Monday, 19 October 2015

Training Carrie, chapter 85

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 85

 Hi, readers, this is Charlene. I've never written a story before, and
this is really hard for me. Please try to be patient with me.

    The earlier chapters were all written by Carrie's and my Master,
William, whom I now call Bill, but he doesn't want to write any more. We
agree the story should be finished, but Bill is done with it, so I'm going
to try my hand at writing.

    What I'm going to write won't make much sense if you haven't read the
previous chapters, fair warning. If you have read the previous chapters,
then you know how I talk, usually simple and direct. The dialog Bill wrote
for me is how I really talk, and I guess I'll write the same way. I'm not
trying to apologize for that, I just mentioned it so you won't think I'm
dumb or something.

    I have to get one thing out of the way before I try to explain any
more. I've read all the chapters Bill wrote, and he accurately reported
everything I was part of. If you think Bill and Carrie came across as cold
and manipulating when I first joined them, you're right. Bill told that
part of the story truthfully, even though it made he and Carrie look
pretty bad for awhile. We've talked about it a lot, and they admitted that
they treated me like shit. They've apologized, and I've accepted their
apology. They had their reasons, but that doesn't excuse it, especially on
Bill's part.

    I knew they were treating me badly, but my options were pretty
limited, so what could I do but play their game? Anyway, it worked out Ok
for us. We all fell in love with each other, and we became a family. One
of the happiest times of my life has been with Bill and Carrie, so I have
no regrets for any of it.

    Now that's out of the way, I'll try to wrap up "Training Carrie."

    The reason Bill won't finish our story is, he doesn't want to write
the next sentence, or the story that leads up to it.

    Carrie is dead. She was shot to death about six months ago.

    I didn't want to save that for last, and have everybody pissed off
when the story finished with her death. So there it is, the secret is out,
you know how it will end now. If you don't want to read any more, I'll
understand, no hard feelings. I sure don't look forward to writing about

    I still grieve for the loss of my sister, but I think my years of
forced slavery gave me a way to cope with it. I feel really sad over
Carrie's death, but I'm determined to keep going in spite of it. If you
don't keep going during the hard parts, you might miss something wonderful
that's just ahead. Sometimes I wonder if Bill can keep going, I'm afraid
he'll just stop one day.

    If Bill stops, he'll die. I'm trying as hard as I can to prevent that.
I pleaded with him to go to a shrink. Finally, he said he would go if I
went too. I immediately agreed, but then he backed out. He said therapy
was bullshit, and he was just sad, not crazy. I try to get him to talk to
me about what he feels, but he won't do that either.

    I tried to get him to finish this story, I told him it would be good
to put his feelings into words. He finally got pissed off at me. I was
glad for that, because it's better to feel anger than not to feel anything
at all. He said if the goddammed story was so important, I should finish
it myself and quit bugging him about it, so that's what I'm doing.

    The events Bill described in the previous chapters happened about
three years ago. Of course, the very first part happened a year and a half
before that, at the organization. It was Carrie's idea that he put our
story in writing. It's mostly their story, Bill's and Carrie's, but I had
a part in it too. Bill finally agreed to try writing it all down, because
in the end he always gave in to anything Carrie or I really wanted. Where
the last chapter ended is how far he had gotten when Carrie was killed.

    I can't describe all that happened since the last chapter, too much
time has passed. It seems like Bill could remember everything we did and
every word we spoke, but I usually can't do that. A lot has happened to

    I'm not Bill's slave any more. Neither was Carrie when she died. Don't
get me wrong, we were still together, and we would have done anything he
asked, anything at all. But he never asked, there was no need any more. We
still slipped up occasionally and called him "William" or "Sir." I was
especially bad at that. Bill would just frown and let it pass. The only
exception was, he'd let us call him "Master" once in a while in the heat
of passion. We all knew it was silly, but he really liked it. Carrie
thought it was funny, she'd call him "Master" whenever she felt like he
had gone the extra mile to satisfy us. Not that he had any trouble doing
that, he was more than a match for the two of us. We always felt
thoroughly fucked.

