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Training Carrie, chapter 83

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 83

 The next morning, Char unlocked the door to the guest bedroom and
carried a tray into the room. She was dressed as much like a maid as we
could make her look. There were no maid costumes in Carrie's closet.

    I wasn't in the room, but I was listening outside the door, out of
sight. Char set the tray down on a table, then gently roused Carrie from
sleep. She helped Carrie sit up in bed, pushing pillows behind her back
for support. When Carrie tried to pull the sheet up to cover her breasts,
Char pulled it away, saying that wasn't allowed. Then she picked up the
tray and set it over Carrie's lap. It contained Carrie's breakfast,
consisting of a cup of coffee, bowl of fruit, cup of yogurt, soft boiled
egg, and buttered toast. There was also a note on the tray, which Char
said was written by Sir Stephen.

    Carrie opened the note. I know what it said, since I wrote it. The
note read, "O, Thank you for a lovely evening, the first of many we will
spend together. I will return this afternoon. If you need anything, just
ask my maid, Nora." There was a P.S., which read, "The crop is for
tonight. You will soon learn that Nora is an expert with such things."

    When Carrie looked up from the note, she saw Char, holding the crop
and smiling at her. I wish I could have seen Carrie's face at that
instant. Later, Char said Carrie looked like she was scared shitless.

    Char then said, "Sir Stephen said I was to leave your gown in the
living room. When you finish breakfast, you are to go there and get
dressed." Then Char left, leaving the bedroom door open.

    About 20 minutes later, Carrie walked naked into the living room. She
immediately noticed a large banner over the fireplace, which Char had
stayed up late the previous evening making. The banner read,


                WE LOVE YOU

               WE MISSED YOU

    Carrie was standing, looking at the banner and crying, when Char and I
came into the room. She shrieked and ran to us, hugging and kissing both
of us. She tried to speak, but she didn't know what to say or how to say
it. She just hung on to us, her body trembling and tears running down her
face. When she was finally able to speak, all she could say, over and over
again, was "Thank you."

    After a minute, we maneuvered Carrie to the couch and sat down with
her. She wouldn't let go of either of us, but she couldn't find the
position she wanted to sit in. Just sitting between us wasn't what she
wanted. Then she tried laying across us, with her hips in Char's lap and
her arms around my neck, but that wasn't right either.

    Finally I said I knew what Carrie was looking for, and we all went to
the bedroom. Char and I stripped and got into bed on either side of
Carrie. We were on our sides, pressed up against Carrie, who was on her
back. Char had her arm draped across Carrie's breasts, her fingers idly
stroking Carrie's skin. I had my hand on her vulva, with several fingers
inside her. We each had a leg thrown over one of her legs, and we both
were nuzzling Carrie's neck and kissing her cheek. Carrie had one hand on
Char's pussy, and the other one wrapped around my cock. She said that was
what she needed, to please let her stay like that for a few days. We
laughed, and Char said she could have one hour, tops.

    It probably was almost an hour that we lay beside Carrie and coddled
her, making her know she was safe and had returned the people who loved
her. Finally it was Carrie that broke the spell. "If I don't pee, I'm
gonna explode," she said. Still holding her, we took Carrie to the toilet
and knelt in front of her while she peed. She looked at both of us. "I'll
never have the words to tell you how I feel," she said. "I'm so grateful.
You made it real, you scared the crap out of me. I was beginning to think
I was stuck, I didn't know if I would ever get out."

    As Carrie was babbling, she finally noticed the marks I had made on
Char. Tracing them with her finger, she asked Char what happened. Then she
turned to me and asked me why I did it. Char said we would tell her
everything in due time, but first Carrie needed to readjust to our world.

    I spoke up, saying I had an idea how we could help Carrie make the
transition. "Carrie will spend several hours, or as long as it takes,
talking alone with each of us. Char will go first, since she had a lot of
concern that I might be harming Carrie. I'll go to another part of the
house, while Char and Carrie talk about the whole experience. You'll do
that this morning, starting now. Then, after lunch, Carrie and I will do
the same thing. Tonight, after dinner, we'll all three talk out any
remaining issues." Carrie wanted to wait a few days, but Char and I agreed
that we should do it today, while the memories were fresh, so Carrie
agreed with the majority.

    Char and Carrie said they wanted to hold each other in bed while they
talked. After getting assurances they would spend their time talking, not
fucking, I left the bedroom. I cleaned up in the guest bedroom and the
living room, then stretched out on the couch. In no time I was fast
asleep, and I slept soundly until Char woke me with a hand on my shoulder.
She was standing beside the couch, and Carrie stood a few feet behind her.
"William, please sit up," she said.

