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Training Carrie, chapter 88

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 88

   I never liked Beverly. Carrie loved Bev as her mother, so it was
different for her. My problem with Bev was that she wanted to mother me,
too, but she was nothing like my mother, and I didn't like it.

    The day before we were to drive into the city, we all walked down to
Uncle Phil and Bev's house. There were several reasons for the visit. One
was so Bev and I could get to know one another better. I had been drilled
over and over by William and Carrie, about what I could talk about. The
current sleeping arrangements and slave status at our house was not to be
discussed. Bill and Carrie were lovers, and I was Carrie's sister, end of
story. I didn't have a problem with that, but I had a big problem with Bev
wanting to talk about my captivity. I tried to answer her questions, but
every answer brought more questions. Finally I told her it was too hard to
talk about. The truth was that she was pissing me off, I got tired of her
fussing over me and saying, "You poor dear." It was different when I
talked about it with Carrie or William, because I never thought they felt
pity for me.

    The other reason for our visit was to let Uncle Phil and Bev know that
they weren't going to be our constant companions during the trip. Carrie
had a complete schedule for our activities, including shopping and
sightseeing for the three of us, and lots of time to "rest" in our suites.
Other than dinner and a play on Saturday night, Uncle Phil and Bev weren't
included in Carrie's schedule. Of course, they weren't happy with that,
Uncle Phil thought we needed his protection. But William said the only
thing he would negotiate was whether they went into the city with us or
stayed behind.

    It was hard for me to call William "Bill," but we had to do that
around Bev. It was easier for Carrie, the two of them had role-played many
times as Bill and Carrie. I did what Carrie suggested, "Think before you
speak," and I didn't screw it up once.

    About 11:00 Friday morning, we piled into Carrie's SUV and set off for
the city. Uncle Phil drove, Bev sat in front, and the three of us rode in
the back. I was unhappy that Carrie sat in the middle, I wanted William in
the middle so I could feel our bodies in contact during the drive. He
seemed to know what I needed, though. He rested his arm behind Carrie on
the seat back, then occasionally he would run his fingers along the back
of my neck, or lightly squeeze my shoulder. The touch of his fingers on my
skin gave me shivers, and by the time we got to the hotel I was wet and
needing to be fucked. Of course, it didn't help that Carrie was teasing me
the whole time, trying to cop a feel without Bev seeing it. I finally had
to take hold of her hand, to keep it from between my legs.

    Carrie and I both wore jeans and a sweater. It was a cold day, so we
had on heavy coats. Carrie had asked William for permission to wear
panties under her jeans, she said she was already wet from thinking about
her Master and her sister fucking her brains out in a hotel room. William
laughed about how Bev would react to wet spots on our jeans, he let us
both wear panties.

    While we were packing, Carrie had tried to take my mind off of the
trip, because I was so nervous. She wanted me to ask William for
permission to wear the butt plug during the trip into town. I told her
that making me horny wouldn't do anything to calm my nerves, so she put
the plug in her suitcase, telling me it would be available if I changed my
mind. She packed a lot of other stuff, too, like our collars and wrist
manacles, nipple clips, our strap-on belt, lubricating gel, and a couple
of dildo vibrators. I laughed at her, saying she couldn't stand to be away
from her toys for a weekend. She said that wasn't the reason, she just
wanted to have everything available that William might want. I picked up
the flogger and dropped it into her bag, getting a big grin and a kiss for
my efforts.

    Looking back on it now, our first trip into town - our first trip
anywhere as a family - was no big deal, except for two incidents that I'll
describe in due time. But it was a really big deal for us at the time.
William hadn't been anywhere for months, Carrie hadn't been anywhere for
nearly two years, and I hadn't been anywhere for over eight years. As we
got closer to town, we were all excited and eager for an adventure. That
included me, even though I was also worried how I would react around
strangers. William and Carrie had told me their hands would always be
near, and all I had to do was take one or both of their hands if I got

    It was the weekend before Christmas. As we got into the city proper,
all of the stores and streets were decorated for the occasion. That was a
good distraction for me, I was too busy trying to see everything to think
about the crowds of strangers I would soon have to face.

