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Training Carrie, chapter 79

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 79

 At around 7:30, Char walked into Carrie's bedroom, wearing Jeanne's
slave uniform, and her slave collar, but no manacles. She carried a tray,
containing a cup of coffee, a soft boiled egg, and a slice of buttered
toast. Char set the tray on a table, then stood silently beside Carrie's

    A few seconds later, I walked into Carrie's bedroom, wearing the
clothes Rene had worn when he delivered Carrie to the Chateau. Carrie was
still standing at the head of her bed, looking miserable. She was looking
at Char, but obviously had not spoken to her. When she saw me, she smiled.
"Rene," she cried, "you've come for me. I knew you wouldn't abandon me."

    Smiling at Carrie, I walked to the side of her bed where her chain was
secured. I released the chain from the eye-bolt, then went to Carrie and
helped her step off of the bed. I unfastened the chain from her wrist
manacles, then unclipped her wrists, and finally removed her bondage belt.

    With my arm around Carrie, I walked her to a chair near where Char had
left her breakfast. I sat in the chair, then pulled Carrie into my lap.
She put her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. "You
have to eat," I told her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Char leave
the room.

    "Rene," Carrie said, "I want to leave now. We can stop for breakfast
on the way home."

    "What's your name?" I asked her, to see if she would use her safe

    "Rene, you know very well, my name is O. Why would you ask me such a

    "You can't leave yet, O," I said. "I brought you here to be trained,
and your training has just begun. You're going to be here for several
weeks, at least."

    "But Rene, you can train me. I'll do anything you say. Anything at
all, Rene, just please take me home."

    I smiled at her. "No, this is the only place you can be properly
trained. Now be silent and eat your breakfast."

    When Char returned with Carrie's slave clothes, Carrie was trying to
eat breakfast. She was having a hard time, because she was still sitting
in my lap, and I had all four fingers of my left hand in her wet pussy. I
had just asked her for a taste of her coffee. As she moved the coffee cup
toward my lips, her hand shook so badly that she spilled a little coffee
on her leg and mine. I took the cup from her and took a sip, then replaced
it on the table. "Finish your breakfast," I told her, "I have a lot to
tell you before I leave."

    When Carie finally finished her breakfast, I moved the chair to the
center of the bedroom and had Carrie sit down again. I was standing in
front of her, and Char was behind me, leaning against the wall. I
proceeded to explain to Carrie all of the rules she must follow during her
stay. I did my best to lay our the rules exactly as they were written in
"The Story of O," so I won't repeat everything I said. The short version
was that she must obey everyone, give herself sexually to anyone who
wanted her, and act submisive at all times.

    After Carrie asured me that she understood the rules, I had Char step
forward. I proceeded to explain Char's uniform to Carrie, and showed her
how the breasts could be exposed, as well as the pussy and ass. Then I
commanded Char to dress Carrie.

    When Carrie was dressed and standing in front of me, she looked very
sexy. The sheer blouse was buttoned only at the throat, and showed a small
patch of bare skin from her breasts down to the waistband of her
miniskirt. It added just a hint of mystery to her gorgeous breasts, and I
became erect just looking at her.

    "You should show the lovely marks Pierre has given you," I said, as I
tucked the hem of her skirt into the waistband in front and back. "And you
should show these beautiful breasts whenever possible," I added, as I
pulled the plackets of her blouse under her arms and buttoned the bottom
button behind her back.

    Holding her shoulders, I walked Carrie to the floor mirror, so she
could see herself. The welts ocross her breasts from the previous night
were almost faded away, but she had a bright red stripe across the front
of her thighs, and four matching marks in the back, across her ass and
thighs. As she silently looked at herself, I said, "This is a new
beginning for you, O. Anyone who looks at the marks on your body will want
to add to them. And anyone who sees your breasts will want to watch you
crying out and pleading for mercy as they're being flogged."

    Carrie turned quickly to face me. "But Rene," she started to say. I
quickly put a finger to her lips to silence her.

