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Training Carrie, chapter 91

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 91


    The rest of our dinner was uneventful. The food and wine were
excellent, and I think we were all feeling pretty good by the time the
check came. Helen did a double take when Carrie handed over her credit
card to pay the check, but she didn't say anything. She probably assumed
that William had enslaved this rich, beautiful woman and was milking her
dry. I wondered what she would say if she knew that Carrie had William
drugged, kidnapped, and brought to her.

    Helen had sat with her dress pulled up behind her during the entire
meal. When we were ready to leave, William told Helen to stay in her
chair. He pulled Carrie's chair out, and told Carrie to stand beside
Helen. Then he did the same for me, having me stand on Helen's other side.
Finally, he stood behind Helen and pulled her chair back. She was
effectively shielded by the three of us as she stood up, pulled her dress
down, and smoothed it out with her hands. Helen looked at Carrie and I and
thanked us. Carrie said, "You're our sister slave, we take care of one
another." Carrie then smiled, an evil grin if I ever saw one. She said,
"How'd you like it if Char and I pulled you down to the floor right here,
and fucked your brains out?" I saw a few heads turn at nearby tables.

    "God help me," Helen said, "I'd love it." She then gave a manic little
laugh, adding, "Until the cops showed up."

    "You can all roll around on the floor later," William said. I looked
at him, and he was smiling. "If we can get a cab, we have just enough time
to get to the theater."

    Fortunately, William was able to hail a vacant cab right away. I hung
back as William, Carrie, and Helen climbed into the back seat. Instead of
getting into the front seat with the driver, I got into the back and sat
in Helen's lap. Kissing her cheek, I said, "Hi, glad to meet you." She
laughed, put her arms around me, and gave me a great kiss, with lots of
tongue. When she finally released me, I said, "You're pretty good for a
straight girl.""

    "I do have some experience," she said, faking a look of indignation.
"Kissing is kissing, whether it's a man or a woman, and Carrie gave me
some great training." She looked at me seriously for a moment, then asked,
"Are you going to cash that raincheck before I have to leave?"

    "I want to, if William and your date will permit it," I told her. I
took her hand and pulled it to my wet pussy. "See what you do to me?" I
asked her.

    Carrie took Helen's hand and guided her fingers into my pussy, then
pulled the hand to her mouth and sucked my juices from her fingers. She
said, "I hope you're feeling frisky tonight, Helen, because there are two
people here who haven't fucked you yet, and then we'll start the rotation
all over again. You have a long night ahead of you."

    "Could we skip the play, and go back to the hotel?" Helen asked.

    "There'll be time enough for everything, we want to give you a
well-rounded experience," William said.

    "I'm loving every minute of this experience, William," Helen said. Her
free hand had slid down my waist and gotten under my coat, and she was
lightly stroking my ass and thigh. I decided it was time for another kiss.
As I covered her mouth with mine, I slipped a hand inside her coat and
found a hard nipple to play with. When we got out of the taxi at the
theater, Helen and I were both pretty excited.

    We had arrived just in time, the theater lights dimmed right after we
took our seats. William seated us so that Carrie was on one side of him,
Helen on the other side, and I was next to Helen, which surprised me. As
soon as Helen sat down, she crossed her legs. William whispered to her to
uncross them, then he put a hand on the inside of her knee and pulled her
legs farther open. As soon as she had opened her legs, he had her lean
forward. In one smooth motion, he unzipped the back of her dress all the
way to her waist. She gasped and put her hands up to her breasts. He gave
her a big smile and told her to put her arms down, sit back and enjoy the
show, and keep in mind that he could bare her breasts for everyone to see,
any time he chose.

    It took Helen a long time to calm down. At first, she was breathing so
fast that I was afraid she would hyperventilate. William had no intention
of pulling her dress off of her shoulders, he was just giving her a little
excitement. But Helen didn't know or trust William like we did, she was
nervous during the whole first half of the play. She couldn't keep still,
her hands were in constant motion. Finally I took her hand and held it,
and that seemed to settle her down a little. That is, until I whispered,
"Relax, your breasts are beautiful, you should be proud to show them off."
I know that was a mean trick, but I couldn't resist.

