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Training Carrie, chapter 82

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 82

  Sitting in a chair facing the door, I watched Char from the time she
entered the bedroom until she was on her knees, presenting herself to me.
After a minute, I reached out and carefully took the crop from her mouth.
"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked.

    "Yes, Sir," she said. I struck her once on her belly, an inch above
her mound, and then across her thighs. She remained perfectly still and
silent for both blows, but again tears formed in her eyes. This time they
ran down both cheeks.

    "I accept you as my slave, second to Carrie," I said.

    "Thank you, Master," she said. "This slave will serve you in any way
you choose." After a moment's silence, she added, "If it pleases you, your
slave begs to have its ass marked as well."

    "No, Char," I answered, "I'll never mark your backside, you've
suffered enough cruelty already."

    "It's not cruelty coming from you, Master," she said. She raised her
eyes and looked at me. "You said you weren't going to cut me any slack,
William. Please don't make me feel like damaged goods, either."

    "Turn around," I said. She shuffled around on her knees until her back
was to me, then raised her arms and clasped her fingers behind her head. I
looked at her scarred back, ass, and thighs, wishing again I could get my
hands on Arthur Collins. Then I struck her hard with the crop, across her
shoulders, her ass, and the back of her thighs. I threw the crop on the
floor beside her, saying, "That will do."

    "Thank you, Master," she said quietly, her voice waivering.

    I said, "I want you to cry, Char. I know this sounds stupid, but it's
good for you. You need to let the pain come out, there's no reason any
more to keep it locked inside you. I don't get any pleasure from seeing
you in pain."

    She shuffled around on her knees to face me, then put her arms around
my waist and began crying softly. "That's my good girl, let it out," I
said. After a while, I helped her to her feet and took her to the bed. We
lay down and made spoons, with my arm over her and my face nestled against
the back of her neck. She cried quietly for maybe 15 minutes. Then she
took my hand, which was cupping her breast, and pulled it to her lips.

    "Thank you, William, for everything," she said.

    "Are you feeling better?" I said. She nodded and kissed my hand again.
"Are you hurting?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Good," I said. "Bring
me a dildo, I want to fuck you."

    Less than a minute later she was back on the bed. I lay beside her,
kissing her breast and working the dildo in her pussy. "Do you know why
I'm using the dildo instead of my cock?" I asked her.

    She said, "You're saving yourself for Carrie." Then she grinned when
she realized what she had said.

    I grinned along with her. Then I said, "That's an interesting way to
say it, but you're right. How do you feel about that?"

    "I don't like it, but I know that's how things are," she said.

    "You had me alone in bed last night, but now I need to be able to fuck
Carrie as many times as I can. Can you accept that I want to give you
pleasure, and it's up to me how I do it?"

    "Yes, Sir," she said. Then she added, "Before the drama, the play,
whatever it is, started, I had no complaints that Carrie was getting more
of you than I was. That actually surprised me, that you would give me
equal attention with Carrie. In fact, both of you made me feel like your
equal in bed, it was wonderful. I hope things will get back to normal
after the play is over, but it's always up to you. I'll gratefully accept
and appreciate whatever attention you choose to give me."

    I kissed her, then said, "Thank you for being honest, Char. It's very
important that you be open with me. You'll never be sorry for telling me
what's on your mind, even if it's something I don't want to hear."

    We stopped talking, and I concentrated on giving Char pleasure. Soon I
sensed that she was nearly ready, so I took my lips from her nipple and
whispered in her ear, "Char, cum for your Master. Cum for me now, Char."
Her eyelids fluttered, her body tensed, and she began an orgasm. I felt
her clutching and releasing the dildo, and a little fluid sprayed from her
pussy onto my hand.

    As Char came down from her orgasm, I began moving the dildo more
slowly, then finally I gently pulled it out of her pussy, all the while
kissing her. "Thank you, Master, that was nice," she said.

