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Training Carrie, chapter 90

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 90

  When the hour was up, William sent me next door to get Helen and
Carrie. Helen was lying on top of Carrie, they were kissing. I quietly
walked up to the edge of the bed and watched them for a minute, then I
reached out and lightly ran my fingers down the back of Helen's thigh. She
jumped and squealed when she first felt my hand, then she looked around at
me. "Char," she said with a dreamy smile, "is it your turn now?"

    "I'll take a rain check," I said, "but I think Carrie intends to keep
you for herself." Carrie stuck her tongue out at me, then said what was
hers was mine. "How do you feel about that, Helen?" I asked. "Are you
Carrie's? Do you want to be shared?"

    Helen took a deep breath. "I'll probably never be in a situation like
this again, Char," she said. "I want to experience everything the three of
you are willing to show me." Then she gave me a long look. "You're
different," she said. "I'm sorry, I was so nervous before, I didn't
notice." Then she grinned. "You were wearing a wig earlier, at the store."

    I nodded, leaned over and kissed Helen on her ass, and then bit her
lightly, getting another squeal and a big grin. Her skin smelled and
tasted wonderful. "It's time to dress for dinner," I said to Carrie, then
I returned to William next door.

    William smiled when Helen and Carrie returned to my suite, hand in
hand. After directing Carrie to help me put on my wig, he turned to Helen
and said, "You don't seem so tense now, Helen, Carrie must have found a
way to relax you."

    "If I was any more relaxed, I wouldn't be able to stand up, William,"
she said. She walked up to him, seemingly unconcerned that they were both
naked. "I'd like to thank you for allowing me into your lives for tonight,
may I kiss you?" she asked.

    "That will do for now, you can thank me properly later," William said.
I think that scared Helen a little, but in spite of that she put her arms
around his neck and gave him a long kiss. He put his hands on her waist,
then ran them down and along her butt cheeks. "Very nice," he said when
she pulled her lips away from his. He then pulled her body tightly against
him, and looked at her for a long moment. Finally, he asked, "So, do you
just want to tag along with us tonight, or do you want to be my slave for
an evening?"

    Helen didn't hesitate. "I want to be your slave, William," she said.

    "Then we should set some guidelines," William said. "I'm assuming
you're not here to have me inflict pain on you, tie you up, or humiliate
you, is that right?"

    Helen gasped. "Yes, that's right. None of those things ever occurred
to me, I don't want any of that."

    Still holding Helen tightly, William said, "But Carrie and Char have
experienced all of those things. What do you think it means to be a slave?
It's not a game. Not for me, and not for them either."

    Carrie had finished adjusting my wig. She and I were watching Helen,
who seemed a little worried. She removed her arms from around William's
neck, but he didn't let go of her waist. After a few moments, she said,
"William, I don't know why I came here, and I know nothing about what it
means to be a slave. I was turned on by Carrie, even though I'd never felt
attracted to a woman before. The three of you intrigued me, and I jumped
at the chance to spend more time with you. I don't know what else to say."

    William looked at Helen for a long time, then he made his decision.
"You must obey me completely, just as Carrie and Char do," he said. "I
won't punish you for disobedience, as I would them, instead I'll send you
away. If you fail to obey me even once, your time with us will be over. Do
you understand and accept that?"

    "Yes, William, I accept that. I promise, I'll do anything you ask."

    William gave her a hard look. "I'll tell you what I want in a polite
manner, Helen, but I won't be asking. You'll do everything I say,
immediately and without question. Is that clear?"

    Helen swallowed hard. "Yes, Sir," she said. Out of the corner of my
eye, I saw Carrie grin.

