up
at me, he said, "Don't take too long, we really do want to see some of the

    I smiled at him, pulled Helen to her feet, and led her toward her
bedroom. "You can add me to the list of people you've impressed," I
whispered to her.

    When we got to the bedroom, Helen started to close the door. "Leave it
open," I said. "If they want to watch, it's Ok with us." She smiled at me
and nodded her head.

    I raised my arms so Helen could pull off my sweater. After she
unfastened my jeans and lowered them to my knees, I sat on the bed while
she took off my shoes and then the jeans. I stood again, and she knelt in
front of me and pressed her face against the crotch of my panties. She
inhaled deeply, then reached up and began pulling the panties down. As
soon as my pussy was exposed, she began teasing me with her tongue. "Get
on the bed, on your back," I told her.

    When she was on her back, I crawled onto the bed and knelt beside her
head, leaning over, I gave her a long kiss. Then I said, "Helen, I can't
trust my emotions yet. I think I'm falling in love with you, but I can't
tell if it's real. We need to go slowly, otherwise I'm afraid I'll do
something stupid and hurt both of us."

    "We'll take all the time you need," Helen said. Then she grinned and
asked, "Do you know whether or not you want me to eat your pussy?" I gave
her another quick kiss, then shuffled around on the bed until I was
straddling her head. As I lowered my crotch to her face, I leaned over and
attacked her pussy with my lips and tongue.

    We each had an orgasm with me on top, then we rolled over so that
Helen was on top. When we had each cum a second time, I told her we were
keeping William and Carrie waiting, we had to stop. Reluctantly, she
climbed off of me.

    When we were both out of bed, we hugged one another tightly and had a
final kiss. Then I told Helen to pick out the clothes she wanted to wear.
She brought me a heavy flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of her
panties. We quickly but lovingly dressed one another, then returned to the
living room. Carrie was on her knees, sucking William's cock. "Sorry we
took so long, hope you didn't get bored," I said, smiling at William.

    "I found a way to pass the time," he said.

    Helen seemed fascinated, making me wonder if anyone had ever gotten a
blow-job before in this apartment. We held hands and watched the show.
Within a few minutes, William came in Carrie's mouth, and it was obvious
that Carrie came at the same time. "She can cum just from giving head?"
Helen whispered.

    I said, "She can cum whenever she wants to."

    Eventually we all got our coats on and left the apartment. It was
nearly eleven o'clock. Helen said she wanted to take us on the Tramway, a
gondola which went to the top of Sandia Peak. It was a cool, clear day,
and the views were spectacular, forest in one direction, desert in
another, and the city laid out below. We had a late lunch at a restaurant
on top of the peak. We were all relaxed and enjoying one another's
company. I had a great time, and I think the others did, too.

    It was half past three when we caught the tram down from the peak. We
then drove back into town, to the Old Town section of Albuquerque. It was
too touristy for me, but Carrie loved the shops, she bought a lot of junk.
We didn't get out of there until nearly six, and then Helen took us to her
favorite restaurant for dinner. When we were ready to leave the
restaurant, we had a discussion about whether we would return to Helen's
apartment or to the hotel. Since we were going to tell Helen our story, we
decided to do it in the place she would be most comfortable, her

    We bought a couple of bottles of wine on the way to Helen's apartment.
When we got there, William suggested we take our clothes off. As she was
stripping, Helen asked if the slave rules were in effect again, "Would you
like them to be?" William asked.

    She smiled. "As far as I'm concerned, William," she answered, "I've
been your slave all day, as I agreed to be. I was just wondering."

    William laughed. "Let's keep it informal until we've all told you our
stories, and then we'll see," he said.

    Before settling down, we all took a toilet break. Carrie suggested
that she and William go first, then Helen and I, but Helen said we should
all go together. I was amazed that she suggested that, I didn't think she
was ready for it. But before I could object, William said that was an
excellent idea. We all crowded into the small bathroom, and right away
Helen said she wanted to go first, before she chickened out. When she was
seated, William and Carrie knelt in front of her and held her hands, and I
bent over and kissed her lips while I played with her breasts.