    I said, "Char, please call me 'William', unless you're under formal
speech rules, or unless you're feeling so submissive that 'William'
doesn't feel like the correct form of address. Those are the rules Carrie
obeys, too."

    "Yes, William," she said. Then she asked, "When should I call you
Bill?" she asked. I looked at her, and she quickly said, "Carrie has
referred to you as Bill a few times. At least, I thought she was talking
about you."

    I smiled. "Bill is Carrie's boyfriend. Bill shows up sometimes when
Carrie needs relief from being a slave. But lately, she's needed her
Master's control more and more, and Bill's freedom less and less, so he
might not be around for awhile."

    Char turned her head to look at me. She said, "That time in the future
you talked about, when Carrie's not your slave any more. She'll be Bill's
wife and partner, right?"

    I kissed her. "That's right," I said. I knew what she was thinking,
wondering what role she would have in that future. I had no answers for
her, not yet.

    I looked over Char to the clock on the end table. It was nearly 7:00,
time for the next visit to the basement. Char saw me look at the clock.
"Time to go?" she asked.

    "Yeah," I said. "I've used up all of my tricks, I can't think of
anything new to show her. All I can do now is wear her down, keep whipping
her, fucking her, and leaving her by herself, until she safewords or until
her 24 hours are up. I'm thinking seriously of calling a halt to the whole

    I had crawled out of bed, and was beginning to get dressed in my
leather outfit. Char said, "Maybe I could give you some ideas, William."

    "Such as?" I asked.

    Char thought for a moment. Then she said, "When you finish with her
this time, fill her with an enema and replace the plug. Leave her like
that until the next hour, then don't let her expel it until you've flogged
her and fucked her."

    "I like that," I said. "I'll do just that. Thank you, Char. Do you
have any more ideas?"

    Char was full of ideas. She sat up on the bed as she started reeling
them off. "You could give her a hard spanking instead of the flogging. You
could leave her in nipple clips, or leave a vibrator in her pussy and
forbid her to cum. You could force her to drink a lot of water and not
give her a toilet break, so she has to piss on the punishment stage. Tie
her on her tiptoes between floggings. Make her eat out of your hand after
you flog her. Make her eat me out while you flog her."

    "I thought you were against this, you said I was torturing her," I
said. "Changed your mind?"

    She said, "No, William, I still feel the same. But I can't stop what
you're doing, and I know Carrie wouldn't want me to stop you even if I
could. None of the things I suggested are as bad as what you did to her on
the couch this morning. As long as you're going to keep her down there,
it's better to give her a variety of experiences rather than 'wear her
down', as you put it. Trust me, the worst thing she's experiencing, even
worse than the crop, is the emptiness while she waits for you to come
back. Give her something to do, or to worry about, while she's alone. Then
give her some new experience every time, even if it's something small and

    "Ok," I said, "that's what we'll do." I walked over to the bed, took
Char by the shoulders and pulled her to me. I gave her a long, hard kiss,
and thanked her, then headed to the mural room.

    "Is is Ok if I watch on the monitor?" she asked. I turned back to her
and told her I wanted her to watch, and try think of more things we could
do to Carrie.

    As soon as I entered the basement, Carrie sat up and looked at me. She
didn't say or do anything, waiting to see what I was going to do. When I
reached her confinement area, I silently pointed to the wall. Carrie
sighed, crawled to the wall, and raised her hands above her head. I
clipped her wrists together, then she spread her legs, to position her
collar at the correct height so I could attach it to the eye-bolt.

    She kept silent during the first 5 minutes of her flogging. I
attributed that to the 3-hour respite she had been given. I kept flogging
her, and soon she was crying and sobbing, then she began begging me to
stop or to at least pause for a few seconds. I kept at it until she had
received a full 15 minutes, then I slipped her blindfold over her eyes.
She seemed relieved when she realized that she had avoided the crop this
time. I released her collar from the wall and unclipped her wrists. Still
crying and gasping, she turned and crawled toward the cushion on which I
had fucked her before.

