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Training Carrie, chapter 81

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 81

 After gathering the crop and flogger from the living room, I picked up
the tray Char had prepared, then started back for the basement. The tray
held, a pitcher of ice water and a glass, a small bread baguette, grapes,
apples, an orange, a banana, and a pear. At the bottom of the stairs, I
set the tray on the control console while I unlocked the door. I walked
through the door, kicked it closed behind me, then carried the tray to the
punishment area and set it down within Carrie's reach.

    Carrie was lying on her side, and had watched me approach with the
tray. She seemed relieved to see that it contained only food and water.
Perhaps my grim expression gave away my intentions, she got to her knees
as I approached her. I clipped her wrists together in front, then had her
walk on her knees until she was pressed against the wall. I then pulled
her hands over her head while I clipped her collar to an eye-bolt in the
wall. When I let go of her hands, she lowered them until they were between
her face and the wall, and pressed her cheek to the back of her hand.

    The eye-bolt her collar was connected to was a little too low, so she
was bent at the waist. I had her spread her knees, to lower her torso
until she could flatten her breasts and belly against the wall. After
telling her to hold that position, I took the flogger out of my belt and
began flogging her back, ass, and the backs of her thighs.

    It didn't take but a very few minutes for Carrie to get beyond the
crying and sobbing stages. Long before I had covered her backside
uniformly, she was screaming and begging me to stop. I kept at it until
she was a uniform pink from her shoulders to just above her knees. Then I
traded the crop for the flogger, and gave her two welts across her ass.

    After covering Carrie's eyes with the blindfold, I unfastened her
collar from the eye-bolt, then unfastened her wrists and clipped them
together behind her back. Her screams had stopped, but she was sobbing and
crying so hard that it was difficult for her to catch her breath. She was
so distracted that she ignored my command to turn around, so I took her by
her shoulders, turned her away from the wall, and pushed her down on her
back on a cushion.

    I knelt between Carrie's legs, grasped her calves and pulled her
closer to me, then shoved my cock into her sopping wet pussy, I fucked her
hard until I came, then pulled out of her. Rolling her off of the cushion
onto her stomach, I unclipped her wrists. Then I stood and walked toward
the basement door.

    I was going to return to the bedroom and rest for an hour, but then I
decided to stay with her. Apart from the faint pools of light over Carrie
and over the toilet, the rest of the basement was very dark. I opened the
door to the stairway, then closed it again. Hoping she wouldn't know that
I hadn't left, I quietly walked down to the Master's area and eased myself
down on the couch. I could see her at the opposite end, lying where I had
left her. I could clearly hear her sobs and cries.

    Over the next few minutes, Carrie's sobbing diminished, until finally
she was quiet except for an occasional sniffle. A little later I saw her
get to her knees and crawl toward the food tray. She poured herself a
glass of water, drank it slowly, then crawled back to her cushion and lay
down on her stomach. She didn't move again, but occasionally I heard her
crying softly.

    After an hour, I carefully got up from the couch and crept back to the
stairwell door. I opened it and tried to make it look like I came through
the door. Carrie looked over at me, then watched silently as I approached
her. When I fastened her wrists in front and told her to position herself
against the wall, she began crying and begging me not to hurt her again.
Ignoring her pleas, I positioned her as I had before, then began flogging
her. This time she immediately began screaming and begging me to stop. Her
skin was still red and irritated from the previous flogging, and the two
crop marks were puffy and a brighter red. Instead of going by the color of
her skin, I flogged her for 10 minutes, trying to uniformly cover her
back, ass, and thighs. When I finished with the flog, I again gave her two
crop marks, one on each thigh this time.

    Because I had cum an hour before, it took me longer this time.
Although Carrie was still crying and sobbing, this time she was also
enjoying the fucking, and she came a few seconds after I did. Again I
withdrew from her, rolled her over and unclipped her wrists, then walked
away. But this time I actually went upstairs, I needed a drink.

    When I got to the mural room, Char was sitting at the console, looking
at Carrie on the monitor. Since Carrie and I never used the monitor
system, I had forgotten it existed. Char looked up at me with sadness in
her eyes. "How can you keep doing this, it's making you miserable," she

    I looked at the monitor. "Worry about her, don't worry about me," I
said. Then I added, "Didn't I tell you to stay away?"