    If you need a word to describe what our relationship had become, it
was a marriage. Bill and Carrie actually were married. They married one
another in a civil ceremony, soon after we found out Carrie was pregnant.
Uncle Phil and I were their witnesses.

    Then, the same day as their marriage, we had what we thought of as our
real wedding. The only people present, other than the three of us, were
Uncle Phil and his wife Beverly. Each of us took vows which married us to
the other two. I don't know what the name is for that, or if it has a
name. I don't think polygamy is right, because Carrie and I didn't just
marry the same man, we also married one another. Anyway, whether or not it
has a name, it was what we all wanted and it was the happiest day of my

    We had long ago abandoned our master/slave rituals, as well as
bondage, flogging, and other such stuff, so there was nothing racy about
the ceremony. That didn't stop Bev from being upset over the three-way
wedding and over Carrie and I being half sisters, but she did a good job
of keeping her opinions to herself, except for one time.

    I think Bev had a little too much to drink. She asked me if I was
Carrie's husband, or if she was my husband. Bill and Carrie were a few
feet away, and Carrie came to my rescue at once. She said, "If you're
really interested, Bev, I'm Bill's wife and I'm also Char's wife. Char is
Bill's wife, and she's also my wife. Does that explain it to your

    "Carrie dear, that doesn't even make sense," Bev said sincerely.

    Carrie gave her a hard look. "It makes perfect sense to the three of
us, and that's all that matters," she said. "If you want to discuss it any
further, talk to me, not to Char." Bev apologized, although I'm sure she
didn't know what she was apologizing for. Carrie kissed her, and that was
the end of the matter. Carrie was always quick to shield me from anything
unpleasant. For a long time I thought it was because she felt sorry for
the life I had been forced to live. But that was wrong, she just loved me
and thought of me as her little sister.

    The wedding was about nine months ago, three months before Carrie
died. I'm sorry, I know I'm doing a poor job of telling this story. I've
started over six or seven times. But every time, I immediately start
jumping around in time and explaining things out of order. I'm not
starting over again, so I hope you can put the pieces together for

    I want to talk about some of the events of that first wonderful
Winter, at Carrie's house in New Mexico, some things that Bill hadn't
covered. After a rocky start, we had become a family. We all understood
that Bill's and Carrie's love for me wasn't as strong as their love for
each other. But they made me feel loved and needed, and I loved them as
much as I've ever loved anybody.

    Looking back on the event, it seems funny now, but the shit really hit
the fan when Uncle Phil finally returned from his travels. He first told
us the good news, he was convinced that Edward Collins had nothing to do
with the organization, and had no knowledge of what his son had done to me
or to his mother. Nevertheless, Mr. Collins had been stripped of
responsibility for managing Carrie's fortune, because legal actions like
that are hard to stop once they're set in motion. We found out then that
Carrie was worth $230 million and change. Uncle Phil also delivered
packages containing all of the stuff Carrie and I had ordered from the
internet, meaning I finally had some clothes that fit me.

    The shit hitting the fan part came when we were sitting around talking
with Uncle Phil, his first day back. No one had warned me that it was a
sensitive subject, so I let it out that I was now Bill's slave. (Back
then, I was William's slave, I've never actually been Bill's slave, I hope
that's clear.) I think "going apeshit" is the best description for Uncle
Phil's reaction. "I told you to rehabilitate her, not to make her your
slave," he screamed at Bill. I think he also accused Bill of trying to
start a cult, but I'm not sure what he meant by that. Bill just sat
quietly and listened to Uncle Phil rant, until he finally ran out of nasty
things to say.

    When Uncle Phil finally shut up, Carrie explained calmly that this was
the best way to introduce me back into the world, and that I wasn't being
forced into anything, just as she wasn't. "Just look at her, talk to her,"
Carrie said. "Do you remember how she acted when you first found her? That
was less than two weeks ago, Philip. I'd have to say she's pretty
goddamned rehabilitated, wouldn't you?" I spoke up, and told Uncle Phil
that I was happier than I had ever been, and that I was doing what I
wanted to do. There wasn't much he could say to Carrie and me, but he was
still plenty pissed off at Bill. During the whole thing, Bill never said a
word or acted upset, he just sat and listened to what everybody had to

    Uncle Phil took days to get over his anger. Bill acted like nothing
had happened, and in a few weeks they were back on friendly terms. Bill
did take Carrie's suggestion, though, for a few days after the flare-up he
kept the two of us dressed when Uncle Phil was around. That gave me a good
chance to try out my new clothes, which all fit perfectly.