    As Carrie started to lie down on the cushion, I took hold of her
shoulder with my hand. "Stay on your hands and knees," I told her.
Kneeling behing her, I pulled the butt plug from her ass. Leaving her
kneeling on the cushion, I took the plug to the toilet area and washed it
in the basin. Returning to the punishment stage, I knelt behind Carrie and
took hold of her hips. Pulling her back, I pushed my cock into her pussy
to lubricate it, then  moved to her ass and began fucking her hard. She
was still crying and occasionally sobbing, but I could tell that her moans
and sighs were now from pleasure more than pain.

    After only a few minutes, Carrie was fully into getting her ass
fucked. She couldn't keep still, she started moving with me as if we were
in bed making love. I slapped her on the ass and said, "Passive, Bitch. If
I need your help I'll ask for it." She immediately stopped moving, and I
felt her body trembling.

    I continued to fuck her for another 5 or 6 minutes, until I came in
her ass. She didn't cum, or if she did it was a small one. When I pulled
out of her, she remained perfectly still on her hands and knees. I wanted
to hug her and tell her I was sorry, but instead I took her by the arm and
pulled her to her feet, then unfastened the chain from her collar and led
her to the toilet area.

    Since she was still blindfolded, I had to position her exactly as I
wanted her before preparing her enema. When she realized what I wanted,
she Posed perfectly, crossing her wrists behind her back and keeping her
back perfectly straight. I held the enema bag above her while the fluid
ran into her ass. After removing the nozzle and washing it in the basin, I
returned to Carrie and pushed the butt plug back into her sphincter. I
could tell, from her subtle posture change, that she was surprised by
that, but she maintained her Pose.

    I pulled Carrie to her feet, took her back to the punishment stage,
reattached the chain to her collar, took off her blindfold, and walked
away. As I was heading toward the door, I heard her whimper.

    Char was watching the monitor when I reached the mural room. I put a
hand on her shoulder, and she leaned her head to the side to rest her
cheek on the back of my hand. I leaned over her shoulder and looked at the
monitor, and saw that Carrie was still standing exactly as I had left her.
"This is too hard, I can't take it," I said.

    "I've had some more thoughts," Char said. "I can take some turns for
you, to relieve the stress. Please let me help." I went into the bedroom,
where I sprawled on the bed. A few seconds later, Char came to the bed
with a warm washcloth and began cleaning my cock. I asked her what she was
talking about, and she said, "If you leave her wrists clipped together
behind her back, and leave her blindfolded, I can go down there in your
place. I can flog her, and fuck her with a dildo, and she won't know it's
not you."

    "I appreciate the offer," I said. "And I'm glad to hear you volunteer
to flog Carrie. But she'd know it was you. Even if you didn't speak, you'd
have to put your hands on her to position her, and she'd know they were
your hands."

    "William, she's an actress in a play," Char said. "As long as she
doesn't see me or hear me, she'll pretend I'm whoever she needs me to be."

    "Ok, you might be right," I said, "we'll see. What else have you got?"

    "Do you want Carrie to use her safe word?" Char asked.

    "That would be nice, but I'm not going to do anything to harm her," I

    Char said, "I guarantee this won't harm her. It's been done to me many
times, and it never harmed me, although it made me think I was being
harmed the first couple of times. It produces agonizing, burning pain, and
it's so simple. All you do is cover her breasts, her pussy, or her
asshole, or all three, with some of that liniment cream, the stuff you use
for sore muscles. Then cover the area to keep air from getting to it."

    Char paused, then took a deep breath and told me more. "Arthur had a
pair of rubber panties. He would rub that stuff all over my crotch, then
put the panties on me. They were very tight. In no time at all, the stuff
would start burning. He always tied me up first, so I couldn't do anything
but scream. Sometimes he would gag me, but more often he let me scream. He
would sit and watch me as I squirmed and screamed, sometimes for a few
hours. Once, he put the liniment inside my ass and deep in my pussy, but
that drove me too far, I went crazy. He was afraid I would hurt myself, so
he never did that again."