    "You told me to stay out of the basement," she said. "This isn't the
basement. You said I could be Carrie's witness, and I need to do that job.
Please don't stop me."

    "Whatever," I said, too weary to even talk about it. I went to get a
glass of Scotch.

    Char followed me into the bedroom. "Let me get you a glass of wine,"
she said. "The bottle you opened at lunch isn't half empty. You're better
off with a glass of wine than that awful Scotch."

    I was slumped in a chair when she brought the wine. After I took the
glass from her, she disappeared into the bathroom. She came out a minute
later with a warm damp washcloth and proceeded to clean my cock. "How long
can you keep this up?" she asked. "You're good, but can you fuck her every
hour for 24 hours?"

    I took a sip of wine, then said, "I don't have to. An hour from now,
she'll expect another whipping and fucking, but I'll give her an enema and
a toilet break instead. then I'll leave her alone for two hours instead of
one. Her next whipping and fucking will be 3 hours from now."

    Char knelt between my legs. "What can I do for my Master?" she asked.
"Let me undress you, lie down on your stomach, and I'll give you a
massage." I nodded and handed her the wine, and she finished it for me.
Then she stood, pulled me out of the chair, and began undressing me.

    A few minutes later, Char was straddling my waist, kneading my
shoulders. "That feels great, who taught you to do that?" I asked.

    She didn't answer for a long time, then she said, "My brother would
flog me for awhile, then he'd say he was getting muscle cramps. He'd make
me give him a massage, then he'd resume the flogging. He didn't flog me
often, he preferred the whip. But when he did flog me, it would last for

    I curled my right arm around my head and touched Char's left hand on
my shoulder. She took my hand in hers and squeezed. I told her I was sorry
I had made her remember that. She snorted. "You didn't make me remember
it, William," she said, "I can never forget it."

    "I see now that it was wrong of us to involve you in this 'Story of O'
thing," I said. "We're just playing at torture and S/M, but we should have
been more sensitive and understanding of your feelings. We shouldn't have
made you a part of it. Hell, we shouldn't have even done it while you were
here. I'm sorry."

    Char said, "I'll never forget the things that were done to me,
William. But being here, and watching you and Carrie and your scenes,
isn't harming me. I'm just worried about Carrie, I wouldn't describe what
you're doing as playing with her. Just because she wants everything you're
doing to her, that doesn't mean it won't harm her."

    She never gave up. "I'm not going to discuss it with you any more,
Char," I said. "Thank you for the massage, you can let me up now."

    She lay down on my back and kissed me on the neck. "I do love you, and
I love Carrie," she said. "Please forgive me for meddling." Then she
straightened up and climbed off of me.

    Rolling over on my back, I held up my arms and pulled Char down on top
of me. She lay her head on my shoulder and put the palm of her hand on my
chest. "I won't punish you to obtain your obedience, Char," I said. "If
you're not willing to obey me of your own choice, then I don't want you
calling me Master, or Sir, or William, and I don't want you saying you're
my slave or telling me you love me. From this moment on, you're either my
slave or you're not. I've asked you several times to stop bugging me about
what Carrie and I are doing. If you mention it again, I'm finished with
you. Do you understand?"

    Still resting her head on my shoulder, Char softly said, "Yes,

    I said, "When Carrie's recovered from this, she'll need daily
spankings and occasional flogging. Carrie and I both want you to take over
that duty from me, so that's what you'll do. Tell me how you feel about

    "I had hoped to talk you out of that, William, I don't want to do it,"
she said quietly.

    "What better way is there to make sure she isn't harmed, Char?" I
said. "You'll be in charge of giving her the amount of pain she wants and
needs, while seeing that she's not damaged."

    "You've forbidden me to talk about it, William, so I can't argue with
you," she said softly. "I don't have any choice, I either obey you, or
you'll isolate me from the two of you."

    "I'm glad you understand your situation. Get me another glass of
wine," I said. Char climbed off the bed, grabbed the glass from the table,
and hurried out of the bedroom. When she returned, I was sitting in my
favorite chair once more. She knelt between my feet and offered me the
glass of wine. "So you can obey, if you feel like it," I observed.