    When we got to the hotel, my nervousness returned. I took Carrie's
hand as soon as we got out of the SUV. By the time we got to the
reservation desk in the hotel lobby, I needed William's hand too. I know
they felt me trembling through my hands, but they acted like everything
was normal, and soon I started to relax a little. At one point Carrie
whispered to me that she and Bill would be in my room, fucking me, in
about 10 minutes. I looked at her, and she gave me a great big smile. I
smiled back at her, and everything seemed Ok to me after that, I knew she
and William would take care of me.

    While we were riding the elevator up to our rooms, we all agreed we
were hungry. William relented and asked Uncle Phil and Bev to join us for
a late lunch. We agreed to unpack, then meet in an hour and go have lunch.
When we had each gone to our suites, I began to unpack my bag. Within a
few minutes, Carrie and William came through the connecting door from
their suite into mine. They were both naked. "Look at her, Bill," Carrie
said, "she's still dressed. That means she gets fucked last."

    I said, "I like to undress in front of you two. It makes me feel

    "Well, Sexy, here we are, and we're in a hurry, we've got less than an
hour," William said. I peeled off my clothes, then shrieked when William
threw me over his shoulder and dumped me onto my bed.

    About twenty minutes later, I was on my back, Carrie's face was buried
in my pussy, and William was fucking Carrie from behind. I heard a muffled
scream from across the room, and turned my head in time to see Bev
retreating back through the connecting door between my suite and William
and Carrie's.

    "Shit," Carrie said.

    "I told you to make sure the door into their suite was locked,"
William said.

    Carrie said, "I looked at it, it seemed locked to me. I didn't want to
rattle the doorknob and attract their attention."

    "You'd better go talk to her," William said, "put some clothes on

    I didn't realize how freaked out Carrie was, until she snapped back at
William. She said, "Jesus Christ, stop treating me like a child! I know
enough to get dressed before talking to her." Then she realized what she
had said. "I'm sorry, Master, please forgive me," she said.

    "There's nothing to forgive," William said. "Call us if you need us,
but I'd recommend you leave us out of the conversation until you've calmed
her down."

    "I agree, thank you William," Carrie said as she walked out of my

    "What do we do now?" I asked William.

    "The only thing we can," he said, as he eased himself down on top of
me and slipped his cock into my pussy. "Carrie'll be gone a long time."

    After we had been fucking for a few minutes, I asked, "Am I the only
one who's glad our secret is out?"

    William kissed me. "No, you're not the only one," he answered. After a
moment, he added, "But this is going to be hard for your sister, she'll
need our support." I told him I would do anything I could to help.

    We fucked for perhaps another forty-five minutes, and William gave me
four wonderful orgasms. Finally he stopped, saying he was starving. He got
on the phone and ordered a lot of food and two bottles of wine from room
service, telling them to deliver it to my suite. I was looking at the room
service menu. "That's going to cost us a fortune," I said after he hung up
the phone.

    "Do you know what we're paying for these suites?" he asked. "When I
saw Carrie's plans for this weekend, I realized that she knew something
you and I hadn't figured out yet."

    "What's that?" I asked.

    He smiled. "We're rich, and we might as well start acting like it."

    He was right, I hadn't figured that out. My life had been so simple
for so long, I didn't understand what it meant to be rich. It took me a
long time to come to grips with it.

    We took a quick shower together; then, right after we had gotten
dressed, the food came. It was pretty good, and we were both hungry, so we
dug in. Long after I was full, William kept urging me to eat more. "I know
I need to gain weight," I told him, "but I'm afraid if I start overeating,
I'll go too far and get fat."

    "That's an advantage of being my slave," he said with a grin. "I won't
let you get fat, you don't need to worry about it." That startled me, I
had never looked at it that way before. He had complete control over me,
even what I ate and how much, and I couldn't have been happier about it. I
was truly his slave, but this time it was my choice.

    It was nearly five when Carrie finally returned. She looked exhausted.
She ran her fingers through my hair as she walked by my chair, then she
sank to her knees in front of William's chair and put her head in his lap.
After a moment, he asked her how it went.

