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Training Carrie, chapter 86

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 86

 It's still Charlene. I was wrong, thinking I could wrap this up in one
chapter. As I got into telling the story, it seemed more important to tell
about some of the small events that shaped our relationship. I'm starting
to like writing, I keep thinking of more things to write about. But if I
get boring and you lose interest, you know what to do.

    Back to the story now. No, wait. First, I want to tell something from
the present, it just happened. Bill read the last chapter. I had told him
I finished one chapter, and it was going to take more writing to finish
the story. He said it didn't matter, to do whatever I wanted. But then he
went and read it. I asked him what he thought, I was afraid he'd object to
some of the things I said about him, or what I said about Carrie's death.
But he just kissed me and said it was good. That's a good sign, don't you
think? I think it is. Now, back to the story.

    All during lunch, I worried about what I was going to have to do,
making myself more and more nervous. Carrie knew it was bugging me. She
kept trying to get me to talk. Finally, she said, "Do you not love me any
more, after what you watched me do?"

    "Of course I still love you. I'll always love you," I said.

    "And I'll still love you after you do it," she said. "Nothing will be
taken from you, you'll simply be asked to give. You'll be asked by someone
you love, and someone who loves you. You'll do it in front of people you
love, and people who love you. It's another way we can share ourselves.
Don't make it into more than that."

    Carrie and I were both kneeling in our chairs at the dining room
table. William had kept us naked, and wouldn't let us sit. In fact, he
kept us naked that whole weekend, except for the times we went out
walking. I reached across the table and took her hand. "Thank you, that's
exactly what I needed," I said.

    I looked at William. He smiled at me, and said, "You still have
barriers, Char. Carrie has let down nearly all of her barriers, and it's
time for you to begin doing the same. Open yourself completely to us."

    I should have kept silent at that point, or simply said, "Yes, Sir."
But I was still nervous about what would happen after lunch, and I was
feeling defensive. I said, "Does that include opening my womb for your
hand, William?" Carrie had told me about how William had penetrated her
with his whole hand, and how wonderful and overpowering it had been for
her. To me it sounded like something I would hate.

    He looked surprised, something I haven't seen very often. But my
question didn't rattle him. "It sounds like you wouldn't like that," he
said. After a pause, he continued. "No, I wasn't thinking of putting my
hand in your womb. Although Carrie enjoyed the experience, it was wrong of
me to force her into accepting my hand in her pussy the first time. So you
will have to ask for that, if you decide some day that you want it." With
a wry grin, he added, "Carrie's hand is smaller than mine."

    When I heard that last part, I concentrated really hard on not looking
at Carrie. "What kind of barriers do you think I have, that I need to
lower, William?" I asked.

    He thought for a few moments. Then he said, "Do you know when your
next period will start? What did Arthur do when you were having your
period?" I saw Carrie frown when William asked me the question about my
brother. She didn't know William and I had discussed details of my
captivity before. William knew it didn't bother me that much to talk about

    "He left my pussy alone until it was over, William," I answered. "What
will you do with me during my period?"

    He smiled. "Everything," he said.

    I quickly looked over at Carrie. She grinned and nodded her head. She
said, "He'll change your tampons and clean your pussy, too. I imagine
he'll have me help." I looked at William. Still smiling at me, he nodded.

    I had completely lost track of time since coming here, but I guessed
it would probably be less than a week before my period. I had said too
much, it was time for me to shut up, but I couldn't believe the words I
heard coming out of my mouth. I looked at William and said, "Please help
me lower all of my barriers, William. I want to be completely open to you
and Carrie."

    I heard Carrie gasp. When I glanced over at her, I saw the most
beautiful smile I had ever seen. She reached a hand out toward me, then
pulled it back and looked at William. I looked at him, and he offered me
his hand. I eagerly took his hand in mine, then I reached out to Carrie.
She had tears running down her cheeks as she took my hand. "I told you she
was adorable," Carrie said as she sobbed softly.