    Helen quickly started peeing, then took a dump as well. When she said
she was finished, William wiped her pussy, then I wiped her ass. When we
finished and she stood up, her face was bright red, but she kissed each of
us and thanked us. She said that was the most intimate she had ever been
with three people at once, getting a laugh from all of us.

    When everyone had taken care of their needs, and we had all washed our
hands. It was story time. We each had a glass of wine. Carrie was curled
up in William's lap, in Helen's easy chair. Helen sat crossways on my lap,
her back against the arm of her couch and her arm around my shoulder. As
soon as she sat in my lap, I started to reach my hand for her pussy. But I
stopped myself, thinking that she shouldn't be distracted while she
listened to our stories. I settled for telling her that she was beautiful,
and she rewarded me with a big smile and a kiss.

    Carrie told her story first. She started with her desire to be a
slave, her interviews and eventual acceptance by the organization, her two
days of training. how she fell in love with her trainer, and her escape.
She then told of changing her identity, her preparation of the training
room in her basement, the kidnapping of her former trainer, and their
lives together since then. She never told Helen that her trainer was
William, but Helen figured it out in the course of the story. I watched
her carefully, to see how she was reacting to William now that she knew
his past. If she was feeling any differently, it didn't show.

    Carrie stopped short of describing how I came to join them. William
said I should tell my story first, and so I began. I described my last day
of freedom. After my Senior year in high school, I had spent the Summer
with family friends in France. My mother had flown over to meet me in
London, and then we flew back to the US. The last thing I remember is when
we got into a cab to go from JFK Airport to downtown NYC. The next thing I
knew, I was in a training room at the organization. I never saw my mother

    I described my training at the organization. I left out the worst of
it, things I still have trouble talking about, or even remembering. But I
tried to let everyone know how horrible it was, and how I eventually had
no choice but to give in to what they wanted from me. William interrupted
me, telling Helen that the organization hadn't been able to break me. He
said I finally began acting like a slave because they would have killed me
if I had continued to resist. I didn't say so, but I wasn't sure that was
true. When I was living through it, I felt like I had been broken.

    While I was telling about my experiences at the organization, tears
were running down Helen's cheeks, and occasionally she would sniffle or
sob. I asked her several times if she wanted me to stop, but she said she
wanted to know everything about me. I began talking about my life of
slavery to my half brother, Arthur. I really didn't know how to describe
those years, an endless nightmare, days or even weeks spent in empty
solitude, punctuated by hours of pain, humiliation and horror.

    I had to stop at one point, because Helen broke down and began sobbing
continuously, her arms around my neck and her face pressed against my
shoulder. I asked her again if she wanted me to stop, but she didn't, and
after a few minutes she was able to stop crying. I decided to cut the
story short to spare her any more pain, so I jumped to the point where
Uncle Phil and Carrie's private investigator found me and brought me to
William and Carrie.

    Before William could take up the story of how the three of us became a
family, Helen asked me why Arthur had done what he did to me, his half
sister. I said I wasn't sure, he would never answer me when I asked him
why, but I had always assumed he did it because he blamed my mother and me
for ruining his father's life. "That, and the fact that he's insane,"
William said. "He needs to be tracked down and punished for what he's
done. Better still, he needs to die." Helen nodded her head in agreement.

    Carrie got out of William's lap long enough to refill our glasses.
When she returned to sit down again, he gave her a wordless glance. She
immediately dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until he was hard.
Then she rose to her feet, turned around, and sat on William's lap,
guiding his cock into her pussy as she settled onto his thighs. When she
was seated, she looked over at Helen and I with a satisfied smile, as
William cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed the back of her neck.

    Looking at Helen, William asked if she was ready to hear the rest of
our story. As she nodded at William, she took my hand, pulled it to her
mouth, and kissed my fingers. Then she pulled my hand down and pressed it
to her mons. As soon as she released me, I let my fingers drift down to
her vulva, and began slowly caressing her outer labia. She sighed quietly
and smiled at me.