    "I told her everything," Carrie said. "She's very unhappy. I ran out
of ways to tell her it was our life, and we had a right to live it as we
choose. It was Philip who saved me. He knew I wasn't getting anywhere with
her, so finally he told Beverly that we were happy and we loved one
another. He said she should shut up, learn to live with it, and be happy
for us."

    "That's all it took?" William asked.

    Carrie looked up at William and shook her head. "She said you were an
evil man, and that they had to get Char and I away from you."

    William smiled. It wasn't a happy smile. "And?" he asked.

    Carrie said, "And, Philip said you were a good man who had done evil
things in the past. He said that I had never been happier in my life, and
that you had helped Char adjust very quickly to her rescue, and that Char
was also happy. Then Philip reminded Beverly that she had said that exact
thing about him, when he was working for my father." "For our father," she
corrected herself, looking over at me. "That stopped her, she didn't have
any comeback to that. But she's so unhappy, I hate to see her like that."

    Carrie was quiet for a few moments, then she said, "I'm sorry. I
apologize to both of you for all this turmoil. I had hoped we could relax
and enjoy our outing, and now this has happened."

    "Did you cause it on purpose?" William asked. "Did you intentionally
leave the door to their suite unlocked?"

    I was surprised he had asked her that, I would have never suspected
Carrie of causing such a problem on purpose. But Carrie answered calmly,
"No, William, I thought the door was locked. I didn't want Beverly to see
the three of us having sex, and I wasn't ready for her to know the truth
about our relationship."

    "Then you have nothing to apologize for, Carrie," William said. "What
should we do for the rest of the evening?"

    Carrie stood and went into their suite. She returned, naked, with the
flogger. Kneeling again at William's feet, she presented him with the
flogger in her upraised, open hands. With her eyes lowered, she said,
"Master, please punish your slave for speaking disrespectfully to you

    William took the flogger from Carrie's hands. After a moment, he said.
"It's a fact that you were disrespectful to me. I understand that you were
under a lot of stress. I also understand that it was unnecessary for me to
remind you to get dressed before talking to Beverly. Your punishment is
that you will not cum until we go to bed this evening."

    "Thank you, Master," Carrie whispered.

    William slid out of his chair and sat on the floor in front of Carrie.
I sat beside him, and we all joined hands. William said, "You have the
full support of your family, Carrie. We'll do anything to help you get
through this difficulty. It's up to you to decide the best action, and
we'll do whatever you ask." With tears in her eyes, Carrie thanked us, and
then we all hugged and kissed.

    "So, what should we do now?" William asked again.

    Carrie shrugged. "There's nothing more we can do tonight, let's live
our lives," she said. "I'm starving, let's go get something to eat."

    "We already ate, from room service," William told her. "We can order
again for you, or we can all go out, but I don't think Char and I can eat
any more for awhile."

    "I'm wasted, room service will be fine," Carrie said. I ordered food
for Carrie, and two more bottles of wine. After the food was delivered, we
locked the connecting door to the next suite, then William and I stripped.
We all sat at the table. While Carrie wolfed down her food, William and I
sipped our wine.

    For about half an hour after Carrie finished eating, we continued
talking and sipping wine. We had just decided to climb into bed and fuck
ourselves to exhaustion, when there was a soft knock at my door.

    "Who is it?" I asked.

    "It's Philip," the voice on the other side of the door said. I looked
at William, and he nodded. I opened the door.

    Uncle Phil was used to seeing us naked, so he walked right in. "I'm
taking Beverly home," he said. "I would like to come back, I really don't
want the three of you to be without protection. But if you're determined
to be alone, I'll come back and pick you up Monday morning. It's up to

    Carrie and I both looked at William. He said, "We'll see you Monday
morning, Philip. We're all very sorry that Beverly's so upset, I hope we
can work things out eventually."

    "Thank you, Sir," Uncle Phil said. "She'll get over it, it will just
take some time for her to adjust." Before leaving, he took Carrie's hand
and kissed her on the cheek. Then he did the same to me.