    When the lights came up at intermission, people started leaving their
seats for the lobby. We remained seated until most of the people around us
had cleared out. William then turned to Helen and asked if she would like
him to zip up her dress. Of course she said Yes, she definitely wanted
that. William said, "Ok, I'll zip your dress up, but first I want you to

    "Now? You can't be serious." she croaked. But she already knew he was
serious, and that he was pushing her to exceed her limits, which is
exactly what she had asked him to do at dinner. She looked at him and
said, "I want to obey you, William... Master. But I don't know how to just
cum on demand. I need help, unless you want me to masturbate."

    "Char will give you all the help you need," William said, then turned
his attention to Carrie, leaving Helen and I to see to her orgasm. She
looked at me, and I smiled at her. From the reaction I saw on her face, I
guessed that my smile might have been a little predatory. Helen swallowed
hard and looked at me, then in a trembling voice she said, "Please help me

    "Glad to," I said. I looked around to see if there was anyone left in
the theater who would be able to see what we were doing. There were a few
in the balcony who might have a view, but they weren't paying attention to
anything as far as I could tell, it seemed safe. I swiveled around in my
seat, put one arm on the armrest between us, and rested my other hand in
Helen's lap. She sighed. My face was only inches from hers, I had to
resist the urge to kiss her. "What's your pleasure?" I asked. She looked
puzzled, so I rephrased the question. "What would you like me to do?"

    Helen took a deep breath. "Char, I'm so terrified I can't even think,"
she said. "I don't know... Just put your fingers inside me and play with
my clitoris, I guess... Please be gentle."

    It turned out not to be a problem. I moved my hand under Helen's dress
and slid it up to her pussy, relishing the cool, smooth feel of her
thighs. As soon as I touched her clit, she came. It seemed like she was
about to make some noise, so I pressed my mouth to hers. She put her hand
to the back of my head and held me tightly to her, simultaneously pushing
her tongue deep into my mouth. We were putting on a little more of a show
than I had intended, so I pulled away from her after a few seconds. While
she was still shaking and gasping for breath, I said, "We're gonna have a
lot of fun later tonight, I promise."

    She gave me a very sultry look, then said, "I want to make you happy,
and see you cum because of me."

    I became aware that William and Carrie were watching us. I
concentrated on looking only at them, because I really didn't want to know
if anyone else in the theater had seen what Helen and I did. Meeting
William's gaze, I said, "Mission accomplished."

    Smiling at me, William said, "Aren't you the one who was afraid to be
seen in public? I'd say you've gotten over it." I grinned at him and
nodded. "A deal's a deal," he said, reaching behind Helen to zip up her

    Helen kept her back pressed against her seatback. "Could you please
leave it like this until we're ready to go?" she asked. "I like knowing
you could humiliate me any time you want to, and trusting that you won't."

    William leaned over and gave Helen a long kiss. She started to raise
her hands toward William's head, but then let them fall back into her lap
in surrender. When their lips separated, he said, "I'm changing our deal.
We're going to be in town until Monday morning. You'll stay with us until
then... If you want to."

    Without hesitation, Helen said, "Thank you, William, I want to."

    People had been streaming back into the theater for several minutes.
Just before the lights dimmed for the second half, William changed seats
with Carrie. Carrie took Helen's hand and said, "I'm glad my sister was
able to help you out when you needed it." Grinning at me, she added, "I'd
better be careful, or I'll lose you to her."

    Helen took a few seconds to answer. "I'm afraid I'm losing myself to
both of you. To all three of you, actually." I barely heard what she said
next, because she turned to Carrie and whispered it. "When you leave
Monday morning, I'll ask to go with you. I'll probably beg to go with you.
Please don't let me." Carrie nodded and said that she understood.

    The second half of the play was interesting in its own way. Helen and
Carrie were holding hands most of the time. At one point, Helen took my
hand also, then after a few minutes she pulled my hand down to her thigh
and let go. I began lightly stroking the top of her thigh with my fingers,
then slowly drifted down until I was caressing the inside of her thigh.
Her thigh was so soft and smooth and cool, I was getting wet just from the
sensations in my fingers. I thought of closing my eyes and trying to cum,
but then I imagined walking out of the theater with a big wet spot on the
back of my dress, and that calmed me down.