    Still holding out the glass for me, she bowed her head and said, "Yes,
Sir. I'm very sorry, William, I won't disobey you again." As I took a sip
of wine, Char said, "Please, William, if all you're going to do the next
time is give Carrie an enema and let her use the toilet, I can do it for
you. You can stay here and rest."

    "No, Char, but thank you," I said. "She needs to see me coming back to
flog her again, only to find out she'll be spared this time. It has to be
me." I knew Char was thinking this was simply more psychological torture,
and of course she was right. But this time she knew better than to speak
of it.

    As soon as I entered the basement, I heard Carrie start whimpering. As
I approached her, she got to her knees and began pleading with me, begging
me not to hurt her any more, or to give her a little more time before
flogging her again. When I climbed on the stage, she gave up. She fell
silent, walked to the wall on her knees and held up her hands for me to
clip her wrists together.

    I took hold of both of Carrie's wrists, but I pulled them down and
behind her back before clipping them together. Reaching under her chin, I
unfastened the chain from her collar, then pulled her to her feet. Taking
hold of her arm, I helped her off of the punishment stage and walked her
to the toilet area.

    I pointed to the dot on the floor and told Carrie to kneel and put her
forehead on the dot, and not to move without permission. She dropped to
her knees and put her head on the dot. The manacles prevented her from
crossing her wrist, but otherwise she was perfectly Posed for an enema.
Once I had adjusted the water temperature and filled the enema bag, I
removed the butt plug from her ass and pushed in the enema fill tube.

    While the enema solution was running into Carrie's ass, I examined the
welts I had made on her rear over the last 2 days. There was no broken
skin, which was good, she would heal without scars. Looking carefully, I
could see to varying degrees the traces of every blow I had given her with
the crop, starting from last night when she was chained in the living
room. I wondered if Char was right, that I might be harming her. I would
have given anything to hear Carrie use her safe word, and put an end to
all our pain, but I knew that wouldn't happen.

    When the enema bag was empty, I left her on her knees while I cleaned
the enema nozzle and her butt plug. Then I pulled her to her feet and
helped her suspend herself over the toilet. After she had emptied her
bowels and bladder, I helped her off of the toilet and took her to the
shower area.

    I had positioned Carrie over the floor drain in the shower, covered
her hair with a plastic shower cap, and was about to unfasten her wrists
so I could refasten them to the shower attach points. She glanced up and
briefly met my gaze, then quickly averted her eyes. "Jeanne told me some
of the things you make her do," she said in a whisper.

    "And what do you want me to make you do, little girl?" I asked.

    Carrie dropped to her knees and lowered her head. "Use me as your
toilet," she said softly. "Please piss in my mouth, Pierre."

    I looked down at her for a long time. She didn't move and didn't say
anything more. "One time, then never again," I said, slipping out of
character. She nodded her head just enough for me to see. She then brought
her body to an erect posture, shoulders back and breasts pushed forward.
She leaned back a little, tilted her head up, closed her eyes, and opened
her mouth wide. I took a moment to examine the crop marks on her chest,
stomach, and thighs, making sure that none of the welts had broken skin.
She was unlikely to get a skin infection.

    Taking my dick in my hand, I let loose a stream of urine at her
breasts, then directed it up onto her face, and finally straight into her
mouth. She swallowed several mouthfuls, then kept her mouth wide open and
let the urine run back out of her mouth and down her body.

    I pissed into Carrie's mouth until my stream began to weaken, then I
began spraying it all over her torso and legs. She leaned back farther,
and I tried to piss directly onto her pussy, but by then I was nearly out
of pressure. I stepped closer to her and said, "It's good to the last
drop, clean me off." She leaned forward, took my cock into her mouth, and
swallowed my remaining piss. Then she lovingly cleaned me, as she had done
so many times following sex. As she released me, she kissed the tip of my
cock, then bowed her head and waited.