    That was only a few days after I had given myself to William. (From
now on, I'm going to refer to him as William when we were his slaves, and
Bill when we weren't. Deal with it.) I know what you're thinking, I gave
myself to him more than once. But the last time was the one that counted,
that was the time I freely chose to be a slave. It was during Carrie's big
"Story of O" drama. I was pissed off by the way he was treating her, and I
gave him hell for it. Then I finally realized what it was doing to him.
The effort, to give Carrie the experience she wanted, was eating him up
inside. And instead of helping him, I was making it harder for him.
Somehow, out of that experience, I knew I wanted to be his. I knew the
best place I could possibly be was at his feet, and that I would always be
safe and cherished there. Being a slave against my will had been an
exercise in suppressed rage and humiliation. But being William's willing
slave was the most liberating experience I could ever imagine. I had found
my home. Being at Carrie's side, serving William, gave me more pleasure
and satisfaction than I ever thought I could feel.

    For a few weeks after the Uncle Phil blow-up, William let us do pretty
much whatever we wanted. It was a time of bonding for Carrie and I, which
I'm sure was exactly why William gave us that time. We became inseparable,
except for the nights we had alone in bed with William. I loved having him
all to myself, and so did Carrie. But Carrie agreed when I told her that
the first few nights I had to spend alone in the guest bedroom, while
William was banging her, were pretty lonely and miserable. We both agreed
not to masturbate on those nights when we slept alone. I never did,
although I often wanted to. I don't think Carrie did either. Even though
she could cum on an instant's notice any time she wanted to, I don't think
she ever did, except during sex or when William commanded her to.

    One result of the new sleeping schedule was, I found out about
Carrie's fear of recapture, what William called her "night terrors." The
second night I had alone with William, Carrie came running into the
bedroom. It was about four in the morning, and William and I were sound
asleep. She woke us up, and started talking nonsense about William
abandoning her. William pulled her into bed between us and reassured her
until she finally calmed down. When he was sure Carrie was back to normal,
her made her apologize to me for intruding on a "solo night," as we had
started calling it. He also made Carrie tell me the whole story of her
panic attacks and her fear of being taken by the organization.

    After I heard Carrie's story, I told them I would never have suggested
the new sleeping arrangements if I had known Carrie was afraid of waking
up alone. I said we should resume sleeping all together. But Carrie
objected, she said my idea for solo nights was a great one, and that we
both enjoyed being alone with William and also being alone with each
other. At that point she started to get out of our bed to return to the
guest bedroom, but we both pulled her back and made her stay with us, and
we all eventually drifted off to sleep. But when the alarm went off,
William made Carrie leave us and return to her bed, while he and I had a
long morning fuck by ourselves. That's a good example of how William never
favored Carrie over me in bed, even though he had much stronger feelings
for her than he did for me.

    During our weeks of freedom, Carrie resumed regular exercise and
weight training. William asked me to listen to her talk during her
exercise, and told me how to tell if she was working too hard or not hard
enough. After watching her a few times, I decided to try the elliptical
machine workout myself. William said it would be good for me, to exercise
while I was putting on weight. So it became an after breakfast ritual for
Carrie and I. On the days she did elliptical, I would do my workout after
she finished. On the days Carrie did weights, I would do a shorter
elliptical workout and talk to her while she was doing the weights. I had
never done exercises before, and I loved it. Carrie and I worked out
together nearly every day after that, whenever we could, right up until
she died. I still do it, but it's not as much fun without Carrie.