    I was puzzled, but I did as she asked, I sat up and swung my feet down
onto the floor. Char immediately crossed her wrists behind her back,
dropped to her knees, and carefully kissed each of my feet. After she had
put her forehead on the floor between my feet, she begged my forgiveness
for arguing with me and for not trusting my judgement while the drama was
in progress.

    I forgave her, then asked her why she felt it necessary to perform
this act of submission. With her head still touching the floor, she said,
"Master, I told Carrie everything that happened, and she said I was an
asshole. She said that I should never have questioned your judgment,
Master, when you needed my support so badly. Carrie said if I ever did it
again she would whip me herself with the crop."

    I looked up at Carrie, and she just shrugged. "I think Carrie was out
of line when she called you an asshole, Char," I said, "and I promise you
Carrie will never whip you with the crop. I knew at the time, and I know
now, that your goal was to protect Carrie. When Carrie has had time to
think everything over, she'll regret calling you an asshole, and I'm sure
she will want to apologize." I scowled at Carrie when I saw her shaking
her head. Finally, I said, "You're forgiven, and the matter is settled,
Char. Please come up here and kiss me, then go kiss your sister."

    Char raised up on her knees, threw her arms around my neck, and gave
me a passionate kiss. As she pulled her lips away from mine, she said,
"She's right, William, I was an asshole. I'm sorry."

    "Go and kiss your sister," I told her. Char got to her feet and walked
up to Carrie. They stood looking at one another for a second, then they
flowed together and shared a long, tender kiss. While they were still
embracing, I asked, "Char, have you told Carrie why I marked you?"

    Char pulled her lips away from Carrie's. "Yes, William," she said. "I
told Carrie everything that happened between us while she was away."

    "And how does Carrie feel about that?" I asked.

    Carrie said, "Carrie is looking forward to a long life with the two
people she loves, serving her Master beside her sister slave." With a
mischievous grin at Char, she added, "And Carrie can hardly wait until
she's recovered enough to receive regular spankings and floggings. My ass
still burns when I remember the last spanking I got."

    With a grin, I said, "Since Carrie has been slacking off the last few
days, while Char and I worked our asses off, Carrie will go and start
lunch. We'll be along to help out in a few minutes."

    Carrie said, "Yes, William," gave Char a last quick kiss, and left for
the kitchen. At the door, she turned and said, "Slacking off?" We all

    "Are you as exhausted as I am?" I asked Char after Carrie left. She
grinned and nodded at me. I said, "When things settle down, we're going to
have a Char Appreciation Day celebration. This wouldn't have been possible
without your excellent help. Now that it's over, how do you feel?"

    She said, "I'm totally in love with two people, and I don't have to
choose between them. And the amazing thing is, they both love me. Life is

    I got off the couch and put my arm around her waist. "That's not
amazing," I said, "it just proves how lovable you are, and that your
lovers have very good taste." She beamed at me as we walked toward the
kitchen to help Carrie.

    "You're an amazing man," Char said to me as we walked into the
kitchen. Carrie heard her, she looked at me and smiled.

    When lunch was nearly ready, Carrie asked if she and Char could sit
naked at the table. I said we should start getting back to normal, and
sent the two of them to put on miniskirts while I set the table.

    It was a quiet lunch. We all wanted to talk about the last 36 hours,
but we had agreed the 3 of us wouldn't talk about it until we had
discussed it in pairs. Since Carrie and I hadn't had our turn, we were
bound by our own decision to wait until after dinner before comparing
notes. There was a lot of hand holding, so much in fact that it interfered
with eating. There were also a lot of expressions of mutual love, although
none of us doubted the love of the other two.

    As lunch ended, Carrie and I had a discussion about where we should
have our talk. We both knew the bed wouldn't do, we'd just fuck all
afternoon. Finally, we decided to talk while sitting across from one
another at the dining room table. Char cleared the table, brought each of
us a glass of wine, then went to take a nap while we talked in private.

    Carrie and I reached across the table and held hands. "I'm sorry," I
said. Carrie looked like she didn't understand, so I elaborated. "I'm
sorry for abusing you and torturing you. I'm sorry I slapped you, I'm
sorry I marked your beautiful body." I would have continued to apologize
until I had listed everything I did to Carrie over the course of our
drama, but she squeezed my hand and told me to shut up.

    "I'm not sorry for any of that," she said. "You gave me a wonderful
gift, and I'll always be grateful to you. For the rest of my life, I'll
remember what you did for me, and what it cost you. Char told me how much
you hated what you were doing, and how you suffered." She grinned, then
added, "She said you've developed a taste for Scotch."