    I told her to stand up, then released her wrists and clipped them to
the shower attach points. I turned on the cold water and wet her down
thoroughly with the handheld shower head. Once she was wet, gasping and
shivering, I turned off the water and soaped her all over, then turned on
the water again and thoroughly rinsed her. I left her standing in the
shower while I walked up to the Master's area. Returning with a towel, I
patted her dry, then removed her shower cap. After refastening her wrists
behind her back, I had her bend over so I could reinsert her butt plug,
then took her back to the punishment area.

    As I was reconnecting Carrie to her chain, I looked over at her food
tray. She had eaten some bread, an apple, and a few grapes. Her water
pitcher was nearly empty, so I took it to the Master's area and refilled
it with chilled water. Finally, I unfastened her wrists, and then walked
away from her toward the exit door. As I walked away, she must have
realized she wasn't going to be flogged or fucked this time. She
whispered, "Please don't leave. Stay with me." If I had turned to look at
her, I would have lost it, so I kept walking to the door, then went up the

    Char was again sitting at the console in the mural room.  I looked at
the monitor and saw that Carrie had curled up into a ball on her cushion.
She was probably trying to warm herself after the cold shower. Char looked
at me, but didn't say anything. I don't know why I felt I should explain
anything to her, but I did. "She's asked me to do that to her several
times, now she knows what it's like. Hopefully she'll never want me to do
it again."

    She gave me a wry smile. "Don't count on it," she said. Then she stood
and faced me. Eyes lowered, she said, "I'll do it. If I'm going to have to
spank her and flog her, I might as well volunteer to piss on her, too."

    "Call me old fashioned," I said, "but I don't like the people I love
getting pissed on. If Carrie ever asks you to do that, you'll tell me

    "Yes, Sir." Char whispered.

    I checked the clock in the bedroom, and was surprised that it was
after 5:00. I had Char undress me, then I took hold of her labia and led
her to the kitchen. "That's one thing no one ever did to me until I got
here," she said. "It makes me feel owned."

    Char had been bugging me since last night. But every time she
challenged what I was doing to Carrie, she had backed down and become
submissive when I refused to give in to her. I knew she wanted to protect
Carrie, but I had wondered if there was more to it than that, so I decided
to find out.

    "You are owned," I said, "and it's time you realized it." She didn't
respond, so I stopped and turned to her, still holding her labia. She met
my gaze, then lowered her eyes. "It's time you realized that I own you," I

    "Yes, Sir," Char said softly. "It's time I realized that you own me,

    I knew I had her now, I wanted to see how far she was willing to go.
"Ask me for the crop," I said. "You want to feel the crop, don't you? You
want to feel what Carrie's been feeling. Ask me to mark your breasts with
the crop." I released her labia and stood waiting for her answer.

    Char dropped to her knees and lowered her head. She stayed still for a
long moment, then she looked up at me and said, "Please mark my breasts
with the crop, William, the same crop you used on Carrie."

    "The crop is in the bedroom, on the table, Char," I told her. "Go get
it, and bring it to me in the kitchen." I turned away from her and headed
for the kitchen. Behind me, I heard Char get up and walk down the hall
toward the bedroom.

    I was pouring a glass of wine when she came into the kitchen. I
glanced around at her, and saw that she had the crop in her right hand.
"On your knees," I said. She immediately knelt. I turned and looked at her
a I took a sip of wine.

    "Is that how you were taught to present when your breasts are to be
whipped?" I asked. She immediately spread her knees apart and came to
attention, her shoulders back and her breasts thrust out. Her eyes were
downcast, and her lower lip was trembling. Her breasts also trembled, as
they rose and fell with her shallow breathing. "That's better," I said,
"but the crop needs to be held in your mouth, and your wrists need to be
crossed behind your back. She immediately transferred the crop from her
hand to her mouth, then put her arms behind her back. "Now stay like that
until I'm ready to mark you," I said, then turned my back on her and began
preparing dinner.

    I ignored Char completely while I made dinner. When dinner was on the
dining room table, I returned to the kitchen and stood in front of her. I
held my hand out, and she stretched her head toward it, offering me the
crop. I took the crop from her mouth, then stood looking down at her. She
was still in the correct posture, her head held erect and her eyes

    "Do you still want me to mark your breasts?" I asked her. She held
perfectly still for a moment, not even breathing. Then she slowly nodded
her head. I struck her hard across the upper part of her left breast, just
above the top of her areola, about an inch above the nipple. Her body
jerked, but she didn't make a sound and she didn't break her Pose.
Shifting my position slightly, I struck the right breast. Again she
remained still and silent, but I could see tears pooling in the corners of
her eye.