    Another thing we did a lot of was walking. Whenever it wasn't raining,
which was nearly every day, we would go for a long walk after lunch. Most
days we went to the top of the picnic hill, but we rarely had fucking
sessions up there, it was too cold. Carrie and William still talked about
going up the hill for a fuck in the snow, but I wasn't sure if they
actually intended to do it. They kept in practice, though. Occasionally,
on days that weren't too cold, we would dress Carrie in her rubber leotard
and bondage gear, put the backpack, blindfold and earplugs on her, and
William would drive her up the hill using reins attached to her labia

    I asked them if I could learn to be Carrie's driver, and they
enthusiastically agreed. After hours of practice in the basement, one day
William said it was my turn to drive outside. I got Carrie all the way up
the hill my first time, and she never fell once. At the top, Carrie said I
was a wonderful driver, and she thanked me. I felt great about it. I knew
it was a silly thing we were doing, but still it felt like a real
accomplishment to me. I then asked them if I could learn to be a pony, I
wanted Carrie to drive me up the hill.

    Carrie had already given me some training, with reins attached to my
nipples by dental floss. We resumed my training in earnest, and in a few
days William said I was ready to go outside. I was still too skinny to
wear Carrie's rubber suit, but we found that I could wear a loose-fitting,
heavy sweater, with the reins coming out of the neck hole of the sweater,
and Carrie could steer me just fine. So I had my first outside pony trial.
I didn't wear the backpack, William said that could come later. I was
dressed warmly in jeans and the sweater, with my wrists clipped together
behind my back. I was blindfolded, but William wouldn't agree to earplugs

    Carrie steered me around the house a few times, then we set off on the
trail. It was much harder than I could have guessed. Even walking on level
ground was hard, each step had to be taken carefully to avoid stumbling or
tripping over stuff. I was pretty clumsy, but I never actually fell until
we got to the steep terrain. I was tired by then, and my foot caught a
rock. I couldn't recover in time, and I went down, twisting onto my side
as Carrie and William had drilled me to do. I wasn't hurt at all, but
after they helped me up William and Carrie said I had done enough for my
first outing. I was embarrassed, and apologized to them for falling, but
they both insisted that I had done a fine job, and I would soon be at the
top of the hill. They were right, on my fourth attempt I made the hilltop,
blindfolded and with earplugs, although still no backpack.

    Unknown to me, William had carried several blankets and a canteen.
When we reached the top, Carrie removed my blindfold, earplugs, and reins,
then she unclasped my wrists. The first thing I saw was William spreading
a blanket, and I couldn't help grinning. He saw my expression, and said,
"You've earned it, how do you want it?"

    It was pretty chilly up there, but the sun felt warm. I dropped onto
the blanket and began removing my shoes and jeans. "I want it every way I
can get it, from both of you," I said, looking up at the faces of my
lovers. They both lay down beside me and pulled a second blanket over us.
After removing my sweater, they began slowly and lovingly caressing and
kissing every inch of my body. When they finished fucking me, I was so
tired and wrung out that I could barely stand up. It took me almost as
long to get back down the hill as it had taken me to climb it. After we
got below the steep terrain, William offered to carry me the rest of the
way home, but I wouldn't let him.

    At Thanksgiving, William and Carrie made a traditional dinner. We had
a big turkey, dressing, all sorts of vegetables, pumpkin pie, the works.
Uncle Phil and Bev came up to our house for dinner, it was like a family
reunion. I had been thoroughly briefed about what subjects to avoid around
Bev. She knew Carrie and I had been slaves, but she had no idea that we
were William's slaves, or that William had worked at the organization.
There were no incidents, although Bill and Uncle Phil had to skilfully
change the subject a couple of times. I had a great time, overate a lot,
and dozed off on the couch after dinner. Unfortunately, I was holding a
half-full glass of wine when I dozed off. I was ashamed that I had spilled
the wine, but William kissed me on the cheek and told me to forget it, no
harm was done. Carrie teased me about it for a long time after that,
whenever we had wine with our meal.