    William let go of Helen's waist, then pointed to the floor and drew an
imaginary line with his finger. Carrie and I took Helen by her arms and
positioned her between us, then lined up where William had indicated. As
we knelt, we pulled Helen down with us, then corrected her posture.
William looked at us silently for a few moments, then told us what he
expected from us while we were out in public. His message was really aimed
at Carrie, but he didn't single her out. To put it simply, he told us that
he understood and approved our desire to "strut our stuff." But he
cautioned us that our appearance alone would be sufficient to say what we
were about, there was no need to put on a show. He did look directly at
Carrie when he said "put on a show," and she nodded her acceptance of his

    William put out a hand to me, I put my hand in his, and he helped me
to my feet. After kissing both of my breasts, he said, "Bring me your
clothes." I got my dress and shoes and brought them to him. He put my
dress on, zipped it up in the back, then examined me thoroughly as I
slowly turned all the way around. I saw that Carrie and Helen, still on
their knees, were also looking critically at the dress. Helen was smiling
proudly, as she was entitled to, since the dress fit me perfectly.

    After putting on my shoes, William repeated the same procedure with
Carrie. Then Carrie and I stood side by side, fully dressed, looking at
Helen, still naked and on her knees. Helen trembled as she reached out to
take William's hand. When he stooped to kiss her breasts, she closed her
eyes, bent her head back, and sighed.

    When William told Helen to bring her clothes to him, she went to the
couch, where she had left her shoes and her dress. Her shoes were there,
but her dress wasn't, because I had picked it up from the floor and put it
on a hanger after Carrie took her to bed. Helen looked around, but she
didn't see the dress, even though it was hanging in the same place
Carrie's and my dress had been hanging. She was beginning to panic, and I
started to giggle, but Carrie elbowed me sharply. "For tonight, she's our
sister," Carrie whispered angrily, "tell her where the damned dress is."

    Carrie was right, I was acting silly. "Helen, I put your dress on a
hanger," I told her, pointing to the dress. She looked where I was
pointing, thanked me, then ran to get her dress. As she ran back to
William with her dress and shoes, I noticed for the first time how firm
her breasts were. They were about the same size as mine, but mine bounced
when I ran. Helen's jiggled.

    While William was dressing Helen, she said, "William, may I speak?"

    "I haven't commanded you to remains silent, so you may speak any time
you wish," William said.

    "I've never been dressed by a man before," Helen said, "I'm so turned
on, I'm afraid I'm going to cum."

    William zipped up Helen's dress, then took her hand and led her a few
steps to a nearby table. He had her lean back, with her ass resting on the
edge of the table. Then he motioned to Carrie and I, and we walked over to
them. Looking at me, William told me to take Helen's other hand. Then he
looked at Carrie and said, "Help her cum."

    Carrie immediately knelt, then raised the hem of Helen's dress with
both hands. She leaned forward and attacked Helen's pussy with her mouth,
making Helen gasp. "This is so kinky," she said. William told her to
spread her legs wider, and Helen immediately obeyed.

    It was only a matter of seconds before Helen threw her head back and
came. She recovered quickly, then looked at each of us. I thought she
would be embarrassed, but she didn't seem to be. When she looked at me,
she squeezed my hand, then pulled it toward her as she bent down to meet
it with her mouth. She kissed my hand tenderly, then did the same thing to
William. Finally she looked down at Carrie and thanked her for a fantastic
orgasm. I knew what Carrie's answer would be, she had said similar words
to me several times. "Don't thank me, Helen, thank William. He gave you
your orgasm, using my mouth to serve his will."

    Helen looked shocked at first, then the understanding dawned in her
eyes. She was beginning to catch glimpses of what it meant to be a slave.
She looked at William and thanked him sincerely.

    "That's the first of many times I'll let you cum tonight, if you
obey," William said. Helen shivered and lowered her eyes. William kissed
her on the cheek and told her he was very pleased with his new slave. She
hadn't blushed when she came in front of the three of us, but she blushed
deeply when William called her his slave.

    After William had put Helen's shoes on, he told us all to get our
lipsticks and bring them to him. Helen fetched her lipstick from her
purse, while Carrie and I got ours from the dresser. William applied our
lipstick, in the same order he had dressed us. While William put on
Carrie's lipstick, I watched Helen. She seemed fascinated that William was
putting on our lipstick, and doing an expert job.