    She was having trouble talking about it, but she wanted to tell the
whole thing. "After doing it to my crotch every few weeks for a year or
so, he switched to my breasts. He would whip me until my breasts were red
and tender, then rub the liniment on them, then wrap them tightly in
plastic wrap. It wasn't so agonizing on my breasts as on my crotch,
although it still hurt like hell. He'd leave me wrapped like that for a
whole day. I screwed up, and let him find out that the pain was mostly
gone after a few hours. Then he came up with this little tube. He would
poke the tube under the plastic wrap until it reached my nipple. When it
was in position, he would squirt more liniment through the tube, all
around my nipple. Then the pain would come back for another few hours."

    She sat on the edge of the bed while telling her story. By the time
she finished, tears were running down the side of my face. She leaned over
and hugged me. "Don't pity me, William," she said. "I survived. I took
everything he gave me, and here I am. Be happy for me." I held her in my
arms, not knowing what else to do.

    "I could never do that to Carrie," I said.

    "Why not?" she said. "I swear, it does no harm, look at me." She at up
and pointed to her breasts, which I had to agree looked fine. Then she
continued, "It just puts you in agony for awhile. After the stuff is
cleaned off, you feel tender and tingly for awhile, then it's like it
never happened." A second later, she amended her statement, "It's like it
never happened, except you remember how much it hurt."

    "No, it's out of the question," I said. "First of all, it has nothing
to do with 'The Story of O'. There's nothing even remotely like that in
the book. Secondly, we're doing all of this for her, not for us. The goal
isn't to force her to use her safe word, it's to give her the experience
of the book. I won't do it."

    As I was pontificating to Char, I had a sudden brainstorm, a simple
way we could get Carrie out of the dungeon without doing violence to her
or the book. Not much violence, anyway, it would just require some
rearrangement of the plot. I explained to Char what I wanted to do, which
required me to first explain a part of the book she wasn't yet familiar

    An hour later, I opened the door and entered the basement. Carrie was
lying on her cushion, curled up on her side. She didn't move as I walked
to the punishment area. when I was standing over her, she looked up to me
with pain in her eyes. "Can you stand?" I asked her. She slowly struggled
to her feet and stood in front of me. "It's time for you to go," I said,
and a look of relief washed over her face. Then she winced in pain as a
cramp struck her. I took her to the toilet area and made her kneel her
while I removed her plug, then I helped her to stand and mount the toilet

    While Carrie was expelling the enema, she glanced up at me with a look
of great relief and gratitude. When she finished, I helped her off of the
toilet and onto the bidet. After drying her, I clipped her wrists together
behind her back, blindfolded her, then led her to the door and up the

    I removed Carrie's blindfold in the bathroom. She blinked a few times,
then looked at Char, standing in front of her wearing Jeanne's slave
costume. I said, "Jeanne will prepare you, and then it will be time for
you to leave the Chateau." I removed all of Carrie's bondage equipment,
then turned and left the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

    We had made sure that everything Char needed to groom and dress Carrie
was in the bathroom at the start. Therefore, when the door opened, a
beautiful and apprehensive Carrie walked out. Her hair was perfect. She
wore her favorite lipstick, and nothing else in the way of makeup. She was
dressed in her floor-length, backless, sheer gown, and black heels.

    Carrie looked around the bedroom, and the first thing she saw was me,
sitting in my favorite chair. I was dressed in a suit and tie, another
item from the wardrobe Carrie had provided for me, that I had never had
reason to wear before. She wasn't sure who I was supposed to be. "Rene?"
she asked.

    I got up and walked to her. Taking her hand in mine, I raised it to my
lips and lightly kissed it. I said, "Sadly, Rene was unable to come for
you, so I'm here in his place. I've been looking forward to meeting you,
O. You may call me Sir Stephen. I believe Rene has mentioned me to you."

    Carrie wore a mixture of apprehension and fear on her face. She
immediately lowered her eyes, then asked in a soft voice, "Will Rene join
us later?"