    "That she is," he said, smiling at me. "Let's relax for a little while
before we go back to the bedroom." He squeezed my hand, and said, "I don't
want you worrying about anything. We love you, and we'll always love you."

    "I know," I said. "I'll always love both of you."

    We cleaned up the lunch mess, then William took us to the living room.
Ignoring our nakedness, he had Carrie sit on the couch, then sat me beside
her, so close that our shoulders and thighs were pressed together. As soon
as I was seated, Carrie took my hand in hers and squeezed, then kissed me
on my cheek. When William turned and walked toward the bookcase, Carrie
whispered, "I'm going to read to you."

    William returned with a book. He handed it to Carrie, then sat down
beside her. He put a hand on her leg, his fingers resting lightly against
the inside of her thighs. She rested the book on her thigh, then took his
hand in hers and moved it up to her pussy. He grasped her outer pussy lip
and began rubbing it gently between his thumb and fingers and playing with
her rings.

    Carrie then moved our joined hands up to the top of her thigh. Letting
go of my hand, she took my wrist and moved my hand to her pussy. I began
to slowly caress her, the knuckles of my hand rubbing against William's.
Carrie sighed, then picked up the book, opened it to a bookmark and began
reading. William immediately interrupted her and said, "Relax, Char. Don't
think about anything, just listen to the beautiful voice."

    William leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. Carrie
smiled, then resumed reading. I looked at the title at the top of the page
she was reading. It was "Treasure Island." I leaned back, closed my eyes,
and did as my Master commanded.

    Carrie's voice was soothing and relaxing. I didn't know anything about
"Treasure Island," it wasn't my kind of story. But it was so pleasant and
calming to listen to her, I didn't really care what she was reading about.
It seemed like only minutes had passed, then I heard William's voice
saying it was time.

    Carrie stopped reading. She put the bookmark into the book, closed it,
then leaned forward and put the book on the coffee table. William got up,
then took Carrie's hand and pulled her to her feet. He reached down to me,
and I put my hand in his. As he pulled me off the couch, he said, "Are you
ready, Beautiful?"

    I knew I wasn't beautiful, but he made me feel I was beautiful to him.
I realized that I wasn't at all nervous or fearful. I really was ready.
"Yes, William," I answered, "I'll do anything you want."

    In the bedroom, William sat in his chair and Carrie took her place
standing beside him. I stood in front of him, awaiting his command. after
a long minute, he said, "Char, would you please get me hard with your

    "Yes, Sir," I said as I dropped to my knees. I knew it was Ok to use
my hands if I wanted, but instead I crossed my wrists behind my back. Even
though he was only using me as a fluffer, I wanted him to know how
important it was for me to please him. I gave him the best blow job I know
how to give, until finally he groaned, thanked me, and told me to move

    Staying on my knees, I moved back far enough to let Carrie step
between William and I. As she sat down in his lap, I guided William's cock
into her pussy. When she was seated, I looked up at her. She was smiling
down at me. She silently formed the word "Wow" with her lips. I smiled
back, thrilled that she had complimented me. Then I shuffled back about
three feet.

    I knelt as I had seen Carrie kneel earlier, holding my back straight
and my head erect. My hands rested, palms up, on my open thighs. I looked
at Carrie and William and smiled, waiting for William to command me.

    Long minutes passed, and William remained quiet. He and Carrie
continued to look at me, and I looked back at them. I knew the waiting was
part of my test, but it was becoming a strain. I wanted to speak, to ask
William what I should do. I was very close to doing that several times,
but each time I was able to resist. Finally he spoke to me.

    "During your captivity, you spent long periods of time alone, didn't
you?" I should have expected that, but it surprised me. I said Yes, he was

    "Did you ever masturbate when you were alone?" he asked.

    "Yes, I jilled off a lot," I said. "It was the only pleasure I got." I
knew what was coming next, and I was ready. I was determined to do
whatever he wanted.

    "Show us how you gave yourself pleasure. Masturbate until you cum," he
commanded me gently.

    "Do I have to stay on my knees?" I asked.

    "No, you may assume any position you prefer," William said, "as long a
we can see your face. Keep looking at us, don't close your eyes."