    "You've been given the rules you must follow. One of them is silence.
That means you must be quiet except when commanded to speak, or when you
are crying out in passion or in pain. But I want to hear you say one last
thing, O. I want to hear you say the name of the man for whom I am
preparing you. I want you to say 'Sir Stephen,' then be silent. Do it now,

    She looked into my eyes, and I could see a mixture of confusion, fear,
and betrayal. I hated that look, even if if it was only play acting. After
a moment, she lowered her eyes, and whispered, "Sir Stephen."

    Wishing for another fortifying shot of Scotch, I said, "I must leave
you now, O. Just remember, I expect you to obey and to learn. I'll come
back for you when your training is completed." As I turned for the door, I
looked at Char, and I could tell she was as upset as I was. Carrie's total
immersion in her part had sucked both of us into her world, and we both
felt a little less than human at this point.

    As I reached the door, I turned back to Carrie. She looked so sad and
miserable that I almost lost it. I wanted to run to her and hug her and
tell her how much I loved her. Instead, I did what she wanted me to do.

    "There's one more thing you need to learn before I go," I told Carrie.
Walking over to Char, I said, "Bare your breasts, Please, Jeanne." Char
quickly grabbed the bottom of her blouse on each side, pulled it behind
her back, and buttoned the last button. Then she pulled the front of the
blouse aside, baring her breasts. I stood beside her, caressing her
breasts with my hand. Her arms were at her side, her head was thrown back,
her eyes were closed and her lips were open. I put my mouth over hers and
gave her a long, passionate kiss that left her moaning and gasping for

    "Raise the front of your skirt, Jeanne," I said. Char immediately
pulled up the hem of her skirt and tucked it into the waistband. I led her
to the table that still held the remains of Carrie's breakfast. Clearing
away the dishes, I pushed Char's ass against the edge of the table, then
bent her back until she was lying on the table. Her legs dangled off the
edge of the table, and her toes barely brushed the carpet.

    Opening my fly, I pulled out my hard cock and immediately shoved it
into Char's pussy. Char lay quietly, her hands grasping the edge of the
table, while I fucked her hard. I wanted to get it over as fast as
possible, and I was able to cum in only a few minutes. I knew Char was
having even more trouble than I in dealing with this scene, and I was
thankful that she was able to lay still and silent and allow me to fuck

    After pulling out of Char, I put my dick back into my pants and turned
to Carrie. She was standing as I had left her. Tears were running down her
cheeks, and she had an expression of total despair on her face. I walked
up to her and kissed her on her cheek. "Hadn't that occurred to you?" I
asked. She hung her head and shook it. I put my curled index finger under
her chin and raised her head until she looked into my eyes. I said, "She's
available and convenient for me, just as you will be for others. But it's
you I love." I kissed her tenderly on her lips, and she tried to smile,
then I said, "Jeanne wil take you for your morning toilet and bath, then
you will begin your duties in the library." I turned and walked out of the

    I waited outside the bedroom door. After a few moments, I heard Char
say, "Don't cry O, you'll get used to this life soon enough. I know that
Rene loves you."

    "How do you know?" Carrie said. "You don't know anything about it."

    Softly, Char said, "I know because Rene took me to bed last night. He
fucked me all night, and he told me all about you, and how much he loves
you, and how he wants you trained perfectly before giving you to his half

    Hearing that, Carrie burst into tears. "How could he do that?" she
wailed. "While I was lying in here, in pain, he was fucking you? And he
told you all about me?" Then she began sobbing.

    After a long pause, Char said, "Stop acting silly, O. Rene is a
wonderful lover, you're very lucky. Now stop crying, I need to blindfold
you before I take you for your toilet and bath. We mustn't be late for
library duty."

    I followed them as Char led the blindfolded Carrie, by her labia, to
the bathroom. As they passed through the bedroom, I retrieved Pierre's
leather outfit from the closet. Then I returned to Carrie's room to change
Rene's clothes for Pierre's.