    Helen looked over at me and smiled, and I felt a lump in my throat.
Then she leaned over to me and whispered, "I'm not very good at it, but I
want to eat your pussy and make you cum, over and over, and I want you to
do the same thing to me. I can picture us in bed right now, and I'm about
to cum again."

    I didn't want to have that conversation, there in the theater,
although I definitely wanted to have it later in the hotel. I said, "In
the picture you have in your mind, am I wearing this wig, or not? Because
my scalp is hot and itchy, and I'm dying to take off the wig and wash my

    Helen turned her head and looked into my eyes. "Ok, play hard to get,"
she said. "I know I'm new at this. I probably seem like an idiot to you
and Carrie."

    I took my hand off of her thigh, then whispered, "I don't think you're
an idiot. I think you're wonderful, I want you so much it hurts. And when
William says I can have you, I'm not going to be hard to get, I'm going to
be all over you, and I'll make you cum until you beg for mercy. Now shut
up and watch the play."

    She smiled at me. A big, happy smile. "Yes, Char," she said.

    Nothing else happened. When the play ended, we waited until most of
the crowd had left, then William said it was time to go. Carrie asked if
she should zip up Helen's dress, but William answered, "Char will do it."

    Out on the street, it seemed a lot colder than when we entered the
theater. Waiting for a taxi, we discussed whether to go dancing or return
to the hotel. I knew Carrie wanted to go dancing, but she knew what was
going on between Helen and I, so she said we should return to the hotel.
William pointed out that there was a club in the hotel, with a dance band.
He said we would return to our suites and freshen up, then he and Carrie
would go to the club and dance for awhile. Looking at Helen and I, he
asked us if we liked that plan. We both nodded vigorously, getting a smile
from William and Carrie.

    That was all the permission I needed, I took Helen's hand and
interlocked our fingers. She looked at me for a second, then we pressed
against one another for a long kiss. I didn't let go of her hand until we
got in the cab. I sat in her lap again, and we kissed all the way to the

    We entered our suites through my door, the same way we had left. As
soon as the door was closed, William said, "Strip," and we all peeled off
our dresses. He lined us up in a row and looked at us for a minute. This
was something he did from time to time with Carrie and I, when he wanted
to praise us for being good or chew us out for being bad. I knew we had
been good, but I was anxious for him to get on with it, so I could get it
on with Helen. Finally he told us how pleased he was with our behavior,
and how proud he had felt to be out with three beautiful, sexy women. He
singled Helen out, praising her performance under stressful and unusual
(for her) conditions. Carrie and I applauded, causing Helen to blush.

    Finally, William ended the lineup. He said he wanted to talk to me in
private, and asked Helen to go next door with Carrie. When we were alone,
he asked me if I wanted to have his pistol while Helen and I were alone. I
didn't even know he had brought the pistol, although I should have assumed
he would. I told him I didn't know how to use it, I didn't want the gun.

    William pointed to the exit door from my suite. "Don't open that door
for anyone, not even for Carrie or me," he said. "If Carrie or I, or
anyone else, asks you to open that door, call 911 immediately." Then he
pointed to the door connecting our two suites. "Lock that door, and only
open it if you're sure that both Carrie and I are on the other side. If
it's only one of us, or if it's anyone but us, call 911. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, Sir, it's clear," I said. He kissed me and told me to have a
good time. Then he said he and Carrie were going to leave Helen and I
alone until morning. I was totally surprised, I kissed him again and
thanked him.

    I walked to the door with William. Before he left, he kissed me again
and told me that he and Carrie loved me very much. I said I knew that, and
that I loved them, too. A moment after William left, Helen came back. I
started to close the door, but then Carrie pushed it open from the other
side. She handed me the strap-on harness, a dildo, and a tube of
lubricating gel, then she kissed me and closed the door.

    I locked the door, then turned and looked at Helen's gorgeous body.
Her eyes were on the dildo. "Are you going to use that on me?" she asked.

    "We'll see," I said, as I laid Carrie's toys on a nearby table.

    We looked at each other for a long time, then finally she said, "I
want to do everything with you, but I'm so ignorant. My total experience
is one hour in bed with Carrie."