    As William stepped in front of Helen to apply her lipstick, she
wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, long and hard. When she
pulled her lips away from his, he grinned. "Do you need to cum again?" he

    Helen blushed and looked down at her feet. "Whatever you wish,
William," she said softly.

    "You'll wait awhile," William said.

    "Yes, William," Helen whispered, then raised her head. William took
the lipstick tube from her and applied it to her lips. Then he took a few
steps back from the three of us and examined us critically. Finally, he
slowly walked behind us and examined our rear views.

    "Char, hairbrush, please," William said. I brought him Carrie's
hairbrush from the dresser. He spent a few seconds brushing the few
tangles out of Helen's straight hair, then he spent several minutes
brushing Carrie's flowing mane. Finally he said we were all perfect, and
asked Carrie to help him dress.

    William's clothes were in Carrie's and William's suite, so he and
Carrie went next door. Helen and I were standing side by side, so I turned
to face her. "You're doing really well, William is pleased," I told her.

    "Does William always dress the two of you?" she asked.

    I said, "No, sometimes he just tells us what to wear and we dress
ourselves. But the truth is, we love it when he does things for us. Things
like brushing Carrie's hair, bathing us, brushing our teeth, changing our
tampons, dressing us. Sometimes at meals he ties our hands and feeds us.
You'd be surprised how intimate it feels to have those things done for
you, especially things you would normally do in private. And especially
with a third person watching, or even helping. We don't have any privacy
or secrets from each other."

    Helen's eyes had grown wide when I mentioned changing tampons. "He
really does all of those things?" she asked. I nodded. "Does he really
whip you and Carrie?" she asked.

    "Not often," I said. "But he has Carrie and I spank each other every
day, hard enough and long enough to make us cry." As I said that, I
realized that we had not been spanked since we left home. Helen was
shocked by what I had told her, she wanted to know if the spanking was
punishment for something we had done. "No, it's not punishment at all,
it's just part of our training," I told her.

    That was too much for her. She wanted to know more, but she didn't
know what her next question should be. I took her hand, and she looked
into my eyes. "Carrie and I love William, we love each other, and we love
the lives we live. Don't worry about tonight, just live it. You'll
understand us better before the night is over." Helen squeezed my hand,
smiled at me, and nodded her head. "My dress fits perfectly, thank you," I
added, getting me a big grin and a kiss on my cheek.

    Carrie and William returned from next door. William was dressed in a
suit and tie. We didn't get to see him like that very often, and I thought
he looked very handsome. I heard Helen sigh when she saw him. He lined us
up for one final inspection, then spent a long moment looking at Helen.
Finally, she asked him if there was anything wrong. He said, "Carrie is
wearing her steel slave collar, and Char is wearing her gold choker, but
you aren't wearing any jewellery at all. I was just wondering if you needed
something around your neck, but I've decided you're perfect just as you
are." Helen lowered her eyes and thanked him for the compliment. I don't
know about perfect, but she was beautiful.

    William told us to get our coats, we were ready to go to dinner.
Carrie immediately asked that we go without our coats, because the coats
would ruin the effect of us all dressing alike. William said it was too
cold outside, we had to wear coats, then he gave Carrie a look that told
her there would be no more discussion about coats. After she had bowed her
head in submission, he said we could carry the coats until we got to the
outside door of the hotel.

    From the time we left our suites, until we got to the hotel lobby, we
didn't encounter any other people. But it was a little after six thirty,
and the lobby was crowded. A few seconds after we got out of the elevator,
all conversation in the lobby stopped, and every eye in the place followed
us as we walked at a leisurely pace toward the front door. Anticipating my
discomfort, Carrie and William were holding my hands. We paused at the
outside door while William helped us on with our coats, starting with
Carrie, then me, and finally Helen. As we were going through the door,
someone in the lobby whistled.

    As soon as we got outside, Helen turned and grabbed William's arm. "My
God, that was fun, let's go back and do it again," she said, grinning ear
to ear.