    Returning to the master bedroom, I silently hung Rene's clothes in the
closet, then stretched out on the bed. From that position, I could hear
what went on in the bathroom, but Carrie wouldn't be able to see me
without walking into the bedroom. I trusted that she wouldn't do that, or
that Char would stop her if she tried.

    From Char's conversation, I could tell that she was giving Carrie an
enema, and also playing with Carrie's pussy. Carrie was completely silent.

    After a few minutes, Char told Carrie to squat over the toilet. Since
Carrie's hands weren't bound, and Char had removed her blindfold in the
bathroom, Char was probably just holding Carrie's hands to steady her.

    Char was unsuccessful at drawing Carrie into a conversation, which I
assume is why she said what she said next. "We'll both have the afternoon
free, O, I could arrange that we spend it in bed together. We could
compare notes on how to please Rene." It was part of my plan that Char
take Carrie to bed; but that last part, twisting the knife about Rene,
wasn't part of the dialog I had discussed with Char. It worked, though.

    "You bitch, you'll never take him away from me," Carrie said angrily.

    Char laughed. "You've already lost him, O, but not to me," she said.
"He's having you trained so he can give you to another man." She paused,
and I heard Carrie sobbing. A minute later, Char said, "To hell with Rene.
Come to bed with me. We'll have a lot of fun, and I'll teach you what you
need to know to survive here."

    So quietly that I could barely hear, Carrie said, "I'm not a lesbian."

    "Neither am I," Char said. "Come to bed with me after lunch."

    "Are you sure it's Ok," Carrie said.

    "It's not Ok, but I'm sure we won't be caught or punished. Come to bed
with me."

    In a halting voice, Carrie said, "All right, I will." Following that,
there were a few moments of silence that I hoped was due to a long kiss.

    Char told Carrie it was time to get into the tub. Soon I heard a lot
of splashing, then Carrie said, "Oh, God, that feels so good." After more
splashing, and considerable moaning, Carrie said, "Can't you remove your
clothes and get in with me?"

    "No," Char said. "If Pierre comes in, it has to look like I'm bathing
you. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to play with my body this
afternoon." That was my cue, a minute later I rolled off the bed. Picking
up the crop, I walked into the bathroom. Char was kneeling on the floor
beside the bathtub, rubbing Carrie's breasts with a soapy washcloth.
Carrie's head was thrown back and she was moaning softly.

    "You keep pushing me, Jeanne," I said. Both women turned their heads
quickly to look at me, then lowered their eyes. "I let you off the hook
yesterday; but if you test me again, I'm going to whip you until you can't
walk. Now hurry up and finish. For God's sake, you haven't even washed her
hair yet. You have 5 minutes to get her out of the tub." I turned and
walked out of the bathroom. Spotting the bottle of Scotch from last night,
I put it out of sight, then dropped into my favorite chair to wait for

    In a few more than 5 minutes, Char led Carrie out of the bathroom by
her labia. She sat Carrie in the low backed chair, the one Carrie had
spent so much time leaning over, and began blow drying and brushing her
hair. I noticed that Carrie's legs were very close to touching, so I got
up and walked over to her. Nudging her thigh with my crop, I said, "Spread
your legs, you were told they should never be closed." Carrie immediately
spread her legs, and I gave her a sharp but mild blow on her inner thigh
with the crop. I returned to my chair. When I was seated, I looked at
Carrie. Her eyes were lowered, and her lower lip quivered as she struggled
to avoid crying. During the episode, Char had continued working on
Carrie's hair. I think she had accepted that Carrie was getting the
treatment she wanted, so it didn't bother her as much as it had earlier.

    Finally, Char was finished. Only the hair was Carrie's, I had insisted
that her glorious auburn mane always be as well prepared as possible.
Other than that, she looked slutty. Too much makeup and too much perfume,
neither of which Carrie would be caught dead wearing. After dressing her,
Char led her to the mirror. Carrie stared at herself silently, without
expression, until Char turned her to face me. "Suitably slutty," I said.
"Uncover her breasts, melons as fine as those shouldn't be hidden." Char
fastened the bottom button of Carrie's blouse behind her back, then pulled
the blouse aside to expose her breasts.