    I said, "It's not so different than with men, I'll show you
everything. We have all night, so we'll have plenty of time to talk when
we're too exhausted to fuck any more." I reached up with both hands and
pulled off my wig. After tossing it on the dresser and running my fingers
through my itchy scalp, I offered my hand to Helen. "I need you in the
shower," I said.

    As we walked to the bathroom, hand in hand, Helen said, "Carrie said
if I did anything to hurt you, she'd kick my ass." I couldn't help
laughing. I wondered if this was why Carrie wanted Helen all along, a
playmate for her little sister.

    "Speaking of Carrie," I said, turning on the shower and adjusting the
temperature, "I thought she was the reason you wanted to spend time with
us." I turned and looked at Helen. "Has that changed?"

    Helen spent a few seconds staring at the floor. Then she looked up at
me, and said, "Carrie was just looking for somebody new to fuck. I'm glad
my attraction to her gave me the courage to come here, but she and I are
too different... I think you're looking for something else. I think maybe
you and I are looking for the same thing. Carrie thinks so too, she told
me that, just before she threatened to kick my ass."

    She paused and looked down at her feet once more, either choosing her
words carefully, or too shy to say what she wanted, I wasn't sure which.
Finally, she looked at me again, and said, "You scare me. I think there's
something inside, something you keep bottled up... I think you're very
angry. I need you to promise that I'll be safe with you ... that you won't
hurt me."

    I started crying, I couldn't help myself. "How could you know?" I
asked her. She put her arms around me. "I won't hurt you, I couldn't, I
swear I won't," I sobbed.

    Helen held me while I cried my eyes out, I don't know how long we
stood in the bathroom. Finally, she eased me out of her embrace long
enough to turn off the shower, then led me to bed, an arm around my
shoulder. I let her put me in bed, then I rolled onto my side and curled
up into a ball. She crawled in behind me, pulled the covers over us, and
put her arm over me.

    I cried a long time. I could feel Helen's breasts on my back, her arm
around me, and her breath on my neck. A few minutes after my sobbing
stopped, she began kissing me tenderly on my neck and shoulders, and her
hand began roaming over my breasts. I uncurled my body and snuggled back
against her. "You're right," I said, "there's a lot of rage I hold inside,
I don't know how to get rid of it. But I swear, I would never do anything
to hurt you."

    "I know that now," Helen said. She kissed my shoulder. "It's about the
animal that did this to your back, isn't it?" I nodded my head. "Can you
talk about it? It might help," she said softly.

    I said, "I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything without asking William
first. It might put all of us in danger, I can't take a chance." I paused,
then added, "I want to tell you, I want you to know everything about me.
We'll talk to William tomorrow, I'm sure he'll let me tell you."

    "Fair enough," she said. "Can you turn around and let me see your
pretty face?" I rolled over and snuggled up to Helen. Our faces were
inches apart. She closed the distance and kissed me, a very sensous kiss.
"Show me everything," she whispered.

    I did show her everything. We didn't do any anal penetration, because
the one thing Carrie forgot to pack was an enema kit. Helen said she had
never done any anal sex before, and I didn't want to gross her out our
first time together, so we didn't go there. That evening wasn't about sex
so much as love, so I'm not going to provide any detailed descriptions.

    Helen was enthusiastic and she was a fast learner. I lost count of how
many orgasms I had that night with her, and I think she matched every one
of mine with one of her own. I kept telling myself it had been less than a
day since we first met, but that didn't matter, I was falling in love with

    When we were too tired to fuck any more, we talked. It was hard, not
being able to tell Helen about my past or current life, but she accepted
that I would be able to tell her eventually. She told me everything about
herself. She had lived in Albuquerque all her life, she had an apartment
in another part of town, she had worked at the dress shop for a year, she
was frustrated with trying to find a partner to share her life with. She
actually said "man," not "partner," but then she looked at me and smiled.
"Maybe a man isn't what I need," she said quietly.


  1. Getting stranger and stranger but have to follow through to the end. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You have to? Well, no Cat. Don't read a story you don't like.
      Perhaps out of curiosity the last chapter?


  2. Helen and Char seem to have a strong, instant connection. Of course in this world they live in....connections come quickly...
    hugs abby

    1. Ah, yes, but in real life it happens as well. Love at first sight. I am a firm believer in love at first sight.

      But then again I might be romantic,


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