    "Let's go on to the restaurant, and see if we get the same reaction
there," William said. I wasn't ready to admit it out loud, but it had been
fun for me, too, even though I felt a little weak in the knees. Carrie
looked like she was high on something. In her mind, the fuss hadn't been
about three beautiful women, all dressed alike. It was about a man who had
the power to control three beautiful women, and dress them all alike.

    It was less than two blocks to our restaurant, and it wasn't all that
cold, so William said we would walk. It was the height of the Christmas
shopping period, so the down town streets were busy. Even in our Winter
coats, we seemed to be an attraction for the people we encountered. Some
even spoke to us as we passed by. Nothing obnoxious, mostly season's
greetings or a simple "Good Evening."

    As we neared the restaurant, William reminded us again that we were to
act like normal people, no scenes. Carrie grinned at him. "I'll watch
Helen for clues," she said, "I'm not sure I know what normal is any more."

    Sure enough, we got the same reaction in the restaurant as we had in
the hotel lobby. As soon as we entered the restaurant, we three slaves
removed our coats and checked them. Carrie went to talk to the
receptionist about our reservations, then came back and told us our table
was ready. As we walked to the table, Carrie and I took the lead, followed
by William, and then Helen. There was total silence in the restaurant.
William held the chair for each of us, until we were all seated, then
seated himself. I glanced around, and saw that everyone was looking at us.
The spell wasn't broken until about thirty seconds after we sat down, when
William looked around, then asked us in a loud voice what everybody was
looking at. Things gradually returned to normal then, but I still felt
like everyone was watching us.

    We made small talk until the menus and wine list were brought to us.
Helen picked up her menu, saying, "I've been here enough to know what I
want. I'll just make sure it's still on the menu."

    Carrie took Helen's menu out of her hands, picked up my menu from the
table, then handed them to William along with her own. She looked at Helen
and said, "William will be ordering for us, Helen."

    Helen looked at Carrie and I, then at William. "I'm so sorry, William,
I should have realized," she said.

    William smiled at her for a moment, then said, "Well, you weren't told
that I would be deciding what you ate. But, as you said, you should have
realized that would be the case." Helen lowered her eyes and nodded her
head. She whispered again that she was sorry.

    "I don't consider what you did as disobedient, Helen," William
continued. "But I think there should be some sort of consequence for your
oversight, so that you will think before you act from now on."

    Helen was uncomfortable now, she squirmed in her seat. It didn't help
that Carrie and I were looking at her, waiting to see what William was
going to do. Finally she said, barely above a whisper, "Whatever you say,

    "I'm glad we agree on that, Helen," William said with a hint of
sarcasm, making Helen blush. "Please pull your dress up in the back, so
you are sitting on your bare ass."

    Helen looked at William for a long moment. She looked down at the
chair, confirming that she would be totally exposed to the people around
her while pulling up her dress. Then she looked back at William. "Are you
serious?" she asked.

    "Are you disobeying your Master?" William asked in return.

    Helen jumped when she heard that, believing that the rest of her
evening with us hung in the balance. She shook her head, then reached down
and began slowly pulling her dress up, rocking from side to side a she
moved the dress over the backs of her thighs and then over her butt
cheeks. When she had the dress pulled up far enough that she wasn't
sitting on it, she began feeling with her fingers at the sides and in the
back, making sure she wasn't showing any skin. Then she tugged at the
front of the dress, trying to pull it down as far as possible. If her
chair had been farther from our table, or if there hadn't been a table
cloth, I'm sure her pussy would have been visible to anyone standing near
our table.

    After Helen finished rearranging her dress, she cautiously looked
around to see if anyone was looking at her. Several men were, and she
blushed bright red. Nevertheless, she looked up and stared at William's
face. She was angry, but she didn't say anything. William met her gaze,
then asked her, "Do you feel that you're being treated unfairly, or
punished for no reason?"

    "Yes," she said in a firm voice, continuing to look at William.

    After a few seconds, William turned to me. "Char," he asked, "do you
ever feel like I treat you unfairly?"

    I knew William always wanted the truth, so I answered, "Yes, Sir."