    I began immediately, moving one hand to my breasts and one to my
pussy. I put on a very private and personal show for William and Carrie. I
couldn't have done it for anyone else, and I won't describe it in detail.
Maybe you think it was hard to obey William, the part about looking at
them the whole time. That's wrong, he made it easy for me. With my eyes
locked on my lovers, I wasn't masturbating any longer. I was making love
to them, offering them my body, showing them how I liked to be touched,
showing them how to make use of me. I put on a long, grueling
demonstration, determined to show them everything. I wanted them to not
only know how to please me, but also how to frustrate me, how to drive me
nearly crazy by taking me to the edge, holding me there, then pulling me
back. Again and again I took myself close, so close it took every ounce of
my willpower to ease back.

    Before I let myself cum the first time, I was trembling, sweating, and
my pussy was flowing like a faucet. William would have let me stop after
that, but I begged him to let me continue. After resting for a minute on
my knees, my eyes locked on William and Carrie, I began the second part. I
showed them all the ways I knew to get me off quickly. Some were brutal,
ways Arthur had found to humiliate me. I had never before considered doing
any of that to myself, but I did it for William and Carrie, because I
wanted to give them everything. I lost track of how many times I came, how
many times I cried out in pain. That's the only time in my life I ever
hurt myself on purpose. Finally, I said I was too tired to do any more.
"You've done more than enough, Char, I'm very proud of you," William said.

    Carrie made a move then to come to me, but William put a hand on her
shoulder and restrained her. When she had relaxed back into his lap, he
said, "Please stand up, Carrie, so your sister can clean me off." As soon
as Carrie stood, I walked to William on my knees. Again crossing my wrists
behind my back, I took his cock in my mouth and began cleaning him.

    I didn't know if William had cum until I tasted it on his cock. After
cleaning him thoroughly, I carefully released his cock from my mouth. I
said, "Thank you, William. May I please clean my sister's pussy now?" He
kissed me, then gave me permission. I thanked him again, then shuffled
over to Carrie on my knees.

    I looked up, meeting Carrie's gaze. "Poor baby, you're exhausted," she
said. She spread her thighs and squatted slightly. I wrapped my arms
around her hips, locked my hands together behind her ass, and rested my
upper arms on her thighs, using her to support myself. I covered her pussy
with my open mouth and proceeded to lick and suck every drop of fluid I
could get from her. When I finished, Carrie and William helped me to my
feet and led me to the bed. They told me to climb onto the bed and lie
down on my back, then they lay down beside me, William on my right side
and Carrie on my left. Their bodies were pressed tightly against me, and
they tenderly caressed me and kissed me.

    I'm not sure how long we lay together, I was so exhausted that I fell
asleep for part of the time. Finally I was able to speak, and I thanked
them both for allowing me to open myself to them. Carrie had tears in her
eyes. William again told me how proud he was.

    The daily spankings started the next day. William always kept us
guessing about the times, but at some time each day I would have to spank
Carrie. Then, at some other time, Carrie would spank me. It could happen
at any time, from the minute we got out of bed in the morning right up
until we were going to bed at night. Some days I got it first, other days
Carrie did. I thought it was best to get the spanking early in the day,
and get it over with. Otherwise I began anticipating it and dreading it,
especially if dinner was over and I still hadn't been spanked yet. That's
how it seemed to me, but Carrie loved it whenever it happened. She would
have liked two or three spankings a day, rather than just the one.

    Except for the very first spanking William gave me, I never enjoyed
the spankings. After Carrie and I had spanked each other daily for a
month, William told me I could choose whether or not my spankings would
continue, just as he had promised I could. I came very close to asking for
them to stop, but I knew I would have to continue spanking Carrie no
matter how I chose. I couldn't stand the idea of causing her pain every
day, without suffering the same thing myself. I know that was stupid,
because Carrie liked the pain and I didn't. But I asked for my spankings
to continue anyway.