    It was William's turn, and he told his story in two parts. The first
was his life with Carrie, from the time he woke up in her house until
Uncle Phil brought me to them. The second was our lives together after I
arrived. I don't need to waste time repeating what he said, just go back
and read the earlier chapters, the ones William wrote, if you need to.

    William wrapped up his story by telling Helen that this trip to town
was the first time any of us had left the house since we arrived there. In
Carrie's case, she had not left her house in nearly two years. He said we
weren't sure whether we were being hunted or not, and that we took a risk
in leaving home, but we felt it was worth the risk to get away for a few

    When William finished his story, he looked at Helen silently for a
long moment, then he said, "We certainly didn't expect to become involved
with anyone like you, Helen. You're intelligent, beautiful, interesting,
courageous, and sexy. But you're also normal, if you don't mind me saying
so, and that's one word that would not be used to describe Char, Carrie, or
myself. I think you should consider very carefully whether you want
anything more to do with us."

    Helen took my hand in hers, then leaned over and kissed me. When our
lips separated, she looked at William and Carrie. "I'm not going to run
away from you, but I do have some questions, if that's Ok."

    "You can ask us anything," Carrie said.

    Helen smiled. "That's what you told me at the store yesterday."

    "It's still true," Carrie said. "If you and Char are in love, we want
you to feel at ease with us. So ask away."

    After a pause, Helen took a deep breath. "Can I be involved sexually
with Char, and not with the two of you?"

    William smiled at her. "Of course you can," he answered.

    Helen then looked at me, and I knew what her next question would be.
"Char, if you're sexually involved with me, will you still be having sex
with William and Carrie?"

    I wanted to lie, to tell her what she wanted to hear, but I didn't.
"Yes, I will. I love them, Helen, that doesn't stop because I now love you

    She frowned when I said that. "I was afraid that would be your
answer," she said, looking at me. "I need to think about that, I'm not
sure how I feel about it." Looking back at William, she asked, "Would I
have to be your slave?"

    William said, "When you come to our house, I'll expect you to obey me,
and to participate in our activities, except you won't have to have sex
unless you want to. You won't be subjected to physical abuse, unless you
ask to be. I'll give you a safe word, to be used any time you feel that
you're being pushed farther than you're willing to go." William thought
for a few moments, then he said, "I guess that's all, if anything else
comes up we can negotiate. Does that answer your question?"

    Helen nodded. "Do you think I would ever ask you to abuse me
physically?" she asked.

    Without hesitation, William said, "I can guarantee you will. Whether
or not you'll ask for it more than once, I can't say. But you will ask at
least once."

    Blushing bright red, Helen said, "I disagree with you, but as long as
the choice is mine, that's Ok." She looked at me for a moment, then asked,
"Can Char stay here with me for a few days, over Christmas?" Christmas was
the following Wednesday.

    William said, "No. As long as there's a possibility that the
organization or her brother are looking for Char, I won't allow her to be
away from my protection. Why don't you come to our house after Christmas,
instead? We can drive in and pick you up Friday afternoon, and bring you
back Sunday night."

    Helen hesitated, I think because she was afraid to put herself under
William's control in an isolated location. She said she would come if we
gave her directions, so she could drive her own car. William refused,
saying he couldn't allow her to know where we lived until he was sure he
could trust her.

    William and Helen argued back and forth for a few minutes, but they
weren't getting anywhere. I finally squeezed her hand and said, "I want
you to come to our house next weekend, and I want you to do it William's
way. You have my word, you'll be safe."

    She looked into my eyes for a moment, then she whispered, "Ok, Char,
I'll do it."


  1. Of course she will....I keep telling myself...this part is just someone's fantasy...allows me to enjoy it more...too far removed from any possible reality...
    hugs abby

    1. Few stories are can really happen, Abby. This is no exception. In the fantasy world anything can happen. That is so wonderful being a writer to have that power....


  2. Again more fantasy...this story seems to bounce from believable to seriously? to no way to pure D fantasy. Would be better if he stuck to one style. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Why not, Cat? What is wrong with a little bouncing up and down? I think he is not an experienced writer to he does what he can.

      Or is hormones do best,

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