    "I'm afraid not," I said. "Rene told you that he wished me to have
you, did he not?" After a long pause, she nodded her head. "Well, now
you're mine," I said. "I'm sure this isn't happening exactly as you
fantasized, O, but nevertheless it is happening. Rene has given you to me,
and I intend to make full use of his gift, starting this evening."

    Offering her my arm, I said, "Now come along, I have an apartment in
the city. We'll go there, and I'll begin my evaluation of you. Rene will
expect a report on how well you've accepted your training." Carrie slipped
her arm through mine, and I felt her trembling as I led her out of the

    When we arrived in the living room, my "apartment in the city," I led
Carrie to the couch. She looked at the bottle of wine and the two glasses
on the table, then for the first time she looked up and met my gaze. "Why
am I here?" she asked.

    "I've already told you why," I said. "And that was an impertinent
question. You will reamin silent unless I ask you a question, or I tell
you to speak. Do you understand?"

    She lowered her eyes again. "Yes, I understand," she said.

    "Yes, Sir Stephen, I understand," I corrected her. She repeated what I
had said, barely above a whisper.

    "You may sit on the couch," I told her. Then I added, "Be careful not
to wrinkle your gown." She blushed so deeply that it spread down her
throat onto her chest. After standing motionless for a long moment, she
sighed. then she gracefully gathered up the rear of her gown and sat on
the couch. When she was seated, she rested her hands on the couch beside
her legs, palms up and open. Her lower lip began to tremble.

    "You're a lovely woman," I said. "The fear and uncertainty I see on
your face makes you even more attractive to me. I'll see that you always
have reason to be fearful and uncertain."

    I poured each wine glass half full, then picked up one glass and
handed it to Carrie. I took the other glass, and stood looking down at her
as I took a sip. As I continued to silently watch her, her hand began to
shake. After a few moment, she was shaking so badly that it seemed she
might spill her wine. I took the glass from her and set it on the table,
then continued looking at her.

    After a minute, I said, "Your beautiful gown doesn't conceal much, but
I want to see everything. Please release your halter and lower it." She
whimpered faintly, then raised her arms. She fumbled with the halter
clasp, then pulled the two halves of the halter from her neck and began
slowly lowering them. "Don't be a little tease," I said. "show me your
breasts, and do it now." She released her halter, letting it drop into her
lap. She then started to lower her hands, but instead blushed again and
covered her breasts.

    "Since you like your hands on your breasts, let me see you play with
your nipples," I said. She looked up at me defiantly. "Is this how you
obey?" I asked her.

    Looking into my eyes, she said, "I always obey Rene. I love him."

    I sat down on the couch next to her, gripped each of her wrists
tightly in my hands, then pulled her hands away from her breasts and held
them. "You'll obey me without loving me," I said. "I see the crop marks on
your breasts. Would you like to feel the caress of my crop, or of your
fingers? Make your choice right now." I let go of her hands, and she
whimpered softly, then began lightly running her trembling fingers over
her breasts.

    After watching her rubbing her breasts for a minute, I swatted her
hand away from her right breast. I took the nipple between my thumb and
forefinger, and began rolling it and gently pulling it outward. "Like
this," I said, "do it now." she began imitating what I was doing on her
other breast, then I released her nipple and told her to take over.

    I stood up again and watched her playing with her nipples. After a few
moments, she began acting less embarrassed and more excited. I noticed
that her breathing was coming in short, shallow gasps. "That's enough," I
said, and she immediately lowered both of her hands to the couch.

    "Remove your gown, pull it up over your head," I told her. She
gathered the hem of her gown, then leaned forward and pulled it up
smoothly over her head. She took the time to fold it, and then set it
beside her on the couch.

    I appraised her naked body for a few moments, something I never tired
of doing. She was again looking embarrassed. "Open your legs farther,
they're too close together," I said. She slowly spread her legs farther
apart. "Let me see you play with yourself," I said.