    I stood and watched her for awhile, then said, "You can thank me now."

    Char raised her eyes and looked at me. "Thank you, William," she said.

    "Come to dinner," I said, then turned and walked to the dining room.

    I was already seated when Char came into the room. Her eyes went to
the crop laying on the table beside her plate, then she moved toward her

    "Not there," I said, "come over here by me." She walked up to me and
stood beside my chair, waiting. I looked up at her, and said, "Carrie
enjoys sitting in my lap while we eat, I thought you'd like to try it."

    "Yes, William," she said, a slight smile showing at the corners of her
mouth. She turned to sit in my lap.

    "We don't do it exactly like that, Char," I said. I took her arms and
urged her to squeeze between my knees and the table, then told her to bend
over and get me hard with her mouth. It only took her a few seconds to
accomplish that, then I told her to straddle my leg and guide my cock into
her pussy. I held her waist as she climbed onto my lap, facing me. When my
cock was into her slit as far as it would go, I told her she had to keep
me hard with her vaginal muscles, but not let me cum. She smiled and

    When I felt the first squeeze from her pussy, I leaned forward and
kissed the fresh welts on her breasts. She put her hands to the side of my
head and kissed my forehead. "Are you really giving yourself to me?" I
asked her.

    She looked down her pussy, filled with my cock, then said "Yes,
William, I want you to own me. I thought I was submitting to you because
that was what it took to be with you and Carrie. But now I know I really
want to be yours. I know Carrie will always be first in your eyes, please
let me be second."

    "I'm not going to cut you any more slack, Char," I said. "If you're
mine, you'll obey my rules. You know I'm not a strict Master, but you know
I demand obedience. From now on you'll obey or be punished. And you
already know that your punishment will involve pain for Carrie, and vice

    "Yes, Sir. I will obey you, William. I won't cause my sister pain
because of my disobedience," she said. After a pause, she added, "Although
she'd no doubt enjoy it."

    "I control how much pain Carrie is allowed to receive," I said
sternly. "You will be administering it, most of the time, but I control
it. Do you understand?" She nodded.

    We kissed, then I eased her back until she was leaning against the
edge of the table. I reached around her, picked up my plate, and held it
between us until Char got the idea and took it from me. I reached again
and got my fork, loaded it with a bite of food, and offered it to her. She
opened her mouth as I guided the fork in, then closed her lips as I
withdrew it. She smiled at me as she chewed. "Don't let me deflate," I
told her. I felt her muscles clench around me, and it was my turn to

    We talked as we ate. The conversation kept coming back to Carrie, and
why not? She was the focus of my life, and if Char wanted to be mine,
Carrie and I would become the focus of her life. The other reason Carrie
was in our thoughts, it was hard for both of us to accept that she was
downstairs, alone, afraid, and in pain, while we were enjoying a good meal
and pleasant sexual stimulation.

    We ate our fill, then I eased Char off of my lap and stood up. I
pulled her into my arms, hugged her, and gave her a long, tender kiss.

    "Clean up the dinner mess, put everything in the dishwasher and start
it, then come to the bedroom," I said. As she turned to begin clearing the
table, she saw the crop. She picked it up and asked me if I wanted to take
it with me. I put it between her teeth, then traced the welts on her
breasts with my finger. "Hold it like this until you come to the bedroom.
Present again, and I'll mark you again. Then you'll be mine." She lowered
her eyes and hurried to gather up the dinner dishes. I turned and went to
the bedroom to wait for her.


  1. It really bothers me that William does not enjoy what he has to do to meet Carrie's needs and has to resort to drinking.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Hold on Cat, chapter 83 end of roleplaying...


  2. I agree with Cat...and also wonder, if or when, Carrie finds out what happened between Bill and will she feel? It is getting complicated...which I guess should have been expected....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, what is a story if nothing happens...



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