    "I promise, my heavy drinking days are over," I said. "Char was a
distraction and a pain in the ass when she was bitching at me, but I
couldn't have done a fraction of it without her help. Even though she
disagreed with the way I was mistreating you, she always did what I told
her, and she did it well." Carrie agreed that Char had played all of her
parts well.

    Carrie was smiling, and I asked her why. She said, "When you gave me
to Char for an hour, she totally dominated me. At first I thought she was
trying to get payback for the way I mistreated her when I was her
mistress. But that wasn't it, she was just playing the part of a fellow
slave who had a powerful friend. Jeanne was given an opportunity to have
her way with O, and she took it. She told me exactly what she expected
from me, and threatened me with the wrath of Pierre if I didn't give it to
her. I thought she was really cool, and very believable."

    After comparing notes on our most memorable scenes, we decided to talk
our way through the whole drama, scene by scene, and tell each other how
we experienced it. That took us nearly 2 hours, and somewhere in the
telling we moved to the same side of the table, Carrie in my lap. Finally
we felt that we had talked it all through. It was 3:30.

    "I wonder if Char's in the bedroom?" Carrie said.

    "Let's check the guest bedroom," I said. "If she's not in there, we'll
use it." We walked down the hall quietly and peeked into the guest
bedroom. Char was curled up on the bed, sound asleep. We gave each other a
glance, then made our way to the master bedroom.

    Carrie softly closed the door behind us, then turned and smiled at me.
"I missed you, William," she said.

    I knelt in front of her and lowered my eyes. "What is your command,
Mistress Carrie?" I asked.

    "Why are you doing that, William?" she asked. "All I want is a good
fuck with the man I adore. Let's keep it simple, Ok?"

    "My mistress has been dominated, abused, and tortured for 36 hours," I
said, "she is entitled to a little compensation. If Mistress wants sex,
that's what she will have. All Mistress need do is tell her humble slave
what she demands of him, and then make sure she gets it."

    A smile slowly grew on her lips. She dropped her skirt to the floor,
then walked to the bed, mussing my hair with her hand as she walked by me.
After laying down on her back, she spread her legs wide. "Come here and
eat your Mistress' pussy, Slave," she said. "If you do a good job, I might
think of a use for that thing between your legs."

    "Yes, Mistress, I'll do my best to please you," I said as I hurried to
position myself between her legs.

    She said, "Your best is all I require, Slave, and you always deliver.
Now get to work, or you'll feel my crop across your back."

    After positioning myself and giving Carrie's pussy a tender kiss, I
asked, "Mistress, may your slave use his hands to pleasure your beautiful
breasts and nipples?"

    "Fuck yeah!" she said, then she giggled and modified her reply. "What
I meant was, Yes, Slave, you are permitted to use your clumsy hands on my
breasts and nipples."

    "Thank you for this privilege, Mistress," I said as I slowly felt my
way up her torso toward her breasts. She sighed, and I plunged my tongue
into her pussy.

    Some time later, after 3 orgasms, Carrie began coming continuously.
She finally told me to stop, and I immediately obeyed. I remained between
her legs, kissing her thighs and pussy tenderly until her tremors had
nearly stopped. "Jesus, I did without that for 36 hours?" she said weakly.
"How did I survive? You're an addictive drug for me, William, I can't get
enough of you."

    "It's a privilege to provide pleasure for you, Mistress," I said.

    Carrie rolled onto her side, then got up on her knees. "Knock that
shit off, William. I need you in my ass, then I'm going to blow you like
you've never been blown before."

    I said, "Aren't you sore from last night, Carrie? Maybe we should wait
a few days."

    She looked around at me. "Hell, yes, I'm sore. What's your point? And
why isn't your cock in my ass?" I got to my knees and positioned myself
behind her. After lubricating my cock in Carrie's sopping wet pussy, I
positioned it at her sphincter. Slowly and carefully, I pushed my cock
into her ass until our bodies were pressed tightly together. She said,
"Give me a minute, please, William, then you can start." I leaned over and
kissed her back, and told her to take all the time she needed.

    While I was waiting for Carrie to adjust to having my cock in her sore
ass, I began caressing her back with my hands. Then I traced the fading
crop marks I had made on her back. "Are these tender?" I asked her.

    "Only a little," she said. After a pause, she asked, "Would you do it
again if I wanted to?"

    I thought about it for a moment. "I suppose so, if it was really
important to you."

    Carrie turned her head around and looked at me. "As hard as it was for
you, you'd do it again?"

    "It would probably be easier the next time. Or maybe it would be
harder, I don't know. But yeah, I'd do it again if you needed me to."

    She said, "And what kind of selfish bitch would I be to ask, knowing
how it hard it was for you?" She straightened her head, and in a few
moments I heard her sob. With a tremble in her voice, she said, "I'm
sorry, William, my ass is a little more tender than I thought. Would you
mind if we skip this part, and move on to the blowjob?"