    "And how do you feel about that? Do you want me to treat you any
differently?" he probed.

    I said, "William, it's your right to treat me any way you choose, and
that's how I want it."

    William turned to Carrie and asked her if he had ever treated her
unfairly. "Yes, Sir," she said. He then asked her if she had any
complaints. She answered, "Yes, William, I haven't been spanked in two

    William and I laughed at Carrie's joke, then William looked at Helen
again. She lowered her eyes and smiled. "Thank you for testing my limits,
William," she said. "I hope you'll push me even farther before the
evening's over." Then she looked at Carrie and I. "Thank all of you for
giving me another glimpse into the life of a slave," she said.

    Carrie held out her hand, and Helen took it. Carrie said, "You're
glimpsing a life of submission under a kind, loving master. You don't want
to ever see what a slave's life is like with a cruel master."

    "You've seen my back," I added, "that's what Carrie's talking about.
Nothing like that could ever happen with William."

    We had plenty of time, so we lingered over wine and continued talking.
Part way through our second glass of wine, William placed our orders.
After the waitress left, William asked Helen. "Did I guess your favourite?"

    "No, Sir, but you came very close," she said, "I'm very happy with
what you selected for me." She paused, then glanced at me and added, "Char
got my favourite."

    "We can share," I told her. She smiled and thanked me, and said she
would be happy to share her meal with us, too. A thought, that had been in
the back of my mind, was starting to move to the front. The thought was
that I could probably fall hard for Helen. But if William decided she was
going to be in our future, Carrie already had a claim on her, and I didn't
want to do anything to complicate that.

    There was one more thing that happened during our dinner. We were
lingering over coffee, when a teenage girl came over to Helen. Showing her
a photograph, the girl said, "Will you please sign this for me?" Helen
smiled, took the photo from the girl, and put it on the table. The girl
handed Helen a pen, which she used to sign the picture. Looking at it
upside down, I saw that it was a picture of a young woman in a formal
gown, with a sash draped diagonally across her chest.

    After the girl had thanked Helen and left with her signed picture,
Carrie asked Helen if that was her in the picture. Helen smiled and said
Yes, it was her. We all looked at her, waiting for an explanation. "Ok,"
she finally said, "it isn't something I'm proud of now. A few years ago,
when I was younger, I got talked into entering a few beauty contests." She
paused and looked Carrie in her eyes, then said, "I was Miss Albuquerque
twice. That picture was taken the night I won the Miss New Mexico title.
People still recognize me occasionally. Especially girls like that, who
think beauty pageants are a way to get a fast start in life." She paused,
then added, "All it got me was propositioned and ridiculed. People assume
you're stupid, and all guys want to do is be seen with you and fuck you."

    Carrie asked her, "How can I get a picture?" Helen laughed. She told
Carrie she hadn't kept any pictures of herself, and wouldn't know where to
get one.


  1. Getting further away from reality and even more into the realm of male fantasy. If Helen was Miss New Mexico that means she was entered in either the Miss USA or Miss America contest so she should know better than to meet up with strangers in their hotel room...especially the way Carrie and Char were behaving in the fitting room. Sheesh!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. I totally agree with Cat's first sentence.
    hugs abby

  3. What I have hard to understand is: Helena said she never felt something for a woman before. And yet she has sex with Carrie.
    Is it felt so easy , just switch?
    It is hard for me to believe.

    Mona Lisa

  4. LOL, the votes are unanimous. Hard to believe and into the realm of the male fantasy, as Cat so aptly put it. The interesting thing is in Cat first sentence where she said "Getting further away from reality", and that is interesting. Until Char I thought the story could be true with some liberties here and there, but I always thought the story was close to reality.

    What happens now I think that the writer wants to end this story and show us that a combination of three people involved in one way or another is always changing. The dynamics always change as people change.

    I cannot look into his mind of course, perhaps he just wanted to full fill one of his male fantasies....

    Thank you Cat, Abby and Mona Lisa for (all of) your comments,


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