    "Turn her around, show me her ass," I said. Char turned Carrie so that
she faced away from me, then lifted the back of Carrie's miniskirt. I
said, "Nice marking, if I do say so myself. Tuck it in, I want the
gentlemen in the library to appreciate my work." Char tucked the hem of
Carrie's skirt into her waistband. I spent a moment admiring the way the
skirt framed Carrie's beautiful cheeks.

    "Ok, get to the library," I told them. "You're both on duty until
lunch, then you have the afternoon free." Char slipped Carrie's blindfold
over her eyes, then led her out of the bedroom by her labia. I went to
take a shower.

    After my shower, I dressed in clothes that Carrie had never seen me in
before, trying to reinforce the premise that she was seeing someone for
the first time. I grabbed the butt plug and a tube of lubricating jelly,
and went to the living room.

    Carrie and Char were on their knees side by side, forming a line
between the left arm of the couch and the left side of the fireplace. From
the flushed look on Carrie's face, and the sly grin on Char's, I knew that
Char had been taking liberties with Carrie while they waited.

    "Good morning, Jeanne," I said, "is this the one who needs her rear
opened up?"

    "Good morning, Sir. Yes, Sir, her name is O," Char said.

    I sat down at the end of the couch. "Come here, O, let me look at
you," I said. Char nudged Carrie with her elbow, and she stood and walked
the few steps to the couch. She stopped in front of me, and stood still.
Her eyes were downcast and she was trembling. I said, "I'm not going to
plug your pussy, O, I need to look at your ass." She quickly turned around
to show me her rear. "Bend over and spread your cheeks," I said. After a
moment's hesitation, she bent at the hips until her back was perfectly
horizontal, then she reached back and pulled the cheeks of her ass as far
apart as possible. "Is your bottom sore, O?" I asked.

    "Yes, Sir, it is," she said quietly.

    "Well then. we'll have to be gentle, won't we Jeanne?"

    "Yes, Sir," Char answered.

    "Jeanne, please position her for me," I said. Char hopped to her feet.
She straightened Carrie, then led her around the end of the couch, where
she bent Carrie over the arm of the couch until her face was pressed into
my crotch. Carrie automatically crossed her wrists behind her back,
causing me to grin. It was a minor flaw in her performance, O would have
never crossed her wrists like that without being told.

    "Excellent idea, Jeanne," I said. I put my hand on one of Carrie's
breasts and pushed her up until her face was a foot above my lap. Then I
opened my pants and pulled out my cock. "Now, Dear," I said, as I pushed
Carrie's head back down, "you'll have something to hold on to while I fit
you with your dildo." She opened her mouth and took my cock into it, then
began sucking and tongueing me.

    I put a generous coating of the lubricating jelly on Carrie's butt
plug. Handing it to Char, I said, "Get this started for me, Jeanne," then
I'll take over." Char took the plug and pushed the tip firmly against
Carrie's sphincter. I said, "You must open for me, Dear, it will make it
easier for you." I had momentarily forgotten about Carrie's abilities, and
the deep significance the words 'open for me' had for her. The plug
slipped into Carrie's ass as if it was pulled in by a vacuum. Char looked
startled, but I grinned at her to let her know all was well.

    I sent Char to get some tissues for cleaning Carrie's ass, having
overlooked that detail myself. Carrie was busy with my blowjob, and I was
caressing her ass and wiggling her plug, all the time telling her what a
good girl she was and how pleased I was with her performance. When Char
returned with the tissues, I had her clean the excess lubricant from
around Carrie's asshole. Then I gently pulled Carrie off of my cock,
telling her she could finish later.

    Char and Carrie returned to their waiting positions, kneeling. I got
off the couch and left for a few minutes, until it was time for me to
return as a different Master.