    I slowly pulled my cock from her ass, then laid down beside her.
"Don't cry, Carrie, it's over now. Let's skip the blowjob, too. Let's just
lie here and be together." I said.

    Carrie laid down on her side facing me. There were tears in her eyes
and on her cheeks. She took one of my hands in hers and squeezed it tight.
"I'm not crying about that, I'm crying because you're so good to me. I
don't deserve you."

    I repeated something she had once said, "Each of us is worthy of the
other." She smiled. "I haven't asked you the most important question about
your experience, Carrie," I said. "Was it better than a trip into town?"

    She burst out laughing, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.
"Yes, it was better than a trip to town. It made me forget completely
about going to town. You always give me what I need William. You're my
perfect Master, my perfect lover."

    There was a knock on the bedroom door, which startled both Carrie and
me. "Who's there?" I asked.

    "It's Char," came a familiar voice. I told her to come in, and she
opened the door and peeked in. "I don't want to interrupt you guys, but
I'm getting hungry, and I'd like permission to get something to eat. Maybe
I could fix dinner for you."

    I looked over at the clock, it was nearly 5:00. "Come here, Char," I
said. She walked to the bed, and Carrie and I took her hands and gently
pulled her into bed between us. "Char, you don't need to knock before
coming into your own bedroom," I said. "We closed the door so we wouldn't
disturb you, not to keep you out. And you don't need permision to eat when
you're hungry. As for you fixing dinner, I don't think we're ready for
that yet, we'll come with you." Char laughed, and admitted that it might
be risky to eat anything she had cooked.

    We lay together for a minute, then Char said, "There was another
reason I knocked. I wanted the three of us to be together again. I love
being with both of you, it's how I want to live from now on. But I know
you want to be alone sometime. And I would like to be alone with William
sometime, and with Carrie sometime. I was wondering if we could work out a
way to do that, and still be together like this sometime, or most times."

    "I've had similar thoughts from time to time," Carrie said. "Sex is
great with the three of us, but it's also great with just two. I'd like to
do both. Maybe we could pair up at bedtime. We could each take turns
sleeping alone in the guest bedroom, while two of us sleep in here. We'd
all be together during the day and evening, and split up for sleeping."

    I said, "What if we pair up 3 nights a week, say Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday, and we all sleep together the other nights? Each of us would
sleep alone in the guest bedroom one night a week. And each of us would
have two nights a week to be alone alone with one of the others."

    "I don't know, William," Carrie said. "That sounds so formal, to put
us on a sleeping schedule. A fucking schedule actually, that's what we're
really talking about."

    "We could have a schedule," Char said, "but then if we all agree, we'd
ignore the schedule on any particular night, and just do what we want."

    "Would it have to be a unanimous vote, or would the majority rule?"
Carrie asked.

    "Unanimous, otherwise two people could freeze out the third person, by
always voting against them," Char observed.

    "First of all," I said, "if two of us are freezing out the other on a
regular basis, our family has become dysfunctional, and we need to fix the
problem. Second, it won't be majority rule, it will be Master rule." There
was a little grumbling among the slaves, but they soon agreed that it was
my right to decide if we would ignore the schedule.

    "When should we start?" Char asked.

    I said, "Today is Friday, but I think we should all sleep together
tonight and through the weekend, to celebrate Carrie's return to us. We'll
start the schedule next week. Carrie and I will pair up Monday night,
Carrie and Char on Wednesday, and Char and I on Friday. Any questions or

    Everyone seemed happy. After sending Carrie and Char to the kitchen to
start dinner, I went to the bathroom to wash my cock.


  1. "Everyone seemed happy"......will those words haunt Bill??
    hugs abby

    1. Nah, Bill is flexible: Quote:
      "First of all," I said, "if two of us are freezing out the other on a
      regular basis, our family has become dysfunctional, and we need to fix the problem. Second, it won't be majority rule, it will be Master rule." There was a little grumbling among the slaves, but they soon agreed that it was my right to decide if we would ignore the schedule".

      I'm sure they will work it out, Abby.


  2. Still trying to try looking at this as months/years rather than days...otherwise, it is totally unbelievable. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Smile, I understand what you mean. I never saw it as a problem but Wanita mentioned it also every few chapters....

      Men, Smile,

  3. Of course I red all chapters.
    And yes, Carrie, you a Wenger to yourself, as I said before.
    And yes. you are a selfish bitch .
    And everybody dance after your wishes.
    No, girl, I don't like you at all.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Not a word Spanish there, Mona Lisa. Good to know how you feel about her.



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