    Part of the reason I got so relaxed on Thanksgiving was the good news
Uncle Phil delivered to us while we ate. He had known since the previous
day, but he wanted to tell us at Thanksgiving dinner. The organization had
been busted. The training centre was closed, over three hundred slaves had
been found and put into protective custody, and nearly everyone involved
was in jail. The best news was that William was not going to be implicated
in any way, but the bad news was, there wasn't enough evidence to
prosecute my brother. That was partly because Carrie's investigator had
done a good job of destroying my files in the organization's computer. Of
course, I could have testified against Arthur, although I didn't want to
do that. But Uncle Phil said my testimony alone wouldn't be enough to put
him away, so I wouldn't have to do it. Uncle Phil said not to worry,
Arthur couldn't hurt me any more, and eventually he would get what was
coming to him.

    The day after Thanksgiving, after Carrie and I finished our workouts,
William took us to the bedroom. He was carrying his crop. He said our
vacation was over, and it was time for us to get back under control. I
wasn't sure what he meant, but I didn't worry, because I saw Carrie smile,
and heard her say in a whisper, "Thank God." He stripped us, then took us
to the bathroom and told us to give one another a thorough enema.

    After I was kneeling, with my wrists crossed behind my back and my
forehead on the floor, William corrected my posture, nudging me with the
crop but not striking me, until I was correctly Posed. Only then would he
let Carrie put the enema tube into me and start the flow. I had to hold
the fluid in by body while I gave Carrie her enema. Then, after Carrie and
I had thoroughly cleaned and dried the enema equipment, William ordered me
to sit on the toilet. He and Carrie knelt in front of me, kissing and
caressing me, until I started to cramp a little. Then William told me to
expel the enema.

    When  was finished, Carrie took my place. William and I gave her the
same loving treatment I had received. He made her wait longer than I had
waited, until she was obviously in pain. When he gave her permission, she
thanked William before releasing her enema. I hadn't thanked him, and I
made a mental note to correct that lapse the next time. As much as I
wanted to be William's perfect slave, and as hard as I tried, Carrie
always had more to teach me. I guess I could have resented her, but I
didn't. It was always my goal to be as close to Carrie, as close to
perfection, as I could get.

    After Carrie and I had used the bidet and dried each other, William
took us back to the bedroom and had us undress him. He sat in his favorite
chair and told Carrie to suck him until he was hard. Then he had me sit in
his lap, while Carrie guided his hard cock into my pussy. "Keep me hard,
but don't let me cum," he told me. Then he had Carrie kneel in front of
us, her knees spread wide apart.

    William left Carrie on her knees for several minutes. She sat with her
back perfectly straight, her hands resting on her thighs, palms up and
fingers straight. She was looking at the two of us and smiling, while I
gently squeezed William's cock with my vaginal muscles. Finally, William
said, "Play with your breasts and nipples, Carrie. Show us what you like
to have done to you." Carrie immediately put her hands to her breasts. She
cupped her breasts, then began caressing them with her fingers and palms.
After a few minutes of that, she took each nipple between her fingers and
thumb and began rolling, pulling, and squeezing them. Then, one at a time,
she cupped each breast and raised it until she was able to reach the
nipple with her mouth. She was able to lick, suck, and nibble her own
nipples. The whole time, she kept her eyes locked on William and me. I
noticed that her pussy had become wet. William noticed too, he said, "You
may cum whenever you wish, but I would prefer that you wait until I tell

    "I'll wait until you say, William, then I'll cum," she said. I was
getting turned on, watching Carrie perform for us under William's control.
I was starting to squeeze William's cock faster and harder. He warned me
that I would be punished if I allowed him to cum before Carrie did, and I
immediately slowed down and began concentrating on pleasing my Master
rather than myself.

    Carrie continued playing with her breasts and looking at us. She was
dripping from her pussy. "Carrie, stop," William said quietly. She
immediately stopped and rested her hands on her thighs. I noticed that her
face was flushed and her breathing was a little rapid. After another
minute, William said, "Get on your hands and knees, show us your pussy and
ass." Carrie immediately got on all fours and shuffled around until her
ass was facing us. "Forehead to the floor, spread your cheeks wide with
your hands," William said. I couldn't understand what he was doing, why he
was making Carrie put on this show for us. It didn't matter to Carrie, she
would do anything for him. She reached around with both hands and pulled
her ass cheeks so far apart that her sphincter was partially opened.