    Ten minutes later I returned to the living room, wearing yet another
outfit. "Good morning, Jeanne. Good morning O," I said. Both replied
courteously. "You're looking well, O, considering the condition you were
in last night," I said. As I spoke, I walked to the wall where I had
chained Carrie to whip her last night. I turned back to look at her, and
saw fear on her face.

    "Bring me the flog, Jeanne," I said. Char stood up and went to fetch
the flogger. She held it out to me in the palm of her hand, her eyes
lowered. I took it from her and thanked her, and she immediately resumed
her kneeling position beside Carrie. Carrie was shaking visibly now.

    "I lay awake most of the night, O, thinking about how you looked while
you were in extreme pain. I especially enjoyed watching while your breasts
were flogged. Do you realize that you have the perfect breasts for

    Carrie couldn't stand the pressure, she looked up at me. "Please, Sir,
I'm still sore from last night. Please don't flog my breasts again so

    I said, "Ah, now you've made it easier for me, O. You just broke a
rule. You're not allowed to look at my face. Now you have to be punished."
Carrie whimpered as she bowed her head.

    I walked up to Carrie and caressed her breasts with the flogger,
eliciting more trembling. I said, "Normally, I would summon a valet, and
relax on the couch while he administered your punishment. But today I feel
like a little exercise, so I'll see to you myself." She began shaking

    "O, please stand up, then go over and sit on the couch," I said.
Carrie slowly got to her feet and moved to the couch. I showed her where I
wanted her, and she sat down, her open palms upturned on the couch beside
her. I stood for a moment and watched her breasts trembling as she

    I sat on the couch beside Carrie and took one of her hands in mine.
"How do you feel about gags, O?" I asked her.

    "I don't know what you mean, Sir," she said, her eyes fixed steadily
on her breasts. Her breathing was shallow and rapid.

    "Do you enjoy wearing gags in your mouth, O? Specifically, do you
enjoy wearing gags that fill your mouth, and prevent all but the loudest
screams from escaping?"

    She took a deep breath, and said, "No, Sir, I don't like gags."

    "Good, I don't either," I said. "A woman's mouth is so expressive when
she's in severe pain, and a gag prevents those expressions from being
appreciated. So I prefer not to use a gag. But that creates a problem for
us, O. Do you know what the problem is?"

    Hesitantly, she said, "You ... don't want me to make any noise, Sir."

    "Excellent, O!" I said, squeezing her hand. "If you make a lot of
noise while I flog your breasts, people will come from all over the
Chateau to see what is happening here in the library. And when they see
how lovely you look while your breasts are being flogged, they will want
to participate. And then, instead of just one Master flogging your
breasts, you'll have perhaps a dozen, waiting in line to get their turns.
That wouldn't be very good for you, would it, O?"

    Tears were running down her cheeks. She sobbed, then said, "No, Sir."

    "So, O," I said, "do you think you can remain silent while I'm
flogging your breasts? Of course, I still want to see the expression of
your pain on those beautiful, sensuous lips."

    Very faintly, she said, "I'll try my best, Sir."

    I clipped her wrists together, then turned to Char. "Jeanne, please
come around behind O, and hold her hands firmly behind the couch. I want
to make sure O doesn't try to do anything she'll regret, like cover her
breasts to protect them." I raised Carrie's hands above her head, then
Char took control of them from me and pulled them down the back of the
couch until Carrie's elbows were just behind her ears.

    Turning back to Carrie, I said, "That takes care of your hands and
arms, O, but I'm worried about your legs. I could tie your feet to the
couch, but I don't want to waste time doing that. Will you give me your
word that you'll sit still while I'm punishing you? In return, I will
agree to only give you half the punishment you've earned."

    Carrie was crying so hard she could barely speak. "Yes, Sir, I'll be
still," she blubbered. I looked over Carrie's shoulder at Char. She was
glaring at me, obviously unhappy with my psychological torture. I had no
choice but to rely on her to cooperate, so I went ahead.