    When Uncle Phil tried to let go of my hand, I wouldn't let it go. He
looked at me, and I told him that Carrie and I were happy with William,
and that he was a good man. Uncle Phil said he knew that. He looked at
William and said, "Please be careful, Sir." William nodded, and

    If anyone's still reading our story, you'll notice the last paragraph
just stops. I left it that way on purpose, and that's how it will stay,
unless some automatic reformatting software monkeys with it later. While I
was writing that paragraph, yesterday morning, Bill crept up behind me and
kissed me on the back of my neck, then he whispered, "The story will wait,
I need you." Before I could look around, he gripped me around my waist
with one arm and pulled me off of the stool. I always sit on a simple
stool when I'm at the computer. That keeps me from spending too much time
at it, because the stool gets uncomfortable after awhile.

    Bill carried me under his arm to the bedroom, then he dumped me on the
bed. My heart was racing, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The night
after Carrie died, Bill fucked me brutally, until he couldn't get hard any
more. Then he didn't touch me for almost two months. When we finally
started having sex again, he was just going through the motions. There was
no joy in it like before, and I always had to ask him to fuck me. Bill
always made sure I came, but he almost never did. So you can see why I was
excited about what was happening now.

    I rolled onto my back, and saw for the first time that Bill was
already naked. In an instant he was on top of me, straddling my waist, a
big grin on his face. He started pulling at my blouse. I told him to wait
and I would strip for him, but he grabbed the two sides of my blouse and
tore it open, buttons flying in all directions. He began smothering my
breasts with kisses and nibbles, and I came right away just from that.

    Bill told me to spread my legs, and I did. He catapulted himself into
the air, only his hands stayed on the bed beside my hips. His legs came
down between mine, he pulled my skirt up to my waist and then attacked my
pussy with his mouth. As soon as I felt his tongue inside me, I came a
second time. He tongued me and nibbled my labia for a few minutes, then he
softly bit my erect clit, and I came a third time, very hard. When I could
talk again, I told him I wanted his cock inside me. He stretched out over
me and slowly guided himself into my pussy. When I felt him sliding into
me, I came yet again.

    Bill fucked me slowly, for a long time. I was having nearly continuous
orgasms. I finally had to ask him to stop, I was exhausted. He lowered his
head and tenderly touched his lips to mine, and then he came for the first
time. It felt like he pumped a gallon of cum into me, I thought it would
run out of my ears.

    We lay together in silence for awhile. Finally, Bill said, "I've been
a real jerk. You should have left, but I'm thankful you didn't. I think
it's going to be Ok now."

    "I'll never leave you," I told him.

    "Will you marry me?" Bill asked.

    "I've already married you," I said, then held my breath.

    "I want to marry you legally," he said. "If you don't want to, it's

    "I want to. I'd be honoured," I told him. I felt tears pooling in my

    We cuddled for awhile, then Bill said softly, "I've heard that tubal
ligations can be reversed, would you like to look into it?"

    I started crying. Bill hugged me tightly until I could speak. I
whispered, "Yes, I think we should."

    "You'd need another operation, maybe it would be simpler if we
adopted," he said.

    "It doesn't hurt to ask," I said. "Let's find the best surgeon for
that kind of operation, then we'll go see about it."


  1. Have absolutely no clue why they thought they should bring Beverly when trying to hide so much from her at close quarters. And how rude of Beverly to just walk into a private room without knocking and being invited to enter. My kids were taught better manners than that at a very young age! I also accorded them the same courtesy once they got into their early teens.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Rude indeed. The relation with Beverly and her husband has been strange from the beginning. Fatherlike and then a voyeur participant?
      When you read back there are many things that contradict in the story.

      Still I loved reading it,

  2. Interesting that Bill would ask if Carrie had left the door unlocked on purpose......i know they 'play games'....but i feel it shows a lack of trust.
    And...really...if you do not want to be caught, don't rent a 3 room suite...get separate rooms....and yes Beverly should have knocked..would they have heard her??
    hugs abby

    1. Nah, I think they trust each other, Abby, The question seemed like a question Bill would ask, without a double or triple agenda. Maybe the girl have a plan of their own, but Bill is more simple I think.

      (Or I like to think...)



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