    William knew I didn't really want to be spanked. He said I would have
another chance to stop them in another month. I don't know if he told
Carrie I was doing it for her, or if she figured it out for herself. She
said she would ask William to stop spanking both of us, but I begged her
not to do that, and she never did. The spankings kept Carrie from thinking
about other ways she could get pain, she needed them.

    Every month I had a chance to stop my spankings, and every month I
asked for them to continue. It was a small price to pay for the joy I
felt, being with William and Carrie every day. But I never liked being

    My period came just about when I thought it would. It was like Carrie
said it would be. William wouldn't let me do anything for myself, he and
Carrie took care of everything for me. Even during my heaviest flow,
William would fuck my pussy in the shower. He and Carrie would also tongue
my clit, usually in the shower, but not always. I didn't have any tongues
jammed up my slit during my period, but they made me feel well fucked
every day, like it was no big deal.

    Carrie told me how shocked and embarrassed she had been when William
first insisted on taking care of her like that. To be honest, it didn't
really bother me. I was lost in love, determined to be William's perfect
slave, and Carrie's perfect sister slave and helpmate. Nothing else
mattered to me. I also came to trust both of them beyond any reason. They
never took advantage of me, or made fun of me except in the loving way we
all kidded one another, or did anything to scare me or hurt me. If they
had handed me a pair of pliers and told me to pull out one of my teeth, I
would have probably tried. Not really, but you get the idea. I had given
myself to them totally.

    My first solo night with William, after my period was over, he asked
me if I was still afraid to go into the city with he and Carrie. "I'll go
anywhere you want me to go," I said.

    "And what does Charlene say?" he asked. Calling me Charlene, or
sometimes Charlie, was his way of saying he wanted the truth, no bullshit
and no obedient slave answer.

    "Charlene says the idea scares her, but she trusts her lovers to help
her get past her fear and have some fun in the city."

    "I hope we're more than lovers, we also want to be your partners," he
said. I was so thrilled I didn't know what to say. He was telling me they
wanted me with them forever, even after their master and slave phase was

    I felt like I had been proposed to. I just looked at him for a long
time in the dim light of our bedroom. I finally said, "I want that too,
more than anything." I could barely get the words out.

    William said, "Don't say anything to Carrie about going into the city.
I don't want to get her excited about it until I talk to Philip." I
remembered how hyped Carrie was the last time we had talked about going to
the city, and how disappointed she was when it didn't happen because I was
too afraid to go with them.

    "I won't mention it," I said. Then I asked, "Can I tell her about the

    He said, "You'd better, unless you want her to think you're rejecting
us. She's been bugging me to ask you, I thought this was the right time."

    There couldn't have been a wrong time. "Oh, it is," I said. "It's the
perfect time." He saw the tears forming in my eyes. We were lying on our
sides, face to face. He put his arm around me, then rolled onto his back,
pulling me on top of him. He reached down and guided his cock into my
pussy. "You complete us," he whispered, as he began fucking me.

    The dam burst, and I began sobbing. Through my tears, I told him I was
sorry, I couldn't help myself. He stopped fucking me, put his arms around
me, and held me tight. Without thinking about it, I said, "I thought no
one would ever love me. I thought my brother would just kill me one day."

    "We love you, we'll always love you, and we'll do everything we can to
protect you," William said.

    I rested quietly on top of William until my tears had nearly stopped.
I whispered, "William, may I please wake Carrie and bring her to bed with

    "Yes, you may," he said. I was climbing off the bed when he added,
"Not a word about the city."

    "Yes, Sir," I said. As I ran to the guest bedroom, I started crying


  1. Still not sure how I feel about all this...once all the chapters are posted, I might go back and read it all again and see if I come away with any different opinion.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. I am curious what feelings this chapter brings up in you, Cat. To go back and read it all again is taking you a few days. Got many days leave left, have you? I hope so for you.

    Curious as to your comment on the next chapter...


  3. Char puzzles me....she is rescued from slavery, a horrible experience....and seems to make a pretty quick transition. Her long lost sister is killed...and she seems to make a pretty quick transition....???
    hugs abby

    1. She recovers quickly, Abby....



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