    William continued to put Carrie through her paces, telling her exactly
what he wanted. He had her play with her sphincter, running her fingers
around the outside, then penetrating herself. Up on her knees, her back
arched backward so far that it made me ache to watch, he had her put the
index finger of each hand inside her asshole, then pull herself open for
us to see. After that, he let her relax a little while she fucked herself
in the ass with her thumb.

    After turning Carrie back around to face us, he had her grasp her
labia and pull them open, revealing the creamy, pearly insides of her
pussy. As soon as she was facing us again, she locked her eyes on us. She
smiled at us the whole time, I never saw a hint of self-consciousness or
embarassment. Her thighs were wet with the juices that had flowed from her
pussy while she was playing with her ass.

    William had her play with her pussy and clit for another fifteen
minutes. Twice, he stopped her for a minute, and then told her to resume.
She obeyed perfectly. Then, without warning, he told her to cum. She came
immediately, her eyes locked on us. At the same instant, I felt William
cum inside me. I didn't think I was near an orgasm, but I also came a few
seconds after William.

    As we were all coming down from our orgasms, William told Carrie to
assume the Waiting Pose. Then he put his hands on my trembling shoulders.
"You were wonderful, Char. Wasn't she great, Carrie?" he said.

    Carrie gave me a big smile. "She's adorable, William, she's perfect."

    "I didn't do anything," I said. I didn't know why they were
complimenting me, I really didn't do anything. But Carrie did, she did
something I didn't understand, and didn't think I could do. I wanted to
say something to Carrie, to respond to the unselfconscious, perfectly
obedient, totally submissive display I had witnessed, but I couldn't find
the words.

    We all held our positions until William's soft cock finally pulled out
of my pussy. He kissed the back of my neck, and said, "Char, stand up
please, so Carrie can clean me off." I got up and stood beside him. Carrie
walked over on her knees, took William's cock in her mouth and cleaned him
thoroughly. When she released him, he was already partially hard again.

    Taking Carrie's head in his hands, he pulled her to him and kissed
her, then told her to clean my pussy. She walked over to me, still on her
knees. After smiling up at me, she put a hand on each cheek of my ass and
pulled me to her mouth. While Carrie's tongue was inside me, licking up
William's cum, all I could think of was how I would feel if William made
me do what I had watched her do. I came again. I was embarrassed, but then
William stood up and kissed me on the lips and told me he loved me.

    When Carrie had finished cleaning my pussy, William pulled her to her
feet and told her he loved her. She smiled and lowered her eyes. He said,
"Let's grab some lunch, relax for awhile, and then it'll be Char's turn."

    I gulped. "I'm not sure I can do what Carrie did," I said softly.

    "That's Ok, Char, I'm sure you can," William said.

    "It's easy, Sweetie," Carrie said, kissing me on the cheek. "It's the
simplest thing in the world. All you have to do is obey."


  1. Sure didn't see THAT coming and Char's way of telling a story is a bit confusing...seems to be all over the place. Will continue to see where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. There is some famous advice for writers and that is called 'kill your darlings". The main character that the writer obviously likes very much. At the same time the story is on lock, because all the darling can do is repeating in other words what already happened before.

      The confusing bit is a bit endearing, I think. It's the writer trying to find a way to bend the story some so he can go on... I have seen more subtle ways, but at the same time it is a bombshell.

      I was totally not expecting this, like you are. BTW, this time there is a timelapse.... He listened to you after all, Cat.


  2. WOW...that was a surprise. It is not easy to change one's style of writing....the author did a great job with that.....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, he was stuck and turning around in circles for a while. Now the roleplay ended how to go on... how to go on....
      Kill Carrie in a violent death, the bastard.


  3. Wow, wow, wow..
    What happend Carrie?
    Who did it to her? Herself?
    Many questions..

    Yes, Abby, you are right. I saw, how auror was better and better in his writing. He did a. Very big progress. And I enjoyed shift to Chars style.
    Well done, Jay .

    We will see.., I continue reading.

    Mona Lisa

    1. Don't know yet what happened to Carrie, Mona Lisa. Perhaps we will find out soon. So many questions and no answers yet.

      You will be pleased to hear her point of view and how they both treated her bad and admitting that. You were right all along, girl.



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