    "Everything's settled, then, O. You're being very cooperative, and I
appreciate it. Now, are you ready to begin?"

    After a pause, Carrie nodded her head. "That won't do, O," I said,
"you'll have to ask for the punishment you've earned."

    In a faint, trembling voice, Carrie said, "Sir, please flog my breasts
as punishment for looking at your face."

    I said, "I'll be happy to, O. Thank you for asking," and then I struck
her once on each breast. She gasped at the pain, and threw her head back
until it was against her forearms. Her mouth was wide open, as if she was
screaming, but no sound came out. After a short pause, I again struck both
breasts in quick succession.

    After 10 strikes to each breast with the flogger, Carrie still had not
made a sound. Tears were running down her face onto her breast, then into
her lap. Her face was contorted in pain. Char had knelt on the floor, and
was resting her forehead on Carrie's wrists, trying to provide Carrie
whatever emotional support she could.

    After a few more pairs of strikes, Carrie made a sound, not very loud,
that sounded something like "Ahhhh."

    "You're making noise, O," I said. "Are you going to stop cooperating
with me?" She couldn't answer, so I hit each breast again, harder than
before. She kept her silence that time, but I repeated the question again

    Between sobs, she said, "I'm trying my best, Sir. I want to cooperate,
Sir, but it hurts so much."

    "Would you like me to pause for a few minutes, O?" I asked her.

    "Y-y-yes, Sir," she said.

    "I'll give you 2 minutes, O. But in return I will add 10 strokes to
your punishment for each breast. Will you agree to that trade?" She almost
looked up at me, but she caught herself.

    "How many strokes do I have remaining now, Sir?" she asked weakly.

    "Ah, that's a secret, O," I said. "It could be 2, or it could be 20,
or maybe even more than 20. Do you want the 2 minute pause?"

    She didn't answer, so I gave her 2 more very hard strikes. As soon as
she was able, she blubbered, "No, sir. Thank you, Sir, but I don't want
the 2 minute pause."

    "That was a wise choice, O," I said, "because you had two blows left
when you asked, and now you've received them. That means we're finished
with your punishment ... for today."

    Again she almost looked up at me, but she caught herself. I said, "I
know you have a question, O, so why don't you ask it?"

    After a few seconds, she said "For today, Sir? I don't understand,

    "Ah, well, you asked me to punish you for looking at my face, and I
granted your request. But you haven't yet asked me to punish you for
speaking to me without permission. Tomorrow you will request your
remaining punishment, and I will again grant it." I paused, then added,
"Since you were so cooperative today, we won't need Jeanne to hold your
hands tomorrow, you'll voluntarily hold your arms in the air during your
punishment. Of course, the punishment for speaking without permission is
more severe than the punishment for looking at my face. And if you lower
your hands at any time, we'll have to begin again from the start." Carrie

    I told Char to release Carrie's hands, then I unclipped her wrists.
"You may both resume your waiting positions now," I said. "It's been a
pleasure chatting with you, O, I look forward to tomorrow."

    Carrie was silent except for her quiet sobbing, until Char nudged her
shoulder. "Thank you, Sir," she said in a whisper, "It was my pleasure,
Sir." I watched Carrie as she and Char returned to their positions, and as
they were kneeling on the floor, I rose from the couch and left.


  1. Really think this is too much for Char but understand that they don't want her to feel excluded. Will see how she reacts in the next chapter.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I think it is quite a lot for a third person to absorb, this very intense play. It confirms that she is still the third wheel on the carriage... (No idea if that is an English expression, it is Dutch though)


  2. Seems to me like it could have been too much for all of them...interesting to see how this how plays out....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes, it is almost like acting in a play... I personally don't like theatre roleplays.. Too much out of my safety zone to be a good dominant. Does it appeal to you, Abby?


  3. No it does not.....real life is good for me.....it is enough for me to be me and for Him to be Him.....hugs abby


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