    Carrie looked up at me again, then lowered her eyes. Her hand slowly
and hesitantly moved toward her pussy, then stopped. "I can't. I won't,"
she said.

    "Stand up and turn around," I commanded. She got to her feet, then
slowly turned her back to me. She was shaking badly. "Kneel, press your
thighs against the couch," I said, and she obeyed. "Bend over onto the
couch, spread your arms out on the cushions," I told her. She bent at the
hips, pressed her breasts on the seat of the couch, and spread her arms to
each side. After another moment, she turned her head and rested it on the

    I stood behind her, sipping my wine and admiring her perfect back,
ass, and legs. After a few minutes, I unzipped my fly and took out my
cock. Kneeling behind her, I tried to push my dick into her ass. It
wouldn't go. Carrie's ass was always open and eager to receive me, But O's
ass was closed tight. I said, "I'm going to fuck your ass, O, and I'm
going to do it now. The only decision you can make is how much it hurts.
You have to decide now." I pressed the head of my cock against her
sphincter, and gradually it relaxed until I could push into her. It was
still a dry fuck, I didn't enjoy it much myself, and I'm sure it was
unpleasant for her, although she remained silent and passive the whole
time I was inside her. When I came, I immediately pulled out of her and
stood up. Leaving her kneeling, her head and torso resting on the couch,
her arms spread out to her sides, I left the room.

    I left Carrie alone for about 10 minutes. When I returned to the
living room, she was exactly as I had left her. I said, "O, please get up
and sit on the couch." She slowly got to her feet, then sat down. I noted
that this time her legs were open, the way I had positioned her

    I stood in front of her and looked down at her for a long moment, then
spoke. "You will sleep here from now on, O. I want you available to me at
a moment's notice, I've prepared a bedroom for you." I paused a moment to
allow that information to sink in, then I continued. "You'll have to cut
back on your hours at work, then eventually you'll quit work altogether.
The focus of your life from this time on will be serving me, in any
capacity I choose. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll go to your apartment and
select those items of clothing you will be allowed to keep. Everything
else you own will be disposed of, but you won't need to concern yourself
with that."

    When I finished my speech, Carrie looked like she had been struck by
lightning. Her complexion was pale, her shoulders sagged, and her mouth
hung open. I asked her if she understood my demands. She sat still for a
long time, then slowly nodded her head. Suddenly she looked up at me.
"But, Rene," she started to say.

    I interrupted her. "Rene already knows of my plans for you, O, and he
knows how to find you should he ever want to see you again. You will make
no attempts to contact Rene on your own, is that clear?" Again she nodded
her head.

    "Stand up now, I'll take you to your bedroom," I said. Carrie
struggled to her feet. She looked around like she was dazed, then she
looked at me. I held out my hand, and she slowly put her hand in mine. I
led her to the guest bedroom and opened the door.

    As soon as she stepped into the bedroom, Carrie saw the chain hanging
over the bed. She tried to back up and leave the room, but I tightened my
grip on her hand. "We won't need the chain tonight, will we?" I asked her,
and she quickly shook her head. Keeping hold of her hand, I pulled back
the covers on the bed with my other hand. I pulled her to the bed and made
her lay down. Finally I kissed her hand before releasing it. She lay on
her back, looking up at me, a blank expression on her face. I pulled the
covers over her, then turned and left the room, pulling the door closed
behind me and locking it.

    I stood outside the bedroom until I heard Carrie sobbing, then I went
to join Char.


  1. If this was real life, I think there would be quite a bit of backlash from Carrie regarding what was going on with William and Char. Will see where he goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Well, I can tell you tomorrow role play ends. So if you hear thunder and lighting tonight, you know it's a bad omen. If you hear a soothing rain you know things will turn out like it does in book...

      Let wait until tomorrow,

  2. They have certainly taken role play to a whole new level....and i am not sure that is a good thing....
    hugs abby

    1. Smile, yes no half work here. Still like I said to Cat, tomorrow we will know how this role play ends...

      So nice you both still read this lengthy story..



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